Synchronicity, a simple yet complex word that encompasses the human experience in its entirety.  The experiences we have all had are ours and ours alone.  However we are moving into a new energy that is allowing for a growing and strengthening sense of companionship, support and mutual understanding that comes directly from respect.  This is the energy that will be able to take us out of the creating and planning phase of the new life that we are building.  It will actually deliver us right to the door step of the actual experience we have chosen to create.  There is an aspect of this new energy that is so powerful, it feels as though we could ride it clear across the planet and end up in a completely different location surrounded by a completely different group of people.  In fact many of us will find this is exactly what is going to occur for us, we will find ourselves surrounded by a group of people who completely understand and support us in our new ideals and directions.


This is the new experience we have been waiting for.  It is arriving at breakneck speed taking many of us by surprise with the intensity.  There are at times feelings of being overwhelmed or quite simply of being rocked to the core of your Being.   The intense waves of energy vary from staggering events to the smallest occurrence that before would have passed without a second thought but now brings a flood of emotions that leave you feeling drained, disoriented and often breathless.


The Winter Solstice which arrives in full force on this very special night is in fact a once in a lifetime experience.  It will be an event of remarkable change towards the future we have decided on for ourselves.  For those who have been consciously working towards a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here, you are in for a wonderful surprise.  For those who are just beginning to open to the possibility of more you will also experience a change within.  It will be very similar to finding and opening your very own treasure chest.  You will be given the gift of remembering where you hid the key to your treasure chest and then you will be able to open it to remember what gifts you hid inside. 


Inside the chest is the magic within ourselves that we had forgotten.  The full moon eclipse energy is allowing for us to find a deeper and more profound message that we have hidden within ourselves.  No matter how much looking we do and how deep we have gone, there is always a newer and deeper message that is hidden within us.  This perpetual depth is what at times causes us to feel as though we are in fact moving in reverse or standing still in our journey.  When in actual fact we are simply at a new gate or doorway within us that is allowing for a re-birth process which will lead us to a clearer awareness of who we are and why we are here.  Often the time preceding the re-birth experience can be cumbersome, constricting and often frustrating…just like the physical birth process we experience as we come into this experience.  However once we arrive in the full experience of any new energy, it is a euphoric and blissful period that we are able to fully enjoy and experience.


Remember having a physical experience is just as important as the inner spiritual experience…that is actually why we chose to come here.  So tonight on this very special night as you enjoy the new energy, if you are able I would also suggest taking in the beauty of the epic event as Luna shows us a beautiful side of her so rarely seen.  For more information on this please visit


There is so much more to say, but right now I am unfortunately short on time so I will write again soon.  I am currently very busy completing a contract which will end with the year 2010.  I have chosen to focus all of my energy on sharing Soul messages and non-physical communication with all of those who are searching.  So whatever that has in store for me for 2011 I look forward to the adventure.  It will allow me to have more time to write and share messages on a more regular basis and travel to those of you who have been requesting it for some time.


Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a very special Winter Solstice.  May you all have the courage to follow your heart; so you are able to experience the life you have always dreamed of and desired.


From my heart to all of yours,


Anything but Subtle

There has been much change and a very interesting chain of events that have occurred over the past 2 weeks.  There has been an influx in situations that are now allowing for an uncovering of what we had perceived was safely hidden away.  We had told ourselves that there were things about us that we should feel ashamed of or simply not be proud of and now we are in the midst of having all of this come out into the open.  The more we try to keep it hidden and hold onto a false sense of identity, the more challenging our day to day experiences are right now.

We have begun to uncover who we are in a whole new way and in order to go deeper into who we are, we also have to see who we are not.  Often the people we believe we are, is in fact very far from the truth.  The truth is that we are all much better than we think we are.  We are more important, more creative, more empowered and more empowering if we simply let ourselves shine.  We are all here for a reason and we are all here to experience something we have chosen.  There is a strong misinterpretation that there are people who are better than us or that we are simply not enough as we are.  Well this is all part of the illusion of being in a physical human body.

