Day 1 – Universal Cleanse & Detoxification

On this first day of December 2012 we are experiencing some of the most typical aspects of creating extinction and this is the process that will continue for the next 12 days. Extinction is typically thought of as something that occurs for a particular species however it is the most encompassing way to describe the energetic experience that is now occurring on this planet. It is a direct reflection of the depth of human conditioning that is being dug up and revealed in ways that we are not even fully aware of yet. 
This particular journey of the last 12 days are a direct reflection of just how embedded in the human condition we find ourselves. The more we feel weighted down with issues and dramatics around our emotions, experiences or events that are occurring around us the more we are able to recognize the depth at which we are connected to our mental perception of life than our true essence of being. Whether this process seems challenging to you or easeful there are moments of both and it is up to you whether you choose to be conscious of the evolution or simply participate on an unconscious level. 
For those who choose the unconscious level you will find yourself constantly wondering why particular things are occurring around you yet not willing to actually understand them or perceive the truth behind them. For those who are willing to become aware of what is occurring in the moment it is occurring you will experience some of the most incredible transformative energy ever experienced. 
The transformative energy is available to everyone and it is literally permeating every single experience we have whether we are alone or with others, working or on personal time, with our families or friends. Every experience has been synchronisticly choreographed to bring you the most astute awareness of any illusions that are within you. The question is; are you listening to the universe and its promptings?
The time to let go of any and all parts of you that are not appropriate to take forward into the new experience or new world, whichever you want to call it. The fact is that many people are holding onto illusions that are no longer true reflections of who they are. What happens when this occurs on a universal level; everyone misses out on the full experience possible. Yes, we all choose our experiences in each moment and yes we all have the opportunity to move into expressions and experiences that are in fact the most clear representation of ourselves as possible, but we are still unable to experience in fullness those who do not wish to be themselves. 
The new world that we are moving into is the beginning of the next cycle; it will become known as the 6th experience on planet Earth. This is a truly epic experience in that all of the universe is waiting with baited breath to see how magically this plan unfolds. After centuries of preparation and extreme dedication by the most influential Beings in this universe we are ready and they know it. It has now become a question of allow ourselves to know it. Our hearts and Souls are fully aware of what is occurring and what it is that we require in order to transcend the last human conditioning within us, it is the process of allowing our minds to catch up with our hearts that seems to be the most challenging at this time. 
These next 12 days are going to challenge our minds in ways that have been designed directly by our souls to create cracks and break down any illusions we have left. The moment you become aware of any fear you are experiencing is the exact same moment you are aware of what is possible for you. Take the path of potential and experience your own abundance and that of others.  
The era we are completing is not one we are meant to forget; it has actually been the most intense experience of learning ever experienced within this universe. In fact I am being asked to share that this era was the most incredible expression of dedication based on clear willpower and intent on record. What does that mean? Well it means that we have the energy of dedication and willpower forever stamped within our experience and it is available to us in any moment we choose…but we do have to consciously choose. 
Conscious choice has absolutely nothing to do with the mind; in fact this is the exact aspect of transformation that seems to be challenging most people at this time. Conscious choice or rather conscious intent is an energy and this energy is available to anyone and everyone at any time. However the only way to connect to this energy is with our own energy; if we “try” to connect with our minds we will be in a perpetual state of trying. When you connect with the energy from your energy the connection is not only instant but complete; it is this connection that allows you to also receive full Universal awareness of anything and everything you choose. 
This is also where we must allow our minds to resist needing to figure out what aspects of our conditioning we still need to shed, because chances are you are figuring it out with your mind…that same mind that is where the conditioning is coming from. This little bit was for all you thinkers out there who tend to lead with your mind and allow your heart to catch up when you feel comfortable with the possible outcomes. When in fact we are all heart centered beings and for years now we have been hearing this term and acting form a mental place of love for transformation rather than an energetic space. This mental space is also the exact same space that we are working from when we are clearing energy from around us and it resurfaces. 
When you consciously choose to connect with the essence of the energy within you and work from that place then you only need experience any given transformation once. Do not let this remark fool you into “thinking” there is only one aspect of grief, one aspect of jealousy, anger, resentment and so on. Because there are many, but when you work with truth you only need to it once. This is just one of the other aspects that we are being asked to face this week, the question of “have we really been experiencing transformation on an energetic level, or have we just been talking about it?” The answer is very simple and quite straight forward, it is a question of; are we willing to hear what it is?
The most incredible aspect about these next 12 days is that the intensity of the transformation process is much more tangibly present than ever before, the moment we choose to release an old aspect of ourselves from our true essence is the exact moment the experience will occur. It is not an experience that needs any thought…in fact that will actually hinder your progress. Simply allow yourself to become aware of what you have outgrown, what no longer feels good and what you have decided you are no longer willing to carry on your journey; because you know it is slowing you down on the path to abundance. And instead of taking lots of time to feel into how heavy it is and how ready you are to let it go; simply choose to shift your attention to how you do want to feel and then allow yourself to become aware of what experiences are the most appropriate to get you to that feeling in record time. 
There are no lists involved here, it is pure and true connection to your energy and Soul that will allow this transformation to occur and it is also this transformation that is offering you the potential of pure bliss that is abundantly available beginning on December 21st, 2012. in order to experience the full expression of abundance and bliss available you have to first be willing to part with everything other than that which is taking up your very precious energy and focus. 
You are that powerful and your energy has the ability to move mountains…literally, you simply have to believe in yourself and be willing to follow your heart over your mind. 
As we journey through the next 12 days whenever I feel messages that are being requested to be shared with me, I will share them with you all. I will refrain from emailing out every single time and rather allow you to land on the Through the Heart page and discover for yourself; it is actually amazing to me how many of you email me to say that you knew there would be a post on a particular day! 
Much love to all of you as you navigate one of the most incredible experiences of transformation ever experienced in this universe; that goes back to over 3 trillion years…so don’t be too hard on yourself if you are feeling defeated…just know that when you reach your true intent you will also be able to find your true gifts; it all lies within your heart and it is up to you to decide how deep you are going to have to dig to find it. 
Think of this stage of your evolution like a flu or cold; your body’s natural way of detoxing anything that does not belong within you. this time you are simply detoxing your mind to allow for your soul to shine!!!
From the Heart,

