Divine Awareness

The spring equinox of 2012 (autumn equinox for those in the southern hemisphere) is marking a spectacular event that has and is occurring on a global and universal level. The energy that we have all been introduced to over the past 48 hours is with the divine intention to allow for the purity of connection and compassion to become not only part of the physical experience, but there is a fell aspect of abundance that is now available to us all. This fullness is one that is unique in nature; especially as it has been in the creation process for quite some time. The creator of this magnificent universe has deemed that all who reside here become not only aware of themselves in a more full expression but that they also are able to become aware of others in the same manner.
On a universal level all Beings of consciousness have gathered and are celebrating the possibility that this energy infusion will bring forth into this experience. There are no longer restrictions on how we communicate with our hearts and how we receive communication from others; as long as they are connected to their hearts and hold the highest intention and respect. This energy is not only marking a new beginning, it is the fundamental energy that will allow us to create and experience our dreams in this very physical reality! We are here; we have done the work and have arrived at the gates to the garden that holds all of our deepest desires and dreams. 
With the fullness of the entire universe supporting us and offering any assistance we need to reach our best life experience, we truly are walking into our very own garden of eden on Earth. This energy is vastly different from anything experienced in this universe before; integrating the knowledge and wisdom of an entire universe with possibility. The awareness of who we are is within each of us and this new energy infusion is offering us the opportunity to connect in ways we have not been able to reach before now. This is the divine time to remember our fullness on a deeper level and then choose to share that self awareness with everyone we meet. 
Connection will occur in new ways, deeper, more intense and much clearer than ever before. We are being offered the opportunity to become more aware of all of the non-physical beings who surround us so we are able to receive their messages more easefully and completely. Likewise our communication with other people now has a very similar intention; to be easeful and complete. As always, it is up to us to choose become consciously aware of the new infusion, which then allows us to be able to utilize the energy in the best way for our own unique self. 
Know that the integration process is unique within each of us and how we learn is also unique, so allow yourself the room you need to become comfortable with the new awareness you have been offered. This energy will allow you to create in new and unique ways that bring your full awareness into all aspects of your creation. This alone is a gift like no other, allowing you to see into the corners of what you think you want for yourself…enabling you to go to depths that you have never before even been aware you desire.  
The creation process is very similar for each of us; we must first reach a place of deep connection within to be able to become aware of what we actually desire. When this connection occurs we are then able to move forward to create this most divine creation for ourselves. On this remarkable day of change, allow yourself to go deep into the depths of your Soul and connect to the fullness that is you. It is here that you will be able to reveal to yourself a fuller awareness of who you are and what divine gifts you have to offer. Along with gaining a greater awareness of what it is that makes your heart sing, what it is that makes you feel full and what it is that fills you with joy. Once you are aware, then you can create it.  
This new energy allows for a great shift out of experiencing the glimpses of our Eden and into the ability to see how to create it. You will learn in ways that will ignite inspiration within you and may very well challenge everything you know to be true. It is this aspect that we will be experiencing moving forward; trusting ourselves in ways we have not yet experienced. Trust is a mush more easeful experience when we are connected. Connected to the Universe and to our Soul…but we will talk about this in a future posting!
For today, take a moment to celebrate with all of the divine Beings of this Universe as together we all celebrate a greater sense of awareness that will move us all into a fuller expression of what is possible for us as individuals and as an entire Universe! I am so very excited to be able to share this sacred ceremony this evening with those who have chosen to gather at Moonflower’s Magical Touch, in Stouffville, On.  
From the Heart,

Forever Changed

These past few weeks of 2012 have been not only profound but also filled with challenges far beyond many we have been presented with before. Although at first the experiences seem to be reflective of past shifts and lessons, there is now a new intensity that is filling all of the experiences we are so lovingly being offered. We are being taken into the deep layers of illusion that is reflected by the person we have believed ourselves to be. With experiences of varying degrees of discomfort showing us repeatedly how much we have changed. This has taken many of us by surprise, causing us to not only see ourselves as who we once were, but also allowing us to recognize who we have become and who we are currently choosing to be. 
Any old or unnecessary aspects of ourselves that we have been holding onto (even though we know they are no longer an appropriate expression of the person and Being we have become) have been highlighted repeatedly for us; offering us countless opportunities for release. The letting go process can feel overwhelming at times, especially when we choose to focus and attach so deeply on mental levels with aspects that we feel uncomfortable releasing; parts of us that we feel we will be lost without. These aspects have shown up as relationships and friendships that no longer nurture or support us in where we are in this moment or lessons through experience that allow us the ability to see how our old reactions no longer work for the person we are now. All of these aspects and more, that we know in our hearts are no longer expressions of who we have become; but by holding on to them we believe we are doing the best we can for ourselves and the others involved. This is the method many of us utilize as we figure out how to fully connect to our new self awareness and then incorporate it into how we express ourselves in this current life experience. 
And of course the best way to understand the new is to experience it in the old; this makes the experience bold and bright so that we are able to sense it from a mile away. This is the universe simply offering us an abundance of opportunities for clarity. The “new” us is an interesting experience, one that at times is filled with uncertainty, trepidation and wariness. Of course these are but fleeting until we actually find the courage within our hearts to take the step out of our comfort zone and into the divine realm of possibility; where the experience then becomes filled profound joy, clarity and abundance. It still amazes me after so many years of travelling along our paths in search of who are, that when we are gifted with opportunity for change, we choose to remain in the old for the one simple desire of comfort; and of course it is the one thing that makes us the most uncomfortable in the moment. 
Comfort is the one thing we as Human Beings desire, the comfort to be able to express who we are, the comfort to be able to be accepted for who we are, the comfort to be able to create a life filled with a living reality of experiencing our dreams and desires. Yet whenever we are offered the opportunity to accept and integrate new awareness of these aspects into our lives, we hide, we make excuses to ourselves and others and we defend why we are hiding with, what at the time, feel like completely realistic reasons to remain stagnant.
The contradictory component to this is such a strong aspect that we are going to be faced with going forward, particularly over the next three months. Yet again we are being asked to take inventory of who we are and then look as honestly as possible at who we are choosing to be. Once again recognizing any imbalances that we are presenting not only to ourselves but to others as well. This is it, the shift into not only being aware of who we are, but living a full and complete conscious life that reflects the abundance of who we are and what we have to offer. The opportunity to experience a life that is filled with choices and experiences that nurture who we are as a Soul and as a Human Being. A life that not only recognizes that we are nurturing ourselves but that offers the opportunity to nurture those around us deeply and respectfully. An experience that is filled with opportunity for instant awareness – in the moment of an occurrence – offering us the opportunity to not only make effective decisions, but to make profound choices.   
We have become advocates for freedom of self expression through the divine ability to share the love and respect that flows through us. Releasing any need to prove anything we say or do while simultaneously focusing on maintaining the deep connection we have cultivated with our Soul energy within our physical body. Refining our ability to actively act and react to all of our experiences from a deep connection and complete awareness that comes directly from the heart of who we are, our Soul. 
Although at times it feels tedious, know in your heart that these are opportunities created from the desires and dreams you hold for yourself in your heart. This is the Universe answering your call; coming to action to aid you in the ability to experience all that you know to be possible for yourself, your friends, your family and the world at large. 
The divine energy of opportunity is abundant right now, filling our days and nights with countless experiences that are so incredibly supportive and respectful that it can take us off guard; filling our minds with second guessing our instincts which creates inner turmoil. Until that magical moment when we choose to realign and once again return our focus to following our hearts and the experiences that fill our lives with joy. The universe is our playground, the space in which our Souls are able to experience anything we choose…we just have to believe. 
So for a moment, reflect on your beliefs, are they limiting you and causing you to express false or outworn ways of Being in your life. Or have you chosen to accept the fullness of who you are, incorporating all that you have learned and know to be true into your day to day experiences. Our beliefs are our own, whether we got them from someone else matters not, it is the beliefs that we choose to accept and connect to that matter most. If you believe in possibility then it is true, if you believe you can reach your goals then it is true. If you believe that you have the ability to become a full expression of Soul energy within the physical body that is you, then it is not only possible, the Universe is working to bring this to fruition in this exact moment. The entire universe is coming together to makes your beliefs the reality you are currently living in.
Take a good clear look at your life and the aspects that fill each of your days. Look into all the corners and leave no stone unturned…because the ones you leave unturned are the ones that hold you back from not only full expression but free universal flow. It is a trick of the mind to believe we can access fullness with only choosing to look at and acknowledge aspects. This is the time for fullness. Fullness in everything we say, do and experience. Our hearts have been searching for fullness for most if not all of our lives, now is the time to experience it, but we must first choose to acknowledge our beliefs and the current life we have created. 
This awareness then allows us to go into this next stage with confidence, respect and awareness not only for ourselves but for all those who happen to cross our paths in each and every moment. The fullness of expression that is in store for this Universe is divine and to experience it we must choose to focus first on ourselves as we are the one and only Being we have the power to change. When we make the powerful and life changing choice to acknowledge who we are choosing to be, then we have the ability to move into the most pure and clear expression of the incredible Beings we are. 
As our awareness grows we are able to see the differences between the physical world and the non-physical world and when we allow the knowledge to become wisdom we recognize that there is no difference, essentially it is all one full experience that we are having in this exact moment. This awareness is the fullness of self that everyone is searching for. Whether we are searching through the physical expression, the Soul essence or a combination of both, it is all the part of the same experience that we are living in the moment. 
The differences between us are simply the way that we are choosing for our path to unfold, but we are all experiencing the same energy in the same moment. It is the ability to perceive the full experience as it is rather than allowing our past experiences and the opinions of others to interfere with the clear perspective that lives within us. Perspective is alive; it is an energy that is available to each of us in any given moment. Everything is energy and we have the choice to connect to the fullness of the energy or allow our mind or body to simply have the experience. When we choose to experience through fullness, we are then able to recognize our connection to everything and everyone; knowing that every experience we have is a direct response from the Universe – as the entirety of creation works to fulfill the dreams and desires we have placed our intention and awareness on.
This fullness is available to each of us, especially since the divine shift in energy that was introduced on February 9th, 2012. We are now being called to step beyond the awareness of self and into becoming a full expression of our Soul energy and intentions. Rather than simply choosing to be honest in each moment we are being asked to go deeper into expressing the pure state of being in the divine energy of truth. There is depth to everyone and everything, we are being asked to recognize new depths within ourselves and within the experiences we are having. Although they often seem challenging it is remembering that we are being offered these experiences for a reason and that we would never be offered anything that is too big or too much to handle. 
So the next time you feel like you are in a whirlwind that seems too big or profound for you to handle…step back and connect to the full energy of your Soul that lives within you. It is in that connection that you will remember who you are, you will be reminded of how incredible you are and you will also feel the immense love and support that is always available to you. This is your time to shine, both in your ability to become more aware of the fullness of who you are and in the way you choose to share that awareness with those around you. Go ahead and jump in…the experience is always the perfect next step on your journey to You!
From the Heart,