This message is as far from my normal writing style as it could get, which is extremely in alignment with the energy that is now entering many of our lives.  I cannot tell you how many emails and phone calls I have received about people experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness or a flu bug.  Although these can be indications that the body is not well, often they are the body’s way of interpreting which emotions are running the show for us.  Currently the strong force of energy that we are now being presented with and will continue to do so for the next 30 days is that of absolute TRUTH.  The intention is to allow us to uncover our individual truth on our own, however if we are resistant to this process, we will be shown and guided more persistently.   

Many of us have spent much of our lives here covering up the truth of who we really are in order to be who we think we should be or to be how someone else wants or wanted us to be.  The ironic thing about all of that is that it is exhausting work being someone we really aren’t and doing something that is not what we do.  You can ask Archangel Michael, he did it for over a million years and he was exhausted from the tirelessness of his pursuit.  Many of us felt the drastic change in energy when the Universe rebalanced itself in June of 2010 when everyone returned to their rightful roles.  The intention was that humanity would follow suit and begin to follow their hearts and instincts to return to who they are.  It is now evident that there is more fear and judgement that is holding humanity back than first anticipated. 

The dept of the fear and judgement is the reason for the current influx of energy.  It is to ensure that there will be no one left living in the void of false belief and ultimately that everyone will find and accept their own truth.  In fact if we all lived our life from our own instinct and intuition this world would be a dramatically different place, a world where we are filled with unlimited and unbounded energy, excitement, compassion and love.  Rather than the current experience that holds small bits of the former with often more common pieces of disbelief, exhaustion and disinterest among others.

The original intention of this new energy infusion was that it was to be intense and quick.    However, after the first 24 hours it was quickly reassessed and realigned with the intention to allow for a slower, gentler and more peaceful 30 day integration period.

The original intense shot of energy was shocking for a great number of people and led to many headaches along with various tensions throughout the body from head to toe.  Although the energy is now gentler, it is in no way subtle, nor is it suppose to be.  The intention is for each and every one of us to see what we have not wanted to see about ourselves.  This is what has led to the moodiness and agitation of many people including myself.  It is as though you are not angry or frustrated, just simply agitated in a profound way for seemingly no reason.  Indeed there is a reason, there always is.  It is the fact that we are now being asked to set up our healthy boundaries, take charge of our life, no longer blame others for our positions or situations and to make changes and take action where necessary.

Although many of us have known this for the past couple of years, it is no longer something we can put off and take care of later.  The Universe is saying You Deserve better NOW!  So take care of YOU, now. 

The next 30 days are unfolding in whichever way we choose, either we are out for a nice exhilarating hike in the woods or we are choosing to scale a rock face with absolutely no ropes, grips or support.  It is our choice as to how we accept change and what we do with it.  Whether we are annoyed and frustrated by it or we are surprised and welcome the change within.  We do not always have to like the moment we are in, but when we learn to accept the power that truth brings we will become more balanced and powerful. 

This new energy is showing us very clearly what is truth and what is illusion in our lives.  It is an experience much like taking yourself out of the driver’s seat and climbing into the back seat for a moment.  Doing this in order to have a whole new perspective and where you are going, where you have been and how you have interpreted your experience and even more important how you have interpreted who you are.

When we take the giant sip from the mug of courage that is always available to us and begin to see the true selves we are within, then we will be able accept who we are.  Being completely honest and accepting with ourselves is the greatest challenge for anyone in a human body.  Only because we have been trained and learned to believe otherwise.  When we follow our internal instinct and knowing we allow for acceptance from a basic and fundamental level.  It is the acceptance of self in the most pure form, seeing all of the aspects of who you are and knowing that you are perfect just as you are that will allow you to find that inner peace and profound contentment. 

All of these experiences can be challenging, yet they are so very important because it is only when the acceptance of truth of self occurs in its most pure form that we will then be able to accept it in others.  This new way of being is something that needs to be taught and learned as many of us have never experienced accepting ourselves as perfect, let alone accepting others in their entirety.  Be easy with yourselves as you encounter new and unique experiences, accept the teachers that the Universe offers you and cherish the moments of insight that come to you when you think you are teaching others but realize the message was just as profound for yourself. 