The Path to 12-12-12

It is only a few short weeks away and although I often share messages in the moment they are occurring I have been urged to share this message now so that you may become aware of what is occurring, what is about to occur and what potential is awakening within you. Especially for anyone who may still be resisting change or resisting embracing all of who they are; now is the time. Twelve is the number of completion and for the past month since the energy infusion on 11-11-12 we have been offered numerous opportunities each day to recognize where we are ready to experience completion. And as always it is up to us to choose completion and move on to abundance or to remain attached to a person, place, experience or thing that we have outgrown.  
Over the past couple of weeks our experience of clearing away anything and everything in our lives that are not supportive or reflective of who we truly are have been everything from liberating to challenging and sometimes even seemingly heartbreaking. It is when we allow ourselves to perceive everything through feeling rather than our emotions we are able to recognize the truth in everything. No longer are we drawn to people who make us feel anything other than our true selves, likewise with our experiences. This clearing out energy is causing a lot of upheaval in many ways on a universal level, everything from natural occurrences to seemingly extreme political events. The fact is that we are being prepared to enter the new era on 12-21-12 fresh and clean in order to experience the abundance that is waiting for us.
With this preparation energy we are clearing out so much of what we have outgrown and use to attach ourselves to. This is happening on individual levels, group, and corporate, financial, government and planetary. There are no exceptions and there is not intended to be any. Everything must move as one united front into the new space that is waiting for us; it does not mean everyone is conscious, nor does it mean everyone is moving into the same experience, what it means is that we are indeed all moving and it is for us as individuals to decide what our lives will look like when we arrive in the new space. 
Everything is a choice and everything we do, say and feel impacts our daily experience as well as impacting the future we are creating for ourselves. The energy of 11-11-12 was quite unique in that it has engaged many with a desire to understand more of who they are and why they are here; but it also offered an ability to acknowledge discomfort in our experiences even more than before. It is an interesting experience to watch as those who are aware and others who are unconsciously aware as they are all in the most impactful transition of their entire life. This is the end of an era that has lasted over 35,000 years; it is a change of evolutionary existence for any and all Beings who exist within this universe. Because of this there has been an increase in agitation and frustration as well as an intense focus on our reactions to the actions of those around us. Why does everything seem more intense these past few weeks? Because it is more intense and it was meant to be exactly that way.
The intensity is a direct reverberation of the energy that was infused on 11-11-12. To clarify what that actually means I am going to explain how an energy infusion works. On a universal level there is a massive group of Angelics and other Beings who are facilitating the transition from one era and existence of being into a new era and existence of being. Neither is better than the other as there is no judgement form an energetic perspective, it is simply a different experience. For years now I have been writing about infusions and what that actually means to us as we experience our lives. When this transition team as I like to refer to them as decide that the entire universe is ready for the next level of awareness, they infuse a particular energy that offers the opportunity for awareness to be integrated. 
Because this universe is based on free will there are many who choose to accept the infusion and embrace the lesson through experience yet there are even more people who feel intimidated and unsure and choose to wait and see how others experience the infusion before they accept it themselves. This is very important as it allows you to become clear that sometimes you have embraced the shift and sometimes you have let it pass you by and waited for a later time to integrate the awareness. 
However once an energy is available to the universe it is always available and as more people choose to receive it they integrate it and once it is integrated into them and they begin to exist from a new state of awareness and this existence becomes an experience. It is this experience that becomes a new energy that is now being emanated through that person out into the world to others so they are able to become aware of the energy in a way that may make it more comfortable to be open to. This process is called the Reverberation Effect and it has been an integral part of our evolution over the past hundred years of conscious evolution.   We are only able to pass on wisdom through personal experience and we are only able to have an experience once we choose to willingly accept what is being offered to us. 
There is no right or wrong time to choose to receive; it is up to us to choose when it is right for us. some of us choose the path of least resistance and receive as soon as it is offered and others choose to wait until they feel like their back is against the wall and they have no choice but to move into a new experience. This is essentially called a Critical Mass and it is reached in the moment when more souls and people than not have chosen to embrace the energy and move forward. Each of the infusions we have experienced over the past hundred years have worked in this way and very soon it will be changing. In fact on 12-12-12 we will experience our last infusion in what will become known as the old way and then we will undergo a 9 day preparation period of the new way which will be introduced on 12-21-12 (we will discuss more of this in the next posting).
The energy that was infused on 11-11-12 is an energy that is allowing us to recognize in the moment when we feel uncomfortable with whatever experience we are in. Whether we find ourselves in a state of action or reaction when we are experiencing discomfort is inconsequential; it is simply always a signal that we are ready to release an aspect of our belief system that we have outgrown. The most incredible part is that we get to decide for ourselves how challenging this process is going to be. 
If you have been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely or discontent then this is your very own signal that you have chosen the more challenging path for yourself. If life is flowing freely and wonderfully in every way than you have chosen the most easeful path for yourself. The choice is always yours, but you have to be willing to take action and also to recognize that the situations you are currently in are direct reflections of the choices you have making. 
The second most incredible thing to note is that you can change anything and everything in each moment…even your beliefs. This means that the moment you become aware of something you are ready to release; then go for it! The moment you make the change is the exact same moment you will experience easeful contented bliss. Essentially the time we are in right up until 12-12-12 is all about recognizing what we have outgrown but remain attached to so that we are able to release it form our experience. Guilt is another aspect that has also been highlighted to allow us to recognize what it really is; a human conditioning tool to create a space of control through manipulation…and it is time to free ourselves from that as well. 
One of the other aspects that has become highlighted with the 11-11-12 infusion is that everything we say or do along with our actions and reactions all impact our life and the lives of those we touch. No longer are we able to make excuses or justify incorrect actions, words or reactions…because anything that is not a true reflection of us is no longer meant to be supported. We are being shown how to act with respect and compassion towards ourselves and others in each moment. The moment we are not offering or receiving compassion or respect we will begin to feel uncomfortable and that is our signal to change our experience. We are the only one who can make the decisions that will impact our lives, so it is up to us to decide what life we are willing to experience. The time for action is now and if you have been thinking about change and what you need to do for days, weeks, months or even years…now is the time. 
We are all being asked to step into the driver’s seat in our own life and to take charge of our experiences and make the changes necessary to create the happiness, joy and contentment that we are searching for. No one else can make these changes for us. There are many people out there who can support you as you make them, but ultimately you are the only one who can act. If someone else makes your decisions for you then you will never have the true experience of action for yourself, nor will you be able to sustain the changes made, because you never needed to engage the energy that action comes from. 
For those of us who have made changes; whether they are drastic or minimal is no matter, change is change. Congratulate yourself and then allow yourself to become aware of the next step, then get used to the movement and the speed, because we are now stepping into a time of evolution that will challenge everything you know to be true in your mind. Your heart already knows how to do this…so there is no need to worry or plan a thing; simply allow your heart to lead the way and let your mind follow. This is the way it was intended and this is the way to experience the most incredible joy, love and illumination available. 
Everything counts; there is no longer any room for justifying why we allow our self to make a choice that is no longer a reflection of who we are. Now is the time to act. To allow ourselves to become aware of the multitude of gifts we are being offered and then choosing to receive them with grace and also with respect for ourselves and those who are offering them. Another interesting condition of the human mind is to perceive ourselves as unworthy of receiving. Whether it is a belief that we are not worthy, deserving or that it just feels too big for us, then we are choosing to remain fixed in a life that we have outgrown. For years now people have been choosing to struggle with this aspect. Believing that if they choose to receive they are doing so from the ego; when in actual fact they are remaining committed to being a smaller version of what they know in their hearts they are capable of. First and foremost, struggle is not a universal creation; it is an aspect of the human condition. Secondly in order to offer abundance one must first vibrate and resonate with it themselves. This is the universally created experience of offering and receiving and it really is one of the greatest human conditions ever believed; in fact it is the foremost aspect that allowed this universe to go so far beyond into the challenges we are now experiencing.
When we go back far enough into human existence; back beyond ancient civilization into the place of original existence we are able to uncover the truth of who we are. It is the place where the native nations were one clan, where all people connected to all others; a place were separation was simply an experience rather than a way of life. A place and time where we had full awareness of ourselves; we knew what we are capable of and where we came from. A time where we allowed our wisdom to guide us and lead us into explorations that filled our lives with abundance and pure joy; a time and place where creation was simply an act that followed our intention. This experience is where we are going and the path to get there is calling everyone. The path is as challenging as you choose; deciding how long you are willing to remain attached to anyone or anything that is no longer a reflection of who you know yourself to BE; well that is entirely up to you.
Your soul predates any religion or created method of external recognition; knowing that our ability to connect with universal awareness and knowledge is within each of us. This is where we are being called to return to; the inner most knowing and connection that is available to all of us…in fact it has always been, many of us have simply forgotten. In order to strengthen our ability to return to ourselves many souls have been working diligently with their human expression and reigniting the pineal gland. It is a miraculous experience as when the pineal gland is re-ignited it allows us to feel more fully connected to the energetic awareness in each experience. It is not for everyone and it is not happening to everyone, it is simply a choice that is now available on a soul level for us if we should choose to experience it. However once you engage it, you will become more aware and you will also no longer be able to hide even from yourself.
The original pineal glad was about the size of a walnut and exists most accurately in alignment with what many refer to as the third eye. However with the state of the human condition and all of the experiences that have limited our belief system our pineal glands have shrunk down to the size of a pea and for those who resist using their instinct and intuition it has also become hard and calcified. The current process that we are being offered is the opportunity to change this experience; essentially re-igniting the full power and potential of the pineal gland which exists within each of us. However it is only able to be ignited to its full potential through the energy of pure intent. Anything other than purity will leave it exactly as it is.   Pure intent is also another of the opportunities we are being offered to recognize how powerful our energy is and that we are not and never really were able to hide our intentions. Reigniting the pineal gland in so many people is changing the way we interact with each other and of course through the Reverberation Effect it is offering this experience to more and more people each and every day.
Actions speak louder than words, allow yourself to realize that everyone can feel your intentions in everything you do. Likewise you are able to feel the true intention of everyone around you as well. Are the intentions and actions a reflection of the words you are choosing to use? Are the intentions and actions of others what you are choosing to accept as your experience? These are great examples of allowing yourself to become the most pure and clear expression of the energy that lives within your heart. 
You do not need to think or plan any part of how this unfolds for you; BE-ing your true self in each moment is what will impact your life the most. It is also in the very moment that you allow yourself to BE this way; it is the precise same moment that you allow those around you to do the exact same thing.
There is no such thing as do what I say rather than what I do; we have known this for years and justified it in one way or another…well the time for justification and essentially fooling ourselves is over. Justification is not pure and we are in essence pure beings who know in our hearts what is right for us and for the ones we love and we are being asked repeatedly to live our lives from that place. 
Beginning December 1st, 2012 we will experience an even greater releasing period; an experience that will cause our minds to release our attachment to anything and everyone that is not appropriate for our new life. Most importantly it is this clearing phase that is setting the stage for the receiving phase of bringing you exactly what is most appropriate for you. If you have previously been clearing aspects of your life then you are already experiencing divine connections and offerings that are making your heart grow each day as you experience the true essence of abundance. If you are not quite there yet…take comfort in the fact that abundance is just around the corner, all you have to do is release the old to embrace the new. 
In the next post we will discuss the massive completion that is set for 12-12-12; what is means for us and what we will be offered.
Through the Heart,

