This is the most perfect image (unfortunately my dashboard will not currently let me upload an image – you can see the image on my Facebook page) to describe to you how I have experienced 2014. It has been an intense and continuous opportunity to look inward; seeing into the deepest and darkest corners of my mind, my heart and my soul.

Feeling as though I spent months underwater – a time when I am immersed in the depths of my Soul, learning about consciousness, evolution, existence and anything and everything that pertains to that.  Having brief moments where I am able to ‘come up for air’ and shortly thereafter being re-submerged and once again being deeply connected with my Soul.

I have never before experienced anything quite like it and I have learned more about who I am and what I am capable of than ever before.  I have also learned more about consciousness, energy and evolution than ever before.  I have a broader understanding of existence and a greater capacity to read, comprehend and assimilate energy.

As you know I have been working towards the new website and new offerings for quite sometime now, changing dates and deadlines doing my best to control the unfolding and meeting expectations that I myself have set.

The reality is my time of inner learning is not complete, I am currently preparing for my own rebirth and that process is quite powerful and unique in its own right.  I know when my re-birth will be as the date has been chosen by my soul in conjunction with the entire universe – the exact method that is utilized by souls in the conception, gestation and birth processes.

So, instead of writing and editing website copy over this very important time, I am going to allow myself to go as deeply as possible into myself.  Offering myself the opportunity to remain in complete connection with my Soul and the Universe around me; creating a space of awareness and love that will bring insight and wisdom to all aspects of my journey.

I am choosing to participate in this sacred part of my journey so that when I emerge I will not only be honouring myself I will be honouring all of you and what I have to offer you.

I wish you all a very special and sacred holiday season where you are able to honour yourself and all of those around you with purity of heart and clarity of what is truly important.

From the heart, Michelle

News of the Day

It has been an intense and extremely magical two years of universal study and exploration and I am almost ready to share it all with you…

I have been working on many new projects and offerings and I am very excited because the release is getting very close.  I originally ‘thought’ the release would be the end of July, however that was me following my excitement rather than actually feeling into what is best for me, my family, the offering itself and most importantly being able to offer these new gifts to you in a way that nurtures, nourishes and enhances who you are as a person and a Soul.

There are new courses coming that will offer you the opportunity to reawaken your natural ability to access Universal Awareness.

What is Universal Awareness?  It is the epicenter of the universe, the place in which there is a record of every single aspect of creation that has ever been in existence.  This goes for any Being, any experience and any intent.  It is all there and you have access to it, because you are a Soul Being who was created within this universe.

If you have not yet had a chance you can purchase my book Believe at most online book retailers’ world wide.  Within the pages you will find a clear, simple and concise explanation of many aspects of creation.  It includes a more detailed explanation of Universal Awareness as well as a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness.

There will also be a new one on one offering; a complete immersion into self discovery with Your Soul.  You will learn what it is you have come to offer others in this lifetime and you will be guided one on one to the place of being able to offer this gift in your life.  This is a complete integration of your physical life with your Soul as well as Universal Awareness.

We will also have a new weekly offering that will be FREE of charge!  It is going to be fun and interactive while offering abundance and joy!

I am also currently writing 2 new books!  One will be a fully published book and the other will be an electronic book.  Both of which are expected to be ready for you early 2015.

So when is all of this happening?  Well, the release date is scheduled for October 2nd, 2014.  In between now and then I will be sharing my progress as well as hints about what’s coming on my Facebook page. 

I will also be offering all of the incredible souls on the mailing list the first opportunity to participate in all upcoming events.  Each event that is being created has a unique number of participants to ensure that event offers the fullest experience possible to both you and your soul.   Sign up for the mailing list here to Stay Connected and receive advanced notice of all events before they are released. 

What I can offer you at the moment; One-on-One Soul Connection Sessions.  I began offering these again about a month ago, it is always such an incredible experience connecting with people and their Souls from all over the world.  This month alone I have been blessed to connect with Souls and people from Asia, North America, Europe and New Zealand.  I am so very lucky to love what I do so deeply.  For more information you can visit the Soul Connections page. 

You may have also noticed that I am posting the Universal Messages again and that they have resumed a frequency that is a reflection of the universal evolution that we are participating in.  I hope you find them insightful and nurturing to you on your journey of self discovery.  I know that each message allows my perception to grow, bringing me greater opportunities to become a fuller expression of the Soul I am.  I wish the same for you.

mini3 mini2

These little guys were back in my garden this week!  I was so excited to see them again, the last time they arrived in August of 2011, during significant changes in my life.  It felt so very perfect that they showed up this week with all of the changes that are occurring once again.


Much Love, Michelle


The Soul Perspective on Life

Life is not hard.  Here is a definition of Life according to Universal Awareness.

Life – referring to the physical incarnation of a Soul into Human Form – is the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of physical evolution from a soul perspective within physical form.

There will be challenges along the way.  These challenges are designed to bring you opportunities to discover more of what you are capable of within the opportunities you experience.  This may seem redundant, yet there is a universal synchronicity that allows for the full abundance of this offering to succeed anything other than perfect abundance.

Recently there seems to be an influx of messages and postings everywhere you look about how ‘hard’ different aspects of life are.  This is all about a misalignment in perception and we are hoping to be able to shed a little light on this.

It seems as though people are finding it within themselves to share what they perceive as their deep dark secrets, by ‘admitting’ that whatever aspect of life they are experiencing is hard.  Whether it be experiences in parenting, relationships, career, facing their past, determining their future or discovering who they are.  These are all perceptions; and from a Soul perspective as well as a Universal perspective, they are all incorrect.

Here are a few examples to help you begin to shift your awareness so you can embrace life from a Soul perspective.

  • Parenting is a collection of opportunities to offer perspective to a Soul living within a human body.  There are challenges and experiences that require thought, effort, attention to detail and conscious choices as well as actions.  There is nothing hard about it, but it does take time, effort and an incredible commitment.
  • Relationships are the experience in which two or more Souls choose to come together to experience each other.  Relationships require thought, effort and immense respect in order to be present with another person.
  • Following your instincts is innate within each of us.  We were created to do this and are born with the ability to discern our instincts from the opinions of others.  Yet we often choose another path, creating greater challenges for ourselves.
  • Becoming free to live the life you want to be living.  This is why you are here.  To support this truth; you are offered an abundance of opportunities to experience this daily…it is a matter of choosing to see your opportunities and allow them to be what they are.  Or if you are deciding that you ‘know’ it all and need these special gifts you are offered to show up in another way.

