The Unutterable Truth

The world is changing are you changing with it, or are you choosing to hold on to outworn ways of Being? Change is possible through multiple avenues, however one of the most important and fundamental steps is the ability to understand the true power that is innate within you. 
How do you find this power? Well the most common way that people have chosen to be aware of their power is by comparing themselves to others. Although this has been the tried and true method for many, many people over the past 2,000 or so years, it is becoming glaringly obvious that this is no longer is, nor has never truly been effective. What we once believed to be power, we are now beginning to understand was simply illusion that was derived from the image of ourselves that was created by the people and experiences in our lives. 
Recognizing true greatness within oneself is one of the greatest challenges we will ever face. This is for the pure and simple fact that the society we live in has trained us to believe that who we are combined with our natural abilities are simply not enough. 
Yes, I strongly believe in aiming to improve along with setting and reaching for goals. But this is vastly different from the fundamental knowing that who you are is more than enough. This is the fullness of self that is not only available to each and every one of us, but it is the vital ingredient in our successful and joy filled life. Creating competition was one of the most lucrative and effective ways that humanity has allowed themselves to be controlled. Take a moment and reflect on how many times a day you allow the lure of competition to enter your life; whether you offer someone a gift if they complete a request from you (this is especially true in our relationship with children), desire a relationship for someone else as you perceive they are less happy or content without what you have and so many more. 
This basic awareness when cultivated allows for a deeper and clearer fundamental understanding of who you are. Which we are then able to evolve into knowing what it is that WE wish to accomplish, experience or be a part of.
Our true power comes from knowing who we are and what we can do. Each of us has a gift, some of us have many, yet when you dig deep enough they are all combined and connected into the one specific energy that is you. This is the unique energetic footprint that is YOU; the Soul that lives within your physical body. How you nurture, care for and treat your body determines just how balanced your Soul energy is. This is also true of how you treat any other Being with a Soul (of course that is every conscious Being on this planet). Everything is energy; everything from your intentions, your actions, every physical sense, every physical thing and every physical experience. Energy is the be all and end all of existence. So during these times of opportunity for great change what are you choosing to focus your energy on?
The past couple of months have been interesting indeed, there has been an intense and often dramatic (of course only when we resist) focus placed on releasing fear. We have been shown time and time again exactly where we are allowing fear to control our minds and our lives. Yes indeed, we choose to allow it…repeatedly. Why? Mostly because we are afraid of change. I know that many people feel like they are open to receive change…however if you look really closely and be completely honest with yourself; does your idea of change have you managing all aspects of that change? Even intending to control one tiny aspect of change is in actuality fear.
Truthfully, the first part of change is becoming aware that change is not only necessary, but a choice. We can choose to grow, allowing our metaphorical (and sometimes not!) wings to spread and simply being able to “lift off” and go with the flow. As much as this idea often creates a happy bubbly feeling, when we are actually faced with clear and very physical opportunities for change, we often allow the fear to take control of our hearts in one way or another. And of course the first thing fear does, shuts us down…everything and all opportunities. Yup, essentially we are the biggest challenge in our own way!!!
So the last couple of months have essentially been an experiencing of peeling back the many, many, many ( I could go on, but I am sure you get the point!) layers of fear we have been doing our best to live through for our entire lives. Each time we are confronted with an opportunity to transcend fear and follow our heart, we are faced with the very physical experiences of grounding the new “lesson” into our physical selves. Grounding manifests in a number of different ways and most recently has caused extreme amounts of tension and discomfort in the legs. Everything from restless legs to extremely tired legs as the energy flows and settles in. 
Alternatively we have also been experiencing bouts of back and should tension as a result of the metaphorical wings spreading and taking off…of course we also have to learn how to balance their weight as we navigate through the flow of the many opportunities we are offered on a daily basis. The combination of challenges on the physical body has been demanding and strenuous, causing experiences of severe shifts in moods; with experiences of anxiety to euphoria and everything in between. Please know you are not alone in this, we are all going through these experiences. Some have circles of support and others do not, and to be honest, many of these circles have been changing members as often as we change our underwear!!! 
Why? Again, the Universe is changing and we are being offered any and every opportunity to create and live the best life that we so dearly deserve. So if you find yourself longing for a particular thing in your life, be it money, a relationship, friendship, a child or anything else. Know that it is often the perception that we are holding and the power we are allowing ourselves to focus on our desire with. Instead of focusing on what the desired aspect will do to improve your life…realign your intention and energy and focus on what you can do when this experience arrives in your life. How you intend to nurture it, respect it, love and allow it all the support and room it needs to grow into what ever expression that is best for it. Because every creation from a person to a relationship to a physical thing, each has its’ own energy and when we choose to nurture that energy then we are able to receive the dream we have been waiting for. 
Over the next couple of months, I am offering a series of events designed to create awareness of the power of Energy, what energy is, the creation of the Universe, all the Beings and the original intention. This is far beyond anything on a human and physical level. We are going to go beyond to the original conception of energy in this Universe and explain it in basic terms allowing for you to become aware of just how powerful you truly are. We are also going to explain one of the questions I am most frequently asked; what is the difference between light and dark energy & what to do if you feel “dark” energy around you. These events will allow you to see the power of intention; a truly remarkable aspect of creation that allows for us to experience anything we choose…as long as our intention is pure.
Our very lovely Luna – the moon, has been an ever increasing energy that is focused on supporting us as we allow change to enter our consciousness to experience personal transformation. Luna would like everyone to know that the greatest shifts come from the moments when we are crippled with fear and choose to trust the Universe and take the leap of faith necessary to go where we have never gone before. Believe in yourself, believe in your Soul and the plan you had for coming here NOW. Believe that you alone can make a difference that can not only change your life by leaps and bounds but that you alone can change the physical experience that is occurring on my beloved friend Mother Earth. She is blessed with a miraculous bounty of support and opportunity for any conscious Being who choose to connect with her. Likewise there are many others as well, but for the moment all you need to know is that you are loved, you are protected and you are nurtured and respected by the vast amount of Beings who are facilitating change in the non-physical realms. 
Until the next time…which of course will have to do with the very humanly controversial date of 11-11-11.
From the Heart,

Divine Offering of Self

The current energy is best described as effervescent; a collage of occurrences that are bringing to the surface of our consciousness great waves of realization. We are recognizing more and more that we are indeed part of a divine creation. Allowing us to more fully comprehend our inner determination to continue this experience in ways that are constantly offering us the opportunity to not only remember who we are and why we are here; but allow us to once again recall the entirety of how we are connected to the universe at large and the unfolding of consciousness.
We are transcending. Transcending the world we have known and the guidelines we have lived in for most of our lives, often feeling uncomfortable, frustrated and exasperated. With each and every moment we choose to be aware of our actions and reactions, we become not only more of who we are, but allow the rest of the world around us to become more of who they each are; creating a divine space of transcendence. Each of us is a part of the grand picture, an integral part that without what we have to offer, the entire creation is just simply less of what was intended. Each and every Being is important not only because of who they are but because of what they personally have to offer. It is through the divine offering of self that we allow for the reverberation effect to take hold and continue growing at a rate that is nothing less than instantaneous. 
This growth is viral and it is occurring in every minute of every day to each and every person our lives come in contact with. Whether we know it or not, we have the ability and power to change the world in each breath we take in this physical experience. Remembering this power is not something that will come through our minds. Rather it will come directly from our hearts, into our conscious awareness and be so powerful just in its Being that we will know truth from non truth. We will know just how powerful we are and we will be able to facilitate change by the choices we make. 
True power comes not from the thinking we are better than another, that we have suffered more than others to get to where we are, or that we have tried harder and know more. We all know who we are. There is not another Being who knows more about you than you, but we must always remember that truth is felt by everyone. There may never be the correct or exact word to completely describe who we are or what we feel, but there is always a vibration. That vibration can never lie. It is a tangible energy that anyone can connect with. The vibration is us, at the heart of who we are; and it is here that we are able to find not only connection, but contentment and fulfillment. When we are ready to accept it fully and expand our intention for this life, our personal intention and our personal Soul vibration meet and become a divine offering of self.
A divine offering of self is so pure and simple that it feels illusive to so many. The Soul energy deep within each of us is rising to the surface of our conscious physical lives more and more each day. When we are able to release our desire to control our own outcomes then we are able to allow the true Soul nature of who we are to shine through. This is the process of the divine offering of self. Once we are able to successfully accomplish this for ourselves, then we are able to offer this to those around us.
It is being present in the moment, listening with our hearts to what others are saying to us and around us…this is how you cultivate the ability to hear the non-physical conversations that surround us; how the wind speaks to the trees and how the trees reply, the divine orchestra that is created when you listen to all of the birds, insects, trees and animals rather than just one, the ability to know when it is going to rain and when it will be sunny…all depending on what the divine energy of Mother Earth is currently in need of; because what we need is always offered to us.
The divine offering of self also offers profound opportunity to all of the relationships in your life. You allow your true vibration of love, compassion and respect to flow, asking for nothing in return; however this facilitates profound change within the dynamics of how you interact. You release the need to tell anything; from your experiences and perspective to your thoughts and suggestions. And when you release the focus on these supremely human physical attributes, you allow for your Soul to be completely engaged in your physical life. 
It is in this engagement that you will experience profound and rather miraculous occurrences that will not only confirm that the effort you have been committed to has all been worth it, but it will ignite in you a desire to expand this connection from those people you know to those who are strangers. Giving you the opportunity to receive and give to a wider variety of people, constantly ensuring you receive exactly what you need, when you need it. These experiences unfold as deep intuitive feelings of what another is in need of, it is never words, it is always just energy. Whether it is the energy of understanding, compassion, respect or love, it is sent with a purity that can only come from a divine offering of self. When it is received by another, they instantly feel able to open up and speak about what they are experiencing, or what is challenging them, or about the love they are experiencing. 
Just as important is the aspect of receiving in the energy of a divine offering of self. Energetically it is impossible to give and not receive or to receive and not give; there must always be balance when it is divine. So at any point if you find yourself putting restrictions on an aspect of your receiving, know that it is reflected in your giving and vice versa. Being truly open is a vibration that can take years and often decades to master, and often it is experienced in brief glimpses, rather than becoming a constant state of being. However it is available to each of us, it is simple and profound…and it is found through the vast inner belief system that we have created for ourselves throughout this lifetime. So remember to believe…in yourself, in others, in the divine existence of the Universe.
This is why we have been writing these messages for the past couple of years and why we will continue to do so. Take a moment, close your eyes and listen…right now. What do you hear? Even more important, what do you feel around you? Now that you have tuned in, it is in your power how you are going to act and react to the situations and surroundings you have created for yourself. Be powerful, be willing to Be yourself, releasing the desire to focus on anything that is not part of the divine Being you truly are.
From the Heart,