2012 & Beyond

For some time now there has been a perception of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and when it needs to be done. However this has all changed within the past few days, as we have now stepped into an entirely new phase of the evolutionary process that will enable us to not only move into who we are but to also experience what we have been perceiving for quite some time now. Perception is shifting from an external experience into a more tangible experience that is in alignment with the vibrational energy that flows within us. It is this shift that is going to allow many people to shift from a mind centered experience into a heart guided life.
For many years now we have been shifting and moving through states of awareness that allow us to recognize who we have the potential to become through shedding old belief systems that we have outgrown. For many the process has been challenging causing breakdowns in relationships, physical ailments and many people crossing over. Additionally we have also been witness to mass shifts and changes on an energetic and physical plane as Mother Earth finds her own truth and shifts into that space simultaneously. Additionally we now found ourselves in a place that not only reflects the truth in so many tangible ways, it is also showing us the most appropriate path to take as though the trail is lit with spotlights of the highest intensity. 
Each time we choose to go in directions that we “think” may be appropriate, we are very easily and affectionately being shown a much more beneficial route. Even though our minds may have a challenge keeping up with the speed at which everything is occurring our hearts are not only in time but wanting to act now with the intensity that they are so easily able to recognize. This recognition is now much more instantaneous and powerful, showing us that no matter which direction we choose there will always be lessons, answers and the uncovering of truth…it is simply a question of whether we are going to choose to see it and act on it or if we are going to let another opportunity pass us by.
The past four months have been very strategically laying a foundation for the time that we are currently experiencing. Everything from the way we act to the way in which we embrace movement and change and allow them to occur. So if you find yourself out of step and seemingly not moving forward…take a moment and reflect. Are you being shown that the way you are choosing to move forward is not appropriate for you? Or are you being offered an opportunity to move into an experience that gives you the potential to express a fuller expression of who you are and you are resisting this opportunity?
Either way the messages are quite clear, it is simply a question of choosing to go with the flow of where the energy around you is offering you abundance or not. There has been much speculation around December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar and what this means for humanity. The answer is actually quite simple and is now ready to be revealed in a way that is not only pure and clear for humanity to absorb, but also full and abundant for people to recognize the true essence of potential.  This is truly an example of being offered abundance while simultaneously being offered the knowledge of how to step into the ability to receive it. 
For years we have witnessed the laying of foundations for each of us to be able to step out of situations and experiences that were no longer in alignment with the person that we were recognizing ourselves to be. Then we processed through being offered the ability to recognize who we are, who others are and where we are going free of any connection to the outcome. And even though many of us are still consciously working towards mastering this last offering we have in fact reached a critical mass that now enables us as a race to be able to experience the fullness of abundance through pure intent.
What this means is actually quite simple, if you find anything…absolutely anything in your life is not easily flowing. Then your intent is not pure. Even if you think it is…stop, and instead of reviewing the situation from your mind; choose instead to discontinue moving in the direction you are going and allow yourself to become aware of the more abundant and appropriate path that is being offered to you. I am assured by the entire universal energy field that this experience is in fact being offered to each and every person on the planet in this moment. In fact it will continue right up until the exact moment of the end of the Mayan Calendar; in which that exact moment a space will be held specifically for all individual souls offering every one the ability to step into the full experience of existence that is waiting for you to behold. 
Essentially the entire universe is being re-instated with the ability to once again experience the innate flow of evolution. This shift will enable the universe to return to a state of BE-ing; reverberating the energetic experience out to all who reside within the universe, offering every conscious Being the exact same opportunity of evolution. This energy will change much of how we experience our physical existence. We will no longer be able to lie, manipulate or control anyone other than ourselves as we will gain a perception that allows us to see truth no matter what we are being offered. Although this will be challenging for many people, it is in this challenge that transformation will indeed occur. 
The experience of being in a physical body will no longer be supported in an external way; meaning that it will become a journey of connection. The ability to connect with oneself and recognize all that we are as an individual combined with the ability to then connect with others is the way is was always meant to occur. Connection is the key to moving forward into the new way of being. Resisting this urge to connect that your soul is leading you towards will cause unnecessary challenges. There is one reason and one reason only for this; it is time for you to recognize all of who you are…there are incredible gifts and talents that are hidden within you and there are others who are searching for your talents and gifts. If you continue to withhold them, you are simply choosing to withhold yourself from the fullness of the entire universal experience.
We have often spoken in the past of the individual gifts that each of us has within us, yet the full magnitude of this message has not been fully understood. As of December 21st, 2012 the shift entails the entire human experience moving the focus from an external and mental experience to that of connection and the heart. There is nothing you need to do to ensure you make the shift; that is lovingly being done for you by your soul and the multitude of Angelic Beings who have been created to facilitate this occurrence. However what you can do to make the experience as easeful as possible for yourself is to allow your mind to follow your heart rather than “trying” to get your mind to figure your heart out. 
Have you noticed your heart speaking much more loudly than your mind recently? This is because the entire universe has already begun its vibrational shift into the new intention. It has been going on for years, but it is just recently that this shift has felt almost tangible…like you could reach out and touch the heart energy that surrounds so many of the experiences we are having. However as always it is up to you to choose to notice, to choose to be aware and to choose to act from a personal energy that is in alignment with the new energy you are being offered and surrounded by. 
Free Will is and will always be the overall intent for this universal experience; making the freedom to choose the most powerful experience in existence. However there is and has always been the energy of Love woven through Free Will and it is this very special and extremely powerful aspect that humanity is being reminded of. Because it is the energy of Love that allows for connection and the ability to respect yourself as well as those around you as well as having compassion for yourself and everyone around you. This combination is imperative to evolution; without it the experience simply goes in circles recycling old ideas and creating the illusion that much has or is changing.
The only time true change has the ability to occur is when we consciously choose to embrace the fullness of an experience as well as embracing the individuals who are having that experience without any attachment to the outcome. A very challenging experience when we come from a physical and mind perspective, however if we choose the follow our hearts the energy is there in abundance. 2013 is a year to fulfill our destiny; A year to experience life and existence in the way that was intended. A year to experience days that are filled with balanced relationships, bountiful opportunities and abundant experiences. 
It is our decision alone to choose to walk the most appropriate path; the one with the spotlights; even when everything we know or believe to be true is challenged. Because when you allow yourself to see clearly you are able to recognize that you are indeed part of a grander experience; an experience that has been created for you to experience your personal potential. An experience that not only supports everything you choose to focus your energy on, but that loves and respects you more than you have allowed yourself to recognize. It’s time. December 21st 2012 is the date for you to recognize your full potential; while 2013 is the year in which you will be offered multiple opportunities to cultivate your potential and learn how to share your personal gifts with all those you meet. 
True recognition of self does not come from the mind; it is a state of being in connection with your soul and allowing yourself to feel the energy that exists there. This is the exact same process to recognize others; Connect and then Feel. Many people often refer to this process as “Awakening” or “Waking Up”, but what it actually is, is the process of releasing the mental activity we are addicted to for the chance to experience the fullness that we were originally created with. Do not worry, you will not have to look far…everything you need is right there within you. 
There are many exciting experiences to come for humanity over the next 12 months. Some of which I am personally already experiencing and others I have only glimpsed; but I assure you that there is nothing more exciting, engaging or joyful than experiencing what you are capable of and watching those around you experience what they are capable of. I am looking forward to the incredible shifts that are in store for us and hope to inspire everyone to look within your heart and see what you have hidden there…I am sure you will find a treasure that is sure to inspire and delight you!
From the Heart,