Conscious Evolution

I know it has been a while since my last posting…but I have been very busy. I have been working diligently to create a deeper experience for people who are looking to take the next step in their personal journey. With the help of many of my non-physical friends, we have co-created an event that provides answers to those people who are looking for a fuller understanding of how to integrate their knowledge and awareness into the life they are living; transforming their knowledge into wisdom. 
The Soul Awakening Intensive, my newest co-creation is currently being offered in a variety of formats from an evening version that unfolds over 9 weeks and a weekend version that unfolds over 5 full days. Also in creation, is a destination version that allows the 5 days to unfold consecutively in an intensive retreat. It is a very exciting time to be able to offer this course as it is in alignment with all that is happening within this magical Universe we call home.
The Soul Awakening Intensive covers a variety of topics that allow our minds to become more aware of the creation and intention of this Universe. We cover interests such as; What is energy and how does it work?; the fundamental laws of the Universe; healing our physical self from the power of our Soul; Crystals – where they came from and why they are here; the power of Synchronicity – the omens & signs that we receive; deepening our personal awareness and intensifying our personal power. All of these topics and more are also covered in the workbook element that is also included with the course; along with a variety of interactive experiences and challenges that offer us new and dynamic perspectives into the life we are living. 
There is one aspect of this course that is unfolding and in the beginning took me by surprise, but now I am so excited to be able to share this offering with those who are searching for a deep, meaningful and permanent connection with their Soul. 
A couple of weeks ago I was gifted with the ability to remember more of who I am and why I am here on this particular journey. I travelled far and wide to reach the place of my Soul origin and found a wonderful aspect of who I am waiting for me. I was told that not only is it time for me to remember an ability I have, but that there are many people who are searching for the gift I have to offer. I was able to experience a divine ceremony like none I had ever experienced before; I was led to a place where masses of people were lining up to receive from me, a Soul Anointment.  The Anointment is an offering in which they are able to connect the human physical body they inhabit in an intricate way with their Soul energy. 
I experienced the Soul Anointment Ceremony in the ancient language of where I am from, however I was able to understand every thing that was being communicated while I as Michelle watched my Soul participate in a ceremony as old as time and as sacred as the energy that runs through each of us. The message during the Anointment loosely translates to “Body and Mind, Heart and Soul, Connected now and always, from this day forward.”
This gift is one that once I became aware of, I initially feared as I was not sure how it would be accepted by others and to be honest I doubted myself. One week after my awareness of this gift surfaced I was able to experience the Anointment Ceremony for myself. I experienced a deepening of my awareness and an increase in my ability to perceive and I was also able to actually feel the atoms of my physical body shifting and becoming “different”. It has almost been a week since I have experienced this very special ceremony and each day I become aware of a new aspect and ability it has offered me. The person that was with me during my Anointment, saw and felt all of this as it occurred within me, and it was great to have the loving support and external confirmation of the entire event. 
This experience and sacred ceremony will be recreated in each of the Soul Awakening Intensives that unfold going forward. The Soul Anointment will allow those who have been actively searching for a greater understanding of who they are and what their personal abilities are, to be revealed in a much more profound and powerful way. This is all in an effort to allow as many people as possible to experience who they are and begin sharing the unique and special gifts that are within them. I am so very excited to be able to watch as this truly remarkable experience unfolds in the lives of those who are and have been searching; as I am patiently waiting to receive the abundance of the wondrous gifts that you as a Soul Being have to offer.
I was also expressly fore warned by those non physical Beings who were active in the co-creation, that there would be those who would be looking for the ceremony without being willing to do the personal work that is required. Essentially meaning that this ceremony is intended to only be available to those who are experiencing the entire course and are committed to a conscious journey going forward. The reason is quite simple; there is much awareness and information that you must first receive. Specifically because the Anointment holds such deep and profound power, you must first learn how to use it; in order to create the life you have always wanted to experience.  
I am also working on a new posting that addresses the powerful and profound energies that have been arriving for us over the past couple of weeks. They are asking us many things and challenging us to see the truth in all of our experiences no matter how resistant we choose to be. Change is here and the only way to move through it is to trust the Universe and all that it is offering us. Take comfort in knowing that we will never be offered anything that is more than we can handle and that we will always be offered an abundance of opportunities to see just how amazing we are.
The question is; are you willing to accept and receive the energy of abundance that you are being offered? Or are you willing to pass it by, waiting for the next offering? Abundance is yours to experience, but you must choose it for yourself.
From the heart,

2012 – Timing is Everything

The story of the world is changing, it is becoming something that not only affects us but we are beginning to reclaim the power in which what we do affects the world as well. We have finally hit a universal vibration through the reverberation process that is offering to take us beyond all that we know and into all that is possible. We are a race that was initially created to experience the limitations of the physical form. However, now that intention has been shifted and quite recently has been able to be completely transformed into offering an experience that combines the fullness of Soul energy within the physical experience. 
Due to the unfolding of humanity this was never an experience that was intended nor was it experienced, but now it is being offered to each of us with the intention that we become our own full expression of Soul energy. Because, it is in our full expression and awareness that we will begin to understand the fullness of experience that is actually available to us. We are the ones for which the planetary experience will change but we are also the ones in which the potential of humanity will change. Now it is more important than ever before that we become aware of our power and aware of our intentions and actions.
With the dawning of 2012 we have not only experienced a multitude of energetic infusions and expressions we have also been presented with a larger more substantial awareness of the power within us. It is this power that will determine exactly how we become the race that we are intended. As with any offering of energy, there is always an incubation time while the physical body integrates the fullness of the energy it has been offered. This transpires as feelings of lethargy, muscle aches and pains, vision misalignment, body disorientation which often makes us clumsy or uncoordinated. This go round there has also been a number of people and animals leaving the Earth plane to be able to rest up and restore themselves for all that is coming. We have seen or possibly experienced drastic displays of temperament allowing us to see exactly what is and what is not what we are choosing to experience going forward. These are a few among the vast experiences that we have learned to navigate as we evolve on our personal journey to consciousness. 
Along with the physical ramifications of this past infusion we are also being prepared for the fullness of energy that will very shortly become available to us. As with any infusion of energy, there comes with it a substantial intention of respect, compassion and purity. What exactly does this mean? We are now more than ever before being asked to act with the greatest honour and respect to ourselves and others as we utilize the new power within us. There is always a learning curve in which we are supported and nurtured as we learn to encourage the energy within the physical confines of our lives. However this time of integration is of the utmost importance as we are now wielding such an incredible store of energy that the impact of all we do is much more powerful than ever before.
No matter which direction we choose; either the path of respect, compassion and truth or the path of illusion, fear and control, the results are so intense and now almost instantaneous. Just watch your life, in each moment, note what you have asked for and notice how it has arrived. The Universal energy is forever in connection with who you are, your dreams and your intentions. Due to the new energy we have been infused with the fulfillment of our intentions is now speeding up. This is why it is so vitally important at the stage that you set your intentions as high as you possibly can, because whatever you choose to focus on IS manifesting instantaneously!
The power of choice is at the forefront of our path, once again showing us the power that lies within how we choose to act and react. While the Universe ever patiently remains holding out to us the opportunity –if we choose- to express ourselves through actions and reactions that are true reflections of who you are. asking on a much deeper level than before that we release all of our automatic responses, even the sticky persistent ones and allowing your true self to shine through. 
It is also a time for all to become aware of the multitude of powerful energy that is vibrating within their human body. The energy that guides the intuition and allows us to instinctively know just what choices would be best for us. When we choose to connect to this powerful energy we will also become aware of our innate ability to create the life we choose and to navigate that journey by making conscious choices on how best to proceed.
The one thing about new beginnings is that there is always a mourning period, a time where we allow ourselves to evolve through the various phases of loss. Allowing our minds to catch up with what our hearts already know, has been quite often the most challenging aspect that we are faced with when it comes to the ascension process. It is our mind that is a creation of all of our past experiences including our past teachers, leaders and guides; that the mind out of habit often chooses to utilize guilt, sorrow or pain and associate those emotions with loss. When in fact if we choose to connect to the powerful energy within us, we instinctively know that loss is simply an indication that it is time for new experiences to arrive.
It is the great indicator that we have completed a phase of our lives and it is most assuredly time to accept, integrate and learn on a new level. Loss of anything from friends and family, jobs and careers, possessions and mementos; these are all simply part of the experience that make up the amazing life experience you are having. The most important aspect of 2012 is a constant and persistent reminder that your life experience is to be filled with joyful experiences that fill you with love, compassion and respect so that you in turn are able to share those exact vibrations and feelings with others. 
It is time once again for us to act, however this time there is no mistake that the action must come from a place a power. The place that is hidden deep within our hearts, the one that guides us and moulds us when we choose to connect to it. It is then that we will truly become the fullest reflection of who we are and allow ourselves to shine through the power of truth and simplicity knowing that everything that is within you is all part of the divine plan of the entire universe and you were meant to not only be a participant, but to be a leader. Allowing your self to shine and allowing others to shine, encouraging each other when it is needed, understanding that when we follow our heart rather than our mind, we will always shine.
Allowing ourselves to release the need to give anything to anyone, instead choosing to offer the best that we can to everyone, always. Knowing our best differs from day to day and moment to moment and becoming comfortable in the ever changing expression that is you.   You have the power within you, it is always available and it is time to trust that your heart is a much stronger leader than your mind. Allow the connection between your mind and your heart to become stronger each day, choosing to focus on the connection and the power that lies there. You are the one that can make a difference in this entire Universe experience and your power comes from the Soul of who you are. When you are connected, your choices are not only extremely powerful they are the most current reflection of the Soul energy within you; which means you have chosen to share the most incredible gift there is; YOU.
From the Heart,