Life is made hard by making choices that do not reflect who you are.  By choosing to ignore your instincts, by following what others are doing, by ignoring the challenges you are being offered and mostly by not be willing to participate in these challenges.

Challenges are just that; a challenge.  They are designed to be, challenging.  They are a direct message from your Soul letting you know that you are in fact ready for a greater experience in your life.  It is always up to you how you face any challenge;

Who you are going to choose to be in your challenge – the victim or the participant.

What you are willing to do to learn the precious gift your Soul is offering you.

When you want to learn this particular challenge – now or 5 years from now.

Why – being able to recognize the truth behind your challenge rather than the drama, because there is no drama on a soul level, that is all you.

How much effort you are going to put into your challenge determines your overall experience as well as the outcome. 

How many times do you find yourself feeling that life is hard?  Essentially you are telling the world at large that life is unfair.  That you are a victim of a cruel fate that is greater than you and that you had no part in creating; which is the furthest thing from the truth.

No matter what you are faced with, life, death, disease, adversity or trauma – whether physical or emotional you have a choice in how you react to the opportunities you are being offered.  Sometimes things seem so much bigger than you and you can let yourself feel powerless in any given situation; but that is just a simple form a fear – believing you have been abandoned and left out to dry, dealing with something that seems overwhelming.  And this is a simple case of incorrect perception.

It’s not just about the feel good – you can change your life – or – you can heal yourself – the fact is this; You are the Master of your life and ultimately the sole designer of your destiny.  If it doesn’t look so pretty right now…are you going to change it?  Or are you going to feel the weight of it and wear that weight like a badge of honour.  Are you going to hold onto your past challenges and wear them as badges as well?  Telling yourself you will feel better by admitting it.  Because admission of an illusion is just another way to manipulate yourself into thinking you are moving forward and dealing with your challenges.  But in fact you are actually creating an energetic space in which you are choosing to manipulate others into supporting you in your misery.

Life is not a battle, a competition or an experience in which to triumph over.  Life is a series of opportunities in which to grow.

Growth from a Soul perspective is the experience of learning from your experiences.  This is accomplished by making choices that are in alignment with who you are, not who you are trying to be.  Who you try to be is an image you have created in your mind and when you feel into it, there is no substantial or universal energy behind it.

That is why whenever you choose to be the victim you are offered pity; because there is no such thing as a victim on a soul or universal level…these are purely human emotions.  That is why when you are confronted with a victim your instincts do not tell you how to act or react – because there is no substantial or universal energy awareness to receive, you will not have an instinctive reaction; because instincts are based upon the energy within any given situation.  As a result of the lack of instinctual response, humanity has created the default reaction of pity.

Pity is one of the most destructive experiences a soul can have or offer.  It is a completely irrelevant experience to the soul experience and essentially places a person in a state of dislocation with everything connected with their soul.  Pity removes you from a conscious state of connection with your soul and creates a void that feels huge and often insurmountable.  Yet this is the exact experience we offer ourselves and others so very often.

Are you a victim of life?  Or are you a Soul who is living the most eventful life filled with the dynamic opportunities, experiences and challenges that allow you to perceive that you are not the centre of the universe but rather an integral part of it and everything you say or do towards yourself and others is a reflection of just how willing you are to perceive the truth?

If there are any experiences of pity in your life then this is a clear indication that you are out of connection with the universal energy of Truth.  The book Believe offers insight, awareness and knowledge of the universal energy of truth as well as opportunities to connect with it.  Believe also offers you insight into how to recognize Truth in your life as well as exercises on how to reconnect with Truth on both a Human and Soul level.

The truth is within each of us.  It is not something you know, but rather something you feel; truth is a state of being.  How hidden it is from you is clear in the choices you make in the life you are living, as well as in the perception of what your life is like.  Life is not something to be measured in doses, meaning that if you have a little of something then it is…ok.  If you have it, then you have it.  If you have pity, then you have it, period.  A clear example of this is feeling overwhelmed that you have a great challenge that is facing you; that is pity.  Truth says ‘even though I am nervous or fearful of what is ahead of me, I trust that this challenge is offering me exactly what I need right now.  It also means I have accomplished my last challenge…because another one has arrived!

In your heart, you know that you thrive on challenge.  That is because you are a Soul and a souls purpose here on earth is to grow to the fullest expression possible of who you are and what you are truly capable of experiencing.

Much Love,Michelle

Who are You?