A great example of acceptance is that there are a few of you who will read this and see a multitude of grammar and spelling errors.  If that is what shines out for you from this message you are not reading with your heart, go back and read again.  When you receive the message with an open heart, you will feel respect and compassion for another Being with no personal judgement.   This is where your power comes from; the acceptance of who you are and ultimately who another is.   And that is the intention that we are moving into.  It is not in the fine details that we find the joy of life, it is in the experience of an open exchange of energy.

Over the next 30 days when you find yourself trying to “figure it out” in your head, go back and look with your heart, that is where you will find the answers you have been looking for!

Much love to you all.

From my Heart to yours,


The Reverberation Effect

I spent the last hour lying in bed doing my best to relax and drift off to sleep…clearly I did not get there.  Every time there is a new surge of energy to reach the planet we all experience it in a variety of ways.  Each new surge of incoming energy offers people a unique sequence of integration events that unfold differently from one person to the next.  You never know what it will be like when it arrives nor can you plan for the timing or the surroundings you find yourself in.  You are always exactly where you need to be.  


The energy simply arrives and you integrate it to the best of your ability.  The only choice in the entire process that is yours is whether you choose to integrate consciously or unconsciously.  This decision is the beginning and the end.  It is the place where once you make the decision there is no turning back.  Once a person decides to be conscious they can never go back into being unaware, no matter if at times, they dearly wish they could.  It is in those moments that the truth comes through and the realization of who you are shines the brightest so you are able to transcend the darkness (the physical you) and become the light (your Soul).


This last blast of energy that essentially began about 5 weeks ago is slowly coming to an end.  It began in a way that no one had ever felt before; it is completely new energy that was being introduced to allow for greater change to happen at a much faster rate.  The beginning of the surge felt slightly uncomfortable.  Then it moved strongly and swiftly and took us on a ride with moments of pure ecstasy with an indescribable lightness to feelings of downright “get me out of here”.  Ultimately, to arrive in our current position of a settling in phase.


Normally in my postings I do not explain the processes behind the events, I speak more of the event itself, however I am being told that now is the time to explain…


The energy of the Universe is equal.  As is the energy that is available to each and every Being (both physical and non-physical) living in this Universe.  We are all experiencing the same energy at the same time…in real time (real time is this exact moment, being the same exact moment for everyone in the Universe).  How you receive and process that energy is a combination of two things, both of which indicate your personal integration process of the any energy infusion.


The first indicator is your personal history.  This is the collection of all of your experiences in this lifetime, past lives and who you are at a Soul level.  Your history is what “tells” you how you are going to deal with the experience that is being presented to you.


The second indicator is how conscious you actually are of the process.  There are many varying degrees of consciousness; however it is your personal degree that will ultimately determine how you “feel” about the experience.  Your feelings are what establish how open you are to the energy that is being offered.  We are all different and will all welcome the different energy surges with varying degrees of openness from each other and from one surge to the next. 


It matters not if one person is more or less conscious than another, we are all experiencing the same energy at the same time, the difference is only in that our personal history dictates how it will unfold for us as an individual.


I write this for those who are at any position in the conscious direction; from being simply curious to having profound experiences and living a life of knowing.


This new energy that has arrived is exciting indeed.  It has allowed us to transform our relationships to everyone and everything in our energy field.  From the beginning of our experience here to the current moment, right now.  We have been given the gift of being pushed to where we are able to see who we are, how we relate to others and how others relate to us.  This also goes for how we relate to material things; otherwise known as our “stuff”. 


No longer are we able to hide behind being comfortable with mundane experiences, we now desire the fullness of each relationship.  The most profound change that we will experience with this new energy surge is that we will no longer be able to ignore this new desire.  Why?  Well, the Universal intention going forward has been changed at a fundamental level.  NOW is the time for everyone to experience a complete sense of contentment with each of their relationships, partnerships and experiences.  The most important relationship being the balance between the physical (human) and non-physical (Soul) aspects of self to create a deep contentment within inside.  How You relate to You will essentially facilitate an inner sense of wholeness.