The Power of Connection

So it’s happening again…yup, a whole bunch of change, change and more change! Personally I feel like I am just coming up out of a long deep sleep and finding a great many things occurred while I was asleep. It seems that much of the past month has been spent in deep sleep, although my physical body has been on a roller coaster ride as far as physical sleep is concerned. I actually just logged onto the website to see the name of the last posting and it does not resonate with me at all at this moment, in fact I actually had the though “what was I thinking?” 

The truth of the matter is that so much time has been spent lately on preparing us for the next level of energy and conscious awareness that we are often being called to work on a variety of levels. Everything is so much more intense now from our experiences, our encounters, our dreams and even our reality. Everything has changed, this is not the same world that we once knew how to navigate, nor is it one we have any idea how to live in now…but we are learning. Every day we are offered up a variety of circumstances that the universe has so lovingly put together specifically for us; to create as many opportunities as possible for us to become the conscious beings we intended when we chose to experience this life. 
Since the 11-11-11 gateway we have been offered some of the most powerful, passionate and potent experiences to date. It often feels like situations and opportunities appear right out of thin air, while other experiences find us at the pinnacle of a range of emotions and reactions. Often times wondering “what happened”, “where was I”, “did that really just happen?” and even “did I really just say (or do) that?” This is such a magical time for us as Souls and as people; we are being shown with undoubted support and determination that we are indeed bringing the two aspects of ourselves into one very balanced conscious Being.   But to get there we have to rebalance everything within us that is out of balance, explaining all of the intensity of what we have been experiencing this past month.
The Winter (or summer, depending where you are) Solstice of December 21st this year will be an intense celebration of meshing all of the parts that make you, YOU, while releasing anything that is no longer a true physical reflection of who you really are. As with all rebirth ceremonies, the time leading up to it can feel cumbersome, challenging and like there does not seem to be anything that seems to fit directly with you. This is one of the most challenging aspects as we are currently faced with numerous opportunities that are arriving daily and doing our best to pick and choose which we like and which we do not. Feeling like our skin doesn’t fit let alone the people and experiences around us.  
This current transition is such a powerful one that many of us are finding ourselves out of sync and yet deeply in sync all in the same divine moment. It can feel like we are moving at the speed of light while we are actually crawling and vice versa. All of these experiences are confirming the drastic universal changes and the fact that time and space are created aspects of the universe; they are not creations to live by…especially if your Soul is not in alignment with them. 
The changes that we can expect on the Solstice of December 21st will also be a deepening and strengthening of our Soul power and abilities. For those who have chosen to BE in your power you will now find yourself experiencing some dramatic physical anomalies such as lacking the ability to clearly put words together, or the ability to be able to follow a train of thought from beginning to end…showing us just how much energy it takes to allow this energetic shift to take place within us. We are here for a reason, we have chosen as a Soul to have a physical life now. We have a calling to become more than the limits of the physical body and we are now in the process of aligning our hearts calling with the physical self that is us. We are on the journey of become more of who we ARE and less of who we think we are. And as our bodies are preparing for the next infusion of pure Soul energy it can feel itchy, bloated, stifling, breathless, agitating and downright frustrating at times. This is the Soul reminding you of the incredible work you are doing on deep inner levels, remember to be kind to yourself and to those around you as we prepare for this magical experience. 
There are many people who are feeling these changes and are not sure how to deal with it, they need nurturing…when you see them, nurture them. How do you nurture? Just let them be who they are and share the energy that flows from who you are to them. Never need to fix them or help them, simply connect with the divine energy of nurturing and allow that energy to flow through you and towards whomever you find around you. Don’t send love and light, choose to follow your intuition and know that nurturing is needed and then connect with nurturing yourself and allow that energy to flow. Remember to connect on your own whenever this shift becomes challenging for you, because it is in the challenges that we gain the wisdom we need.
The wonderful way in which the Universe works is to present us with divine change at a time of year when so many are consumed with the external environment. Whether it is a holiday celebration, consuming alcohol or excessive sweets, these are all very present right now, this is by universal design so you are able to see exactly what you will choose to take with you on your journey. Anything that is not a true reflection of who you ARE as a Soul will be challenging and contain an almost “in your face” energy; while the rest will seem to flow almost effortlessly.
Lives are changing and as we prepare for them in times that have already drastically changed we become more conscious and a more pure expression of who we chose to be when we chose to come here now. I am also told that we are in for some incredible experiences in 2012. As we become more pure expressions in human form our energy is and will be reflected in the experiences that surround us. As we become more accustomed to the extraordinary becoming part of every day existence we can expect more of it. Apparently there will be a great many natural phenomena occurring and one in particular that has the opportunity to attract those who still choose to not believe with their minds. It seems that there is going to be quite a large earth quake that will have the “lost” city of Atlantis re-appear. Of course it was never lost; it was simply hidden from anyone and everyone that wanted something from it. 
But just like everything, as we become more capable of being ourselves and allowing others to be who they are we become ready to experience the full truth of the universe without any illusion. It’s a slow process when there are so many individual belief systems that must be transcended…but it is happening. We know now that change is a part of who we are, it is innate within us and is what drives us to continue on our journey. As we accept change and embrace the lessons we have learned we will then be able to create some of the most incredible experiences we could only imagine up until now.    
Change does not come from proving oneself, from confrontation, or even telling another how or what to do. Change is a universal energy that each of us can choose to connect with. When we connect with change we can feel exactly what it is offering us. It is all about the connection. We connect naturally because we were created to connect. The energy to connect comes from the energy that is us being open and trusting. Once you choose to connect to another Being it is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have and one that you will want to experience all the time!!! So connect…to everyone, the energies that are around you supporting you on your journey. And to the people who are around you doing the exact same thing. It is in the connection that the Soul is able to learn and grow and evolve on its own journey guiding the human us into our own utopia!
So as we currently experience some amazing and often intense experiences, allow yourself the moment you need to release the illusion and any drama that you may have attached to it and see your experiences for what they truly are; a collection of offerings from a divine Universe that supports and nurtures you on your path…always.
Even though this is a hectic and busy time of year, I am also considering an in-person event for the Solstice on Wednesday, December 21st in the evening. It is usually when we need it most that we tend to be too busy to go. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. This Solstice awakening energy is going to be an extremely powerful experience of releasing aspects of yourself that are no longer a true reflection of who you are now and an intense understanding of experiencing the fullness of who you are as a Soul Being. You can email me at michelle@michellevickers.com if you are interested. If there is enough interest then I trust the perfect location will present itself! I am thinking of $20 per person from 7:30 to 9pm. 
Through the Heart,