Soul Passages

Timing seems to be everything these days and although I have a moments that are challenging because of that, in my heart I know that divine synchronicity works far beyond anything I could ever begin to dream of for myself. These past few weeks have been filled with a whole new set of experiences that have offered us opportunities that at one time we would never have imagined possible. Everything from the planetary evolution to the complete surrender of the human body to the Soul’s will and intention. 
Of course these have all been opportunities that have been offered to us and as always it is our choice whether we accept the new opportunities or simply let them pass us by. Sometimes, choosing instead to wait and see what the next variety of divine possibility will be offered to us. For those who have made a conscious choice to do their best each day to live a conscious life, that human life becomes filled with miracles that increase in abundance and capacity each and every day. 
The concept of time and space often seems to be limiting and limitless all in the same breath and moment. Feelings of weightlessness and extreme density seeming to compete within our bodies for the superior position…often in the same moment. Feeling drained and full at the same time, yet never being quite able to find the most appropriate word to describe any moment or experience as we remember it. These and so many more are clear examples of the divine relationship between the human physical body and the current energetic level of our personal divine Soul. 
The vibration of Soul energy that is currently available to our physical bodies is astounding. It has arrived of course with the ultimate intention that we become Conscious Beings; however this energy has also had some unsettling and truly stunning moments indeed. The original intention of humanity was for a Soul Being to experience a physical existence while remaining in a divinely Conscious awareness. Since that original plan was drastically changed, we have had some experiences that may not have been originally intended, but have been incredible none the less. 
Essentially the original “plan” (for lack of a better word) for the Universe shifted and became something very different indeed; a place where we are able to experience so much more that just the limits and restrictions of a human body. The range of emotions that are available to the physical experience were never planned or dreamed of. The actions and reactions of our emotions are what have guided humanities’ existence these past five thousand years or so. 
Will, determination, drive, desire, anger, retaliation, passion, freedom, power, recognition and pride.   
These were not original creations of this experience; they simply evolved out of the original intention and creation. Evolution is able to occur because there is a complete trust and openness along with a divine belief that anything is possible from the One who created it. Allow yourself to think for a moment and begin to let your perspective take in the fullness of this particular aspect of creation. Then allow the complete energy of the aspect of the entire creation of this Universe begin to resonate with your personal Soul energy. It is in this divine connection (which is available to each and every Soul Being) that we are able to become consciously aware; it also allows us to maintain our divine trust and knowing as we travel through these times of intense and dramatic physical changes. 
The Universe was created for Souls to “Be” in a variety of experiences. However it all changed and we became densely immersed in the human aspects rather than the Being. However we did manage to maintain a longing and deep inner knowing that there was so much more to life. And now that we know there is and we have become aware of the consciousness of the Universe and the consciousness that is available to each and every one of us, we have experienced such an extreme variety of actions and reactions to what we once held as truth. These experiences being the reaction of our now shifted perspective along with the conscious choices we make in the experiences we encounter.
The fact is, we are remembering more and more of who we are each and every day. Coinciding with more and more people remembering who they are each and every day. The Divine Reverberation Effect that aids in a global and universal increase in knowledge and wisdom through each of our experiences and moments; allowing our awareness and the awareness of others to simply grow.  There is awareness that is hidden deep within each of us, in the Soul energy that is safely protected within the confines of our human body. In this energy we find the courage needed to sustain us through moments of adversity, the discernment to remind us what is real and what is simply illusion, the grace to remain committed to remembering who we are and what exactly it is that We have to uniquely offer to this seemingly fathomless creation. 
Where do we fit into the grand and supreme creation that we are now aware of? This Universe is so much more of everything we had ever imagined. So much larger and so much more intricate and intense than we had ever expected or believed possible. So as this realization washes over the new found consciousness that has settled into our human mind and is currently moving into the divine awareness that is our Soul energy, we are now experiencing the world from a completely different perspective. 
Rather than finding this new perspective overwhelming, look with your heart…the divine energy of your Soul and who you are. Because when you look and perceive from within the divine vibration of this energy, then you will have a clear and solid understanding of who you are, why you are here and what it is that You as a Soul and as a Human Being have to offer to the Universe. You belong here, not just because you were created to have a place here, but because you were created with a divine intention to add a unique energy that is fundamentally essential to this entire Universe. 
What energy is unique to me? What is it called? What can I do for other people to help them? These are the most frequent and heartfelt questions I receive from my clients.  The answer is simple and yet contains such an immense aspect of complexity that it is often challenging to explain. Similar to the explanation of the creation of the Universe, the explanation of you is also profoundly unique and extraordinary. As a Soul Being you are a divine creation that contributes to the entire creation with the simple existence of your personal energy. 
For those who are driven by an impulse to change the world through aid and support as we experience these shifts and changes that are accruing as the entire human race moves into a conscious existence, you must begin with the most important part. You must begin with You. You are the most important part of your journey. Being your true self is the only way to aid and support on the fundamental level that has any ability to facilitate true change. Finding your true self is the exact reason for the shifts and changes that we are experiencing and why we are experiencing them. You can not change another Being, you can only change yourself. Changing your actions and reactions are simply ways of experiencing your perspective and what you choose to experience in any particular moment. 
Divine change, is a shift in consciousness which occurs when one is open to possibility and accepts a new awareness of existence. So as far as change goes, it can seem humanly insurmountable, yet from a Soul perspective it “Just Is”. Just like the divine and intricate creation of the Universe, as a Soul Being you have just as much intensity and energy that when you allow it to grow and become what it is truly capable of, you will be amazed. The Creator of this Universe is amazed each and every moment that He is able to experience Being far beyond the realm of possibility that this creation began with, but that by His divine openness and acceptance He has allowed it to become. 
You have the option to allow a similar experience to unfold within your conscious existence;  you simply need to choose to believe anything is possible and allow your divine energy to guide you to the exact moments and experiences that are perfect for you. Releasing control, releasing the need to fix anything for yourself or for others, releasing the need to explain yourself or others, releasing the need to tell others how or what, releasing the need to be anything other than you are. How do you release? By focusing on what you are now choosing. The Universe and your Soul together will always offer you everything you could ever want or need as a physical Being and as a Soul Being. However you must choose to trust both and allow them to nurture who you are into who you ARE.
As the very physical body your Soul is so lovingly protected by, continues through the divine journey filled with experiences and passages that have been created specifically for you. They each connect to create the intricate physical expression of who you are as a Soul Being that is part of the divine creation of this Universe. The only clear place to begin to see who you truly are, why you are here and what it is that you uniquely offer is to simply Be You. Become aware of each moment and experience for what it is; releasing any perspective that you have that desires anything to be other than it is. 
Choosing to first and foremost be aware of your actions and reactions to others; Knowing that each time you are truly conscious of your choices that you are indeed changing the world; Choosing to allow your physical body to become a pure expression of the Soul energy that is so lovingly protected within; Choosing to consciously feel your Soul energy flow through your physical body each day; Choosing to allow your divine energy to nurture your mind and body so that you are able to maintain serenity throughout the challenging Soul experiences as they become passages into consciousness. You have within you the divine grace, love and passion to not only become who you are but share it with everyone you choose.
From the Heart,

Magical Mystical Messenger

This is not the typical posting, but I was inspired to share with you.
This Mercury retrograde journey has been unique, exciting, draining and of course absolutely magical! Personally I had a number of first time experiences and a few that brought me to not sleeping for an entire week! As we experience new parts of ourselves and begin to accept all that the Universe is gifting us with, truly magical experiences are ours each and every day. Last week I was gifted with the vision and insight into abilities that I was unaware of before. There are some dramatic healing and intense energetic shifting that I as a Soul Being am able to facilitate…who knew?!? 
Over the next couple of weeks, I am planning a fun event where we will experience a meditation with messages from a few Universal Beings who wish to share and I will also be “playing with” and “trying out” this powerful energy that I am now conscious of. The event will be approximately $20, on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 1 to 3 pm. The cost is low, because I am using this even to learn more about the energy that has be revealed to me…I do not know what to expect, but I am told to expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed!!!
If you are interested in this event, please let me know. I am thinking of doing one north of Toronto and one in the city of Toronto, but of course…it will be based on interest.
I also wanted to share a magical experience I had yesterday!
Adding to an incredible day already, a very tiny visitor showed up yesterday to give me a very special message. The little guy is about 1.5 inches long, has the wings and head of a Humming Bird, but the backside of a Bumble Bee…unique to him is the 90 degree bend in his beak so he can eat the pollen from my flowers!!!  He also has some unique hanging tentacles that hang below as he flies and hovers!

He hovered around me flying within two inches of my hand…he actually kept coming to me!!! He let me take some photos, but as soon as I switched to video mode, he flew off!

Not surprisingly I cannot find anything about him on the net, they say there is a variety of hummingbird that is tiny and called a hummingbird bee; oh it is only found in Cuba and Isla de la Juventud.  There is also another type in Mexico and the US but it is too big and has a straight beak…?!?

The night before I received a message to watch for all bird and animal messengers as there would be many arriving…and there has been!  However this one is “Faerie Unique” and I wanted to share the images I was able to capture with you all. If you would like to see them you can visit my Facebook page at!/MichelleVickersIntuitive

What a magical little creature sent with profound messages and magical energy!