Soul Inspired Freedom

Anytime we receive massive infusions and energy shifts we become “new”. Essentially we receive the ability to become more aware of who we are, how best for us to act and react and we also experience a new connection to universal awareness. However, before these experiences can occur we first need to integrate the universal energy we have been offered into our physical selves. It is this integration period that frequently causes physical discomfort of all levels from aching legs and tension filled necks to insatiable appetites and exaggerated sleep patterns.  
With the intensity of the energy that was infused during the beginning if September 2012 we had many people experiencing a full spectrum of physical discomfort and distress.  Many people were experiencing headaches, which is most always a reflection of connecting to new perspectives and allow one self to become more aware of personal intention as well as the intentions of the people around you. The intensity of the most recent infusion was quite concentrated as far as mental perspectives are concerned. Specifically because we are being asked to recognize the true value and worth within our natural talents and abilities; which of course is in direct contradiction with the society in which we live. 
We are being asked to uncover the courage within us and choose to transcend all of the limiting beliefs that we are still holding onto that cause us to remain in any feelings that we are inferior to anyone else. Self worth is something that many think they have an awareness of, yet they really have not allowed themselves to feel the full connection with the energy of self worth through the energies of the Fundamental Aspects of Respect and Truth. 
The other common occurrence with the infusions during the beginning of September has been a disgruntled opinion of anyone that is condemning or judging anyone or anything. This is a very interesting and dynamic experience as it offers us concrete evidence of the shift in human consciousness; the desire to no longer remain attached to any dramatic or enhanced superficial actions or reactions. Instead offering us the opportunity to clearly see the drama as it is unfolding in front of us. 
For many this has been an enlightening experience, often feeling like you are living separate from yourself and watching your life as a spectator. There is also an increase in arguments which is a direct result of those who are simply unsure how to act from a place of personal power, instead choosing to react in their old pattern even knowing that it is not what they actually want to do. If this sounds familiar, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing to recognize the inner conflict within you. This is an experience of gaining awareness that is a direct result of you choosing to accept the newest infusion of universal energy; you are simply experiencing the integration process…the path that brings you to the place of knowledge and wisdom. It sounds a whole lot more complicated than the actual process is; yet even in its simplicity it is intricate and powerful.
Transformation is only possible when we have experienced the full knowledge first hand.   Wisdom comes from a clear intent to experience what is occurring free of expectations, control and limits. As souls we are limitless and thus the energy infusions we are offered reflect the limitlessness of our natures. It is the mind that tricks us into believing that we are less than we actually are, or that we are capable of less than we truly are. There are a vast amount of people on the planet who are currently becoming increasingly aware that they have natural talents and abilities that far surpass what they believe to be possible. 
The intention is that each and every person on the planet becomes aware of this; because it is this illusion of others being more powerful, more connected and more aware that is totally and completely untrue. It is an illusion that is so great and has been the basis for so many people to build their beliefs of what is possible for them and everyone around them. This is the strongest and most intense energy infusion to date; because it is the most important illusion for everyone to overcome. This infusion holds within it the energy to challenge any and all structures or foundations whose original intent was in any way to control or manipulate; including any intention within us that would have us deceive ourselves into believing the illusion.
This new infusion is the energy that will offer us the courage necessary to look for the truth within every experience we are offered on a daily basis. It is the energy that transcends anything that was created with any energy other than the Fundamental Aspect of Purity. This includes religious, political, financial and social structures that have at any point been implemented to cast the illusion that individuals are powerless against any other individual or any system. 
The intense restlessness and agitation that began a few days ago for many is the integration process of the energy infusion from this new energy. The integration process is essentially allowing us to gain a mental understanding of what is occurring on a physical level in connection with the energy of the Fundamental Aspect of Truth. The more we know and the more we feel powerless, the more agitated we become as individuals and as a society. However there was also another aspect of energy that was infused during the beginning of September and is continuing to be cultivated as we proceed through the integration process; the energy of the Fundamental Aspect of Purity.
The inclusion of an infusion of Purity is extremely important as it is this energy that allows for an individual to not only perceive the truth of one’s own actions but also the actions of others. Likewise it is the energy of Purity that allows us the ability to react with pure intent rather than through the lower vibrational energies of retaliation, disbelief, hurt, anger or confusion. This entire energetic infusion is essentially a breaking down of all systems that are built on foundations that were not created in connection with the 9 Fundamental Aspects in which this universe was essentially based upon. 
In order to uncover anything that is not in alignment it must first be seen for what it is. Secondly it then must be stripped of anything that is not empowering to each and every person that would be involved. So if you have found yourself having any challenges within your families, businesses, friendships and anywhere else where there has been a fracture in the flow. It is a simple reflection of the cracks in the foundation, due to an intent that is not in alignment with the fullness that you are capable of.  The intention is for each person to experience abundance and full expression in all aspects of life and this breakdown of illusion is the support that is necessary to accomplish the massive shift in perception.
The increase in emotional reactions to what is occurring around us, are clear indications of where our souls are dedicated to offering us tangible examples of where our perceptions, expectations and actions need to shift. We are no longer able to manipulate anyone, even ourselves. Whenever we try it becomes increasingly uncomfortable, causing us to become agitated beyond belief. These experiences of agitation allow us to recognize the most effective way forward and when we resist that way, we experience an increase in friction, petty quarrels, or clashing of personalities. Know that you will continue to experience intense discomfort whenever you try to manipulate yourself or others; be aware of any time you try to justify what is happening around you, because that in itself is manipulation. 
True universal energy requires no justification; it transcends anything mental, human or physical. It simply IS a state of being oneself. And as soon as you are able to find that place of contentment within your experiences, you will know you are in a state of being that is connected to your soul and simultaneously with the universe around you. Each and every human being is being called to come into connection with their personal mental awareness, their soul energy and with that of universal knowledge and wisdom. This fullness is available to each of us, as it is constantly surrounding us and filling each of our experiences. Yet we must consciously choose to accept it into our physical experience. 
Now is the time in which to do so; time to recognize all of the incredible abilities and talents that are not only natural to you, but that are innate within the essence of who you are. As the next few weeks there will be more messages that will offer the opportunity for clarity during a time of intense change and transformation. This phase of the transformation of the human condition is only challenging when we resist our natural instinct to become who you are. For the first time in many, many years of the physical experience we are being offered the opportunity to experience the freedom to BE. And it is the intention of all universal Beings that we receive the messages necessary for us to make the changes to experience the full essence of who we are. 
Knowledge is power; the power to BE who you are through the actions and reactions that come from the essence of the soul energy within you. This stage is all about collecting knowledge through everyday experiences in order to find yourself at a point of knowing the perfect steps to take to fulfill your personal path. Allow yourself to see the wisdom in your experiences for what they are; a divine offering of clarity through the Fundamental Aspects of Truth, Respect and Purity. Then allow yourself to relax into the unfolding knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be.
From the Heart,

Who Are You?

Ever wonder who you are? Not simply the physical things like what to wear and how to act, but the real substance of what constitutes the fullness of who you are. This is what we are currently being offered; the intimate opportunity to become aware of who we are in a way that has never been available before. In fact we are smack in the middle of a massive collision of a diverse group of universal energies that are intended to restore this knowledge. We are experiencing the energy of Synchronicity along with the power of the Reverberation Effect, offering the pure gift of inner “sight”. The ability to recognize – if we choose – all of the wonderful talents, knowledge, skills and abilities that are hidden within the fibres of who we are. 
Everything from our experiences and thoughts to our inspiration and dreams; we are being filled with such an intense synchronicity that is offering us an abundance of opportunities to find out who we are. The awareness has been diverse with a particular focus on “you give what you get”. This particular message is filled with such incredible power and is completely supported by synchronicity in all that is occurring around us and also through the energy of the reverberation effect with whatever we are choosing to send out is coming back to us ten fold. The ten fold part is the added intensity of the Blue Full Moon energy; which loves to shine a light (the brightness of the full moon) on anything that is not working in our lives.
Anything that is challenging or uncomfortable is asking to be released so that the space it has been taking up can be filled with a much more appropriate abundance and joy. However this is the part that requires effort, courage and trust along with active participation in the fulfillment of experiencing balance and contentment. Often our minds become involved in ways that trick our heart into going in directions that take us away from the easeful path. These experiences are not meant to be burdensome; in fact they are there to remind us that we have the power to make the choices in our life. And when we choose the opportunities that feel right rather than what we “think” we should do, what we deserve or what we feel that we are justified in wanting then we are able to receive abundance. 
It’s tricky though to remain clear and committed to the path of fullness of self when we have been raised in a world that is tainted in the extreme causing us to justify not only our good intentions, but conditions on our giving and receiving as well.  Balance is the key to any and all experiences we have and navigating that line is often our greatest challenge each and every day.  
The ability to remain humble while maintaining the courage to share the fullness of who you are. Where we can manipulate ourselves into hiding and withholding our natural talents and abilities from others from fear or we can choose to decide to share in ways that remove us from the purity of the offering into a desire for self attainment – vastly different from self fulfillment. 
The ability to remain open to receive and offer the abundance that is all around; free of any desire to control or manipulate even the slightest bit. To allow yourself to become aware of any time the balance is “off” by choosing to look at any situations – you are being offered through synchronicity – that cause you to experience a quick and intense emotional reaction. This is a sure signal from your Soul that you are being gifted with the opportunity to choose a better way for yourself than you previously have. 
These are experiences that are asking us to go deeper into our internal knowledge and uncover an even fuller awareness of who we are and what we are capable of. The key to the current energy is that we are being asked to do this with an intense connection to the energy of Balance; because when we are disconnected from universal balance we are unable to navigate in an easeful way. Causing what would normally be regular occurrences into challenges that can quite possibly express in epic proportions. 
The final and most impressive experience that is currently unfolding is the key to which all of this is actually possible; the intention behind your actions. Energy is embedded within everything, from people to things to words and experiences. There is nothing within this entire universe that is free from energy and as a Universal Soul Being you have within you the natural ability to understand the language of energy.   This is the original and most ancient language or rather “means of communication” in this universe. There are no special characters, no manuals, no long lesson or extensive test necessary for you to understand it; it is embedded within the fibres of your physical body, your mind and your Soul. There are no tricks, no special pronunciations or accents required. Energy is where all of the secrets lay seemingly hidden, only because you choose to “think” that remembering this can possibly make you vulnerable or powerless. When in fact when you connect to the energy within you allow yourself to truly come into balance with the energy you are offering and receiving; creating a flow that becomes so full of abundance it is often overwhelming. 
The overwhelming part is simply the mind doing its absolute best to keep up with what your heart and soul already know. The feeling is more of a “my cup runneth over” and it is within all areas of your life. That is the other tricky part, allowing the fullness to occur everywhere, in work, family, friends and most importantly how you connect with yourself. If you are choosing to send negative energy towards yourself it is exactly what you are going to receive from others…another fine example of “you get what you give”. There are no exceptions, even if you “think” an issue or experience was ignited by another…”think” again. Or rather “feel” into it and allow yourself to remove any resistance from fear so you are able to see what you are truly attracting, creating and manifesting in your life. 
You are the master of your own life. No one knows more about you than you. The key now is to notice where you have possibly hidden an awareness that is not positively influencing who you are and where you would like to go. And that is the very specific goal of all of the intense energies that are colliding over the next four days. Allow yourself to come out of your shell into the full awareness of who you are and then choose to consciously act and react from that awareness. This effort will not only infuse the energy of all you offer and receive with abundance it will allow you to connect in the most intimate way with the Fundamental Universal Aspect of Balance. 
There are a total of 9 Fundamental Aspects that were woven into the original fibres of this universe during the creation process. These Aspects were also woven into the fibres of each Soul on the energetic and physical levels. It is the human condition which is a side effect of living in a world in which many of us have learned who we think we are while navigating and desperately searching for inner contentment. We have experienced sorrow and joy, happiness and sadness all because we have been navigating our experience with the mind. 
When we allow our heart and soul to guide us, there are no intensities other than true gratitude that wells up from within and fills us with the abundance of whatever we choose to experience within all of the opportunities we are offered each and every day. The ability to not only recognize where we can choose a more positive way of acting and reacting but also the gift of being offered to opportunity to see just how incredible we already are. 
So use it wisely, this intensity of colliding universal energy that is supporting universal change through personal transformation. The only true way to make a difference in the world is to consciously choose to make an effort within your self first and foremost. If you think you have looked at all there is within you and there is nothing more to see…look again, because this new wave and intensity is being offered for a reason. We are being asked to go deeper than before, into the complexity and fullness of our personal energy and allow the truth of what seems to be hiding to come out into the open. Allowing you to actually see if it is enhancing or hindering your path to abundance and personal fulfillment. 
Wishing you all a very magical Blue Moon Celebration!
From the Heart,