Miracles happen when we Trust

Sometimes even when you least expect it, something beautiful happens. The most perfect moments are the ones we do not plan, do not expect and do not try to foresee the outcome. They are in fact chosen for us by all of the Beings in this incredible Universe, our Soul included. They are offered to us with the hopes of bringing our human self to a more conscious awareness and understanding of our Soul energy and the truth of who we really are. 
This is the divine, special and extremely personal experience that our Soul chooses for us. When we allow ourselves to ride the journey of our Soul without any attachment to the outcome, to how it is happening nor controlling anyone or anything around us, then we are in pure and total connection with the flow of the universe. 
Is this even possible in human form? The only way to connect to this energy is to completely submit to the world experiences that are happening around you. Submission is not removing yourself, nor is it a releasing of the participation in any experience, it is in actuality the exact opposite. Total and complete Trust. 
Trust; one tiny little word, but one of the most powerful energies that is available to us in our human and very physical existence. Trust is available to each and every one of us, as Soul Beings but also as physical creations in this very physical reality. We are the future of this physical experience. We are the ones who will choose to decide whether it continues or whether it will collide in upon itself. In other words, we are the masters of our own individual destiny.
A continuation of this experience is always possible; however the current intention for the future is also encouraging us to combine our continuation with transformation. The transformation energy and support that we have been receiving for the last few decades has increased in power and momentum bringing us to the current moment. The current moment is different for each of us, because it is a reflection of the energy of who we are and the journey that we are on. There are no Beings who are MORE open, MORE evolved or MORE anything than another. This is all part of the illusion that we continue to “believe”. Some of the most incredible people who are living reflections of their Soul energy are completely oblivious to it. Does this make them less conscious? No, this makes them some of the most incredibly conscious Beings because they are already completely focused on the sole aspect and reason of who they are and why they are here. 
Everyone’s journey is different; it is exactly as it was planned. We are NOT suppose to BE the same, we are unique and individual, therefore there is absolutely no way that any ONE is better or worse than any other. This is also why some of the physical aspects like time and space have no bearing on the moment. Time is a very physical attribute and on a universal level is not a factor in the evolution of consciousness. The most important factor in the evolution and journey is knowledge and wisdom in universal truth.  
The ultimate truth is available to each of us, but we must connect with the pure energy of trust to be able to assimilate the energy of truth into our consciousness. Everything is connected. We have heard this so many times, just as we have also heard we are all one. And as much as these two statements are true, they have also become shrouded in a fine layer of manipulated energy that allows us to confuse the truth of the energy and believe it to be something totally different than what it actually is. As much as we are all connected, we are not on the same journey, we are on our own individual journey that is taking us along the path that will offer us as individuals exactly what we need. Are we all one, definitely we are one created aspect that offers the opportunity for Soul Beings to have a physical experience; we are not doing the same things but rather should be choosing things that make us as individuals feel incredible in the physical world. 
Another example of misinterpretation is love. Love has often been felt in a human way of needing something or someone else to feel complete or whole in our own self. Why this occurs is quite simple; when we allow ourselves to open and trust we are then able to truly connect to another person or experience and allow the fullness of that energy to envelope us “in the moment”. This full and extremely powerful energy is often misinterpreted as love, simply because it feels so strong and so very powerful. As humans we have been trained to keep our energy awareness closed, and remain closed to almost all experiences allowing our minds to interpret our experiences through emotions rather than allow the true power of connection and our feelings to guide our journey. 
This is how and why it is time for most everyone to remember who they are and exactly how powerful they truly are. Because in the energy of your true power you will be able to facilitate changes in the physical world through the power of your intention. Intention from the mind is powerless when faced with pure Soul intention energy and this is what we are being called to not only remember, but now what we are being asked to act with. 
Soul energy is the innermost aspect of who we are, it is the pure energy within our human self that allows us to have a physical experience and allows us to experience all of the wonderful aspects of a human experience. There are no limitations on our Soul energy, each Soul is unique and each Soul has their very own special gift to offer the universe. The knowledge and wisdom of our gifts is in our Soul energy and how and when we remember ours is all dependant upon our personal trust in our Self and in the Universe.   We are not in this alone, we never have been, nor were we ever asked to be. We are surrounded by teams and forces of Spirits, Souls and Angelics whose main focus is to support us on our path, while also remaining focused on their path.
How do they do that? Simple, they always remain fixed in the energy of who they are. When they are asked to help or offer support in any way, they reflect on the fullness of the situation and allow themselves to connect and determine if they are able to remain focused on their journey and offer support simultaneously. If it is possible, they will offer in abundance, if it is not possible, then they will pass on offering and simply wait until the next offering becomes available. With over three trillion Beings in this universe, opportunities to offer support are abundant and always arriving, likewise support and aid are always available and lavishly abundant. 
As Soul energy centered beings we are all able to discern if our support is 1. needed 2. appropriate for the situation and 3. appropriate for us to personally give AND remain balanced in our own existence.  Souls, Angelics and every other conscious Being in this universe do this naturally in each and every moment of their existence. There is NO guilt, NO remorse, NO frustration for choosing to pass on offering support, likewise there is NO resentment, NO anger and NO retaliation when support is not received from a specific source. Why? Because as a Soul Being, we know that support is always available and the way it shows up for us is better than anything we could choose or decide for ourselves. Demanding assistance, or offering support when it takes you off of your personal path is out of alignment with Universal law; and therefore causes us more challenges until we are able to see clearly.
How can we decide what help we need when we are in a situation that needs help? We are obviously not balanced in that situation and not “thinking” clearly nor are we acting clearly. So what exactly is it that makes us as humans “think” we know what is best and how we should rebalance ourselves. In actuality in the human condition we often “think” we need to remove ourselves or save ourselves from a “situation”. When if we take a moment and step back, connect with the pure energy of ourselves in the moment and see the experience that we are in for what it is, we will see that the Universe indeed has offered us an opportunity so grand and so incredible that we will often become overwhelmed with gratitude. 
This is the divine balance of trust in our Self, in our Soul and in the Universe that allows us to grow our knowledge and wisdom to become conscious of who we are and why we are here. This is the divine part of the journey that we are experiencing “in this moment”. We are being asked to allow ourselves to connect with the true power of trust; connect with our Souls and take that extra moment to feel the fullness of our experiences and know that even though it only takes a moment, it is the most powerful tool we have. Taking the time and connecting with our personal Soul energy is what is going to change this world.
This is where the illusion of change through anger, frustration and force will simply fall away…without any need for anger, frustration or force to remove it. Because true Soul energy does not choose to connect with these negative emotions, it will always choose to connect with true power. So the next time you are doing anything that “doesn’t feel right”, chances are that is exactly the case. Take that moment and allow yourself to connect to what is actually happening. Then you will be able to determine if you do actually need assistance or if it is something that you already know how to navigate, but you just forgot in the moment…out of a desire to be of service to another, even if you are no longer on your path or out of a desire to not want to face the lesson you are currently being faced with.
It’s okay to forget and it is also ok to not know how or what is happening or why it is happening, it is in the not knowing that we are being offered the most amazing gift or gaining wisdom and knowledge as we continue on our path. No matter how many times we say “I don’t have time”, there is always time for what is important. It is a very strong matter of choosing just how important YOU are. And then trusting that you have made the right choice and remaining confident in that choice as you choose to resist the connection to guilt, frustration and anger that you or others may tempt you with. It is only temptation, and when you choose to connect with the true power of who you really are the temptation will become nothing but the illusion that it really is.
There is a Light Being that I call Twinkle, she is a master of knowing the truth from illusion in the human physical form, and she is here as I write this article and she is assuring me that she has, will and is making herself and her pure energy available to all of those who wish to call upon her for support with this aspect of their journey. This is her domain and her abilities with the aspect far outweigh any other Being in this Universe. This is her nature and her gift to share with the universe at large. She says “Remember when we ask for support, it will always show up, we have to also be willing to allow the support into our journey. It is not our job to decide how another Being needs to help us, because they do not need to, it is their choice.” 
Soul energy has clarity beyond anything a human mind could possibly fathom, so you must connect with your Soul energy and feel the faith and trust that vibrates there. This connection will allow you to know that you are indeed receiving the support you requested and that you are indeed progressing along your own personal journey to whole and complete conscious awareness.
Be in the moment of your journey while simultaneously allowing others to be in the moment of their journey. This is the secret to true global and universal transformation and what will ultimately allow the new world to become a reality. 
From the Heart,