August 15th, 2011 and the eleven days leading up to it, will forever be one of the most transformational times of my life. I would like to say thank you to every friend, family member, client, stranger, animal, bird and insect messenger that have supported me through this amazing experience. To all of you, I am deeply grateful that you have shared a piece of yourself with me so that I may be able to learn and grow and continue on my path.
From the Heart,

Master of the Moment

Transformation is at our fingertips. Each and every day we are offered numerous opportunities to become aware of what is and what is not working in our lives. The more aware we become of our lives the more aware we become of who we are.  It is through this divine process of awareness that we are able to become Conscious Beings. More importantly we then begin to remember that we are Conscious Beings who are having a very physical human experience. 
Conscious existence was the original intention for this Universe, Souls were intended to come here and experience physical aspects that were of interest to us. Essentially the Earth was intended as a playground for highly evolved Beings to come and enjoy all of the gifts that were offered. Somewhere along the line however, in part of our distant past, we began to believe that we were not as evolved, as intelligent or as perfect as we actually are. We were tampered with and taught to believe that we were powerless and undeserving of a great many things. When really we are not only deserving of all of the bounty and grace this Universe has to offer, we are also encouraged to enjoy it and experience everything we choose.   
I know it may sound a little crazy and it may be too much to take in, but today I am choosing to share more of the divine information I have known for quite some time. I know there are many of you who are ready to hear this and in fact need to hear it to be able to move forward in your own experience. When humanity was created, it was intended that Souls have the ability to experience expression in another way from simply existing. This other way is the divine aspect of the physical, everything from touch, smell, taste, listening, speaking and sight. The Creator of this Universe chose to offer physical experiences that would be rewarding, fulfilling and joyful. 
There was however one aspect that was not taken into consideration and it was quite an interesting aspect indeed. Humanity was “tampered” with by Beings from another Universe in order to attempt to control the outcome of the greatest experience ever created. All it took were three Beings; they arrived here before the first man was created and they prepared. Their intention was not so much to harm people, as it was to control them. They used manipulation through fear to fulfill their desire. With all of the judgement, jealousy, anger and such reflections of the fear they created here.
The fact of the matter is that these Beings do not have the natural intensity or power of individual Souls and in turn Human Beings, therefore they needed to generate ways of convincing Souls and humans that they were powerless. Humanity has been manipulated for eons and over the last century it has gotten out of hand. There has been suffering and fear beyond anything that any Being should ever need to experience. This is the reason that everything is changing. The Creator knew we had been manipulated beyond our bearable limits and it was also known that we would need intense and divine assistance in order to regain our power and remember who we are and exactly why we are here. 
It is through Divine intent that we return to a revised version of the original intention of the physical experience; filled with joy (more on this in future postings). That is why we have been experiencing the profound changes over the last century, which have amped up considerably over the past decade or so. This process has been long, but it needed to be gradual in order for the fullness of power to be restored at the foundational level. Although we may have only become interested in a conscious lifestyle over the last year, five years or ten years, your Soul has always known. In fact that is why your Soul chose to have a human experience during the most challenging and intense “time” in evolution humanity has ever experienced. 
There have been varying levels of understanding and an even more profound diversity of how individuals are choosing to understand what exactly is occurring. The only way in which the mind can perceive is through the knowledge and wisdom that is gained through past experiences. It is the Soul energy that is within us that is awakened in a variety of ways that have essentially been predetermined by your Soul before you arrived here. Each and every day you are offered numerous opportunities to remember in more depth who you are and why you are here. You are supported by the entire Universe and you are encouraged by your Soul to remember why you are here so you can BE who you intended to be when you chose to come here.
The manipulative Beings do not want to loose the control that they have worked so determinedly to achieve. They have brought fear to this experience as it allows them to mentally control mass groups of people. They wish to keep as many people suppressed as possible; because they know just how powerful each of us are. They also know where our power is and that it comes from the heart of each individual Being. They also know that once too many people remember who they are, they will no longer be able to continue their charade. We are close to this time and getting closer every day. This divine Transformation does not come from continually complaining about what is wrong with the world at large, with organized groups or even other people. Transformation comes from each and every individual Being remembering who they are, why they are truly here and what they have to offer. When this occurs in truth, the ego becomes divinely balanced and we are then able to exist in a true Soul centered energy. It is this energy that allows us to simply BE ourselves and to experience a physical existence in ways that are miraculous and extraordinary.  
The transformational and supportive energy that we are currently experiencing is once again offering us the opportunity to see exactly how much control we are choosing to use in our lives. Control is something we have learned and believe to be a part of who we are; more importantly we have come to believe that we are the masters of everything and that we can control everything to fix anything that is not working. Whether we choose to hold onto something that no longer fits us, or if we choose to keep someone or something close to us that no longer reflects who we are, these are all examples of control we choose to maintain in our lives. When we fear anything, absolutely anything at all, we always do our best to control all aspects around the fear in order to manage the fear.
When we choose to control anything we are already out of universal alignment and we will always feel uncomfortable. When we choose to control our fears rather than facing them and doing our best to see what the fear actually is, we end up stabilizing the fear and essentially choose to give it power in our lives. Stabilizing only serves to allow the fear to maintain its presence in our lives and continue to control our actions and reactions to all of our experiences and in all of our relationships. 
The truth is that when we choose to face the fear and see what it actually is, we are often surprised at what we are truly afraid of. In fact it is rarely what we think and often a reflection of the belief system that we were encouraged to believe. We all have the power to look within ourselves and to feel the truth of all of our experiences. Truth is not something that comes from the physical aspect of our mind. Truth is a vibration all on its own, it is a divine and original creation of this Universe. It is available to each and every Soul Being to connect with and feel. It is one of our divine rights and opportunities to experience each and every time we choose.     
Every conscious Being who has been created in this Universe is a master. Each of us is a master in our own right and it is through our mastery that we are able to help and support others. It is not for us to tell others what to do or how to act, rather it is our jobs to BE who we are and commit to ourselves to remain in our energy no matter what is occurring around us; each and every moment. Some days are better than others, but if your commitment is to do your best each day, then you are already existing in miraculous ways. 
Through my natural abilities of resonance I am able to directly and clearly communicate with any Conscious Being in existence. A Conscious Being is one who has complete and utter clarity of who they are and why they are here. Why they are here is essentially what essence they were created with; the essence that adds to the ENTIRE Universal creation. Yes, each Being not only counts but has something very important to offer everyone else. That is how this Universe was created, with the divine energy of connection and co-existence which is available through resonance, openness and the energy of divine and pure love, respect and compassion. 
The experiences we have been journeying through over this lifetime are all in a divine attempt by the Creator of this Universe to offer each and every Being the opportunity to remember who they are, why they are and most importantly to regain Divine intention through supporting individuals as they understand and accept how important they are to the Universe as a whole. So this is where it is going to get even more interesting…
Each and every Being has a particular energetic vibration that supports the completeness of the entire Universe. So now I have been asked to share messages from a variety of Beings who are shining in a particular moment; offering what it is that they do best. This is all in an effort to allow you to actually see the divine synchronicity that is occurring for each of us in every moment and for you to also become more curious of what it is that you have to offer the Universe. These messages are also intended for you to become aware of how energy works in alignment with the divine laws of this Universe. The Universe is a miraculous creation for all of us to enjoy and we are now all being given the opportunity to see everything much more clearly. 
Most of this information was intended to be in the book I have been writing, however for the moment it has been pushed aside. The information will come through in messages as before, when the masses are ready to hear it. This is not for everyone, but if it does resonate with you, I ask that you please forward it on to everyone that you think may be interested as well. Many people surprise me daily when they will say something that is in complete alignment with this work and it is my confirmation to continue doing what I do.
The first of the divine Beings whose story is going to be shared in this way is Mercury. Who in alignment with divine synchronicity just happens to be “the man of the moment” with his retrograde journey that began early this morning. Mercury’s nature is “divine connection through truth”. This is vitally important to understand as it plays an important role in the opportunities we are being offered over the next month. When Mercury turns retrograde he is actually holding time still for all divine Beings to be able to take the time they need to see into the truth of their own experiences. In his divine right, he offers this to us whenever we have come through a particularly transformative period and need to regain our perspective and ground into it. 
Mercury is a magical Being who shines a spotlight on anything in our lives that does not support who we truly are (there is his focus on truth again). How do we navigate the waters of this retrograde experience? Well actually it is quite simple; if we have chosen to remain committed to the path of our Soul connection. Over the next month you will be given the opportunity to notice anything that causes you to feel uncomfortable, makes you annoyed, angry, sad, hurt or even awkward. Essentially you are being offered to divine opportunity through the intensity of Mercury’s energy to become aware of what in your life is not supporting your dreams, desires and overall wellbeing. 
Your life is all about you. When you notice discomfort, it is not that someone else needs to make changes to make you more comfortable, it is you that needs to take action to make your life what you truly desire it to be. Now, the action part does not go into effect until Mercury resumes his forward motion, this time is literally held for everyone to become aware and start to think about what changes they may like to incorporate. Great change takes courage, determination and willpower; it also takes trust in yourself and the Universe. For the moment do not focus on what the change needs to be (that is another Through the Heart message all together), simply focus on seeing what is not working. When you begin to see the emotional reactions for what they are “indicators of what is in your life but is not supporting you” you will then be able to begin to create the change that is needed. 
So instead of being agitated at feeling stuck and forced to focus on things that most of the time you don’t even want to admit are there; be thankful. Be grateful that this divine Being is sharing his energy in full force with you, offering you all of the opportunities you could ever ask for; to see very clearly what it is that is holding you back from being the Being that you really are. 
The new work I have been doing with clients over the past few months is unlike anything I have offered before. It is intense and transformational; the feedback I have been receiving is amazing. People are experiencing transformation and are living different lives after their session. I love what I do and continue each and every day to stay as committed as possible to remaining focused on my path so that I am able to support others on their path. As masters and teachers, we are only able to support others through transformation of aspects that we have transformed within ourselves. This is because we are unable to hold a vibration of that particular aspect without having experienced it ourselves. This does not mean our experiences need to be the same, it means that we have been able to face the truth of the energy, accept it and allow for the truth to resonate within our personal vibration. 
This is why it is so important to have a variety of teachers and masters in our lives. Not only do they offer us their divine mastery, they also offer what they have been able to transform. Who we need and what we need will always show up in our path at exactly the right moment. The lessons we are looking to learn will always be in front of us with the most appropriate teacher for us, whether a small child, an animal or an actual teacher. It is the spark of interest in our heart that tells us it is time to connect with that person as we know within our hearts we are ready for transformation. I am grateful to each and every teacher I have had as they have all brought me to the amazing place I am currently experiencing. Teachers most often do not come in traditional packages and are amazing to be close to. You too can choose to be a divine master and teacher, just by choosing to BE who you really are. 
So until the next message when we will share the nature of another Divine Being with you all, I wish you a delightful journey of truth. Remember to laugh, love and respect yourself as you learn about the deepest parts of who you are, as they all make up the amazing you that you ARE!
From the Heart,

Who have you Chosen to BE?