There have been a number of physical reactions that have showed just how tumultuous this energetic integration has been.  I can only share my experiences, but hope it may help you to understand some of your own.  At the beginning of the shift, I had a rash break out over my neck, shoulders and face.  It had almost left, but has shown up again today as the new energy gives a last ditch surge as it anchors in.  I experienced many sleepless nights…like this one where all I can do is write, often not fast enough to keep up with the messages and energy.  There has also been an intense reaction to temperatures, from teeth chattering so badly I cannot even speak and sleeping in 3 layers of clothing to wearing next to nothing and breaking out in a sweat.  I have also experienced intense headaches and mild fevers over much of the past 5 weeks which is something I have not done for many years.  Finally I am sure we are in the final phases as my legs have begun to cramp up and feel like I need to continuously stretch them out, this is always a sure sign of completion for me.


I share this with you so you are able to see that although it is a conscious Soul experience, the physical human body still needs to integrate as much as our minds do.  It is all part of the process of moving forward and awakening to who we intended to be when we decided to come here.


There is one aspect that is so incredibly exciting about this new energy that has arrived and is now stabilizing.  It is the ability to have a clear and precise knowing of one’s Soul direction or purpose.  Since the early summer of 2009 when the energetic direction of the Universe shifted and we began the journey into the era of personal creation, an apparent direction or purpose had seemed to elude us.  Well, I am ecstatic (so much in fact that I am writing in the middle of the night) to say that it has arrived.


The energy that is one’s Soul nature has been substantially present for quite some time in this experience.  The new aspect is that now the ability to know where you are going is clearer than it has ever been.  I have had a number of clients this week and one after another for the first time ever I have been able to share with them a specific and precise direction and purpose like never before!  I have been asked this question for years and now the energy is finally available to answer it more clearly than ever before.


Nothing is available before we are ready.  So this last shift means that there are so many more people who are aware and ready to know who they are and more importantly are ready to step into that role!  It is amazing times indeed to be living and experiencing this amazing chain of events.  Each time one person becomes more aware, it raises the entire energy level of the planet.  Each time the energy level raises it allows for more people to become conscious and aware of what is really happening.  This last energy surge has been so profound it is a clear sign of just how many people are in fact open and awakening!


From the Heart,


Time Standing Still

Time is an aspect of being human.  We live within its parameters and are bound by its limitations.  It is now time for everyone who is having a human experience to choose their future.  The time has come to release the belief that we are bound to our situations and move into the lives we actually want to live.

There are many moments when we choose to take chances and there are more when we choose the path that is comfortable and that we know.  The path of comfort is not always the right one, it can often be the one that is most damaging to us, but we are afraid of change and the possibility of what that brings.

Well change is in the air and in the times.  We as Souls and in turn as people need to allow change to occur for us to evolve.  Evolution is a process in which we choose the life we are living; remember you have chosen the life you are living now.  Some are comfortable with their life and some are comfortable with aspects of their life and many are looking for more from their life.  This search is the beginning of the relationship between the physical and the Soul.

It is this relationship that will take us to where we wish to go, we just need to find the courage to allow that relationship to grow.  Through the grow there will inevitably much change and rather than having the constant desire to understand and figure out the change before we allow it to come to us, it is in fact time to embrace change and allow the flow of everything we are searching for and desire from our hearts to be able to come to us.

The simplicity in itself can be confusing and often overwhelming as we shed our old reactions and welcome more of who we are.  Learning to trust our instincts is something of an anomaly in this time as we have been told for eons that we are suppose to follow what other “people” are doing and not to fall too far outside of the lines.

Well if you are truly on the path to wanting to know more of who you are and why you are here, you will need to follow your instinct and stick to it when everyone else tells you to stay within the lines.  That is when you will see the most rewarding and most fulfilling changes and have the most incredible experiences. 

Trust in you and believe in what you are capable of, then others will believe it too.  Others can only see you as you see yourself, it is simply the energy that you are vibrating at that speaks louder than your words or your actions.