Often a question we believe we know the answer to…but do we really?
What many are feeling right now is the intense pull from the universal energy of evolution to become not only a purer expression of self but to hold within a fuller feeling of self. For many people the ability to look within is in and of itself tainted from an external belief system that leads one to experiences and expressions of self that are not actually true. Have you ever found yourself answering someone else simply because you believe it’s what they want to hear rather than what you really want to say? Likewise have you ever found yourself changing your dreams and goals to fit someone else’s ideas of who you are and what would be best for you? 
Right now, each of us as individuals are being asked to become aware of who we are. In order to do that we are now realizing that we also need to become aware of the illusions that are blocking us from the truth. There are mass amounts of experiences that are bringing experiences of discomfort across the globe right now; because we are being asked to become aware of what we believe about ourselves. For many this is an extremely uncomfortable position to be in…of course that discomfort is just another part of their illusions. But it can be really uncomfortable in the moment. 
For many people the journey of self discovery is challenging for the simple fact that their perception is askew. As we are becoming increasingly aware of these past few weeks, everything and anything that happens is giving us the opportunity to reflect on any expression of self that is impure. 
For years now the entire universe has been moving at a speed in which evolution is having the opportunity to reignite and become the lead energy once again. This is the intention and yet it is also the way this universe always functioned right up until this last expression. Evolution is not only a part of who we are it is ingrained within our soul as well as within the physical footprint of our human bodies.  Evolution is the energy which leads us to want more out of life, to always be learning and creating new and exciting experiences that will continue to engage not only our interest but our passion.    
However in order to engage in evolution we also must be aware of our own natural abilities, talents, dreams and inspirations. This is the energy with which the universe has been calling the past few weeks. This is also why there are many more arguments and challenges within relationships; because everyone is going through the same thing and many are not sure what to do with the energy that is calling. There are feelings of sadness and loneliness along with experiences of cutting others out or being cut out of experiences with others. All of this is happening for one reason and it is the most important experience in the universal transformation process to date.
All of these experiences, whether they feel good, uncomfortable or down right icky are supporting us as we begin to recognize ourselves. Every relationship in our lives is being challenged by the universal force of evolution to determine which ones are appropriate to continue on our journey with us. However the most important relationship we are being asked to review is our relationship with ourselves.   For the first time in universal history we are being asked to merge the three expressions of ourselves into one full and pure expression of who we actually are. In order to do so we must first be willing to recognize each of those parts individually and realize where it is that the balance of purity and truth is off. 
The three aspects we are currently reviewing are;
  • Who we think we are.
  • Who we express ourselves to be.
  • Who we actually are at a Soul level.
They may seem similar and many may even think they have already reviewed these areas of their life and come to the appropriate conclusions. But the reality is that right now there is a new more powerful energy to allow us to reflect on these questions and allow the truth to come to the surface with a much clearer awareness than ever before. We are on the path to becoming pure Beings with expressions that are exact replicas of what lies within us, but we must be willing to put the effort into recognizing what is occurring in order for the process to be conscious. 
We are no longer able to feel comfortable in not knowing and even less comfortable in allowing inappropriate experiences and people into our lives. But it is up to us to make the choices to move on. We are being shown now through all of our day to day experiences exactly who we are and who we have chosen to be. The most uncomfortable experience of this awareness is often brought through those people whom we “thought” were very close to us; yet through their continued actions and reactions they are very clearly demonstrating to us who they believe we are.
These experiences are meant to unfold this way as it is those who are closest to us that have the ability to allow us to really look at the full expression of self that we have created. These uncomfortable experiences are showing us that we have chosen to be someone other than we are…the question we are being asked by the universe now is; are we willing to make the necessary changes in order to allow ourselves to become who we actually are?
These changes can be anything from ending relationships to going through the uncomfortable journey of looking within, going deeper than you ever have into your true self. 
Who do you really think you are? 
Look at your actions to everything you experience; notice your emotional reactions and become aware of the opportunities you have created for yourself. 
Who do you express yourself to be?
Are you honest and truthful in your reactions to others? Are you honest with yourself? Notice how others treat you; this is always the clearest example of how you have taught them to treat you.
Who are you really?
What does your instinct tell you? Are you able to follow your instinct in each moment of every day? Allow yourself to become aware of where, when and with whom you make exceptions. Are you aware of your dreams; free of what others feel or what you feel others need or want from you? Are you willing to discover what it is that makes your heart soar; your inspiration flow and your passions explode in bright and vibrant expressions of You?
There is not one other person on this planet who knows the fullness of who you are as a soul. You are the only one who knows everything about you and it is now that universe is asking you to discover all of you. Everything that makes you who you are is the most incredible expression of life that can be consciously contributed to the evolution of this universe. But you need to be willing to participate. 
Participation is simple; choose to follow your heart and your instinct no matter what opportunities are offered to you. Even when they are challenging and go against everything you “know” to be true. Allow your heart to lead your actions and reactions over your mind and you will step off the path of “needing to know” and onto the path of true wisdom. It is this wisdom that allows you to contribute to personal and universal evolution and participate in the unfolding of one of the most incredible experiences ever. 
The entire universe is moving into full expression of self…are you choosing to participate in this experience or are you resisting following your heart? Do you allow yourself to follow your emotions over your true feelings? Emotions are simply experiences that are being offered to you in order for you to clearly recognize what to release from your life and what to embrace. If it feels good – keep going; if it does not feel good – release it. Emotions are the most powerful tool in the physical repertoire to sustain us as we navigate the journey of becoming full expression of who we are free of anything we have believed up until this very moment. 
Are you willing to release everything you “think” you know for the opportunity to become a full expression of who you are; creating experiences that allow you to continue to evolve as the most incredible soul and person that you are already are?