Fear has a Face

Our lives are a collection of defining moments. Moments that not only determine what we will experience but moments that offer us the abundance that we are capable of experiencing. It is these moments that have filled the past few months that are not only offering unique and powerful opportunities to become a clearer expression of who we are; they are also offering us the opportunity to recognize where there is illusion within the paradigms that we experience and where there is opportunity and abundance. In the simplest terms we are being asked the most important question ever “What do you want”. and although at first glance the answer always seems so simple, the more we come to know about ourselves the more complicated the answer has the potential to be. However if we actually are willing to go into the depths of the soul energy within us, the answer seems to simply float up to the surface, eventually leading us wonder how we ever wanted anything else.
Essentially we have each been offered the fast track and there are those who have chosen to get on and there are those who have chosen to sit this one out and wait for the next train. No matter what track you have chosen for yourself, know that you are still being offered the opportunity to learn what is most imperative for you to learn at this moment of your journey. With the increase in energy that has been experienced over the past few months combined with the unprecedented experiences, we are not only on the right path, we are in the middle of the most extreme and profound opportunity for transformation ever. On June 21st we reached a critical mass in awareness of the evolution of this planet and of the universe as an entire sustainable creation. 
A critical mass is when there is a moment in existence in which there are a minimal number of human beings who are able to fully comprehend an aspect of universal awareness. The process unfolds in a way that is guided by the universe and all of the pivotal Beings including the Creator. The process is designed to assist humanity in the evolution of the experience of Self and the experience of universal evolution. As similar as these experiences are, we are also being shown how diverse and completely opposite they are. Yet it is in the diversity; when you are connected to your Soul and to the universal awareness within the experience that you are able to pinpoint what it is in your personal evolution that will allow you to contribute to the universal evolution in the way that you were originally intended to. 
Contribution on a Soul level is the current thread that is laced through our experiences. We are being guided to uncover our natural talents and abilities while being guided to simultaneously utilize our gifts and talents to recognize and nurture the natural gifts and talents of those around us. Reconnections with old friends have occurred while there have also been unbelievable experiences of existing relationships that deepen and thrive beyond anything we have experienced to date. Why? Because we are learning the most divine ability to experience relationships as they were intended on a soul level. While simultaneously learning how to accept and receive what offers us abundance on both soul and universal levels while in a human form.
The past eleven days have been some of the most concentrated physical experiences of integrating soul energy that I have ever lived through. Every experience seems to be steeped in the intensity of contradiction from being starving to feeling absolutely full in the exact same moment, from being exhausted to the absolute impossibility of being able to fall asleep; from sleeping soundly and having the most challenging time waking into consciousness to insomnia. This integration process for me has been a universal reply to my questions and commitment to universal consciousness that have unfolded throughout most of the past seven months.
Day two to day eight my body lost all ability to self regulate temperature causing shock after shock of extreme heat and cold. Every time I went into a space with air conditioning I was shivering to the point of not being able to speak; while when I was in any even nominally heated environment – even with a breeze and in the shade – I felt like I was suffocating, almost unable to breathe. Of course this presented an interesting integration period while in a summer of intense heat. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to talk on the telephone – even on a land line as the cell phone experience intensified three years ago – as I can feel the electrical current of the phone line shock my internal ear as it enters my body and proceeds to flow through. 
This experience like so many others is simply offering a greater awareness of the natural ability of being open and how we have truly been trained to deflect discomfort by distinguishing our openness to nil. However we are now being offered an abundance of opportunities to recognize where we have accepted an illusion of mental openness for the purity of true energetic openness. Open is open, we can no longer pretend anything; everyone is now able to see everyone else for who we really are. This is how we were originally intended to BE, and this is the process of evolution that is currently unfolding.
The process of conscious evolution is one that takes concentrated effort; meaning that all of our actions, reactions and choices are based on conscious decisions. To many this seems to be too hard and a much too challenging way of life; this in itself is an illusion of substantial proportions. The fact of the matter is that any time we experience anything that is perceived as hard, we have actually created that experience through our unwillingness to make our actions and reactions conscious reflections of what we actually want. Just like anything that we choose to focus on, conscious effort will eventually become routine and flow naturally. 
Effort + Conscious Action, Reaction & Choices = Ease & Flow
Experiences + Emotional Reaction = Challenge & Heartache
Why does it have to be like this? Because we are Conscious Beings who were created to consistently outshine our previous best. Therefore when we choose to become dormant or reflexive in our actions we are making a conscious choice to allow everyone else around us to make the choices and decisions that determine the outcome of our life. When this happens we become bogged down in a myriad of some very human defensive emotions that contrive together to keep us unclear of whom we are and what it is we actually want. 
This connection is a choice and as I mentioned earlier, it is one that must be made on the human level with a commitment from the mind that chooses to consistently act and react based on the entirety of universal knowledge available to them. The difference from this integration process is actually quite simple, all of the past infusions and integrations have been the Soul offering a new level of universal awareness to the human physical form. however when one chooses to integrate the fullness of what the Soul offers, then they are able to integrate energy on a universal level. 
The past eleven days have held an intense awareness that seems to permeate everything that has occurred for me. For example day five was an interesting integration period, every time I raised my head from writing; I had the distinct sensation of being on a massive ship in the middle of the rolling ocean. In fact this is the same sensation that is with me today. Day six I had to drive about 40 minutes to a meeting and when I arrived, it took me about 30 minutes to finally feel as though my physical body had arrive and finally stopped moving. Everything is about motion and becoming connected with universal flow in a much more intimate way than ever before
In fact on day six I was also acutely aware of my soul’s participation in the physical integration process; as I became aware of a series of tiny electric shocks that I not only feel but see. The most amazing aspect of this integration phase that differs from all of the previous ones is that this is the very first time I have not felt any nausea what so ever. This is especially shocking since the past eleven days have been an experience of being in constant motion, whether it is my body, my soul or both as we become connected in a much more substantial way to the energy of universal flow. Currently we are experiencing the opportunity for awareness and then the opportunity for integration of the fundamental levels of universal energy.
Human – Physical
Soul – Who you were consciously created to BE
Universal – the full awareness and understanding of existence
The levels of energy are quite basic in their compilation, yet vastly profound in their unique nature. These levels are what allow us to not only become full expressions of who we are; they are the energy that supports our evolution as an entire universal creation. On day three of my very personal integration process I had the opportunity to work with an incredible woman, whose natural ability is to reconnect a physical body with the universal flow of energy. Her nature allows the soul and physical body to become much more accustomed to the intensity of flowing universal energy. The energy that this woman works with far exceeds any energy modality that is grounded or created in the human dimension or even the soul dimension. In fact she has spent her entire life in preparation for the events that are currently unfolding. It was my openness combined with her natural abilities that allowed me to connect to the courage I needed to consciously choose to transcend the greatest illusion for me to date.
I have mentioned this before but am feeling pulled to remind you once again; make no mistake in assuming that people are gifted with special abilities to help themselves and others. These talents and abilities are natural and are a part of who we are on a Soul level. They do not make us better or worse than anyone else; they make us a part of the intricate living system of the universe. The gift is that the person has chosen to reconnect with the instinct and abilities that are within their soul to not only guide themselves, but to naturally affect all those who they connect with. These “gifts” are not free, they are the reward that comes from the concentrated effort of choosing to actively act and react in alignment with conscious awareness.
I have written about this many times before; everyone has their own natural talents and abilities to offer others, but you must be the one to choose to uncover yours just like you must also choose to nurture and cultivate them. Knowing what your gifts are is just the first step in scaling the flight of stairs that lead you to the place in which you are able to comprehend and fulfill your innermost dreams and desires. 
I am always aware when an integration process is commencing because my body’s instinct is to eat, eat, and eat. I begin to crave heavy food that I instinctively feel will ground me. The fact of the matter is that this is an emotional reaction to the profound energy that the soul is already aware of and the mind is simply wanting to protect the body for the onslaught of what’s to come. This is in no way an excuse, what it actually is, is the mental and emotional reaction of a mind that is not sure it actually wants to experience change. How do we know this as truth? Because that is what any and all integration is – change. Because when we integrate any new energy, we integrate new awareness and when we have new awareness we are fundamentally changed forever; therefore our external lives must become a reflection of the change we have integrated on an internal level. 
It is when we resist change on any level of this process that we experience feelings of anger, fear and resentment.   The past six months for me have been filled with experience after experience of releasing everything that is no longer a reflection of the person that I am consciously choosing to be. As I maintain my commitment to consciously express my thoughts and feelings from a conscious place rather than my emotional reaction I am offered the universal opportunity to challenge my illusions. The past eleven days have increased my capacity to transcend and transform my illusions into powerful beliefs based on universal truth. As I have mentioned before we all have an incredible number of levels when it comes to the challenging energies we are faced with. For example when I began my journey in earnest of becoming consciously aware in 2007 I had at that time 48 layers of fear that I would need to confront in order to transcend fear in fullness. 
As of yesterday morning I had 12 layers of fear that remained embedded in my belief system based on the illusions that I held as my truth. During the past 48 hours the universe stepped up in response to my unwavering commitment to confront the fears that were holding me back. I received numerous messages and messengers – both physical and non-physical – who all arrived to support this transformation I consciously chose. I connected to each of the remaining 12 levels and layers of fear; free of any and all emotional attachment. Allowing myself to simply connect with and feel each aspect as it presented itself. 
This process continued late into the night and permeated my dreams in a way that allowed me to be conscious of the work I was continuing to do during “sleep”. When I woke this morning I had a new energetic sensation that filled me; the energy has a different flow, a different sound and a different vibration. As I pondered what had occurred I suddenly became aware that the energy of fear is no longer present in my vibration. I then allowed myself to become consciously aware of what my connection to fear consisted of and instantly there was a face that showed up right in front of mine. “He” was definitely an ET (a Being who is created outside of this Universe), short body, longish face, but a rather large head with skin the colour of moss and mud. When I asked him who he was, his response was “I am you and you are me”. Then I connected to him directly and began to resonate with the energy that he was projecting. In that moment I became fully aware of who he was and simultaneously what I was now free of. He is fear. 
The aspect of “I am you and you are me” was the illusion that I had believed he was a part of who I am and “needed” to be present whenever I made choices and decisions for myself; I had become dependant upon the energetic connection choosing to believe that it was simply a part of my experience when in fact it is actually quite foreign to me as a Soul Being. It is only with my determination to become a clearer and pure expression of my soul energy that has allowed me to transform this illusion into the awareness of universal truth. I was stunned yet curious, I did not know there were Beings who were fear, I “thought” – of course always the problem – that fear was simply an energy. It turns out it is a Being and that each of us who choose to connect to any level of fear actually participate in manifesting our own Being of fear who travels with us. I have contacted and connected with the “Master” of fear, the Being who masterminds the actions of all of the fear Beings in this universe. I was also amazed to learn that there are Beings that also exist with regards to anger, retaliation and resentment among others. 
During the connection I learned that these Beings are reactive and they are only able to substantiate an energy that we consciously choose to connect with. It is the nature of the energy of fear, because it was not created within this universe, it is unable to sustain itself here free of a universal host. Which means that if everyone were to disconnect from fear, it would cease to exist within this universe and all of the Beings created by it would instantly be eradicated. This, as we have previously discussed is true for all non-universal creations. However the key to freeing oneself from fear is to recognize it for what it is. 
This is not a reason to go into a metaphysical practice of “cutting cords” or “releasing” as these acts keep us locked in weakness, specifically because they are non-powerful in that we are unwilling to look at the true nature of the fear, we simply wish it is dissolve. Yet in a universe that is so intricate and vastly expansive and with Beings as powerful as humans are we are truly being offered the ability to recognize that. Courage is not as illusive as we think; it is just a matter of applying the effort necessary to commit to your own self. As soon as you are prepared to do that you will be able to recognize your fears and all of the levels and layers as they apply to you. It is an independent journey with our Soul to become the fullest most pure expression of the natural talents and abilities that lay dormant within us. 
As each layer unfolds we uncover new abilities and talents that as a Soul Being allow us to soar to new heights in this physical experience. While the last few years have been experiences of finding out who we are as a person and as a Soul Being. This new energy is offering us all the opportunity to begin to recognize what we actually want; from both the human perspective combined with the Soul intention. This combination of energy when integrated into the fullness of who we are has the power and potential to take us into a new level of being. In June we reached the critical mass that allowed us the opportunity to begin this new journey and it is up to you whether you are going to continue evolving in a way that is powerful and poignant for you, or whether you are going to dig your heels in for one last physical experience. As always…the choice is yours and yours alone.
For those who are interested in explorations on a universal and soul level, we are launching a LiveStream event series. We are taking the explorations “out of the closet” and bringing them to you live. Interviewing and communicating with Conscious Beings whether they support or hinder our journey; allowing us the opportunity to transcend anything that stands in the way of us being who we want to be. One such example is the opportunity to communicate directly with the “Master” of Fear asking questions from a human perspective that offer us understanding in order to more effectively navigate the human experience. 
If you are interested in the LiveStream events, you can go to and sign up for announcements of upcoming shows and guests. 
We are also currently booking our expert guests, so if you or anyone you know is interested in exploring this universe on a level that surpasses the mental limitations please contact Our experts are diverse and include engineers who are interested in receiving universal information for building sustainable modes of transportation and communities, doctors, scientists, physicists and others who feel within them a knowing of a better way. 
Looking forward to the future and all of the opportunities it has in store for us.
From the Heart,