Hearts Wide Open – A Balance Between Emotions and Feelings

There is a time in every person’s life when they realize just what it is they are looking for and just what they have been missing.  Now is the time to review where you have been and where you are going.  Your relationship to you is of the utmost importance.  It is what will lead you to becoming more of who you are.  The Universal energy that is currently arriving and settling in is that of relationship.  How we relate to each other, how we relate to our experiences and possessions and how we relate to ourselves.

There seems to be a lingering effect that was caused by the physical growing process of the past.  It has taken a toll in ways that were never imagined and it is now time to change it.  When you make a decision to move more deeply into a relationship with your Soul, by joining who you are on a Soul level with your physical human experience, it can not only be challenging but terribly frightening.  This fear comes directly from that place, deep within your “mind”, that has been conditioned from the time of your physical arrival here.
Now is the time to remove the fear.  It sounds so simple yet doing it seems near to impossible. This is, in large part, due to the persistence of our mind trying to figure it out.  All of this said, now explained…the mind leads you to confusion.
The mind was created to appreciate experiences.  When we are in our natural states of Being, without the physical limitations (physical bodies), we have a complete and utter knowing and openness.  There is no desire to figure something or someone out.  We simply accept, respect and have such a deep compassion towards everyone we come into contact with.  It is the human side of us that has the desire to “figure someone out” or to “understand why something happened to us”.  It is this that we need to let go of.
Letting go…those two little words that seem to have complicated an entire movement towards consciousness.  "How do I let go?"  is the most common question I get and I must say that it was one of the biggest challenges in my own journey to remembering who I am.
Ok, so here is the answer.  I hope you are ready for it.  “It’s not about you”.  So simple, yet seemingly so complicated!  If you are trying to figure out (well mostly that is your first mistake…don’t try to figure anything out!) why something happened to you either yesterday or when you were a child, it actually has nothing to do with you.  The only part that should ever get any of your attention or time is your reaction to the event or situation.  This is yours and yours alone.  
Your reaction is not something to be analyzed or dissected by the mind.  That is the mind’s reaction and not what your Soul would do.  Your Soul would reflect and make note of your reaction, instantly see where the imbalance is and make a slight shift in energy to become more balanced.  I know this all sounds so simple yet so very complicated at the same time.  It is actually all in an effort to get you to release the desire to use the mind to reflect on a past experience and to engage the energetic aspect of you which is your Soul. 
We release the control that we have allowed our mind to have over our experience, by letting our feelings lead us.  Your human experience then has the ability to be completely transformed. Feelings and emotions are fundamentally different aspects of who we are.  Emotions are how our mind translates our feelings and most of the time it is incorrect.  This happens quite often in many people as they were taught at such a young age to ignore what they feel or that what they are feeling is not in fact correct.  My personal favourite – Have you ever been around a child and they say something like “ouch, that hurts” and your response is something like “that doesn’t hurt, don’t be silly”.  Seems innocent enough; however, this is how we have been emotionally conditioned.  If we would have asked “why does it hurt?” or “what makes it hurt?”, then you would have allowed them to be open to how they are feeling and been open yourself to how someone else is feeling.  Essentially, our experiences are all very bright and an indication of how open we actually are.  
Many people perceive themselves as being open, however this is often not the case.  To have an open heart, to allow energy to not only enter and exit but also to flow through you and fill you up is quite a unique experience indeed.  There are very few people who have in fact gotten to a point in their lives where they are balanced in all of three of these aspects.  And then it is even more rare to find a person who holds this balance through each day.
This balance is what many are searching for, because many of us know we are missing part of ourselves.  The interesting part is that the ego gets involved and tells us that we are missing a “larger” part and that it cannot be this simple or that we have a greater energy than another person. These are all indications of an ego that is imbalanced and your Soul is guiding you on a path by engaging you in experiences that will assist you in realigning your balance.
In our October, Remembering You – 2 day workshop on Tuesdays, October 19th & 26th, we will focus on becoming aware of this balance and beginning to remember what it feels like to be in this energetically balanced state.
This is also a very effective way of healing the physical body as we become more aware of the emotions that are effecting who we are and limiting our Soul expression.  Many times you will find this is the direct cause of your physical ailment and more importantly, you have the ability to transform this by shifting your awareness to being who you truly are.
Wishing you all, a plentiful and exciting journey that fills you with a “feeling” of complete contentment.
From my Heart to yours,

The Time of Plenty and of Blazing Hearts

Yes, it is a most powerful time indeed.