It has been a while since I have last posted a message. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly there has been such an increase in the surges of energy over the past month, that every time I would sit down to write about what was currently happening…by the time I was half way through we were already on to something new. Alternately there have also been many, many experiences over the past month that I am still doing my best to understand as they truly are like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have had the pleasure of many out of body experiences that allow me to “see” all of my experiences in a Universal fullness that I have never before been able to achieve.
These experiences allow me to “see” not only with my physical eyes and ears, but I am now able to connect completely with the energy of each experience. I am able to connect to each and every experience I choose with a universal depth and clarity that is without a doubt the most exciting thing I have ever had the opportunity to experience. It is the very intense process of discovering another piece of yourself that you had always known was missing, but had never truly understood how unfulfilled you are without it. The most amazing aspect of this experience is the divine knowing that this awareness is available to anyone who wishes to experience it.
The secrets of the universe and the specifics of who we are, why we are here, how we are connected and what is unique about our personal energy are not hidden from us. The truth is that we have chosen to hide them from ourselves. We have chosen quite often to act against our instincts in order to follow what we believe to be society’s rules and regulations. We often feel secure letting others make major decisions or sometimes it is also that we feel comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong we have someone else to blame. There is also one other very tricky little aspect of the human ego that is usually the instigator in the whole line of not following our instincts…
What happens if we can do it? 
What happens if we actually have that much power within us? 
Whether the power is compassion, healing, love, creativity or any of the other divine energies of creation, the power of our intention through our perspective is powerful indeed. We have such a strong desire to be ourselves and it is getting stronger each and every day through the Reverberation Effect. Each time one more person remembers a little bit more of who they are and why they are here; they then emit a higher vibrational energy that allows others to have the opportunity to remember more of who they are and why they are here. Since I first wrote about the Reverberation Effect on October 29th, 2010, it has been speeding up every day. The momentum it is gaining by everyone who, if just for a moment becomes even slightly more consciously aware of themselves and their actions, they then allow the energy for others to do the same. 
Energy Follows Intention is the fundamental law of the Universe, second only to Free Will. The only person you have the power to change is yourself. Change is not challenging as much as it is daunting.  The truth is that change is only fearful to a Soul who has forgotten who they are. The more we remember who we are, the more confidence and trust we gain in ourselves and in the Universe as a whole entire living creation designed for us to enjoy. The Universe is so intricate in its design and intention yet it is so completely simplistic in its divine unfolding and experience. We need not do anything to fix it or change it; we simply can choose to accept it. Where upon, we are then able to connect deeply to the intrinsic Universal knowledge and wisdom that is always available to us. 
The summer solstice was a definite celebration this year as we have reached a remarkable stage in the evolution towards consciousness. The solstice this year marked the day when we had fully received all of the energy infusions that we need to move forward. All of the infusions are complete and ready for us to choose to connect with them and live from this very new energy. All of the energy is always available to us always, it is up to us to choose to accept it and integrate it into our current physical lives. 
So does this mean we are done? Well, yes and no. We are done receiving new infusions of energy, so this also means that messages regarding the new energy infusions are also no longer necessary. However we have now entered into an increasingly intense period of Transformation. The question is no longer “what are we getting now?”, but rather, “what are we being shown that will allow us to make clearer choices to reflect a more pure expression of ourselves?” 
The last month has definitely been an intense energy of the death of the old and the birth of the new. We are all now being encouraged to form the creation of the new that we know in our hearts is perfect for us. Really getting into it and allowing our dreams to form and take on a life of their own; essentially this is the process of creation which is inherent in each and every human being. Creation is the method in which you use your power of intention and how you allow it to grow. However it is vitally important that you are a full and pure expression of who you really are in order for the creation process to work on a fundamental level rather than the illusory level.
I will be discussing the creation process in much greater detail in my book, but for now just focus on what your heart wants. Accepting and allowing the release of anything and anyone in your life that no longer reflects the person you are today. It does not mean saying goodbye forever, it simply means that you are choosing to focus your attention and intention on everything that is a true reflection of the person you are, today. Be true to you today. Everything you say and do; the people you associate with or pay attention to, are all reflections of who you are today. 
If you have chosen to be angry or upset about what another person has said or done; and choose to spend your time discussing this with others, then you are a reflection of that which you are angry about. Energy follows intention and if your intention it to hold on to past angers or injustice, you are choosing to reverberate that negative energy out to the world and essentially right back to you. This is where many of us fail to succeed; releasing the need to have others know just how good our intentions are, or just how much we do not agree with another’s perspective. The current messages that the divine Universal energy is sending out to all of the inhabitants of Earth are in effect quite simple, focus on who you are and who you choose to express to the world. Release any energy that is spent on disagreements, judgement, and even the “I am simply stating what I see”. Let it all go and focus on all of the beauty and divine synchronicity that surrounds you each day.
The Reverberation Effect is much deeper than I originally described in October of 2010, it is essentially how energy works. Firstly there are the two types of energy; one is described as masculine – solid – stable, yet it still yields to the universal flow to allow for balance. The second type of is often referred to a feminine – flowing – smooth, yet it is still strong and wilful to allow for balance. Both energies are equally powerful and fundamental. Essentially it is our personalities that we choose to express that determine how we use our personal energy to connect to the universal flow of energy. 
The divine key is that whatever we choose to express out is exactly what we are open to receiving in. This is quite often the greatest challenge that many of us are facing right now. The last month has been a waterfall of circumstances, experiences and situations that have all been intended to offer us the opportunity to see just who we are choosing to project into the world. Who have we chosen to BE? Because whomever it is that we have chosen to be is an exact replica of the energy that we are going to receive back to us. 
Let me try to explain this a little more. If you choose to see how some people are amazing and others need help or are hopeless, then you would be essentially saying to the universe that you are only willing to be amazing some of the time and the rest of the time you are either hopeless or in need of help. I hope this makes sense, it seems challenging to write something that is so energetically intricate, but this message is so vitally important right now. We are being asked to do our best each and every day to have our perspective of each and every experience and encounter come from the heart of who we are, rather than the mind of who we “think” we are or should be. Energetically there is no “should”, there is only what IS. Allow yourself and everyone around you to explore who we are and have fun while you do it. Your perspective is the most powerful tool that determines just what you are willing to give and receive. 
This is the divine and perfect time to release any old hurts that you may still be holding in your mind. Things that may have been done to you or that you still feel guilty for doing to someone else. Your Soul is doing its best to reassure you that these are simply physical experiences that you had and each one was vitally important to make you the person you are today. The amazing person who has the perspective to know that who you are is not an expression of one or two experiences that you had, but rather a fullness of energy that far outreaches anything so simple as one or two experiences. 
You are an Infinite Being living in a physical body so you can experience the limitations and joys of it. You can touch and feel, drink and eat, sing, laugh and cry, cuddle and hug, swim and run and so much more. Think of all of the physical experiences you are able to have in your body and how you are choosing to express and experience them.
When you are able to have a complete contentment and confidence in who you are, then you have the ability to offer the same to everyone else. You offer not by telling anyone, but by simply being it. How do you know when you get there? If you can make it through an entire day without having a single judgement, or negative thought about yourself or another Being, you are well on your way. In theory it may seem simple, but it is definitely a challenge. No thoughts of “what was he thinking?” or “why would they do that?” or laughing at someone else’s life with any malicious (even for fun) intent. Because each time you do you are sending out a message to the universe that you are not quite willing to be confident or content in who you are. 
The value that you as a universal Being have to offer to everyone around you is far greater than any money or tangible items. You are priceless and your most precious offering is to share who you are by just being you. For this reason, your Soul is endeavouring right now to offer you as many opportunities as possible for you to allow yoru perspective to shift towards truth rather than the illusion you have been taught to lead with. Each and every person has something to offer and is of vital importance, remember that next time you think someone has said or done something you do not agree with. Maybe they just have not been offered the ability to change their perspective yet. When you are yourself you have the power to change the world, even with strangers. If you choose to always be yourself, you then allow those around you to do the same, strangers or loved ones, it matters not…because energy always follows intention. When you choose the powerful action of Being you then you offer that energy out to the world and state that you are also willing to receive it in return.
This complex universal creation was created with the intention to please and offer a joyful experience for each human being. So release your need to prove a point to yourself or others and in turn focus on each and every gift you choose to give and receive. Last week, I was driving down my street and at the stop sign there was a lady walking her dog and I encouraged her and the dog to walk across the street while I waited for them. I watched them and smiled as the dog got excited as he reached the park. It took only a moment but I got to witness another Beings’ joy. Just as I was about to drive away another dog came barrelling across the street, a young puppy that had gotten away from its young owner and was determined to play with the other dog in the park. It took seconds for me to realize the divine double gift I had received in stopping. In the seconds that I had stopped to watch the first dog, I was divinely stopped from hitting the second dog with my car. When the knowing hit, it was swift and cut to the heart. These moments are happening daily for everyone and many people don’t even notice them. 
So now I ask you, how many opportunities and moments have you noticed in the past week, or month. How many moments can you remember where you were offered the opportunity to change your perspective? It is your instinct that will tell you the divine opportunities that are being offered to you daily to remind you of what you are choosing to express out to the universe. Each day you have the opportunity to be better than the day before and express more fully who you are choosing to be in this moment. Your perspective and intention are very powerful tools, it is your choice how you use them and who you are choosing to BE