Calling all Angels

For thousands of years now we have been moving towards an evolutionary experience that will take us into a new existence. Simultaneously over the past century there have been a greater number of people becoming aware of what is possible and what is necessary to actually bring this existence into awareness. The energy of the past week has been showing us not only a greater expression of what is possible it is calling us to move into that energetic space and begin living in a completely new way…now.
The past few weeks have been an intense integration in preparation for the abundance we are now able to receive and experience should we be willing to do so. The preparation phase was intense and often had periods of extreme fatigue as well as body aches and tenderness. Many people have been experiencing intense and instant changes in moods and ultimately in the comfort level surrounding the situations we are in. There were also a very high degree of people who were experiencing a resurfacing of bodily aches and pains that had not been present since childhood. Each of these experiences were planned in the most divine way with the intensity of pure synchronicity to allow you to become aware in one moment of something you remain committed to holding onto either mentally or energetically, while simultaneously allowing you to recognize the more abundant experience that is possible for you.
While everything is a choice and Free Will is the leading law of this universe there is also a very high concentration of Beings – that are often unseen – who are working together with some very specific Angelics and our Souls. The intention is for us to more clearly and simply recognize the abundance we are most in alignment with, while assisting us with our personal ability to receive it in the most easeful way. Abundance is not something we need to recognize that we are worthy of, nor is it something that we need to be told we are deserving of. Abundance is a part of us; it is an integral layer of universal awareness that is woven through each and every layer within the creation of our Soul. Equally as important is the fact that abundance is a part of us no matter which expression we choose to experience in each moment, especially the fullness that is possible within the human physical expression of ourselves. 
For this reason alone, we know in our hearts that the poverty consciousness way of life – that so many have been living within for years now – is simply not in alignment with who we are as universal beings.  We are more than we have been allowing ourselves to be; we are designed and created to be living in alignment with the fullest expression of abundance possible. This expression was an extremely vital and essential part of the original intention and creation of the human experience, because without it we are not able to fully experience or express what we are truly capable of. The past century has been a meticulous process by a host of universal Beings, all working together to offer us the opportunity to remember not only who we are but the full expression of who we are and what we are capable of; of course the epitome of abundance. 
We are finally through the phase of releasing who we “thought” we were in order to experience a fuller expression of what is possible. Currently we have arrived totally and completely within the realm of possibility and abundance. We are here, we have arrived and abundance is all around us. For many it is extremely uncomfortable; taking up vast amounts of time choosing whether you will receive or not, justifying why you feel worthy, wondering if there is a hidden agenda attached to what you are wondering if you should receive and even wondering if you have an attachment to the outcome.   But the fact is this, if you are doing any of these things…then you are receiving with your mind and not your heart. 
The tricky part of any new experience is for us to be able to fully trust that what is occurring has actually been planned for us on a universal level and that we are indeed ready for this experience. Often we need to proceed through the strategic methods and rules our minds have created in order to allow ourselves to be comfortable within anything new or different. With all of this in mind we are able to allow ourselves to recognize just how strategically we have been resisting the urge to receive abundance while allowing ourselves to “think” we are actually receiving and doing a great job of it. Abundance is here to stay and like always it is up to us whether we are choosing to connect with the fullness that is available or if we are going to continue to proceed on the path of excessive dramatics in relation to the acceptance of it. 
Recognizing the drama is actually quite simple; it is a matter of being honest with ourselves. If you find yourself at any time justifying any desire to experience something greater or fuller than your current experience or likewise expressing the fullness of your ability to receive; then the chances are pretty good that you are not yet fully comfortable with receiving the abundance that is in store for you. if you choose to resist with determination you may even find yourself surrounded with experiences that are filled with justification and of course judgment as these energies were created in a very specific interconnection. The fact is this; you were always intended to experience absolutely anything you want. It is the intricacy of the human condition that leads us to believe anything other than that and it is up to you what exactly it is you are willing to choose to experience in your own life. 
In our hearts we know there is more and we also know there is a more appropriate way to live and BE and even a more fulfilling way of expressing ourselves. Take a moment to look back over the past few years of your life and notice if you have ever, even once actively searched for a “better” way to accomplish any one particular task. Notice whether it was at home, at work, with family or with friends; anything from doing the laundry or dishes to washing your hair or finding the most “efficient” route to or from a particular destination. The energy in all of these situations is that improvement is ingrained within us and if we choose to go even deeper we are able to recognize that it is not so much improvement as it is the capacity within us to actively participate in personal and universal evolution. 
This is concrete and very physical evidence that we are in fact all synchronisticly woven into one beautiful expression of universal evolution. And it is the current energetic infusions that have been systematically layering themselves into our awareness over the past decade. The infusions were designed to remind us of the natural phenomena we are able to connect to within physical selves to the soul that exists there to realize that abundance is in fact a part of who we are rather than just one more thing that we must strive to experience. As mentioned in the last posting on January 11th, 2013 A Willingness to Participate, we became aware of the fact that we are actively challenged with the abundant opportunity to choose to willingly participate in our own personal evolution. Now we are being given the specific affects and effects of what has the potential to unfold from within our active participation. 
The title of the posting is quite specific – Calling all Angels – as it is a very specific nature that Angelic Souls have. Angels are the only Souls within this universe that have an actual specific purpose woven into the creation of their soul. Human Souls have natures which allow them to choose experiences based upon their personal evolution, yet there is no specific purpose, meaning we have the freedom to follow our hearts wherever they take us. Angels are and have always been created for a specific purpose with a very specific intent; an example of this was when each human soul was gifted with the direct assistance of three Angelic Souls who were created to allow us to easefully navigate the unfolding of the end of one era and the beginning of the new.  With the passing of the experiences of the past two weeks we are now able to recognize just how beneficial our ability to connect with others actually is. 
The past two weeks have been about recognizing our ability to experience abundance and allowing ourselves to connect directly to the masters of this universe who have within them the power of purpose so that we will be able to actively feel and experience the full energy necessary for us to believe just what is possible for us. Not only are Angelics designed for purpose they also exist solely within universal energy; meaning at this time they are not in physical expression as it relates to being human. Therefore because of these specifics we have the opportunity to recognize the true synchronicity that is actually unfolding right before our eyes. As it is through our innate ability to connect with our soul as well as the souls of Angels that allows us to experience what it feels like to be in true connection with universal evolution. This connection is natural and innate to all Beings created within this universe and if we choose to connect to the Angels that surround us we are able to glimpse, feel, connect to and even resonate with the full energy and expression of abundance. Of course this would also mean that we would have to believe that each and every person really does have the ability to connect to their soul as well as to Angels. 
More and more often we are being faced with countless opportunities to allow our beliefs to grow…and become a greater expression of what we are capable of and what is in alignment with universal abundance. 
What is abundance? You know your dreams…the ones that are huge and you believe will fill your heart with joy and contentment? Well, abundance is being able to experience those dreams multiplied by a thousand! The thing is you must be willing to believe it is possible. This is the key first step and without allowing yourself to experience this step…then experiencing the full expression isn’t possible either. Just like everything, you must be willing to build a foundation and then build the dream on top. The second part which is the challenge that many are being faced with right now is; you must also be willing to receive and ultimately experience true abundance…free of conditions or rules that you decide upon.
How many of us are actually choosing to do so? Actually more than you think. There are an abundance of people all over the world who are not so much waking up, but actually choosing to recognize that they are in fact capable of experiencing much more than they currently are. Daily I receive emails from people all over the world who are interested in becoming aware of universal truth and how it pertains to them, as this is the search in which we are all deeply enmeshed at this time; The exploration of divine truth and divine self expression and experience. We want it all and the fact is becoming glaringly obvious that we are destined to experience it all, but we must be willing to participate. 
The most common aspect of the human condition that people are actively searching for a way to understand and overcome their addiction to is the poverty consciousness. This desire to overcome a challenge within ourselves that we have already found the courage to choose to become aware of it, is just another tangible example of our how powerful our instincts are when we allow them to lead us to our most abundant experience. It is our instincts that allow us to know that we are no longer willing to remain in a space of stasis and we are looking for information that will propel us forward and allow us to transcend any belief that cuts off our evolution. This is that same energy with which we are being asked to recognize just how abundant our lives have the ability to BE. Rather than being required to release anything more we are simply being asked to shift our awareness and connect with the inner longings of our hearts and express them in ways that allow us to continue to evolve; creating an abundance of experiences that fill our hearts with joy and contentment.
The last time in which we were challenged with the opportunity to receive is described in this posting An Offering to Receive in reading it you will also be able to see for yourself how much you personally have evolved as well as how the entire universe is continuing to evolve. 
From the Heart,