There comes a time in all experiences when it is decided what the outcome will be.  This is the time for each and everyone to make the personal choices for what it is they wish to experience here and now and into the future.  The power to change direction is always with you, however, now is the time to create the outcomes you wish to take part in and see come to fruition.

It is also important to have a balance of Universal energy present in your creation in order to not control the steps with which you get to the unfolding.  It is a powerful process which has been going on for eons and will not change in fact it is becoming more powerful as the rate of enlightenment forges ahead.

There is time enough for everyone, however those who are forging ahead will recover first and see the path clearer than ever before.  It is a path of extraordinary circumstance filled with all of your most desired outcomes coming to you rather than needing to go looking for them.  Open your heart and create from a place of pure intent, minus the strong energy of the ego. This is challenging for many, however when you overcome this hurdle, the path becomes lighter and more appropriate for who you have become.

There are many people waking now to the feel of their inner longings, this is where the heart burns for more and creates a fire with which it is possible to create most anything.  It is vitally important however that you use this energy to create from a place outside of the human, more physical aspects of yourself, also known as the ego in order to not attract those experiences that you in fact do not wish to have.

When we begin to see the world through the space in which it was intended to be viewed, it becomes a very different place indeed.  One filled with love beyond any physical emotion we could possibly ever express.  A world in which an exchange with another soul, through a simple conversation with another person, takes us to higher energetic plane altogether.  The opportunities are endless and the outcomes are whatever your blazing heart can possibly come up with.  Unlike the human mind, the Soul knows no boundaries.  This is the energy that is available to create through…a no boundaries Universe for everyone with the focus being on self only.  Yes, leave the feelings of guilt aside.  For when you are full, that is when the exchange with another is on a completely different level.

Know also that as you go through your personal changes others are also experiencing theirs.  Do yourself and others the justice of allowing them their journey and even more importantly, allowing you to enjoy your journey.  This stage will only happen once and then it will be gone and you will be in a different energy experiencing new and exciting things that will need your focus then. Now is for you to enjoy now.

The key to this current energy is to be present and listen to your heart.  Your heart speaks much louder when your mind is quiet. It then has the ability to shine and blaze a trail of love so you are able to create exactly what it is you wish to experience. Remember to note that you are always worthy of any experience.  Keep that close to your heart as you encounter moments of fear or whenever your ego gets in the way and tells you to second guess yourself.

Follow your dreams and listen to them as well.  Your Soul will connect more than ever through the power of your dreams.  The biggest reason for this is the ego is completely out of the way!  It is a vehicle for your Soul to communicate your deepest desires and longings and how they are going to come to you.  Take the signs and run with them.  What you find will surprise even the most cynical you.  

Expect the unexpected and revel in the knowledge that you brought this experience on yourself.  The power in that is the power to change any experience you are currently having.  You are the only one who has the power to change your experience.

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A Return to Grace & Inner Power


This is quite simply a time of complete and utter joy.  The energy that is coming into existence at the Summer Solstice of 2010 is one that this Universe has been waiting to experience for over 2 billion years.

The Solstice marks a time of profound change for any living Being in this Universe.  Over 2 billion years ago there was a shift in the Angelic power that sustains this Universe.  That shift is returning to alignment on the summer Solstice.