Believe in You

The 11-11-11 gateway has been open now for over a week and we have been living in a completely different reality. For many who have noticed the changes they are beginning to shift and accept more of the new into their conscious experiences each day. For others it has been challenging and often unbelievable. We have also seen a very large number of people leaving their physical experiences choosing to return to a full Soul expression at this time. Many have left in dramatic and unusual ways, doing whatever they can to get to their desired destination.
This is actually the theme that has been set and what we are going to experience for much of the rest of this year and into the beginning of 2012; do whatever you need to do to get where you want to go. Ah, yes…it sounds like the “old” way, but in fact this is the very new way of creating in this new energy that has arrived. Gone are the days of action with no energy or intention behind it. Now each desire we have can and will be fulfilled, as long as we take the action required to allow it to unfold. 
Whatever your dream, that is the intention and energy that must be within your creation. This combination is the energy that is required to allow for complete and pure fulfillment. So when we release our attachment to anything…ahh yes this is the key role, which we have been preparing for throughout most of the past year and now is the time for us to put our learning into action. Initially we were asked to become aware of our attachments. Then we were asked to honestly analyze – not judge our attachments. These were to people, places and things, anything outside of ourselves that we felt we needed to be happy or content. 
Once we were able to see that happiness, joy and contentment are found within us, we were then able to allow our relationships to the people, places and things in our lives to become balanced. For anyone who chose to ignore this aspect of the lessons over the past couple of years in the ascension process, you are definitely having a more challenging time since the gateway opened. The good news is that with the new energy, all of our attachments are being highlighted with a renewed vigour in order for us to transcend the heavy layer of “brainwashing” that you may have chosen to connect with…the “I am only as good as what I have, who I am with or how others see me”. 
The truth is you are amazing simply because you are YOU. You are at a Soul level a creation of a unique and incredible energy that was intended to not only belong here, but have something so unique and incredible to offer to the universe as a whole. Depending on who you are and what your nature is, this can be anything from becoming a prophet to a doctor to being a monk. What you choose, is YOUR choice and for that reason alone, the universe and all of the non-physical Beings here respect you. Because everything you do, in every moment of every day has an effect on the entire universe, not to mention the entire planet. 
Attachment is a sneaky little thing, often challenging our deepest dreams and desires to sabotage us into remaining the same and resisting change. Attachment shows itself in so many ways, wearing costumes and outfits adorned with every type of illusion we could possibly think to create. The biggest and brightest indicator that attachment is running the show…any time we feel we need anything, anyone, any place or any money to create what we feel in our hearts.
When we choose to release our desire to control and determine how our dreams and desires will manifest, then we allow the universe to work its magic and what unfolds for us is just that; a magical display of synchronicity filled with exactly what we need as a Soul Being. But we have to be willing to allow it to happen and release any attachment to how it unfolds, even to the outcome. 
As humans we have often been trained to believe that endings are sad and horrible and that we need to hold onto them no matter what the cost to us. Anything from; relationships that are no longer fulfilling, friendships that no longer express who the individuals are, jobs that do not fulfill us any longer. The choices for change are different for each person, because we are different at the core of who we are, there are no two Beings who are exactly alike…which means there are definitely no two humans that are exactly alike. This uniqueness is what makes us who we are and is what allows us to offer the amazing abilities that are innate within us. 
Sharing who we are does not need to be with big shiny lights and centre stage, for many the ability to make a difference comes in the form of face to face, one on one time. What you do and how you do it all depends on who you are. How you live is all dependant upon how you choose to share who you are. If you choose to share yourself through attachment, then life will always reflect your choices, creating limitations that you have set with your attachment to anything or anyone or any idea you have attached to. go ahead, share yourself, your true self the one you have hidden deep within and just watch how your world unfolds…
This may all sound harsh, but in fact it is truth and is meant with the pure intention to allow you to see just how amazing you are and that attachment is not necessary for you to share who you are with the world. The time of great change is upon us and there is definitely some concern on the non-physical side that the density of the human condition may be too deeply ingrained to transcend. There seems to be some worry that each time they infuse us with new energy in the hopes of us moving forward, there are so many masses of people who feel the shift within them, they feel the pull to change, and they feel the need to create a new experience, however the actions are still coming from a mind focused on attachment. A deep attachment that seems to want to remain connected to anything tangible or intangible that is part of an illusion. 
Attachment is not limited to tangible things it is also expressed through our beliefs of what we need from our relationships, what we need to receive from an experience or what we do not need to experience. Attachment is not only debilitating, it is also weakening from a Soul perspective; because as a divine Being we always get exactly what we need.  If there is a challenge in or lives, it is meant to teach us a very important lesson; a lesson that can be anything from understanding who we are to who we are choosing to be in the moment. Each of the people and experiences in our lives are there to support us in learning the lessons we need to learn, likewise we are there for them. 
This does not mean we need to set up lessons for each other and plan it all out; it means that the universe has already done all of that while we were busy choosing who we were going to have our experiences with. We do not need to have all the answers all of the time. However, what is most beneficial for our experience is that we allow everything that is offered to us BE considered and allow it to be what it is. Releasing our tendency to label anything or pre-determine what any outcome will be. Simply because that is not our job, our job is to experience…yup, just experience. 
Such a simply thing, yet we have managed to get all tied up in knots trying to make it all into something so much more complicated and intense than it really is. Each and very moment is perfection and what we learn is all in how we choose to act and react in every moment. From the heart of who we are or the mind of who we have been trained to be? The decision is always ours and in each moment we have the most incredible power available to us to choose how our experiences will unfold. When we release our attachment to the mind, we allow the true nature of who we are to soar and reach levels of experience that we have never even dreamed of…but we must be willing to release the mind and see the possibility beyond. 
Be who you are, not who you have been trained to be. React to experiences with the knowledge and wisdom you have gained rather than from any anger, resentment or frustration that is lingering from the past. Everything is changing and each of us has the divine opportunity to move forward into this divine change and experience a new and profound way of living. But it is always up to us how and when we will choose to have the new world and the new experiences that it is offering us. We are the masters of our own destiny, no one else can take our place, nor can they create our life for us. We are being offered such an incredible new world and although we are being asked to give up so much of what we know in our minds, we are being offered so much more in the knowing of our hearts.
This new world is a place in which each and every person is filled with love, compassion and respect for every other Being, simply for who they are…whether they choose to give or not, share or not…is of no consequence, rather it is just because they exist. It is in that energy that everyone is content in the being of being rather then living in the need to be anything or do anything. What you choose to do and be is a reflection of who you are and that is perfect. Remember even now that all of your actions and reactions are a clear picture of who you have chosen to BE in the moment. Are these true reflections of the person and Soul Being you are or are they residuals of who you were taught to be and think you are?
Are you choosing to over protect yourself because you think that “certain” experiences will cause you pain. Are you basing the new on the old? Not allowing anything new to grow and more importantly infusing your future with experiences from the past. Yes, it is true that we understand our current experiences through the cultivation and culmination of the accumulation of all our past experiences.  However it is our choice in the moment if we choose to allow room for growth and change or if we choose to remain attached to outworn or outgrown ways of being. 
Fear is crippling and we often cling to outworn ways out of fear that we need to protect ourselves from possible harm, when in fact we are actually remaining attached to the harm we are trying to protect ourselves from. Attachment to fear is definitely an illusion that many people are facing as this gateway has been opened. Fear of any kind that sneaks in and causes us to doubt, need or control any situation as best we can. These are lessons, rather than challenges; opportunities that offer us the ability to become more conscious of the choices we are making in our lives. 
BE YOU. The amazing you – that has so much to offer this entire experience, inside and out. Be willing to release all of your attachments and beliefs about who you are and be willing to embrace the divine plan the Universe has created for you based on who you are as a divinely created Soul Being in this universe. I am assured that this is much more incredible than anything that you could ever create for yourself from the density of a human mind!!!
This new gateway opening and the energy it has infused us with is a magical and exceptional flowing experience. If you happen to find yourself experiencing many challenges or physical ailments such as colds or flu’s, sprains or aches, this is not something to worry about. Rather, acknowledge that you know you are connected and that you are indeed being offered the amazing opportunities to become aware of exactly what attachments you are choosing to connect with. It is through this clarity that you will be able to realize these are the same attachments in which you are choosing to utilize to hold yourself back from the amazing life you are very much deserving of. 
So, rather than allowing yourself to get frustrated, simply be in the moment and allow it to unfold and ask what lesson it is that you are being offered. Rather than letting the mind perceive the lesson and decide what it is; allow your heart to lead you, knowing you are receiving experiences and opportunities that are perfect for your journey. Allow yourself to be in the moment and the experiences to be exactly what they are, lessons in inner wisdom to allow you to BE who you actually already are. For those who are enjoying this new found flow and divine connection, keep going…by continuing to Be yourself, you allow anyone you come into contact with to become more consciously aware of who they are and why they are here.
The divine synchronicity has amped up along with the ability for each individual to connect with their Soul energy. This is exactly how it was intended to be, because as Soul Beings having a human experience it was always intended that we would be able to connect and communicate directly with our Soul. It is the dense and extremely intense conditioning of the human mind that has led us to believe otherwise. One fine day my current role of communication will be redundant and I am looking forward to it…knowing that this world will be a very different place where people are connected first and experience the physical second. Until then I continue to embrace my work and am astounded by each of the incredible Soul Connections I am able to experience. 
Knowing that many if not all of you are experiencing your own transition as you become more of your Soul expression in the human form you have chosen. When you embrace who and where you are, you create the opportunity and possibility to continue forward on your own personal journey as you simultaneously allow each and every other person around you to do the exact same in their experience. Allow yourself to be in the not-knowing, because it is here that the power of learning is the most profound and powerful; it is also where the ability for true transformation is most readily available for each and every one of us. 
Go ahead; Believe in You, the Universe already does!
From the Heart,