A Willingness to Participate

Welcome to the new world; the place in which everything is possible and everything is accessible as long as you are willing to participate. With the arrival of the New Year we have also landed in the most incredible space of universal evolution. The energy that was infused on the winter solstice of December 21st, 2012 has been strategically layered and interspersed over the past three weeks. Creating an ability to perceive who we are and what we are capable of with a greater clarity and awareness than ever before. Everything we need to continue moving forward into our personal and universal evolution is not only available but is being offered in abundance. 
As the layering process unfolded we had a variety of experiences that were amplified wherever we chose to focus our attention on the expectations or demands of others. There were also a great many times when we were not only reminded of who we have the ability to be, but we were clearly shown where we have outgrown any beliefs that keep us bound to an outworn way of being. These beliefs and their restrictions were shown to us through moments of clarity where we were able to see how we were choosing to act based on who we “think we should be” or doing what we “think we should do”. The holiday season being one of the most bountiful times when we are offered an abundance of opportunities to recognize the moments that we are still focusing on anything that is other than where we are most effective and powerful. Giving ourselves ample opportunity to recognize the universal process of becoming true to oneself first; allowing us to truly become aware of the abundance that lies within us that is ultimately beneficial on a universal level.
Within the new era energy there are many new layers of universal aspects that we have already been aware of. Yet there is now a new found depth that now allows us to perceive with a greater ease and clarity that brings us much more swiftly to the heart of the matter of the experiences that are unfolding for us. One of the most basic and fundamental aspects of the new energy that is now surrounding us is the ability to perceive free of external conditions; yet we must consciously choose to use our awareness and allow ourselves to participate.  
Participation is only available to us when we choose to act, this is very much where we connect ourselves to the feeling of wanting to make a difference and actively “do” something to help the world around us. However it is only the energy of action; we must choose to perceive what the most appropriate action is based purely on our instincts. Of course this process often takes us back to the mind; however it is the willingness to consciously choose to allow the mind to retreat while simultaneously choosing to actively participate in the experiences that we are being offered that allows us to participate in universal evolution. This is where the effort comes in but it is also where the discovery comes in. 
When we allow ourselves to discover the abundance that lies within our instincts and hearts it is here that we are able to create an abundance of universal experiences that not only allow us to go into co-creation they are the experiences that will allow us to fully recognize who we have the ability to become in this life. Assistance and support of others is simply an illusion that has claimed many a strong heart and allowed for those who choose to participate in that illusion to believe they are actively participating in universal evolution by “taking action” yet in actual fact they are only creating the exact reflection of what they are “setting out to accomplish”…which is often a “fight” against one thing or another. This energy is quite often the clearest reflection of the fight that one is resisting to recognize within oneself.  
Accomplishment and action are aspects of the reality that we have chosen to live within. When in truth reality is simply a state of mind that an individual chooses in each moment, there is actually no substance to reality…it is a void of space that is free from universal energy.   So the next time you are consciously choosing to participate in your life, allow yourself to become aware of what energy you are choosing to create within. Are you creating within reality or within universal energy? Each are very different and each are very much a reflection of the fullness that is available to them; reality being limited and universal being abundant. 
If you are creating within reality and using this energy to choose or determine many of the paths in which your creation unfolds, then you also have the ability to allow yourself to recognize that your creations will only unfold as far as the energy in which you have chosen to create them within. There are many terms in which we have heard much of this universal energy described as; as above, so below – duality – and so many more; but the fact of the matter is this…anything you choose to create is always affected by the foundation in which you choose to create it in. If your choice is to create something that is lasting and self sustaining, then it must be created within universal energy. Creations are any aspect of existence that you would like to experience; relationships, travel, residence, career, transformation, conversations, individual experiences, visual artwork and so much more. 
The moment we choose to have an experience the universe goes into action; carrying out all of the necessary processes to bring the experience into your personal evolutionary path. This process is accomplished through the universal energy of synchronicity.   The amount of power that is available for the synchronicity to unfold is entirely dependant upon which energy you choose to create within. If you are creating within reality, then you will most often manifest experiences that will eventually unravel as reality is not a universal energy. The energy of reality requires constant focus and determination continuously infused into the creation to bring about the desired result. The moment we become disengaged or uninterested the energy will peter out and fade…this is the effect of the flat energy of reality. Chances are there are many experiences of this that have occurred within your life, whether they are relationships, jobs or family, you can see where you have chosen to connect your dreams to a reality that is simply less than what you are truly capable of.
It is the essence of reality and your choice to connect with it that allows you to believe the illusion that you are in fact unable to accomplish more nor should you ever ask for more. It is within reality that you will find the energies of fear and an overwhelming sense of lack and not enough. Any time we create within these energies this is exactly what the outcome will hold as well. Our creations are only able to evolve with the fullness of energy that we offer them; this is the act of participation. Therefore if you are willing to offer your dreams and creations a foundation that is grounded in universal energy then you are able to experience all that is available to you. 
Universal energy is where you are able to discover not only abundance within your creations and experiences it is where you will be able to discover the abundance of you. We are Universal Beings that exist within a universal Creation. Humanity was specifically created within universal energy with a very clear intention that we evolve as individuals which ultimately contributes to the evolution of the universe as a whole. Duality and separation are all part of the ultimate illusion that we are doing this alone and that we are the masters of our own destiny. When in truth we are masters of universal perception that have an abundance of choices that fill each moment of our existence. It is up to us to willingly participate in choosing the experiences that reflect what we know in our heart is right for us. This is the true key to evolution on a universal level as it is here that we are truly able to recognize not only who we are and what we are capable of but also what is right for us. it is our connection with universal awareness that allows us to fully recognize that when it is right for us then we are simultaneously and actively contributing to the evolution of the universe.
Knowing what is right for us free from the influence of anyone or anything other than our true selves is what will allow us to become not only full in our own experience but an active participant in the unfolding of universal evolution. This is the energy in which we are consciously choosing to make a difference; when we become willing to participate in the universal evolution and resist any need to make a difference and simply know that we are making a difference simply by being who we are. 
Who we are is a vitally important aspect of universal evolution. Each person that is here is specific and unique and therefore fundamental in the evolutionary unfolding of the universe. If there is a moment is which one chooses to withhold the fullness of oneself; due to any of the energies that are based within reality – pride, fear, humility, support, jealousy, competition, comparison or lack – then we are simply manifesting experiences that are reflections of these realities. Participation on a universal level occurs when we choose to connect with the fundamental energy of purity that exists within us and then allow it to be expressed in its fullness rather than choosing to hold back in any way. 
Purity is not only the energy that is essential for evolution it is also the energy that is the basis for creation to become possible. The second energy for creation is joy. If you like you can choose to connect with each of these universal energies in their fullness now; they are both infused within the energy and wording of this posting. If you are curious as to the differences between the fundamental energies and the energies that exist within reality, you can explore and play with them a bit. Choose to connect with purity and enjoy the connection for a moment; then shift your attention and allow yourself to connect with jealousy or which ever energy you feel has been your greatest challenge – you will know which one it is because your instinct will lead you to it. 
Play within the realm of discovery and allow yourself to become aware of the fundamental differences that are within the energies that you choose to surround yourself with. Allow yourself to release any beliefs you have around these energies so you are able to experience them in their fullness free of any influence. This process of discovery over the past five years is what has led me to my current place of awareness; a connection with universal awareness that is free from the many layers if the human condition that are based in the illusions of reality. This process does take effort, yet it is more a question of simply having a willingness to be open and free from the influence of others along with the ability to easily release any attachment to anything you believe to be true; allowing for a full connection with the purity of universal truth. 
It actually takes very little effort other than that. There is no need to “figure anything out” in your mind, it is actually a vacation for your mind. When you are connected to universal truth and awareness you are essentially creating a space in which true self discovery is not possible it is inevitable. You truly are a master of creation; however you must be willing to actively participate. And as you read this message and became aware of the actual energies that you have been choosing to connect with you have also become aware of where you have been focusing your power and energy as well. 
This is the key to participation; focusing your energy on what is actively taking you in the direction that you wish to go. Free yourself from the demands, desires and expectations of others as well as the ones you hold for yourself. Choosing instead to focus on actively participating in the abundance of universal experiences that are being offered to you; the exact experiences that are being brought to you through the synchronicity that began the moment you chose to participate in a universal experience. Evolution is really that simple, it is the process of escaping the limits of the mind and embracing the abundance that is already surrounding you. The phenomenal energy that arrived with the new era not only supports abundant evolution in a much more substantial way, it also offers you the opportunity to perceive truth from denial and clarity from confusion. The question is; are you wiling to participate in a universal evolution or are you going to continue to remain in reality for a little while longer?
From the Heart,