Great Expectations

Have you ever been frustrated with someone because they did not act or re-act in the manner that you “expected” of them? Even the small things like, they said they were going to be here for 5:00 and it is fifteen minutes later and they are still not here, or maybe they choose not to show up at all, or if you ask a friend for help and they do not respond or do not give you the answer you want to hear…do these experiences leave you feeling frustrated? Do you get angry or frustrated at people in your life that change their mind without giving you a reason or letting you know? These are just a couple of examples of how the intense energetic infusion of the last week has been playing out. 
Do you ever have feelings of just wanting to be left alone to do what you want; not what others want you to do? Have you felt a weight of having to do for others because it is something that you “have to do”? These are all examples of the new energy that is offering us the opportunity to change our perspective from illusion to that of pure truth so we are able to enjoy the simplicity of Being. So let me ask you this…if you feel frustrated at the above experiences, do you think then that maybe the people in your life just might have the same feelings when you have expectations for them?
We have been taught to rely heavily on our expectations of others, which has caused many of us to become addicted to the energy.   Expectations are a form of control and they create the illusion that we are addicted to.  In other words, we have allowed ourselves to believe that if we remove our expectations of other people then we will become an open target and that anything can happen. Of course we choose not to do this because we often perceive this as weak, essentially making us feel vulnerable. In fact if we choose to release our intention to control everyone and everything in our lives so that we are open, then we have the opportunity to experience greatness from ourselves and others.
Expectations have created a sense of unease for lifetimes; this is nothing new to anyone who is experiencing a human physical life. Expectations are aspects of ourselves that we have focused on and cultivated with an intensity that only we know the full extent of our own. We have decided how we need to act and react to any and all experiences in our life, through our expectations of our desired outcome. Many of us have also decided how the people in our life should act around us, how they should treat us and what they need and should do for us. There are also many who have gone so far as to decide how and what others should do for themselves as well. We often camouflage our intent to control others by saying things like “I know they would be great at this” or “this is the best thing for them” or even “if only they would try this, I know they would love it”. 
On a universal level, the questions that arise from this intention are quite simple, yet they are the questions that cause us to question everything we have done and experienced and often who we believe we are. Questions like;
·         How do we truly know what is best for another Being? 
·         How do we feel that we know more about someone than they do themselves?
·         How do we feel that it is our job to make decisions for another person who is clearly not ready to make their own? 
I could go on, but I am sure you get the point. This is the current illusion versus truth we are being faced with and asked to transform within ourselves.
Of course as with any great lesson we are offered by the universe, we are given numerous opportunities in all aspects of our life to see where we have become immersed in the illusion. Expectations are a detrimental aspect of humanity that allows our emotions to take the lead in our life. The most effective way we can approach anything is by offering what we choose and allowing others to accept or decline. Also we must take care of ourselves and do whatever it is we want to do for ourselves, without relying on anyone else. Our life, our happiness, our fulfillment is not and will never be the responsibility of another Being. If we have chosen to put that expectation and responsibility on another Being, it is our own life that will always be left unbalanced and unfulfilled. 
With so much intense energy focused on truth there is a dramatic amount of change occurring as we are being offered the opportunity to move into a more pure expression of who we really are. Change is not something many people are comfortable with nor is it something many look forward to, especially when we are being asked to release “things”, “habits” and “people” we have believed for so long to Be part of who we are. This current shift is also asking us to step up and admit that we have set expectations for those around us and that we now know it is inappropriate, ah yes; the good old ego is being challenged! No matter how major or minor change seems to be, it always affects us. This new energy is very different from anything we have experienced before ( I write this line so often I feel sometimes that is it over used, but there are no other words to express the fullness of the energy that I am doing my best to interpret). 
For many, this energy has been uncomfortable to say the least. Change of this magnitude is overwhelming, especially when we perceive our world to be changing so much and that there just does not seem to be anything to hold onto any longer. Over the past four or so days, I have noticed so many people who are edgy, frustrated and annoyed. In the attempts that many are making to try and hold onto who they “think” they are, there has been an increase in arguments, disagreements and entanglements between friends, family, co-workers and many other relationships. Often when we go through intense change we become so immersed in our own experience that we forget that everyone around us is going through their own changes as well. This can be an intensified experience of setting expectations for those around us to support us as we experience our change and that we are shocked, hurt or annoyed when they choose not to.
This intense shift and infusion has brought agitation that runs rampant and there is a feeling of constantly wanting for something but the exact something is ever elusive to us. Often times when we are being asked to change the outer expression of ourselves to match more closely with the inner one, we become fearful. The fear is what causes us to look to the people and experiences in our lives and see who and what we can blame our unhappiness on. Rather than looking for truth and being open to hearing it and seeing it for what it is (so that we are able to transform an aspect of ourselves that is not as pure an expression as it could be), we choose to blame others or even grasp onto the belief that if we change those around us will be angry. 
That is quite a decision we are making for other people and in fact the power of the energy that we are projecting onto them is what is actually causing so much friction and unhappiness in our own lives. It is when we choose to see the truth of who we are and realize that we alone hold our own happiness in our hands and that there is not another Being on the planet who we can blame or praise for the person we are then we will begin to see just how our life truly is an expression of the choices we have made. 
Our life is our responsibility and our responsibility alone. We are the only one that we have to answer to and the only one who can choose change at any given moment. Likewise, all other people are the only ones who have the power in their lives. It is not our responsibility to make fundamental choices for them. Even children are a divine physical expression of a desire we had to create life. They are a human and physical responsibility in that you chose to create them, it is also a choice you have to nurture, protect and guide them to become independent Beings who respect and love themselves. The only way that this can fully occur is that if they experience You respecting and loving yourself. 
Being true to oneself does not mean excluding the intent and contentment of all others, it means that when we truly follow our hearts desires, we will automatically be offered numerous people and experiences that will support the choices we have made. Relationships are not “work” they are conscious exchanges of energy. They become work when we expect anything from the other person. Some days we have more to give and other days we have less, when we choose to accept that and allow ourselves the ability to just Be who we are today in this very moment then we are able to allow those around us to Be themselves. 
The only way to receive anything be it love, respect, compassion, joy, we must first choose to embody and embrace that energy within ourselves and resonate it throughout our experiences. Then we also must choose to receive it back to us. When we receive anything, it must be without limitations and rules, we must be open and willing to accept it as it was offered to us. Releasing the expectations of ourselves and others will allow them to release theirs of us. we can wait for them to do so first or we can consciously choose to release our expectations today and lead by the powerful energy of Being ourselves.
So take an honest look at your life right now, what are you being asked to change? Is it something you are comfortable with or something that is very challenging for you? Are you feeling fearful or excited at the prospects? If there is fear, which is most always evident through emotions of discomfort, being unsettled, resentment, frustration or anger. Then take a moment to ask yourself what illusion you are creating for yourself to feel this way? What do you not want to see in the illusion you have created for yourself? Are you choosing to cover up truth by making a mountain out of a mole hill in another area of your life?
The telltale sign of great change is often preceded by the inevitable anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Feeling like we are not sure where we belong, what we are meant to do and sometimes even why we are here at all. But then in a moment of divine and perfect timing when we finally release our resistance to change and our expectations of how things should turn out, we begin to experience the change that was intended for us. 
The only person that you have the universal ability to control is yourself, which is why there is often so much frustration and annoyance when we “try” to control others. It is not only inappropriate, but it will never work. Even controlling ourselves is inappropriate, yet we will only begin to understand this when we begin to accept that the world was not created solely for our enjoyment. Rather it was created for the enjoyment of every conscious being who chooses to play here and that each and every Being is responsible for their enjoyment and their own experience. 
The conscious decision to remove your focus and intention from the outcome of others’ lives and place it solely on your own life is exactly what we are being asked to do. Live life in a way that brings joy to your life through the experiences you choose. Choose how you are going to consciously interact with everyone in your life; family, friends, co-workers and strangers. Only you have the power to choose what is best for you, so it is time to take responsibility for your happiness and start making choices that bring Joy into your life. It is also time to stop making choices for others. If you have chosen to have another person in your life, then allow them to be who they ARE. Resist “trying” to make them into someone you “think” they should be and asking them to do things that you “think” they should do. 
Let them be themselves and allow them to share with you all of the gifts that they have to offer. Remember that this change is deep and it is intense. If you have been doing your best to control another person or experience for quite some time, it will take time to change. Again, you must release your expectations of how everyone around you is or is not going to react to your new intention to be your self and let them be themselves….just another divine example of expectations and how they are so intricately woven into our belief system. Change takes time, and the only way to allow it to occur on the most purest of levels is to stay committed to your new intention. 
Continue each and every day to maintain the commitment that you have made to yourself and your path; to be who you are and that you also allow others to be who they are.  This dedication over time will allow those people around you to once again trust you completely and begin to offer you the same respect you are offering them. It may take a few months, but remember that you have cultivated within them this reaction to try to Be what you want for them, so you now need to cultivate a new relationship in which you are encouraging them to Be themselves. The only effective way to accomplish this new way of Being is to completely embody the energy of acceptance and Be yourself. Release the expectations you have of yourself, allow yourself to have good days and not so good days, but know that you are doing the best you possibly can each and every day to consciously allow yourself and everyone around you to choose what experiences you want as individuals. 
As you experience the outcomes of this transformation you will begin to see just how much power you have. Power that when activated with truth and purity is unstoppable, immensely satisfying and completely fulfilling. You are the center of your world, just like everyone else is the centre of their world. We are individual Souls that are in this experience together. When we each choose to focus on our own choices then we allow this creation and the amazing abilities of synchronicity to occur and fulfill all of the dreams we have for ourselves and the dreams of all of the others in our lives. We must focus on ourselves as we are the only ones who have the power and choice to change our lives. If we really do what to offer support, love compassion to anyone around us, all we have to do is offer it to ourselves first and allow others to live the life they choose. It is in this divine act that we are able to offer more support to any cause we believe in and this is where we have the ability to change the world we now live in.
We cannot change others; we can only change ourselves. When we release expectations of ourselves and others we give transformation to opportunity to occur in our lives and in the lives we touch.  
Your life is what you make it, so what are you consciously choosing today?
From the Heart,

Who Are You…really?

I did it. And when I do anything it is never partial, it is always fully and completely. So I managed to do this and fully integrate it hook, line and sinker. What, you ask, am I talking about? Well something that affects 98% of the population living on the planet. Are you ready for it…the human condition of the poverty consciousness.