It’s Coming…

What you ask? Well, on the horizon, in a tiny package tied up with the most intricately and lovingly tied bow, is a most precious gift indeed; the gift of inner contentment and peace. We are not talking about the past kind that you experience in moments of great clarity or profound awareness. What we are talking about now is the ability to live our entire lives in deep connection with the fundamental energies of peace and contentment. 
Experiencing each moment, in the exact moment it is occurring; rather than spending your time reminiscing about old times, or thinking about the great experience that you have planned for the next hour, the next week, month or year. Being in the moment not only allows you to have a full experience, it is also where your true power to create what you would like to experience next comes from. Creating experiences for ourselves takes focus, clarity and intention. Take a moment to reflect on the life you have created up until this very moment; you have actively participated in each and every creation that is your life up until this exact moment. Yup, you did it all.
Now are you beginning to see how powerful you truly are? Knowing now that you have already created, look at what you have created. Are there things in your life you would like to change; possibly through enhancement, or through refocusing your energy? Creation has been a tricky process up until now, it has been heavily weighted down in the vibrations of judgement and control, with a good dose of fear for good measure. But as we have been on this journey of self awareness we have come to not only understand but also believe that there is so much more to life than what we have experienced. 
So now with that belief and understanding we are being asked to go above and beyond anything we have ever created before. On 11-11-11 we are being gifted with a most incredible ability to become a purer expression of who we truly are…the real us, the one that lives within our hearts and we only share when we feel completely protected. That One is the one that the Universe is requesting and patiently waiting to see if we will respond to. Taking the knowledge and wisdom we have all gained from our trials and tribulations through this ascension and energy shifting process and using it all as we move into our very new creation phase. 
Everything we have learned about who we are, why we are here and what makes us joyful is what is going to make this a very new world. Realizing that our experiences are just that, experiences we had or are having, they are not who we are. Allowing ourselves to respect others for their opinions which are based on their beliefs, knowing that in turn we are also respecting ourselves. Having compassion for others, knowing it is not our job to change anyone, rather spending our precious time and energy on simply accepting them in the moment. Expressing compassion towards ourselves, knowing that each day we do the best we can and that some days are better than others. Nurturing those around us by releasing the need to change anything about them and choosing instead to focus on believing in them, even when they find it challenging to believe in themselves.
These are but a few of the many experiences that we have been learning to incorporate into our conscious awareness. This is the massive project that the entire universe has been working on for the last few thousand years in the hopes that we would one day reach the place we are about to arrive at.  The gateway we are going to be experiencing on 11-11-11 is a new level of support which will only be available through truth and purity; which is what we have all been so diligently working on. Clearing out so much from our lives that is no longer a reflection of the person we have become. And sometimes, this was tricky as we were moving so quickly, our physical lives had to run to keep up. Often leaving us feeling like we were riding an ever evolving rollercoaster that when you least expected it would shift into a tornado or hurricane, not knowing where we would land. All of these experiences found us wondering if we would ever experience a sense of grounding again.
Through all of our travels, trials and tribulations, now we know exactly where grounding comes from and also that it is always available to us. Grounding, peace and contentment are within us, they are essential aspects that were infused into the unique vibration that is us. When we connect with these energies and allow them to guide us as we create the new experiences that we are choosing for ourselves, the results will be truly miraculous. 
The creation process itself is very intricate and can be quite tricky. If we create from any of the lower vibrating energies such as anger, frustration, jealousy or judgement then the final expression of the creation will also hold the vibration of the lower vibrating energy we used. A wonderful example of this are all of the “occupy” events that are occurring globally, many of these events are focused on what people no longer wan to experience. Influential people are sending out all of their precious and very powerful energy to focus on exactly what they say they do not want to experience any longer.   
Remember how powerful YOU ARE. Remember all that you have created in your life. So now look at what you are choosing to create today.  There have been some incredible masters who have passed through this life and left profound messages; leaving it up to us how we choose to understand them either through the eyes of illusion or that of truth. Take for example the well known quote by Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  How you choose to express this is part of what you are creating in your life and of course what you are contributing to the universe as a whole. 
If you choose to express change through anger, jealousy or resentment then you will receive those energies right back; essentially cultivating them in the creation that is you life. However if you choose to facilitate change by Being change, as Mahatma Gandhi proposed, then you are acting, expressing and choosing to focus on already Being the change you are choosing to experience. Acting with respect to everyone you come into contact with, showing compassion to all others, even if you do not agree with them. Respecting yourself, knowing you are doing everything you can to change the world by being the best YOU that you can be. Action and intention from the heart are so much more powerful than any other thing in this universe. The true vibration of love is pure and to explain it in words; it is a balance of the energies of respect and compassion with an intense profoundness that cannot be explained through simple words, it is something you can only feel. 
This energy is one of the most fundamental and basic elements of this universe, it is what allows us to connect to each other in such a profound way, it is what allows us to create the experiences we choose and it is what allows us to perceive our experiences. We determine how we receive and express love in every moment of every day of our lives. The consciousness that is Love would like to offer a message “Love is not what it seems, for some reason humanity has morphed love into something that needs to be competed for or attained through drastic measures. Love is available to each and every Being within this Universe, simply because you deserve it. Love is for everyone and a part of everyone. Love is the powerful energy that allows us to express truth simply because it is truth.  There is no harshness within the vibration of love, but rather a deep sense of calm. There is a profound sense of self that resides within the vibration of love, it is an energy that offers us the opportunity to trust our instincts and know we are exactly where we have chosen to be. Love allows us to see the lessons in all of our experiences, knowing that challenges are always a way for us to learn to become more consciously aware of the intricateness of the universe and our contribution to it. 
“I as Love was created to be a fundamental aspect of this universe in which every Being would know within them that respect, compassion and understanding are always available through connection. The current experience is changing quite quickly right now and on this new opening of 11-11-11, there will be an infusion of clarity that will allow people to not only see but feel the love that is available to them. “We (the leaders of change from the non-physical realm) believe that a greater understanding of love through experience is what is needed to take this shift to the next level. For any change to be complete and anchored in, it must have a very large dose of love in the intention and action to produce anything that can be sustained.” 
This new support that is arriving on 11-11-11 is bringing with it a new energetic vibration; the physical body will experience new sensations as we first accept the energy; than as we integrate it and allow the newly available vibration to become part of who we are. For many this process has already begun, November 1st, brought with it the first small inclusions of the new energy as a sort of trial period. All of the non physical Beings who are facilitating this change are extremely excited to see just how much we are going to choose to accept this new sense of support through contentment, peace and pure love. We are not alone, we are always supported, however it is always up to us, whether we choose to accept the support or allow it to pass us by. This new energy will allow us to see much more clearly how connected we actually are, how powerful we actually are and how we can create change through our awareness in the moment. 
When we make a conscious choice to include the vibrations of love, respect, compassion and so on into the creations we are choosing for ourselves; we are cultivating our personal inner peace and contentment. We are the ones who must create this for ourselves; there is no other Being in this universe who can offer you the fullness of peace and contentment. You may experience moments of these vibrations with other people, possibly even years, however the true vibration of contentment can only be experienced within through the creations we have chosen for our life. 
And when you are experiencing this within you, this is when the true miracles begin. The energy of contentment is so profound and intense that it shines very, very brightly. When you resonate with this energy and allow it to become a part of who you choose to express to the world; then the light of it has the ability to shine out of you through all of your expressions. Everything from what you wear and how you walk to what you say and how you act. Inner peace and contentment has no fire to it, the true essence of it knows that there is no need for either fire or confrontation to create change. All you need to do is BE who you are, BE peace and contentment and allow the energy to flow through you and settle within all of your dreams and desires for experiences in this life. 
Everything is possible when you understand how it works and when you remember how powerful you truly are.
From the Heart,