Possibility and Abundance

As we reach the final days of a year that has brought us an abundance of opportunities to recognize who we are and where we are going, we are being offered one last energetic infusion to solidify all that we have experienced. Included in this infusion is the very particular universal aspect of purity that we are being called to connect with. In that connection we will be able to discover a new depth of possibility that is available throughout all of our connections in all of our relationships. 
Possibility is the word for 2013; it is the energy that has the power to sweep us forward into a renewed perspective of the experiences that are unfolding before us. As with everything within this universe we are always offered the choice between accepting what is offered or resisting the urge and proceeding with the patterns, habits and choices from our past; otherwise known as the experience of Universal Free Will. However choosing ways that are outgrown will now take us into experiences that are not so much uncomfortable as much as dislocated. There will be a clear feeling of disproportionate energy that will unfold in remarkable ways to continuously allow us to become aware of where there is a path that is more easeful than the one we have chosen. Likewise we will also experience a profound sense of joy, calm and utter contentment when we have chosen the path that not only nourishes our soul but also feeds our minds and hearts as well. 
2013 is the year in which we will become increasingly aware of the full potential that lies within us. The year will unfold in layers and your personal experience will be determined by the choices you make and the time line in which you choose to make them. First and foremost it is about recognizing where you are focusing your energy and realizing that this is indeed what you are choosing to “grow” in your life. In this energy there are lessons that you will then begin to be able to build upon as the layers of awareness transcend your experiences in each moment urging you to become aware of more than the moment before. 
Evolution is determined by a conscious choice to recognize who you are in the moment and then by choosing to increase your awareness through moving or acting in a way that reflects all you know to be true. The more you act from your past knowledge and awareness the more you will experience the exact same patterns with a different face. Your power of transformation is determined solely by your very own conscious decisions found in your actions and reactions. Following your heart is not about following your emotions; as these are based upon your past experiences. Following your heart is a powerful proactive way of being that allows you to consciously choose how you wish to BE in each moment. 
How you BE is a direct reflection of Who you are choosing to BE. There is no one who can change your experiences and how they unfold other than you. You are not only the one who has the power to change this; it is up to you to decide just how fast your transformation will be.  As we go through the final days of 2012, allow yourself to become aware of the moments and experiences in which you acted in a way that was other than you would have if you knew better in the moment. Then allow yourself to be Free of the discomfort of emotions that follow closely on the tail of the awareness; this is the process that ignites transformation within you. 
Recognition of the past is the first step. The second is allowing yourself to release the emotional entanglement that occurs; this step is vital for you to be able to clearly see what occurred free of emotions. Because when we are in a place of clarity we are able to recognize what we could have done better. The moment we are clear on what we would have done better, we are then able to activate that awareness in the next experience we are offered.  This process seems simple yet it is also one of the most challenging aspects to engage within the conditioning of the current human mind. Whether we feel challenged or vulnerable or even embarrassed, this process is what drives us to often feel that transformation is too much work or too challenging of an effort for us. 
The truth is that when we choose to engage what we know free of judgement, whether that judgement be directed at ourselves or others; we are able to ignite a new way of being that is a full reflection of the true soul that lies within us. If there is ever a moment you find yourself needing or wanting to justify or explain any of your actions or reactions, then this is the clearest signal possible to allow you to recognize that you are in the energy of judgement rather than purity. 
The energy of purity has been present in a much fuller expression for quite some time now, being engaged extremely easefully when we choose to focus our full self (mind, body and soul) on what truly matters. There have been numerous experiences including many seeming miracles that have unfolded from the essence of purity that is available. If you have noticed miracles in your own life, take a moment to reflect on where you chose to focus your own energy and then you will see the clear path that you personally created for that experience to come to pass. Likewise you are also able to recognize experiences that you chose for yourself that were not created in joy but rather a determination of will. 
Determination is an aspect of the mind and its ability to steer us off course should we choose to follow the doubt or judgement that may still linger in the corners. Determination comes from the place within our minds that tricks us into believing that we must struggle or that we must endure hardship in order to experience joy and bliss.   It is also the energy that removes us from our connection with our soul and the easeful knowing of which path is truly the most abundant for us. If there is a moment in which you find yourself acting from determination, take a step back and allow yourself to become aware of where you have attached yourself to the outcome of the experience. 