What is The Divine Feminine?

Venus and the Sun meet today in an ancient planetary dance that occurs very rarely; in fact Venus is actually going to cross over in front of the Sun. Whenever there is a shift in the Planetary Beings we feel them; through our emotions, our bodies and the environment we live in. We experience them for ourselves and also are able to witness how others experience them through their actions and reactions. Likewise we can recognize how we have experienced a transition through our own personal actions and reactions to daily occurrences. 
This particular transition is a tremendous opportunity to become aware of the just how connected everything and everyone is. On a mental level it can be challenging to comprehend the full awareness of the connection, however this transition offers us the ability to experience divine connection through profound simplicity. This reason is why the energetic transition between the Sun and Venus today is so incredibly important. 
Many people have written and shared messages that this transition is an opening and reawakening of the Divine Feminine Energies. And essentially it is, but the question we are often left asking is;
What exactly are the Divine Feminine Energies? & Why are they important to me? 
The Divine Feminine is another way of saying ‘Experiencing the Flow of Universal Abundance in Full Expression’. Whereas the Divine Masculine Universal Energies ‘Allow us the uncanny ability to simply BE’. The Divine Feminine holds the ability to not only be aware of where our instincts and intuition are leading us, but offers us the courage to step out of the box and reach for them!  Where the Divine Masculine is the knowing of what we are capable of and the trust that all we desire will flow to us. This is another opportunity to see how balance between each and every universal energy is fundamentally important to our personal evolution in this life. 
Courage and fullness are often experienced in small spurts and moments throughout our lives. However the transition today is offering us the ability to connect fully and completely with this energy and anchor it into our every day physical lives. 
Individually these two Universal Beings – The Sun & Venus – present such distinct personal energies, offering us opportunity after opportunity to become aware of what is possible. Together they offer us the opening that many people desire to experience a new depth in relationships and awareness that we otherwise would often not have the courage to experience. Venus is a Being who embodies the pure expression of Love, She offers us the ability to recognize our connection to our Selves, our Souls and to every other Conscious Being in existence. Venus is the guide of connection and holds the power and grace of Love. When these energies are combined we have the opportunity to experience clarity in all of our relationships, including the one we have with our self. 
The Sun is the Universal Master of Divine Power of Self, assisting us to recognize the true power that lies within each of us. The Sun offers us the opportunity to see past illusion, fear, ego and a need to be anything other than we are; reminding us that true power lies within the energy that we were originally created with. This energy is the Soul Being within each of us; our guide, our mentor, our instinct and inspiration that allows us to have experiences that are full and joyful. 
The magical transition that is occurring today is the coming together of two of the most influential Beings who support Transformation. This powerful combination will allow us the opportunity to experience transformation first and foremost on a personal level; giving us the opportunity to connect to our own energy to receive clarity and inspiration that allow us to make powerful choices for our life. 
Through the choices and changes we make we are supporting the opportunity to experience transformation on a global and then universal level. The intention is that the Universe as a whole move forward into evolution with full expression and clarity which allows for an abundant experience; moving us out of the stagnation that has been occurring for many, many years. However for universal transformation to occur, it must first occur within each and every individual Being within the universe. Some will make this shift consciously while others will do this unconsciously…sometimes by having their back to the wall and experiencing extreme discomfort. The choice is ours, but this beautiful and incredible experience of reawakening the Divine Feminine Energies is tangible evidence of just how supported each of us are on a universal level.
Even the Planets are supporting this shift in humanity, each and every day offering us transition after transition to shift effortlessly into the fullness of who we truly are. So the question that remains is; are you choosing to connect to the courage within you and make choices according to your instinct and desire? Or are you choosing to struggle and wait until your back is against the wall? Either way you are being supported as you evolve into experiencing what you are actually capable of. It is just a question of how long it will take…
Venus has a message she wishes to share with you;
“Let the past be the past, look toward the brightness of the future with anticipation and excitement; for it is in the future that your gifts and dreams are waiting for you. You have the ability to step forth; all you need is within you. Take a deep breath and go for it…we are waiting to watch you soar!”
The Sun wishes to share the following message with you;
“Fear not what you cannot see, feel or hear. As Fear itself is a masterful illusion. Choose instead to focus on what you know and what you can and will discover about yourself and your abilities. You have within you an abundance of opportunity waiting to be unleashed. Share of yourself with others and share in the gifts of others with an openhearted courage. Ease, grace and abundance are all yours to experience, however you must first be willing to have the courage to share who you really are with the world.
‘Do not be surprised when you begin sharing of yourself and realize that who you thought you were, is in fact, not who you are at all. Allow these changes to occur as you evolve and become more aware of who you actually are and what gifts you actually have to share with others. Chances are excellent that you have a profoundly more abundant offering than you can even imagine in this moment.”
Greatness is available to each of us; it is the energy of allowing yourself to BE who you are while simultaneously allowing everyone around you to BE who they are. Magic occurs when we choose to allow it. So connect into the miraculous energy of today’s planetary transition and allow yourself to be amazed by what you feel, who you already are and who you have the potential of becoming!
From the Heart,