Through the Looking Glass

This is a unique Through the Heart message. Each time I am inspired to share these energetic messages, there is always an evolution whether it is based on my journey or the journey of the universe as a whole, it is the connection that allows for the words to unroll and become what they will. This message is a little more intense than the past and of course this is appropriate and I am assured that people are ready to hear it. So even if you are sceptical of the elements below, take a moment to believe in the possibility…you just might be amazed at where your perception takes you.
I have always had the conscious ability to connect with any conscious Being in this Universe. This is why I am able to offer Soul Connections and also how I am able to determine the different vibrations from one Being to the next, even if I am confronted with a billion Beings at one time. Each conscious Being has their own unique vibration, thye feel different and they communicate through the personal and individual vibration that is unique to only them. There are no two Beings in this entire universe who were created exactly alike, I know I have said this before, but it is so vitally important right now. We are unique and we are here for a reason, each being has a special aspect to offer and many of the non physical Beings are choosing this time to communicate. The veils between the worlds are lessening, which essentially means we can communicate easier. 
So as the energy continues to shift and we become more conscious as a human race and as a Universe, there are messages that are timely and useful to allow us to continue on with the knowledge and confirmation that we are on the right path and we are indeed much more than we had thought. 
There is a time approaching that is offering us the opportunity to experience eternal change. This change is already occurring; however we are now becoming more and more accustomed to being in our place of power and own true energy. This is the place from which the newest opportunity will present itself. This evening on the celebration of all hallows eve we are going to be entering into a phase in which the barriers between the worlds will become less; less solid and less intense. This means that we are going to have the ability to connect with our Self and with other Beings much more easily and if intended or desired, more intensely. 
Since the abrupt entry of a new found grace into this Universe on October 28th, we have had many opportunities to experiences grace in varying degrees. If you found yourself to be quite busy, then you “happened” to get a cold of some sort, or many also felt this as extreme headaches, causing you to slow down and experience grace in one form or another. For those who have been aware, grace has shown her energy in such an interesting and profound way over the past few days. Dreams have been vivid, bringing the past, present and future together in ways that our minds often would not allow. Grace often uses our dreams to ignite the power and inspiration within us, knowing that we do indeed “feel” the intensity of our dreams. 
Between the dreams and casual or unexpected meet-ups, synchronicity is taking the lead role in the change that grace has so lovingly offered to us. Both Synchronicity and Grace are fundamental created conscious elemental Beings of this universe experience and each would like to pass a message to you.
Grace says “when you are at a point when you feel completely isolated and alone, it is here that you will find me. For some reason the evolution of humanity has allowed for a mental belief that I am only available to those who are successful. Which of course is true, however it is most important that everyone remember that each and every Being from the physical to the non physical is and will always be successful. Actually the pure energy of successful was not created within this universe, as its main energetic source was derived from competition and comparison. Humanity is now at a divine place to know deep within your hearts that the energy of competition is not a fundamental aspect of who you are. In fact when you allow yourself to resonate with my personal energy of grace, our ability to co-create the perfect creation for you is abundant. 
Co-creation with any conscious Being who is committed to the powerful aspects of divine respect and compassion for another Being will always vibrate with divine grace. However this new found sense of grace will allow those of you who have been on your own conscious journey to consciousness to be more fully aware of who you are and what exactly you do with your energy. As with each journey there is a constant evolution that is totally and completely personal and of course it is intended to be that way. This individual aspect is what allows our courage to become what it truly is, taking us further beyond our personal fears and into our personal power. 
When we become more fully aware of what we are choosing to do with our power in each moment and experience we have, it is then that we will also be able to more fully comprehend just how much power we have within us. This power is the energy in which when we eventually fully connect with will ultimately change our lives forever. This energy will change how we perceive, how we act and how we give and receive. When we connect with our selves through this new found sense of grace, it is no longer as intensely powerful or even uncomfortable or intimidating, it is simply who we are; this is the pure energy of grace.
I am Grace, offering you the ability to once again feel and accept the fullness of who you are through the connection of your Soul energy. I am offering you the opportunity to connect to your Self and others without the ego, mind or illusion to interfere; as true connection does not resonate with these vibrations. I wish you all well as we travel together on this journey of Self remembrance, I am with you always.”
Synchronicity would like to share her personal message as it pertains to the current state of energetic vibration being experienced on this planet and throughout the universe. “I am always waiting patiently for each and every one of you to knock on my door and request my assistance. Existing in a universe that is based on free will I am only available to those who wish to ask for assistance. However I will admit that often I feel redundant as many ask for assistance and then choose to circle around each and every opportunity that has been created for them in their personal request for help. 
There is a feeling that a brief explanation of how support and synchronicity work on a universal level would be most beneficial. Firstly when a plea for support, aid or assistance is sent out into the universe, it is fundamentally felt by each and every Being in the Universe. Pretty huge eh? Yes, every Being is aware of your request. Why? Simple, so that everyone can support you on the path that YOU have chosen. This is why you often feel what others want or feel, without knowing why. This is the fundamental ability to resonate that is within each of us, we were all created with the essential ability to communicate through resonance, so that we would all be sharing and supporting in the experiences of each other. The way in which this works is so that each and every Being is there to offer you support; not how you determine they need to or should, it is their personal choice. Likewise it is your personal choice how you choose to offer support or aid to others who are requesting help. Evolution is a constant and intricate series of events that are all interrelated so that each Being is always giving and receiving in their journey but is also always in connection with the journey’s of every other Being. 
So when you ask for assistance from the Universe, you must also be open the grand creation that is being offered to you. You always have the choice to decide if you want to experience what is being offered to you, however when you consistently decline the invitation of support because you are connected to the energy of control you miss many incredible opportunities. Of course there will always be more opportunities and there will always be available to you a connection with any conscious Being; we are asking that you allow the divine energy of synchronicity to become abundant in your life. Many people believe that synchronicity is simply chance or that it is happening for a reason, but they continue on with the same focus, choosing to ignore the opportunities that have been created for them.   
So we are asking that the next time you consciously choose to become aware of how synchronicity has revealed itself in your life…take a leap of faith and see where it takes you. Choose change and see the wondrous places it takes you. Slow down and take a moment to actually let the change in, most often in the end it does not take more time or effort, in actual fact, it will take less of both. Everything you ask for will always arrive at your door step through the divine energy of synchronicity, are you willing to answer the door or are you going to let it keep knocking?”
So you can now see, change and challenge are only as intimidating as we tell ourselves they are. In fact it is the deep human condition that has been heavily ingrained within our ego that has trained us to believe that change is anything but exciting and a fundamental part of our basic essence. We are addicted to suffering ad challenge and often feel naked without it. The next time you find yourself saying “it’s so hard”, actually feel into it. Is it really hard or are you just telling yourself that. Are you simply experiencing a circumstance that is going to make your life more amazing in the long run and you actually have to do or face something that you would rather not. This is actually not hard; it is actually fear and resentment. Remember that each word we use is energetically powerful, so make sure you are matching the right words with the power you are using to create your life. We were created to change and evolve as we became more aware and had the desire to experience different experiences. It was always intended that we create new opportunities and experiences based on the knowledge we acquired from our past experiences. This is exactly how it is suppose to happen. 
However it did get a little mixed up, because now the human mind has been trained to focus on the negative aspect, choosing to not want it again or go without it the next time. Which of course we are now familiar with the law of attraction; what you focus on grows. So when we choose to focus on what we do want, connecting with the feelings rather than the physical expressions; then they will always appear, we just have to answer the door and let them in. Abundance is ours for the taking; we just have to remember to take it with the divine energy of grace. Just for a moment think of the many squirrels that are going about their days taking exactly what they need in preparation for the coming months. They are committed to their needs and necessities’, knowing it is their job to supply whatever they may need for themselves. They are open to all of the opportunities that are available to them, willing to go in any direction that offers them opportunity, always willing to take a chance. The squirrel is a great totem animal for what is occurring at this moment. 
So for today and the next ten days, allow grace and synchronicity to enter your life through conscious intention. This resonance will allow for immense transformation to occur with the gateway of 11-11-11. Expect miracles and then allow them to unfold in your life, asking how grace would feel in any and all situations we find ourselves in. Choosing to connect with the divine energy of grace is always our choice; the more often we choose this the more awareness of consciousness we have the opportunity to experience. With grace we allow for synchronicity to occur with a greater frequency and with greater speed, creating the life expression that is perfect for each of us. 
From the Heart,