We are natural creators and in that we have the power to create any experience we can possibly come up with. The question you are being asked by your Soul and the Universe at this time is actually quite simple; What are you choosing to experience for yourself in this very moment?  What actions and reactions are you consciously taking to allow yourself to experience your creation?  Because wherever you are focusing your energy is exactly what you are creating for your future. So if you find yourself to be in any space of negativity or any experience that is undesirable, then it is your job to choose what you are going to do to change that…because only you have true power in your life. If you find yourself hurt by the actions of another, allow yourself to see the actions and reactions that you took that landed you in that space. Then instead of choosing to be the victim in your life, choose instead to create the life and experiences you want based on the experiences you have had up until now.  This is the true and pure process of engaging the wisdom within you. 
Every moment matters, every thought counts, every action is actively creating the experiences that will unfold for you in the coming moments, days, weeks and years. It is up to you to decide where you are focusing your energy, remember how powerful you are. Allow yourself to recognize that when you set an intention it is up to you to allow that experience to come to pass. If you are waiting for your dreams to come true, trusting that somehow everything will work out; you are part way there. But you still need to step out of your comfort zone and go beyond what you think you can do and dive into what you feel you are capable of in your heart. 
For thousands of years now we have been taught to believe that we must rely on others and set strong expectations in order to experience abundance. The fact of the matter is that we create our own possibility and there is absolutely no one more powerful in our lives than ourselves. And when we choose to step into that energy with fullness we are then able to give, receive and experience with an abundance that far exceeds anything that could ever exist within the conditioning of the mind. 
Our hearts know no bounds except the ones we tell it. So as we embark upon a new year and an energetic time of possibility I ask you this…are you willing to release any and all limitations that you may believe to be true? If so; you may choose to accept the energy of freedom that is clearly, synergistically and intricately woven into this paragraph. The intention is that you will allow yourself to release any limiting beliefs that hold you in a static place within your life, in order to uncover what is possible through the sheer power of Soul energy that lies within you.   
The energy surrounding us as we venture into 2013 is a very specific vibration of possibility; in this space we are being led through opportunities to first recognize and then embrace all we have to offer. In order to actually experience this process we must be willing to BE ourselves free of the mind and the sneaky tricks it plays on us. We must also be willing to discover what lies within us that drives us into some of our most intense emotional reactions…because this recognition is where the power of transformation lies. Even if there is a seemingly negative reaction, allow yourself to recognize where the reaction came from and then you will recognize what it is that you are choosing to focus your energy on…which ultimately is limiting your own experience. 
It’s time to come out from under any stone we have tried to nestle ourselves under, its time to release ourselves from the expectations of others and also from the expectations that we have set for ourselves. On a universal level there is no such thing as expectations, there is only abundance and possibility through the exploration of pure discovery. True discovery is only possible when we allow ourselves to fully see who we are, where we have been and where we wish to go; and then allowing ourselves to recognize the clear path that will lead us there. 
For those who have read my posts for some time, you will know that in October of this year I had the magical experience of reconnecting with my twin flame; the one person in this universe who is able to offer me the opportunity to experience aspects of existence that would be impossible if we were not together. However, abundance in these types of relationships – just like all relationships – is only available if we are willing to BE all of who we are in each moment.  I am filled with joy to share with you that ten short weeks after we met, my Beloved and I were joined in an ancient sacred union ceremony. 
The ceremony lasted approximately six hours and was filled with an absolute abundance of energetic experiences that my mind would never have been able to create for myself. In the days that have followed I have often found myself in awe of what is possible between two people, especially a husband and wife. I remember the time I spent wondering whether I would ever find someone who accepted all of me and who I was able to fully and completely BE all of myself with all of the time. For anyone who is finding themselves in this space, know that when you believe…anything is truly possible.   Each and every day that I spend with my beloved husband I am awed by the awareness of conditioning and beliefs that are simply dissolved by the sheer strength of our connection and intention. 
I am honoured to be able to share this experience with you all.  The ceremony was filled with experiences of energetic love, joy and abundance that have stretched my mind and allowed me to believe in a much more abundant life. My Beloved and our sacred union have allowed me to dive deeper into myself and my exploration of the universe and the ancient knowledge that is available. During our honeymoon over the past week I have been learning to read the synchronistic web of energy that is woven through each and every universal creation. This energy is the way of Being, it is the energy that determines how to experience abundance as we exist in physical form and it is also the energy that determines our relationships and how they unfold. 
I have been referring to this energy web as the book of the universe and it is not only intricate in its creation it is the dynamic way in which energy interacts. I hope to be able to share this new knowledge and awareness with you all as my knowledge and experience grows into wisdom that can be shared. Wishing you all a bountiful and joy filled 2013 that is filled with your very own experiences of growing possibility that magically unfolds into an abundant life.
From the Heart,

