The Inner Circle

 Your Self Worth is the most valuable asset you have.  It is the health of your Self Worth that determines everything about your life.  How you see and feel about yourself.  How you relate to yourself and others.  How you relate to your experiences and opportunities and how your value yourself.  Each of these aspects alone impact your ability to succeed, but together they impact your ability to thrive.  When you Heal Your Self Worth you recognize the inherent value and wisdom you have to offer, simply be being Who You Are.

Going far beyond the current limits of medical and scientific communities, Michelle uses her ability to retrieve insight from the Well of Universal Awareness (the place where everything that has ever occurred is recorded) to help you Heal Your Self Worth so you can enjoy your life and make a difference in the world.

Heal Your Heart

Release the burdens of your past while learning to recognize what your heart really wants.

Heal Your Pain

Overcome the mental, emotional and physical pain that holds you back from living the life you want.

Heal Your Self Worth

Restore self respect and compassion for yourself and discover what it feels like to LOVE & Value Yourself!

Heal Your Vision

Experience what it feels like to be confident in who you are and what you are creating with your life.

Find Your Inner Greatness by overcoming everything that is in your way. 


The Inner Circle is a group mentoring program based upon more than a decade of research and experience far beyond what scientific research has access to.  Using her ability to retrieve universal awareness, Michelle has created a powerful opportunity to  help you Heal Your Self Worth.  

You will learn to recognize your strengths, understand your weaknesses and overcome whatever has been holding you back, while also discovering who you really are and what you are really meant to be doing.  Welcome to a journey of healing that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and free to live the life that you want. 



Top 10 Signs Your Self Worth Needs Healing

  1.  You second guess yourself.
  2.  You forget what inspires you.
  3.  You need external reassurance to feel valuable.
  4.  You feel uncomfortable when others have different opinions.
  5.  You feel like it is up to you to keep the peace for all the people in your life.
  6.  You feel like the outside world doesn’t really get you.
  7.  You feel let down by most of the people and experiences in your life.
  8.  You feel uninspired to create change in your life.
  9.  You feel overcome when someone confronts you.
  10.  You are constantly wondering where the next ‘let-down’ is going to come from.

The Inner Circle - Part 1 

The first half of the program focuses on Healing your Internal Story.  Each of the first six modules teach you how to recognize your power in spite of what others say or do.  You will begin to utilize your strengths and weaknesses in a powerful way, learning to appreciate, respect and love yourself, while discovering what makes you unique.

Module 1

Who Are You?  Understand yourself from your soul's perspective fostering true compassion and respect for yourself as you discover what is means to be you.

Module 4

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools available to you to get the life you want.  Uncover the secrets hiding there and learn how to use your brain as it was designed to be used.  

Module 2

What Are You Capable of?  Go beyond the limits of the mind as you explore possibility from your newly expanded reality of what you are truly capable of and why. 

Module 5

Anger is fear.  Fear is learned.  Learn how to access truth from within yourself as well as within the universe around you and go beyond the fears that are holding you back.

Module 3

Learn to navigate the intricacies of society while staying focused on what matters to you.  Overcoming feelings of inadequacy, replacing them with confidence and an ever growing clarity. 

Module 6

Your past is filled with the unique wisdom you need to fulfill your future.  This is where you learn what is significant, what it is time to let go of and how to let go.

The Inner Circle - Part 2 

The second half of the program further enhances your ability to succeed by Healing your External Story.  With a strong focus on overcoming your fears as well as cultivating your strength and courage, you are developing a solid foundation for the life you want to live.  

Module 7

Learn how to access the strength and courage within you and how to use it to your advantage no matter what is happening within you or around you.

Module 10

Fear of failure often stops you before you even try.  Learn to thrive in spite of your fears and the fears of those around you, no matter how challenging that may seem. 

Module 8

Learn to increase your family's ability to thrive as individuals as well as collectively, while always maintaining your focus on what is important to you and your dreams.  

Module 11

Learn how to get the recognition you deserve, for simply being the person you are.  By cultivating this power you will also learn how to make a significant impact with your life that will also make an impact in the world. 

Module 9

Learn to expand your wealth and abundance by developing your conscious ability to communicate through the power of energy in all things and experiences.

Module 12

Uncover your true potential and unlock the mysteries behind what you are meant to do with your life.   Learn what it feels like to live everyday balanced and calm while living your dreams and leaving your own unique mark on the world.

How to participate

I am using FaceBook, Email and Webinars to deliver the program.  Next year I will be building a unique membership website for the program charging $2000 for an annual membership.  This year however I am offering The Inner Circle at 2 very special introductory rates.

Annual Membership - $2000 Now Only $297           Monthly Membership $199 Now Only $39 

BONUS 1 - get your free copy of The Map of Value one of the most powerful tools available to help you discover who you are, what you want as well as keeping you on track when the rest of the world wants to pull you away.

BONUS 2 - by becoming a member of The Inner Circle you will also have the exclusive opportunity to attend my annual 2 Day Event – Transcendence Live.  

BONUS 3 – an instant community of people just like you, working towards finding their own joy...people who will support you and will benefit from your support and insight. 

The only thing holding you back, is you.  Get the life you want - REGISTER TODAY!