Poverty consciousness, those two words that few of us want to talk about and fewer still want to admit they are affected by in any way at all. The fact is, 98% of the population have indeed accepted this energy into the physical expression of who we are and our belief system about ourselves. So to the 2% that have not accepted it, I applaud you, but the rest of this message is for everyone else…because the message clearly needs to get out!
The first thing that needs to be addressed is that the energy of the poverty consciousness was created by humans in order to control others. This is nothing new to us in this time, but it was the original energy of control to enter this universe. The original experience occurred well over tens of thousands of years ago and the current day expression is the cultivation of this creation. Well, I think this is one of the most successful creations to date…don’t you think? The second thing that is vitally important to know is that the poverty consciousness is not just about money, it actually affects each and every aspect of our conscious life. Yes, that is everything from our careers, our relationships, friendships, family life, money, residences and possessions but most importantly it affects how we value ourselves. This poverty conscious energy has sadly dictated our self worth and self respect.
So you may find yourself saying “I have all the money and possessions I could ever want”, but you have no one to share them with. You could have a great family and yet feel so lost and unfulfilled in your heart. You could have the most incredible relationships, yet have no money to create joyful experiences to enjoy. There are so many different expressions of the poverty consciousness now, because our nature as humans is to explore and experience as much as we can. When we began the original experience with this stream of consciousness, humanity was taught to accept illusion and believe in the mind that we have limitations and restrictions. Once our belief system was “up and running” it was then very easy for this poverty consciousness energy to run rampant and grow through the snowball effect as we dutifully shared this energy with all of our offspring for centuries. 
This of course is a very simple and almost crude description of the actual events that occurred, but you get the point. We have been taught to create our lives from the energy of the poverty consciousness and I am here to tell you there is a much better way. I have been frustrated for years now, being able to see people’s blocks with such clarity, right down to the actual energetic foundation that needed to be shifted in order for them to transcend the belief and the block. When I connect to a person and their Soul it is a complete connection where I am able to see the fullness of that Infinite Being. I am able to see the abundance of who they are and all that they have to offer the Universe, just by sharing themselves.
I have been doing this work my entire physical life here. Having profound conversations and unconsciously shifting other people’s energy when I was seven years old. This is who I am and what I do and I have been cultivating my abilities both consciously and unconsciously for the past 36 years. The most profound changes have come over the most recent years where I have been consciously working to understand more of who I am and what I have to offer myself and other Beings. I have been gifted with a number of teachers, some who took me places I would not have had the courage to go alone and some who took the work I did and the energy that I have and sadly chose to profess that it was theirs. For all of us, the past 24 months have been an intense course in standing in our own power and accepting who we are. And it was through these experiences that I realized I had managed to turn my energy and light down lower and lower to be what others told me or what they expected of me and of course this only happened because I chose to believe and accept their messages. 
My desire to be open and to want to “help” everyone landed me in my very own uncomfortable life. Always trying to be what others wanted me to be, I managed to learn how to block my energy and the power that I have within me. All because when I was truly myself it could make other people uncomfortable. The truth is that we all have a deep intensity of energy and power within us and most people are fearful of the full intensity of themselves let alone others. We tell ourselves that we are different than others and sometimes we even tell ourselves that we have more power than others. The truth is we each have the most pure and powerful energy of who we are. The most powerful energy to change anything we wish to change. The fear comes from the fact that we have been “taught” and programmed to “believe” that change and pure power is uncomfortable and challenging, but if we listen with our hearts we know the truth. 
There is deep discomfort and restlessness that so many of us feel when we know in our hearts that change is coming, yet we hold it off because our mind is telling us we are not ready or we are not worthy. The one thing I know for sure through all of the divine energy shifts and surges that we have all experienced over this lifetime is that when we have a deep fear and anxiety that we are confronted with, it is our Soul once again offering us another opportunity to become more aware and conscious of who we are. So we are able to value ourselves more deeply for what we have to offer this incredible universal creation, just for Being us – in our full expression. It is up to us whether we choose to accept the challenge and meet it head on or pass and wait for the next opportunity.
The journey has been long and challenging with obstacles that we often thought we were not going to make it through. And of course being the mind led Beings that we are, we would create intricate and masterful “plans” to try to go around an obstacle or maybe even try to avoid it all together. But now we know without a doubt that going at it straight on is what our Soul wants, it is what we in our true hearts want. Our inner self is screaming louder and louder within us to just “go for it” and BE who we are. Be who we BE!
No longer is the journey about trying to get someone else to see it from our perspective or to try and make them believe in our beliefs. Now is for the living and Being of who we are and experiencing why we came here. I came here to support transformation in those who are ready for it. I no longer need to try to convince people that they are ready. Those who are ready know it, they crave it so much that they dream of it, it is their first thought when they wake and the last before they sleep. I no longer need to support people on the path of transformation, the time for transformation is NOW so we can all live the life our Souls’ intended for us when we arrived here. 
This new transformation energy that is currently arriving in our spaces is why so many of us have felt completely disoriented and “spaced out”. This past week was so intense with feelings of being in a time warp, or feeling like we are falling through vortexes or even running on empty or the opposite of feeling like you could go forever on what you have within you. There have also been many experiences of being on completely different energetic levels than the person or people you are communicating with. They start to get that glazed look in their eyes when you are speaking or they do not want to listen, they only want to talk. When we try to go to levels where others are and our energy does not meet, there is a lack of words, like we don’t know how to speak. Likewise when we “try” to make something happen.  We are being gifted with the ability to clearly see who and what in our lives we have outgrown. Whenever we find ourselves drained after connecting with someone or something, we know there is no longer a match, confirming that whenever we find ourselves in a space that we have outgrown, we will always be shown. 
When I first began writing these messages it was with the intention to support whomever I could through the transformation journey. I would shift my energy so that I was able to be in a similar energy so I would completely understand on such an intimate and energetic level in order to give the most I could to everyone. Now I understand that to continue to do this is energetically exhausting for me and in turn it hinders and detracts from my personal journey. I now realize that my writing has changed and the messages are from a more pure expression of who I am, as this is where I now am. I choose to stay within my vibration at all times now, allowing my energy to always be in its full expression for both giving and receiving, knowing that hiding is only hindering my journey. I have chosen to fill my life with experiences that bring me great joy and to now offer the fullness of myself and my abilities to whoever chooses that experience. These choices are available to each and every one of us, but it is a choice and we do have to choose them and then take action to stay committed to them. 
Being the teachers and facilitators that many of us are, on a Universal level we must completely embody a particular energy in order to be able to share and teach that energy to any other conscious Being. I have experienced many teachers, mentors and guides who would tell me they were able to assist me with transforming a particular aspect, yet I would continue to have challenges with it, even when I had spent so much time working with them on it. It is through the very intense and very clear messages that I received over these past couple of weeks that have clarified so much for me. The only way that any teacher is able to facilitate, shift or ignite the change of energy within another Being, is if they fully embody the energy of the desired change.
On the path to consciousness it is inevitable that we will challenged with many opportunities to second guess ourselves and even to get off the path and remain stagnant. These offers are plentiful from the people around us, mostly because they like us just the way we are. And often they are worried that if we change then they will actually see all the things in their life that are not working the way they like. Often times we are helping to cover for them. We do these things with a desire to help, but in actual fact we are supporting stagnation in ourselves and in the others we are actually trying to help. The best we can do for ourselves, for other people, and for the Universe at large is to be true to our hearts. Be ourselves, do what makes us happy and follow the longings of our hearts that we have masterfully covered up through the lessons and experiences we have had throughout our lives. 
The simple aspect of Being you feels like the greatest challenge you will ever face. Everything changes, how you see yourself, how you value yourself and how you share yourself. Each of these aspects become full and pure and so much more potent, there are often no words necessary, it is just the feeling of the energy that runs through you. When you begin to embody these aspects, then you are then able to share the energy and how you see others, how you value others and what you accept from others will also change. It will no longer matter how creative the people around you are as they do their best to get you to remain in a position to support their journey. Because you will remember that doing that for them takes you out of the place in which you are offering all you can to yourself and those around you. Although you may question yourself and your choices often, it is just like any change, once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or be anyone else. 
We are all amazing, infinite Beings who were created to see this Universe as a physical place to come and play. It was intended for us to enjoy all of the divine creations that we are able to witness and experience while interacting with such a diverse amount of Beings. My understanding is that each and every life stream is their own and that although we co-exist and enjoy each other we are not able to cross over. More specifically human souls are not able to experience physical life as an animal, insect, bird or any other. We are who we are and the vibration that we were created with is fundamentally different than any other. Deep connection and affinity for other creatures such as animals, birds, insects and such come from our inner nature and the unique compilation of energy that is who we are. 
For all of the years of effort and challenging experiences that we went through in our own personal effort to support anyone we could as this planet and the entire universe made the changes necessary to shift an entire existence towards consciousness, now we are being asked to play. Play like it was originally intended. Many of us do not know how to do this, but if you are committed to yourself and committed to learning how, the universe will always supply the support you need. Just like any experience, the true understanding and joy come from the journey. Now is the time to learn to remain in your power and remove any obstacles that restrict you from Being you. 
We have experienced all of the lessons necessary in seeing illusion and deciphering it from truth. Now it is the time to put our knowledge and wisdom into action and take the initiative to be ourselves. No one can do this for us. We have to do this ourselves, but we are never alone, our Souls are always there along with any other assistance we ask for. The choice is ours now, we are being asked to take a good look at our lives and see what changes we can make to create joy. Be honest, otherwise you only cheat yourself. Decide what people and experiences you choose to take along and which you choose to accept do not allow you to be yourself, so of course do not respect you. 
Take a moment to say your good byes and wish all of the experiences and people well on their path and then turn around and see the life you are moving into. You my need sunglasses until you get used to the brightness that you are finally allowing to shine! Relax your need to control anything, knowing that the Universe has much greater plans and possibilities is store for you than you could ever think of with the mind you are currently using. Be open to all of the gifts and messages that the Universe is continually supplying you with, from the bees who fly by to remind you that with commitment and determination you will enjoy the sweetness of success, when a deer crosses your path that you are being reminded to never mistake gentleness for weakness, when you hear the call of the crow you know that magic is around you and to expect the unexpected also confirming that there is indeed divine synchronicity behind the events that are occurring in your life. The universe has messages for us in abundance, it is up to us if we are choosing to acknowledge them. 
It is not my job to be everything to everyone. When I try to do that my energy is weakened and the value and fullness of what I am offering is never complete. It is no one’s job to be everything, we cannot be the perfect parent, sibling, employee, boss, friend, child and so on. The only thing we are meant to do is Be us. We Be the perfect us by being true to our path no matter what happens to others, knowing that their path is what they must choose for themselves. When we are ourselves some people will move on and others will stay. It is only appropriate to have the ones with us that offer a calm and comfortable energy because you are vibrating similarly and allowing each other to BE ourselves. This is where the divine connection comes from. This is where you will find the divine and perfect balance of energy that when in perfect connection you are able to give and receive energy in a perfect balance where each of you is. It is in this energy that we are able to learn, teach, give and receive on an infinite level in connection with our Soul, moving us into a more conscious awareness and existence. When we surround ourselves with others who respect us and allow us to be ourselves in exactly who we are, rather than someone they want us to be we are actually able to cultivate the inner contentment that we are all searching for. 
Now is the time to take stock of where you are and what you have in your life. Look at the life you have created for yourself up until now and make conscious decisions of what you choose to change. All of the empty nesters who still have bedrooms for their children filled with their “stuff”, are you facilitating them in holding onto the past with no need for change? Does this also make you feel like you still have a piece of them with you? I sit time for everyone to let go? To everyone who has those clothes in their closet that do not fit the body they are now in, are you withholding love from yourself until you once again look the way you used to or the way you “think” you should? Time to face it, you are not the same person you used to be, you are more amazing, more incredible, more aware of who you are and who those around you are…you are so much more and it is time to accept that. To everyone who is still limiting your beliefs based on what you were told in a past relationship, it is in the past for a reason…you outgrew it and you decided you wanted more from your life, accept that and accept that you deserve more from your present and future than anything you have experienced in your past. Your past was exactly what taught you that. These are all examples of how the poverty consciousness has affected many, these are all beliefs that we can transform so we are able to Be our true selves.
When you make decisions as you go about your day see if your choices are a reflection of you and your desires or if they are a reflection of your old and outworn belief system. You can always change your mind. This universe was created for you to enjoy it, not just everyone else. So instead of asking “why me” or “why not me” change your attitude to “how can I make that happen for me?”. The fundamental law that Energy follows Intention will always guide you. Choose where you wish to focus your energy, is your choice serving your greatest good? Always knowing deep within your heart that when you choose to be true to yourself then you already are in divine service no matter what you are doing!
From the Heart,