Let me explain…

The first Angelic Being to be created “in the light” was created with the ability to sustain, direct and project staggering amounts of light energy.  The intent was fo r him to create an abundance of light energy for any purpose that he felt was appropriate for the good of all.  There was a time a great many years ago, over 2 billion to be precise when this Angelic saw a need for his particular energy and power.  His intent to help overcame him and in the midst of his intent to help he decided to leave his post as the appointed “Holder of the Light” to help those he knew were in need. 
This choice however cost him something very dear to him, his power and connection to his full energy.  Although he never regretted his decision, there has been a large part of himself that he was separated from for the past 2 billion years.  During the time he has spent on his own personal journey one of his Angelic brothers was holding his rightful Universal space and doing his best to shine as brightly as he could while his brother was away. 
The Angelic who has been holding the “high” space for the last 2 billion years is Archangel Michael.  Michael’s nature is that of clarity and discernment which when another Being connects to his energy allows for clear understanding.  Although Michael has been doing a wonderful job of holding the light, it is not his nature and has been more taxing than he expected.  When you connect to Michael's energy the feeling I would describe is "clean" and this is very different form the High Angelic whose energetic feeling is that of "so bright it takes your breath away".
Quite simply when any living or conscious Being chooses to do anything that is not their nature it is tiring and challenging.  This is true for any and all life force from Angelics to humanity.  This is what many people perceive as having a life purpose.  However during creation there were never any boundaries put on humanity such as a purpose.  Rather the intention was for them to have a nature and then choose to do with that nature whatever experience felt right.
Back to the story…when the high Angel chose to abdicate his position it was not taken away from him as he is the only being who has that energy.  Rather the space was filled to the best it could be with the next closest energy, which happened to be Archangel Michael.  To explain what this means in the simplest terms possible, one of the sustaining sources of pure light energy for this Universe has been missing for the last 2 billion years. 
This is why it is vitally important that each and every Being – Humanity included – follow their Soul Nature and not that of another.  

When you find out who you are and then you will shine…and when you shine you allow those around you to shine as well.
The “High” Angelic has chosen to return to his post as the high one on the Summer Solstice of 2010.  There is a Universal celebration planned for this event that is quite amazing.  Archangel Michael is excited and relieved to have his brother return as he will no longer have the burden of another's journey to carry, he will be able to return to his sole nature and simply be himself.  He is also quite aware of the energy that his brother has and he has dearly missed feeling it close to him.  When we choose to do the work of another being or that which is not within our nature, we are always hidden and sometimes cloaked as this is not our true place. This is why we are unable to hold our energy to it’s fullest and shine like it was intended.  
When the High Angelic returns to his position on the Summer Solstice he will also return to his full personal power.  This will be a fundamental change for the entire Universe.  He says “Although I am nervous to be back in a position of such great power, I am excited to be able to become the fullest expression of myself once again.  I am grateful to my brother Michael who has supported my decisions throughout my extended absence and I am excited to be able to reconnect with him in a way I have deeply missed.  I am reclaiming a fundamental part of myself that has been missing for so very long.  The reintegration of self has been a journey that I chose to begin on the summer solstice of 2009. 

The reason for the lengthy process is that the absence of my true energy for so long has left me unaccustomed to the fullness of my complete self.   It is important that I was slowly introduced to my full and complete energy in order to fully remember the essence of who I truly am.  When I chose to accept who I am it was only then that I could return to my post and again be in a position of power and support.  I am looking forward to being able to once again create from a place of power in order to support this Universe as we all take the leap to the new level of existence.”
The Universe celebration is filling up and has been since the new moon on June 12th.  There are many beings who have arrived at the celebration and have all had a personal chance to personally meet (resonate) with the High Angelic.  This energy will be made available to everyone on the Summer Solstice.  If you choose to connect to his energy you too will have an infusion of light that will allow you to see your path and connect you more deeply to your personal nature.
Please note that his name is not what is important (that is a human desire to put a lable on things), it is the energy of the High Angelic that is where the connection is made.  Set your intention to connect with him an dhe will show up.
***If you live in the greater Toronto area we will be having an in person event to celebrate this event.  I will also be explaining in more depth what all of this means on a personal level.  If you would like to attend, please email me for date, time and location.
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I wish you all the power and courage you need to see inside yourself to the truth of who you are.

From the Heart,


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