Michelle connects directly with Your Soul accessing exactly what you need right now. 

Michelle's approach is extremely unique, she prefers to receive no personal information about you prior to your session, relying solely upon the wisdom of your soul. Please keep questions or comments as brief as possible in the request form.

If you are wondering if a Soul Connection will work for your specific situation, the answer is always yes.  There has never been a person or situation that Michelle has not been able to help.  Whether childhood trauma, current emotional issues, disease, or anything in between, when Michelle works with your Soul the results are always incredible and often miraculous.


During your Soul Connection Michelle will;

  • Look into your energy uncovering and clarifying health issues while discovering what is causing the issues and how to overcome them.
  • Clear out any heavy or depressing energy that is affecting how you live.  This is a HUGE part of the experience that will create the opportunity for massive change in your life after the session is complete.
  • Clarify & clear out emotional trauma that has been affecting you in a negative way.  Learn where they came from, how long they have been there and how they have been affecting you.
  • Messages about people in your life, by connecting with the souls that are around you (past, present, future), Michelle offers insight into your relationships guiding you through challenge in the most easeful way possible.  
  • Share messages from your Soul, Guides and Angels.  It is always comforting to know the Souls who have chosen to look out for you.  Michelle will bring them to life and often confirm inklings or intuitions you already have.
  • Be sure to read the Special Notes below***

45 minute Soul Connection $350

Soul Connection Request Form

First & Last

Are you finally ready to put yourself first?

Or are you going to continue putting everyone else's needs before yours, while you continue to deal with the issues that exhaust you?  Or maybe you just want to understand why you have not been able to achieve a particular goal or dream...your Soul Connection will tell you exactly where the issue is and exactly what you need to do to reach your goal and enjoy success!

Special Notes

All North American sessions are by telephone.  International sessions are via Skype (voice only), ensuring you are in a space that is comfortable and supports your best healing experience before, during and after the session.  Many people report being tired or lethargic after the energy buzz during the session wears off.  This is due to the intense releasing, clearing and re-igniting that is often facilitated. 

Yes you can record your session, in fact we encourage it. There is so much information that is being shared, it will be helpful to have the opportunity to listen again later. We are not able to record your session for you, we leave this up to you.  

If you speak a language other than English, it is suggested that you ask your questions in your native tongue and Michelle will give you the answers in English. Upon completion of your Soul Connection, it is then suggested to get a translator so as not to take up precious time during your session.