Refining our Dreams into Creation

The tricks that the mind plays are often thought to be that of the imagination, however with the current unfolding of events it is becoming increasingly clear that our minds are not only transforming they are indeed searching. Searching for a way to bring clarity and a sense of balance that comes from knowing exactly where we are going. Currently we are poised in the midst of such great change that we often find ourselves questioning everything and everyone. 
There is a deep inner understanding of just how far we have travelled on our journey. Acknowledging and accepting all of our lessons as we have travelled along our path. Experiencing moments of utter joy and love along with contrasts of challenge and melancholy. Each and every lesson has been laid out before us in the hopes from our Souls’ that we would remember who we are and why we chose to come here now. Learning and accepting that we will always be challenged and supported no matter what direction we choose. Our journeys’ have now brought us to this pivotal point in which we are being prepared to accept the fullness of who we are and act from that understanding with clear and pure intent.
It is the knowing that this is coming that is causing the current frenetic energy within this grand and seemingly fathomless universe. We have travelled far and wide while learning skills and gaining much knowledge and wisdom along the way. We are currently in a period of “holding” energy (this is not the exact word for the energy, but there is not a closer word…). This period is allowing us time to really focus on creating what we actually wish to experience. 
For many of us our past learning and experiences have caused us to be in constant motion, always in expectation of what is going to happen next. Knowing that we will be called to jump ship and begin anew has happened so frequently. And although this has been the pattern for most of this life we now find ourselves in a completely different energy and experience. This energy is what is causing us to hover between the old and the new. It is often extremely uncomfortable, especially for those who are comfortable with the feeling that  movement is the best and most effective way of approaching anything.  Although movement is what has allowed us to arrive at this pivotal point, it is holding, reflection and intense dedication that we are now being offered. Just like all shifts and transitions, we are exactly where we need to be. 
Although this energy that we are experiencing seems like we are standing still and often being blocked from moving forward is in fact a “safe” zone. A place in which we are being challenged beyond anything we have ever experienced before. We have been asked to create the life we have always wanted, but now we are being challenged over and over again by our Soul to really reflect on what we truly want. So this feeling of having travelled so far as to arrive upon the doorstep with excitement, but then being told to simply wait there until the door opens has caused a rollercoaster ride of emotions. These emotions are the indicators of all of the aspects of our old selves that we are being challenged to release.
We are being asked to perfect our creations of the life we wish to experience with as much purity and clear intent as we are capable of. This is something we have never experienced before, being able to take the reins and create what we have always dreamed. For that reason alone it would be enough to cultivate feelings of apprehension and uncertainty, then just add in a bit of the power of creation and this phase becomes almost comical in its constant rise and falling of emotions. Some days we feel as though we have had enough and want to tear open the door in front of us and get on with it and yet there are others in which we are sitting on the stoop questioning our choices and directions along with our motives and intentions. 
This process of second guessing ourselves is nothing new and is the one final aspect that indeed holds us back form creating our very perfect physical reality. When humanity was originally created there was no energy of second guessing or feelings of apprehension, there was a mingling of curiosity, pure intent and openness that led everyone to the experiences that were most appropriate for them alone. We have forgotten these simple intentions through our maze of mental clutter, this has caused our minds to move in twists and turns that our instincts would rather not waste energy on.  So we are waiting while we accept that it truly is our hearts that lead and not our minds.
Our Souls’ understand the necessity of this valuable lesson along with the entire Universe and all of the Beings who call this home. They understand beyond a doubt that this phase is not only important to humanity but also to the entire universal experience as it unfolds.  The most effective way to promote purity and clarity in a mental Being is to repeat the same experience over and over again until the correct answer expresses itself. Once the correct answer is expressed it is still repeated over and over so that we are able to accept the correct answer as truth and begin to cultivate that feeling within our hearts. A very similar experience to a job interview, where you are asked to same question repeatedly in a variety of ways to ensure that you are in fact committed to the answer.
This is the energy we are now experiencing on a global and universal level. We are being questioned repeatedly as to what we really want while being offered time to understand the complexity and fullness of the possible outcomes our creations may include. All of this is in a clear attempt to allow for a creation that is the most fulfilling for each of us.   Even through all of the newfound learning there is an undeniable inner peace that we are becoming more comfortable with, knowing that it is a divine and profound aspect of our new selves. Even when experiences have us reeling and grasping for understanding and clarity, our internal energy is no longer challenged as it once was. 
In so many ways we have become completely new people. Those who now choose to express ourselves from a place of pure potential and personal power with such clear intentions. We are not the same people in any way and there are moments that this is staggering and others where we find a deep comfort and joy in this knowing. We are being urged to look and see just how truly amazing we are and just how far indeed we have travelled on our path. As we become comfortable with our new found power of creation and allow ourselves to accept this new aspect as part of who we are, we will continue to experience a variety of challenging yet thrilling experiences. 
We must always remember that we are never offered more than we are capable of experiencing, accepting and integrating into who we are. And now is the divine and perfect time to really challenge the dreams that we have for ourselves. Are they really as full as we can make them? Are we leaving room in our creations for our continued growth? Are we able to ask for what we really desire with comfort? Are we sure that what we are asking for is what our heart really desires? Are we committed to our path above all others?
I have never received as many emails as I have in the past few weeks, they are in plentiful supply each day. Everyone with questions and comments regarding where they are and wanting confirmation in one way or another that the path they are choosing is in fact the most appropriate for them. I will say that if you are asking, you are definitely on the path to getting the answers, they are deep within your heart and just waiting to emerge. Release any and all fears you have and slowly allow yourself to accept the amazing possibilities that are available to you. When you accept them, you will then be able to experience them. 
We are all deserving of any and every experience we choose. The only way to create our experiences is from a pure and clear intent. If you approach your creation from a place of wanting or desiring what others have or being determined to be as good as another and as deserving as they are, your creations will fall short. You must accept that you deserve simply because of whom you are and what you have to offer. Offering the fullness of yourself to everyone your path connects with each and every day, no matter how small you perceive it to be. Every encounter we have is an opportunity to share who we are with the world, even ordering your coffee or tea at the drive-thru. Use each of your opportunities to express who you are with integrity and you will soar as each of these encounters is all part of the creation process and the underlying foundation you are building to support your creations.
For those who are interested in clarity and support with the creation process and the true power of intention we are offering the 2 day – Transformational Awakening to your Inner Power of Creation course. Offered on Saturday & Sunday May 28th & 29th. The early registration savings of $75 is available until Saturday – April 30th! For more information or to register please visit
Wishing you all peace and harmony as you experience these divine aspects of a shifting universal experience; knowing you are exactly where you have chosen to be, learning the lessons that will allow you to soar to heights you are not even yet aware are possible.
From the Heart,
You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was universally intended to be. For more information on Michelle and her work, please visit