The 11-11-11 Gateway

I originally wrote this message on October 22nd and through a divine series of events and experiences, I was unable to read or edit it until today. The energy of yesterday’s New Moon has begun to settle into our consciousness and has allowed for a new acceptance of truth…and so the message is presented to you. It is a long one…and I did my absolute best to keep it as simple as possible.
The anticipation is very interesting as we are slowly arriving at a time that has been pre-determined by many to be the New Earth and the new way of living. As interesting as the created anticipation is the true suspense and innate curiosity that many are feeling is the always asked “what can I expect” or rather more specific “what is going to happen to me?” As with any energy shift we have experienced there is a constant revolution of feelings, beginning with the anticipation, then the awareness of the new, which is always followed by an opening either willingly or not depending upon the lesson, all of which end in an extreme sense of peace as we integrate the new found awareness into our lives and allow it to offer us awareness of our self, our surroundings and our experiences. 
It is not as though this awareness was not always available to us, it is that through the challenges we have just experienced, we are now able to open our hearts more to see the larger picture of what is occurring within us and around us. This is the divine process of the journey towards consciousness that we are now experiencing. Consciousness is; the divine ability to BE in the moment; to be aware of each aspect of the Self and all others in the moment it is occurring while simultaneously being completely aware of the experience we are having or creating. This state of consciousness is exactly where we are heading and in fact this is exactly where we have been heading through all of the awakening process. We (humanity) are essentially on a re-programming plan to allow each of us to remember who we are and why we are here. 
Often this process has been met with challenges that have affected our physical bodies or emotional bodies and for those who have chosen to become more aware of themselves, it has affected the spiritual beliefs that are deep within the core of who we are. What we term as spiritual beliefs are in essence the inner intuition and guidance that we are learning how to trust again. When we take a moment to review our journey over the past five to ten years depending on when we have chosen to awaken, we will be able to see a pattern of being challenged with the morality of issues and learning how best to navigate and express our true perception of them. Trusting our inner instincts has been a repeated process as we have been challenged repeatedly in this fundamental aspect until it has or will become balanced. As it is this total and complete trust in ourselves, in the universe and everyone we meet that is what is going to allow us to once again experience the original intention of humanity. 
The original intention for humanity was actually quite simple, yet it is unfortunate that there are so many avenues in the current society that have manipulated the masses to believe that where we are as a society now is so much better. And this illusion, misinformation and essential manipulation is exactly what we are going to be facing and overcoming through this upcoming time of great change. Yes, we have been experiencing layers of change and awareness for years now and it is about to get a little more intense.  Ok, if I am being honest, it is about to get a lot more intense.
But I will say this; intense does not mean bad. It means exactly what it is Intense. It is suppose to be intense, because it is in the intensity that we will be able to truly find ourselves. We have been taught over the past two years how to become aware of the process of change and how to accept it and most importantly how to incorporate it into our awareness. We have divinely learned that we always make a conscious choice to use that awareness or to revert back to our previous coping mechanisms. This is the part that is going to change much more rapidly over the coming year, initiated with the opening of the gateway on 11-11-11. 
Exactly what type of gateway is this; well it is a divine gateway of support for the total and powerful transformational energy that is coming. Those non-physical Beings who are leading the universal changes that we are experiencing on a physical level completely understand how far “off-track” humanity has gotten with regards to their awareness. Therefore they also understand that the intricacies of the support network required to facilitate the magnitude of scheduled changes are vital to the success of the movement. How this support happens is a bit tricky…mostly because the Beings who are the “supporters” have never been human, therefore they are not completely aware of just how intensely challenging a physical experience is…especially in the current state that it has evolved into over the past fifty thousand years or so. 
So what exactly does all of this mean? We are in for the ride of a lifetime…literally!!! With the gateway opening of 11-11-11, we are going to be offered the inclusion of intensely supportive and protective energies to enter into the physical human experience. Those Beings who are not physical, have complete conscious awareness. Which supports two basic fundamentals; firstly that consciousness is innate within each of us and available through our own individual Souls and secondly that it is the evolution of the human experience that has tainted our ability to BE consciously aware.  
Once the gateway opens on 11-11-11 the journey will begin in earnest to break down all illusion that has been created so that we will be able to be restored to the ultimate ability of experiencing the wonders and limitations of a physical experience for the pure joy of it. The limitations of course being the five senses that were part of the human creation, yet these are also the wonders. We will be learning how to work towards an experience in which we will no longer be suffocated by the structure that was created through an intention to manipulate and destroy the connection between the Soul and the physical expression – the Human Being. Of course, just as we have been repeatedly shown, how we choose to express our beliefs is just as important as the belief itself. In both we make choices and in both we have the power to create the life we desire. 
What is all of this change going to look like? Well, any creation that was built with the intention to control or manipulate anyone will be removed. For instance, the current monetary system will be challenged more than it already has been. In fact it will be going through a complete restructure to allow it to become a service to all of humanity rather than a source of desire. Which of course we now know that desire is a reflection of control and judgement. About three years ago through one of the channelling sessions I was facilitating, it was stated that in ten years the economic structure would no longer exist and that money would be completely unnecessary. Well I am still not sure I am able to completely accept this message, but I will say that if the past three years are any indication of what is actually going to occur, then anything is possible. 
Any creation including businesses that are focused on profits first, will have an extremely challenging time over the next thirteen months. The shift is going to be the divine offering of many opportunities for all organizations and businesses to focus first and foremost on the people; both the services to its clients and the treatment of its employees. It is all so deeply interrelated that it will be incredible when the outcome is experienced. It is amazing how many companies that I consult with or mentor that are all needing to refocus their goals and remember that it is all about people first. For the companies who resist this change, challenges will be burdensome and will often cause many of them to need to close their doors.   
This message is not to cause fear, but to cause excitement and awareness; quite specifically in areas that are of importance to individuals and the masses. You have within you the ability to soar through these changes, but you must be willing to see the truth and live with that truth as your focus…always. Because now more than ever before you will be supported in truth. Not a truth that is used to get an outcome we desire or a truth that is used to control a situation, but truth that is pure and has the intention of everyone benefitting and succeeding. The truth that supports all Beings rather than a select few, there are no select few who are better than any other Being. We are all important, valuable and divine in the uniqueness of who we are and connected within the intricacies of the original creation, we all belong and we all have the ability to experience abundance of giving and receiving anything we wish.
Relationships that have any intention of control will be challenged now on a deeper level. If there is any suggestion of competition, this is always a clear indication that control and judgement are leading the relationship. Relationships of all magnitudes will be challenged, from those in the workplace and immediate family relations to those of global proportions. The way countries communicate with each other will be changed forever, the foundation of releasing the intense desire for boundaries and the “upper hand” must be obliterated if we are to in fact become the true reflection of the Soul energy which is inherent within each of us. Relationship energy was originally intended to be a balanced connection between separate Beings with the intention to share the unique experience and perspective of each other. The most important aspects of relationship is that there was never intended to be any judgement or control; these aspects have been evolving through the false sense of self that has become prevalent to the human conditioning.  
Of course we will also be given the divine opportunity to once again review our relationship with our self; ensuring that we too are free from judgement and control in all aspects of our lives. Although this may seem challenging for many, especially when we compare (in competition) ourselves to others and wonder why they may have it easier than us. Of course this is an illusion we have created for ourselves to essentially allow ourselves to sit back on our heels and wait for someone else to take the first move; fearing the role of being a leader for change when so many are embracing the resistance through a variety of methods. Restoring a balanced sense of self is of the utmost importance at this stage of the shift in consciousness, without it we are simply physical Beings having a physical experience. The gateway is opening up so we will be amply supported as we learn to regain our complete sense of self and once again fully embody our total awareness of Self at a Soul level and enjoy the physical experience from this state of knowing. This is the true origin of wisdom.  
One of the most lucrative relationships that will also be transforming simultaneously with our process is that of Mother Earth. This wondrous Being of strength combined with her natural ability to support will be enhancing the experience for all of those present. She will be facilitating movement through experiences that will demand trust and inner faith that we will only find within the depths of who we are. Gaia (Mother Earth) does not make demands; she simply makes choices and decisions that are best for her and gives humanity the opportunity to come along. This is not to say we are always aware, but when we are connected to our Soul energy we cannot help but be aware of what she needs and offers in abundance. It is within our relationship with Gaia that the power of true relationships will be restored within us. We will once again be able to experience the ability to resonate with another Being and maintain our compassion, love and respect for them without any trace of judgement, pity, jealousy or anything else. This is the pure energy of relationship; the complete openness necessary to connect with another Being without judgement or the intent to control the experience or the outcome. The ability to allow another Being to BE themselves; offering you all of them and in turn offering all of yourself. Reinstating this ability into the current experience takes an immense amount of trust from every participant and Gaia will be facilitating this change with the support of a great many other Beings. 
It is no one’s job to determine what any other Being is in need of or requires, it is now the time for each and every one of us to stand up and state what we desire or need; also learning the most appropriate way of stating these needs and desires. It is no one else’s job to supply that need but our own. What does that mean? We are going to be asked with the greatest of intensity to remain focused on our self, removing any desire or decisions we make for others. Teaching us the fundamental differences in the vibrational energy between nurturing and control; compassion and pity; awareness and judgement. The expressions of our Soul that we will be choosing to share with the world through our choices and actions will speak volumes with regards to who we are deciding to BE. We have already seen part of this change with all of the unrest in society with regards to political agendas, now it is also time for the balance to occur of how we express our truth through our actions.
As with any drastic shift in energy there will be a great number of people leaving the physical experience. Some because it is timely to do so as they have completed the lessons they chose to experience; others because they are finding the shift too demanding and too challenging to “wrap their head around”. There is a massive group of non-physical Beings who have just made their presence known to me and they wish to share this message with you all. 
“We are not giving up on you, in fact we are preparing you for the beauty in which you are all so lovingly deserving. You have forgotten the true nature of being and that must be restored in order to restore divine balance to the Universe, which in turn will facilitate the restoration of essential balance to your physical expression. We are holding you all in the palms of our hands supporting you and carrying you when it is necessary. We feel that you are much in need of a reminder that the more you focus on that which is not readily available, the more you are moving away form the true essence of who you are. Everything you need is always available in abundance, every possible amount of support be it relationship, monetary, nurturing, compassion and healing; these are ALWAYS available to you in abundance. You just have to shift your perspective to allow these fundamental aspects into your awareness how they wish to enter, rather than how you demand or see fit; opening to trust and releasing control.
This next phase of evolution will allow you to not only become aware of the true essence of being, but you will also be gaining awareness of the divine intricacies of the original creation of universal connection. The connection is there, it has always been there; in fact it is impossible to “turn it off”. You as a Soul and as a human are a part of the connection of the Universe. When you choose to suffer or not believe that you are worthy, when you choose to be judgemental over yourself, over others or even over processes (such as the government), you are signalling to the entire Universe through the zillions of connections that you have that you are connecting with the energy of judgement. Likewise, when you choose to nurture, support and express truth, you are messaging the entire Universe that you are aware of the divine connection and relationship you have with everyone and everything you experience. 
You are the experience and in that you are divinely where you are suppose to be. In connection with your Soul, you have chosen the path that will most assuredly allow you to see the truth of who you are; consistently allowing you the opportunity to progress through the metamorphosis of the journey to consciousness. We will never desert you as it is fundamentally impossible given our awareness and knowledge of the interconnectedness of Beings. We are part of the new world; which is essentially an evolution of the current expression, except with a whole lot more grace. We are patiently waiting for you to join us.”
So what does all of this mean exactly? Well, there is no map…that we know for sure. The exciting part is that each of us is creating our very own map in the exact moment we are experiencing it. Contrary to many beliefs, time is not speeding up; it is staying in the exact intent that it was created. However we are experiencing more in that time, which can often make it feel as though time is speeding up. The laws of time and space vary universally, but for the human aspect they will always remain the same. Likewise the dimensions will remain the same as there is experience in each dimension and Souls are created in each dimension. Therefore the ability to dissolve one dimension into another is quite simply impossible without dissolving all of the Souls whose existence is connected within that dimension. 
The Universe as a fundamental creation and intention is not changing. The energy that has come as a result of the human conditioning that has occurred over the past century or so has affected the entire universe; how this energy exists is the actual changes that are occurring. 
The ability to completely understand this lies within the heart of who we are and is the reason that we are experiencing this journey. We are all on the path together, experiencing exactly what we need to become aware of ourselves. Remember that everyone else is doing the exact same thing. And though our experiences range from minor to unbelievable, it really doesn’t matter, because the only one we can change is our very own Self. 
Through the Heart,