Time to Choose

An absolute tidal wave of energy has been offered to us repeatedly over the past few weeks, especially the last week in particular. It has felt like a reintroduction to all that we have become aware of in regards to our journey and it’s unfolding over the past few years. The unique aspect of this new energy wave is that we are truly seeing how much more powerful we actually are. The fullness that we are experiencing is a direct reflection of just how much we have chosen to learn over the past five years in particular.
We are new expressions of our Soul in so many ways that often times when we look to our past we have trouble remembering who we used to be and what we used to do. This is the most divine “in between” stage we have ever managed to reach. This stage is all about offering light to the perception of darkness we choose to hold within us. Darkness or as it is more commonly known – resistance; is a profound and powerful illusion that many of us are captivated by. 
These waves of energy we have been experiencing are directly related to our own personal resistance and what is holding us back from simply BE-ing. Gone now are the dramatics of becoming a purer expression of self in order to be of service to others, now it is a simple question of “are you BE-ing the purest expression of Self for yourself?” 
This process becomes tricky when we hold any fear around any aspect of illusion. This aspect alone has caused it to be an interesting few weeks. A time where we have been offered such incredible opportunities of support that allow us to recognize our fears – seeing them (much more clearly than ever before) for the illusion they are; allowing us to release them and essentially embrace a purer expression of who we actually are. This process has made us agitated and often irritated. At times we are event left with feelings of being pulled in many directions at one time with little or no result let alone fulfillment.   When in actual fact the experiences are filled to overflowing with a fulfillment that has been not only magnificent but hugely transformative as well.
The energy of Synchronicity has now exceeded its’ own past limitations offering us a more abundant experience of the divine creation that we experience on a daily basis. Take a moment to allow yourself to become aware of all of the opportunities you have personally had over the past few weeks to see where you are holding onto either illusion or fear. Any experiences that got you fired up or had you feeling agitated, annoyed, angry or possibly even alone. Then allow yourself to recognize the people who willingly participated in helping you recognize your illusion and essentially played a divine part in the synchronicity of your personal journey. Just absorb the full impact of the intricacy of this Creation that allows for each and every one of us to be able to experience whatever we choose. 
The more consciously aware we become of the people and energy in our lives that are there to offer us the opportunity for transformation, the more abundance will flow to us and from us; bringing us into divine universal balance. It is all a matter of how we consciously choose to perceive the experiences we are having. At this time, making a conscious choice to connect with the energy of Synchronicity will not only allow you to become aware of the abundance you are being offered; you also have the opportunity to become aware of those people in your life who are part of your synchronicity as you are part of theirs. This connection alone offers the ability to “catch and release” any opportunities that are fitting or that are ready to move on. No matter what the situation, when we are in connection with synchronicity the ability to move forward becomes not only easeful but truly enticing.
It is all about choice; we can choose a powerful experience by allowing ourselves to transcend our limited beliefs and BE in connection with our experiences. This conscious act alone holds power beyond any physical experience imaginable. This gift offers us the opportunity to feel what is actually occurring in the moment. Taking us out of a passive state of reactions based on emotions into a powerful state of being in the true awareness of what is actually occurring on a synchronistic and universal level.
When we allow ourselves to be in an experience we are then allowing ourselves to not only receive the abundance we are being offered, but we are consciously choosing to be in deep connection to the flow of universal energy. It is this flow that has the power and potential to take us out of our tendency towards fear and illusion and drops us right smack in the middle of the most incredible experiences we could possible dream of. It is the imagination of the Soul that allows us to not only consider possibility but to “know” that anything and everything is possible, we simply have to believe. Believe in ourselves, our dreams, our instincts and our ability to shine no matter what aspect of synchronicity we find ourselves in. Because when we are in synchronicity we are in connection with the greatest creation of all.
Synchronicity offers you the ability to tangibly experience what you are creating. And with the last surge of energy the physical expressions are not only near instant, they are fuller than we have ever experienced before. This is all because you have become a fuller expression of soul energy than ever before. As soon as you choose to experience something – really anything at all, it will show up. It does not often show up how we would like – in a neat little box tied with a bow; it often shows up in ways that set us off course. The intention is to get our attention as soon as possible so that we are in fact able to receive and experience what we truly desire. 
So the next time you find yourself irritated or agitated by someone or something in your life; sit quietly for a moment and allow yourself to remember what you asked for. Anything from; asking the dog to stop shedding, or wanting a holiday to asking for monetary abundance. Then allow yourself to see what you have created; did something happen to the dog, are you not feeling well and need to take a day off or are you creating an abundance of job opportunities. No matter what we create, they are direct reflections of who we are choosing to be.
So if your creations fall short of dreams, this is a clear indication that your beliefs may be limiting the experiences you are creating. Change is as simple as believing that you are a powerful, pure and conscious expression of soul energy that wants to experience the abundance that is available to you. Remembering that any situation that gets your attention, whether in a good way or an annoying way is there to allow you to become aware of any outgrown aspects of yourself that you are still holding onto.  These aspects are simply part of your past; but it is you – in the moment – that is choosing to hold tight to a connection that is holding you back from experiencing your own fullness.
Your beliefs are intricately structured with your illusions, so this whole stage is a universal offering of not only becoming aware of who you are and how powerful you are, it is also about seeing very clearly the illusions that restrict your growth and ability to experience fullness. Choosing to thank those people and experiences that are offering you the opportunity to see where you are out of alignment is an act that restores personal power; making this one of the most effective ways to restore your balance and connection bringing you back into universal alignment.   
The choice is always ours; it is definite and very physical. If you ever find yourself looking for tangible evidence that you are a Soul Being in physical form, just look at the abundance of opportunities that surround you each and every day. These are all tangible results of the powerful Soul Energy that flows within you and what you are using it to create. If there is anything you would like to change; go ahead and change it. You have the power and the ability to do so…in the blink of an eye. You just have to remember that the choice is yours. You are the only one who can take the action of making the first move.
From the Heart,