Creation and Transformation

The last four weeks have been erratic and eventful…to say the least. Similar to riding an ever changing rollercoaster with a myriad of twists, turns and inversions and seemingly it has no limits or boundaries. No boundaries, a definite part of what we are being shown now. It is a matter of choosing to accept this fundamental aspect of creation as truth that is causing so much of the restrictive feelings and experiences of late. The intensity of these new lessons is reminiscent of the intense “in your face” energy that we experienced in the second half of 2009. The current energy experience holds one very special new vibration, we are now consciously aware of more universal truth…essentially “we know more’.
The energy infusions we are now experiencing are asking us what we have chosen to do with the awareness, knowledge and wisdom we have gained on our path. Especially the knowledge we have gained through our personal experiences since June of 2009. I think it would be interesting to go back in astrology to see what was occurring during that phase, but a task for another time. Whether we have chosen to be more stubborn or have chosen the ability to make wiser decisions for ourselves are the fundamental lessons we are being faced with currently. The energy of the past four weeks has not only taken us to new heights of awareness in ourselves it has also offered us a glimpse into our futures; something that has been unavailable to us for the past few years now.
We are creators and we are now being called forward to create the physical life we want. Excitingly all of the awakening experiences we have gone through have been in preparation for this event. Our new awareness and understanding of fundamental Universal laws allows us to be much more naturally and “comfortably” in alignment with all Divine energy, so when we create our lives, they truly are amazing. We always know when we are not in alignment because our creations never take form, they simply loose energy. We are being asked to now go above and beyond in our creations being sure to incorporate all that we have learned along the way. This is the fundamental intention of knowledge; that you use it
With every new energetic infusion we experience as a physical human there is most often an imbalance that occurs. This is simply because the intensity of each shift is accepted and integrated at different frequencies, speeds and overall comprehension. This process is different for each and every person and it is also different in our own selves. For this reason we tend to experience a variety of physical manifestations that reflect the internal shifting and energetic processes we are experiencing. 
For more serious alerts and physical concerns it is always best to seek the guidance and knowledge of a medical doctor as they truly are miraculous when it comes to the physical form. There are also a number of other indicators we experience and although they can be frustrating they are indeed a part of the process. Frustration is essentially the minds way of resisting change or wanting to control something and not being able to. The variety of physical indicators are endless; anything from “cold feet”, to instant and drastic changes in body temperature, a kink in the neck, drastic and seemingly instant weight loss or gain, the inability to digest specific foods we comfortably could just a couple of days prior. There is also in many an increasing aversion to smells while many others have experienced intense bouts of depression. Although the depression that is occurring this time is not lasting as long as in prior years, it seems to have a greater intensity that often takes you by surprise. Each of these experiences are the body’s way of processing, accepting and integrating the new level of conscious awareness and understanding we are being offered. Please know that although these are aspects of the awakening journey, they can be very challenging and if at any time you need help and or support, you are being encouraged to do so.
Each conscious Being processes energy differently and this is when many of us find our personal balance is off kilter. How our Soul, which is essentially the essence of who we are accepts and integrates energy, vastly differs from how our bodies process energy. For this reason there are many people who are not only disconnected from their bodies for periods of time, but who essentially find the whole transition process much simpler if they choose to not focus on one aspect or another. And this is how you get the extremes and differences between people, some who are seemingly dramatically aware of energy and connection and others who are content to be seemingly oblivious. In fact neither of these is true, it is all the perception with which we choose to accept truth. 
The truth of the matter is we need nothing other than awareness of self to journey towards enlightenment. For instance, “grounding” is a term many people have used in the world of healing, energy integration and conscious awareness for decades now.   And although this energy is useful there are many who misunderstand the actual vibration and intention of grounding energy. Grounding is not something we receive from an outside source. The true energetic vibration of “grounding” is an awareness of the integration of an increase in Soul energy within our physical form. 
It is a “trick” of the mind through the power of the ego aspect of self that leads us to believe we “need” something to attain anything, even grounding. Alcohol, bread, chocolate, coffee, smoking, tea (even the decaf version) and any other processed food. Even natural organic food that is processed in a food processor shifts the energetic compilation that the food was intended to hold upon its creation. All of these processed substances are stimulants and rather than serve as grounding energy they in fact remove the ability for the physical self to “consciously” connect with the purity of our Soul energy in fullness. This does not mean we should never enjoy any of these things, it means that our intention when enjoying them be just that, to enjoy. When we choose this experience we are not grounding our energy, we are actually “taking a conscious break” from our energy. If that is what you choose, know that it is perfect; for the simple fact that we are free will Beings with the ability to choose each and every experience on every step of our journey. 
There are however many variations of grounding and integration support that are always available and will always show up for us, if we just simply ask. There is a diverse assortment of crystals that accelerate grounding energy; there are also some aspects of energy modalities that are quite helpful. The most effective source I have found are a number of people who are here to support humanity in this aspect. These Souls have within their essence a fundamental understanding of the intrinsic flow of energy; and they arrived here to specifically support this aspect of the awakening process. Their personal nature is to assist energy integration in human bodies. You are very lucky when your path crosses with one of these people, as they are amazing in their talent and ability to aid others in grounding and integration. They are masters and it is always amazing to experience one when they have awakened to their true power. I have had the miraculous experience of meeting two of these wonders at different points in this life so far.
If one of these masters is not in your “space”, it simply means that you have not asked or that grounding energy is not necessary for you right now. Water is also an excellent form whether we choose to drink it, bathe in it, swim in it or have a shower; the vibration of true water energetically reminds us of the purity of flow and the ability we have within us to connect with the divine flow. Not surprising that an astonishing amount of the human physical creation is comprised of water…nothing was or can be created without a full understanding of the entire creation and all of the aspects.
This new energy infusion that we have recently received and are still continuing to integrate, is for us to be extremely clear and knowledgeable so we are able to set a specific intention for our actions. The clear and very specific intention is vitally important for any creation to unfold as it was intended; of course this is the very intense learning process for the upcoming creation process that we will soon be entering. Just like anything we have ever experienced, if we did not know or understand everything about an experience before we made a choice within it, there most always are interesting surprises along the way. And for this reason alone we are also being affronted with numerous visions, dreams and reoccurrences of prior experiences in which our attempt at creation fell short. All of this is in an attempt for us to be as consciously aware as possible as we begin to create.
This is all part of the journey of clarity and purity that are such vital aspects to the fundamental energetic creation of truth. It is in these vibrations that we will not only uncover the knowledge and wisdom we have gained from years of physical experience but allow for the acceptance and integration of the Soul history as well. This combination is the true and powerful force that allows for the power of the creation process to be uncovered from within us. We are creators; we were created to create the experiences we desire. Through the intense and very dense energy that the current physical experience has brought us to, we have forgotten this innate ability that lives within the heart of our Soul, within the being-ness of who we are on an energetic and fundamental level. 
In order to truly create, we must first have the wisdom and memory of who we are and the knowledge of what we wish to experience. Humanity does not have the ability to create physical “things” such as matter or for lack of a better word “stuff”. Humanity has the ability to create experience. It is in the experience that man is able to piece together different aspects of created materials to form a physical manifestation of their desired experience. It is very often in the misconception, misrepresentation and misunderstanding of universal laws that allow our creations to fall short. This is essentially because we are missing valuable knowledge and wisdom that when we choose to remember and accept this we will then begin to see and understand all the pieces of the puzzle. Then the creation process not only ignites and amplifies, it becomes explosive with the amount of pure energy that is behind it. Purity, being one of the most fundamental aspects of the creation process.
I along with my non-physical friends will be sharing a variety of set-backs and accelerators in the creation process in our Soul Series workshop The Power of Creation. We will also be sharing a more in-depth understanding of the process and how it works. If you are interested in learning more about this fundamental aspect of consciousness, please visit our Soul Series Workshops page for more information.
We have all had mirrors which are essentially our very own opportunities to learn through experience, these have been designed individually for us directly from our Soul. Mirrors are essentially the lessons we learn from the relationships and experiences within our lives.   These lessons are often frustrating and challenging to our mind or “ego” and are divine and perfect in their intention and inception as they unfold on our path. For example; I managed to gain twenty pounds over the past two months, most of it during the last four weeks of integration. My mental idea of grounding…which happens to be eating, is essentially me choosing to allow my emotions to run the show as they are screaming “take a break” from all of this new energy. Which of course is a definite pattern I have chosen to repeat for years; and is only now something I am choosing to see in the fullness of what it really is. 
We all have our own ways of digging in our heels and resisting the change we have asked for. Funny how we ask for something and when it shows up we do our absolute best to resist the changes. This experience just happened to be one of my many lessons during the past four weeks, there are many more…but I do not need to bore you with them all. But I will say this, this particular aspect and lesson for me was also a fantastic mirror showing me just how powerful not only my perception of the physical body is but the intensity in which it is alive in so many people. It was a definite “ouch” to the ego to admit that I still put so much attention into my personal physical perception (even though most days I forget to look in the mirror before I go out) there are still physical aspects of myself that I am uncomfortable with. It is in the awareness and more importantly the acceptance of each mirror that enables us to transcend that lesson and transform our energy into a deeper balance of Soul energy and physical existence integration.
Acceptance is not just a word or a mental understanding with a few special notes we made because our experience is so “unique from everyone else’s”. You know when you decide that you have to have the Ferrari because it is the only perfectly created vehicle and you simply want the joy of experiencing that. When in actual fact you first have to accept and appreciate each of the natural creations first.  It is not enough to look at a sunset and see the physical beauty, you have to go within and connect with the vibration of it to really understand it. This is not a difficult process, it is something you have been doing on a Soul level for your entire existence; we are going to be talking about this energy extensively in the Soul Series workshops for anyone who is interested in consciously understanding this connection a little better. 
Acceptance is an actual created vibration that has its own energetic frequency. You can actually resonate with it, in fact this is the only true way to experience it. Just like all created energies they have their own unique vibration, for example; love, compassion, respect, understanding, joy and truth. They each have their own vibration, which is a huge “key” to pure communication within this universe. This is how each and every one of us if we choose to be aware will always know when something is “not right” in a situation. Many of us have had near death experiences and exceptional incidents that allow us to see that there are great amounts of power and energy all around us.  Even when we are speaking with someone and “know” they are not telling us the truth.  It is evident in each of the synchronicities of our everyday life whether we choose to be aware of them or not is of no consequence, they will always continue.
For the first time in a very, very long time; over 35,000 years in fact. We are being supported and very pointedly being taught (the human side of us, the Soul is simply remembering) to follow our feelings and intuition rather than our thoughts. The world is transforming one feeling at a time. It is a miraculous experience and although there are moments where we all find ourselves questioning who I am, why I am here and what I am doing to make a difference? Our heart always comes out a winner over the mind and allows us the comfort of knowing what we are doing is the best we can each day. This is perfectly divine from the universe’s perspective and our Soul’s so it is good enough for us too. Know each of our Souls expect nothing more from us than doing the best we can each and every day. Our best will change and shift with each experience we have, but it is always our best…which of course has its own energy as well!
From the Heart,
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