The Courage to Believe in You

When we allow the true beauty that is within us to shine forth, we are then in the flow of infinite and divine abundance. This process is often challenged by our addiction to the many illusions that we have chosen to believe are our reality. The good news is that if we have chosen them as our reality, we can also choose to make the shift to a truthful and abundant reality. However this is the part that often challenges us the most because it takes a very large amount of courage to consciously choose to change even when those around us are choosing to remain the same. 
Free Will is the ultimate law of this universe. However with the mass amounts of illusion that have been cultivated for generations that are now being expressed in the current reality along with the distorted expression of self, believing Free Will exists is one of our greatest  challenges. Truth versus illusion; wisdom versus deception are the “in your face” questions that we are experiencing on a global and personal level. There are aspects of ourselves that we have believed to be truth for so long, simply because others “told us” that is who we are on repetitive occasions that we have actually chosen to believe their perception as our truth. This often happens in the relationships found within our families; parents to children, children to parents, sibling to sibling and spouse to spouse. Even our careers are filled with relationships that are unbalanced and filled with illusion.
This dynamic has also been profoundly anchored in the school system; from teacher to student and student to teacher. No one is exempt from the illusion of judgement and the ability to judge others unless there is truly a non-judgement within oneself. Since this aspect is not actually experienced in any one person living on this planet at this current time; it is a goal and dream for each of us to strive for. As we continue on our path choosing to become more aware of ourselves, learning how to become a full expression of who we are and why we chose to be here in this life; we much first choose to transform within ourselves that which challenges us. It is only when we have chosen to recognize within ourselves the depth of the illusion that we have chosen as our truth along with our desire to then transform it or continue “trying” to work within these limits, that we will or will not experience transformation. 
Transformation is a divine State of Being; a conscious choice to transcend the belief system that has allowed us to become the person we are in this very moment; to becoming the person we are actually capable of Being. This choice takes courage yes, but it also takes a vast amount of commitment and the ability to move in any direction that we must in order to experience the fullness of the shift. Often times when we choose to experience a divine shift we plan out exactly how far we are willing to go, we plan how it will unfold and what we are going to experience in the end. For this reason, many of us never actually experience true transformation, because we are “trying” to create it from our outgrown way of Being. 
In order for us to see the illusions that we have chosen as our truths, we must first choose to listen. Listen to what others around us say and hear them with the clearest of intentions. Refusing to become enmeshed in our emotional reactions, instead choosing to allow what others say as an offer us insight into how we have shaped our belief system. Whether we are in agreement with another’s perception or not is inconsequential, it is the fact that we are choosing to be open to the message. This openness based in the energy of truth is what will allow us the opportunity for change. Change is only possible if we are truly willing to see and then accept the reality of what we have chosen as our truth. 
We often believe we know more about another person than they know about themselves; this is shown repeatedly in our actions of offering guidance and support through our personal and very mental past experiences. The fact is that each individual person has their own history and no matter how much of that experience you have shared with another person; it is yours and theirs alone; respectively. On a fundamental level we are not only individuals but we are uniquely created Beings with specific vibrations, interests and abilities that are personal to us alone. For this reason it is impossible to be able to fully understand let alone explain the experiences of another person. 
And this is the essence of the energy that we are currently being offered for transformation. Allow others their own experience; while simultaneously offering yourself the same respect and luxury. This is not to say that we are not to be there, to listen and to offer varying perspectives; what it is asking is that we maintain our focus of being able to remain separate from our emotional attachment and reactions, allowing experiences to unfold in a full expression for everyone involved. Essentially…have some fun; allow yourself to Be in the moment, rather than planning out all of the future moments or reviewing all of the past moments – in each of the present moments. It is only through Being in the moment and experiencing those moments for what they are that we become aware of who we actually are. 
When we are able to release the illusion and get to know who we really are; then we are able to create the experiences that will allow our dreams to unfold in the most miraculous ways. If we remain fixed in the illusion, our dreams remain fixed there as well. For example if one of your illusions that you have chosen to accept as your personal belief is “that you must do everything on your own in order for it to be perfect” then the following is a list of some possible beliefs you hold as your truth;
  • You believe that you are better than those around you (energy of judgement)
  • You believe that others will never live up to your abilities (energy of judgement)
  • You are unwilling to receive assistance from anyone else (you are unable to then give to anyone else with fullness; it becomes an energy of fatigue and exhaustion)
  • You have within you the need to prove yourself (energy of wanting approval for a job well done)
  • You are unwilling to allow the flow of Universal possibility through connection with others (energy of fear and feeling a need to protect oneself)
These are just a few minor examples of illusion that you may or may not be addicted to with regards to the example. There are many more, but it is the big picture that is important here; your life experiences, past and present along with your beliefs about who you are, are the aspects that allow your mind to determine your actions and reactions. Your heart, instinct and nature allow you the opportunity to transcend and transform any of these illusions as long as you are willing to become aware of what your illusions are and what is truth.
We often speak about illusion and how it challenges us in our lives. This is for good reason because within the conscious experience of our Universe, in particular the human physical experience; there are more than 1000 varieties of illusion. Some we personally believe and others we are very clear about not believing. This is the ultimate experience of being in the moment; which then allows us to be able to detect any energetic imperfections to the actual experience. These imperfections are what allow us to detect illusion and allow us to choose what we believe as truth within our experiences. When we restore our ability to remain focused on our path alone while offering others the same respect, then we are able to connect to our truth and allow others to connect to theirs. 
When we choose to become a full expression of who we actually are it is then that we become empowered. Likewise it is then that we empower those around us to do the same. Life was meant to be lived with joy, abundance, excitement, compassion and passion. It is up to us to choose whether we believe we can connect and experience these creations.   Changing our beliefs takes courage; courage is not an experience void of fear, it is seeing our fears that we hold as our beliefs and willingly choosing to go for our dreams anyways. This is true courage, it is a tangible energy that lives and connects with each of us and it is our choice whether we choose the connection or whether we choose to remain fixed on what we believe we cannot do. 
Empower yourself; all you have to do is believe that you can do anything and believe that anything is possible. The Universe and your Soul always offer you challenges to allow you to recognize the strength and abilities that are innate within you. Know that whenever you have been faced with a challenge, you are being gifted with the next opportunity that will offer you abundance, joy and peace. Challenge is the Universal way of saying “you are ready to experience and recognize a greater aspect of yourself; we believe in you”. The question to ask yourself is; do you believe in you?
From the Heart,

The Fire Inside

This last wave of shifts in universal energy has been not only intense but also really unique. There have been moments of divine clarity followed closely by complete uncertainty as if a fog has settled over your mind. Of course everything happens for a reason and with that in mind everything that we have been experiencing of late is all in divine and perfect order. 
There has been a new awareness of an introduction of powerful intention to this universe. An intention that not only supports the changes and experiences we are experiencing but one that has the potential to change the way the universe is shifting.    For years now we have spent so much time and energy focused on releasing the old and integrating the new. Whether we have chosen to participate in this process consciously or not is of no consequence, it was going to happen either way as this is what was intended by your Soul before you arrived here.
Keeping these past experiences in mind, we have had a very definitive shift in the way we release. The releasing process has quite literally been forever changed. The old process – which many are still using – was a cycle of experiences that were all designed to allow us to become aware of what no longer supported us and then release it back out to the universe. Well the divine shift and change that has been recently occurring for all of those who are aware and able to withstand within their physical body a higher voltage flow of energy are now actually participating in the process of removing negative energy from the universe. 
It has been determined on a universal level that once we choose to remove or release anything from our experience that is no longer supportive or of interest to us; rather than release that stagnant energy back out into the universe to float around until someone else picks it up…we have the power to actually “burn” it up inside of us. 
As we have been travelling along on our journey there has been a new level of consciousness in the reverberation effect that has allowed for this burning up process to become much more natural and common. This process is why there have been many people experiencing such intense bouts of tiredness along with unexplained and very strong fevers. When you are able to reach a state of being in deep connection with your Soul energy and you have awareness of what you are creating with your energy; you are then able to facilitate the universe in energetically removing anything that is not supportive to the universe as whole from the entire existence. Which means that we no longer need to leave our garbage around for someone else to clean up; we can do it pretty much instantly and release ourselves and everyone else from the entire weight of stagnant energy. Of course this is also in alignment with the Reverberation Effect, when we release and burn up the stagnant energy, we alone are taking valuable steps toward the raising of consciousness on the planet.
Gaia, our beautiful Mother Earth is one of the most perfect examples of the energy that has been integrated into the new intention. Ponder this – Does global warming exist? I ask you to decide;
If you were a universal Being in this Universe who’s existence is to solely support and nurture all of those Beings who call you home- would you choose to support them?
If when a new energy is incorporated into the conscious awareness of the universal creation that allows for a greater expression of love and support – do you think that she would want to accept it and share it with all of the Beings she so lovingly adores? 
Do you think that her physical expression – the beautiful planet Earth could possibly experience the exact same experiences as Soul Beings who burn with fever and cool with chills. As each time there is a new awareness that She recognizes, she allows for that shift to occur within herself so that she is then able to share it through experience with all of those who exist within her energy field. 
Is this a case of global warming or is it a universal Being experiencing the exact same energy shifts as everyone else in the universe?
I leave it up to you to decide. The answers and the truth are always within your heart. Each Being in this Universe was created equally. Each of us has our own nature and our own abilities, but we are all equal. So the next time you feel lost or like you cannot make a difference, know that just being you is the most incredible and divine difference you can make. Each of us are important in this process, but each of us are vital to the success and fulfillment of this vision of the Creator of this universe. Each time you become aware of something in your life that is not supportive or nurturing to you, then allow yourself to free this energy from being. The awareness of how to do it and what exactly to do have been infused within your consciousness. The most important thing to focus on is following your heart and continuing to actively choose people, activities and experiences that fill your life with joy, compassion and respect. 
From personal experience I can say that after experiencing the intense heat and fever that flushes the body, it is followed by – just as intense – cold chills that rush in as the body works very quickly to assimilate and reconstitute the new State of Being you have chosen. Although uncomfortable at first for the body…especially the intense chills combined with the erratic sleep schedule – which of course seemed to show up as insomnia for days at a time. And just when you thought you could not go another minute without sleep, you were magically granted 6 undisturbed hours of bliss. Yet, through all of this there was a deep inner awareness that this IS part of the process and yes you are exactly where you need to be. Your body is working hard along with your mind to connect to the dreams that are emerging from your heart.
The intensity is all part of the process, becoming aware that intensity of self is just the beginning to becoming aware of who you are and what you as a person are capable of. Then allowing for the full recognition that when you consciously choose to connect with your Soul you are then allowing yourself to become aware of what you are capable of as a Soul Being in this universe. It is intense and yet it is exactly who you are and when you allow the intensity to fade from your mind you will uncover the truth that has been happily hidden there. The truth of the true beauty you hold within you that not only has been calling to you, it is now choosing to be revealed. 
You are the only one who can uncover your secrets, there may be many who assist or support you; but the actual intention and action must come from you. Unveiling truth is an intricate process and one that requires purity of thought, action and intent. If any of these are impure, then the outcome will not be an expression of the fullness you are capable of. Purity and truth go hand in hand. They are energies that when we are shifting and transforming they work simultaneously together to ensure we create what we are capable of. It is up to us in each moment to engage both of these energies. Knowing that each time one of our creations or intentions falls short; we did not have an adequate amount of purity or truth within our original intention.  
The transformation process is simple, it is just a matter of choosing to release our thought patterns and addictions to outgrown ways of being and doing. Embracing the power within us and choosing to connect to the universal awareness that is always available to us. Are you embracing or resisting? Look at the current expression in your life…are there any creations that fall short of your dreams? Are you willing to accept the truth of what you have created? Are you willing to have the courage to make the changes necessary to fulfill your dreams?
Through the Heart,