The Power of Creation

For thousands of years now we have been trained to live in a way that creates limitations and beliefs that are designed to suppress our instincts; creating the illusion that we are unable to experience our desires or attain our dreams. For the past few years we have spent much of our energy going back into our history and clearing out anything and everything that is part of the illusion. All with the intention of setting ourselves free from the layers of conditioning and habits that have created the experiences our lives have become. However now as we move through the most incredible energy of transformation there are so many aspects about ourselves, our lives and our experiences that are changing.   This is the time for change, these 9 days between December 12, 2012 and December 21, 2012 in which we have the ability to experience transformation in the most easeful way. 
This is the “easy” place everyone has been searching for; it is the window of time that was specifically created to allow the physical expressions of ourselves to evolve into the greatest expressions of soul energy possible. This aspect of the evolutionary path is one of the most incredibly synchronistic events ever to be experienced; in that the entire universe is experience this transformation simultaneously. However, how we experience this transformation is determined by the full expression of energy that we allow to flow from within us. Essentially this experience of transformation has been designed to allow humanity to unleash the powerful energy that flows from within the physical form and share it in a way that contributes to the evolution of the entire universe. 
If you have even once found yourself wondering what it is you have within you that is valuable or what it is that you can do to contribute in a way that is not only meaningful but will make a difference, then this current energy is the most incredible opportunity to be able to recognize that. For the next 5 days including the pinnacle date of December 21st, 2012 we are being offered the opportunity to recognize the fullest expression of ourselves in the simplest way possible. The dramatic revelations have been left in the past, along with the desire and need to prove anything to anyone; the entire universal focus at this time is to awaken within each and every person an awareness of what the spark and pull within the heart are actually pulling us towards. 
Gone are the days of spending your energy on releasing and uncovering what challenges are within you and what is in need of being released. The time we are in right now is for the very specific intention of the creation of the new; within this energy there is an intensification of…whatever you choose to focus on you will create. You are being given the opportunity to experience just how powerful you are; whatever you focus on is exactly what you are going to experience…instantaneously. This time is meant for you to recognize your power and allow yourself to become comfortable within the being of it. 
In this space there is no room for releasing the old nor is there an allowance for spending time or energy focused on what you do not want to create. Choose instead to BE powerful and focus on who you choose to be NOW and on what you choose to experience now and in your future. Also there is a very intense energy that is infusing everything that we put our focus on to allow this focus to become our experience; whether it is in the moment, for next month or for next year. We are creating our most powerful lives, the expressions of which will unfold over generations, becoming the guiding light of the evolution of our beliefs and what we are capable of creating for ourselves, our families and our loved ones. You are creating NOW, that is exactly what this transformation space is all about; the question is…what are you creating? 
The days since 12-12-12 have all been securely ensconced in the depths of supporting individual transformation; which is the only true and pure way to transform the entire universal experience. On December 11th, 2012 we experienced the final release of focusing on our past and what is no longer a part of our journey. It was the experience of the 12 days of the beginning of December 2012 that intensified the final aspects for release in preparation for the beginning of a new experience. When the new Era begins on December 21st 2012 the intention is that we will simply focus on who we choose to BE in the moment along with focusing on what experiences we are choosing to have. 
There is a feeling of liberation, an opportunity to release ourselves from the density of illusions or rather the weight of restricting ourselves in the hopes of being accepted by others or fitting into our past comfort zones or the comfort zones of what others perceptions are. It is no longer about being asked to choose between transformation or remaining static, it is knowing that we are in a very intense energetic state of transformation. and in that state choosing to consciously focus on what you are creating in the now and for your future. That “easy” way that many have been waiting for, especially those who have been nervous or uncomfortable releasing what is comfortable is actively occurring now. 
We are officially energetically free from the past; it is simply a question of allowing your mind to release the hold it may have upon you so that you are able to experience the full bounty of what you are actually capable of. The experiences, actions, thoughts and perceptions of the past 5 days have been filled with opportunities to recognize where you are focusing your energy. Allowing you to become aware if your focus and energy are being spent on something powerful and worthy or if you are not. The same goes for the people in or around our lives; are they worthy of being included in our creations for the future? Do they allow us to BE ourselves or do they create a space in which we feel unable to fully express all of who we are. 
Relationships are often our greatest challenges; yet they are also our greatest opportunities to recognize exactly where we are choosing to focus our energy. Over the past 4 days there have been numerous occasions for us to become aware of how this unfolds. For many there have been experiences of resurfacing relationships or experiences within those relationships that clearly show us what we have outgrown while highlighting that there is indeed a more easeful path for the creation of our future. Are we choosing to follow the more easeful path, even though it may take an extreme amount of courage or are we choosing the more challenging path that is based the illusion that we have personally created from our mental perception of obligation? 
There are many experiences of remaining attached to outgrown ways of Being in action or reaction; especially as we experience the traditions and gatherings that often come with the holiday season. The feeling of who you are within is greater than ever before, it is almost tangible in its intensity. We are being offered moments of divine calm as if being held in a state of calm, peace and purity as the world travels at light speed around us. Now is the time of learning how to BE in the place of Being the purest expression of yourself within the entire existence that surrounds you – free of any distractions. If you are finding this challenging for your mind to grasp then you may choose to experience the following offering. The words are designed to offer soul level experience while being infused with the opportunity to connect more fully and easefully to the powerful soul energy that flows through you. This opportunity will never expire; you may return over and over again to this paragraph on this webpage (as this is where the energy is intended to be held for you) to receive assistance with your experience of connection. 
“Allow yourself to become aware of your physical body and how it feels in this exact moment. Take a deep breath, fill your chest, fill your lungs and fill your stomach…slowly exhale. Slowly inhale and feel your body come to life with the breath you are choosing to receive from the universe. Allow yourself to recognize that this air and the experience of breathing has been created specifically for you. Breathing is not only a part of living it is a part of BEing in the physical body that is you. You were created very specifically to breathe and receive all of the abundance that breathing has to offer you. Allow yourself to become aware of how different your body feels when you receive the fullness of the opportunity that breathing has to offer you. 
Then allow yourself to focus your awareness on the centre of your chest…the place in which your energy exists within your human form. This focus is simply to allow your mind to experience what it is like to be able to lead with feelings and experiences and release the desire to figure it all out with the mind. The energy that is within your heart is YOU. It is the purest reflection of your soul energy; it is the power that will allow you to experience whatever you choose in the most abundant way. This is the energy that allows you to BE free.” 
Experiencing freedom is not a mental experience; it is an experience of filling oneself with universal energy and Being in connection. This is the energy that will enable you to recognize when you are on the most opportune path or when there may be a more easeful or abundant way. This is also the energy in which you will be able to determine what actions and reactions are the most pure and powerful to create the experiences that you choose going forward. If you are interested in experiencing the full universal energy of purity; which will take your experience of connection to a greater depth, then you can also connect with the following offering.
“Allow yourself to bring your attention and focus to your mind; breathe deeply filling your mind with air and the breath of life. Allow yourself to recognize what your mind is capable of; to do this, simply connect to your heart while softly resting your focus on your mind. While you are splitting your attention between the mind and the heart continue to breathe deeply. After a few more breaths, set your intention to recognize the strength the heart holds that is simply not available within the limits of the mind. In this vastness of the heart energy allow your soul to expand and surround your physical body. Breathe.
While in connection with your Soul energy and the space within your chest, allow yourself to become connected with the universal energy of Purity. Breathe the energy into your physical body and into your mental awareness. Allow yourself to BE present in this energy for as long as it feels right.”
It is the energy of universal Purity that will allow you to ultimately release any attachment to any outgrown ways of doing things; whether it is traditions, habits or beliefs. Purity is the energy that enables you to experience universal abundance through expressing the fullest expression of your personal energy. This process is a definitive part of the transformation process that we are now experiencing and it is also the basis on which the experience of Alchemy is possible. 
Allow yourself to discover what is possible in everything you do and most importantly in every way that you express yourself and in every way that you choose to focus your energy. The opportunities for your future are abundant, it is up to you whether you choose to create through abundance or within the limited experience of your mind that only knows the past. It is the heart that knows what you are capable of and it is the heart that holds the courage and trust that is necessary for you to evolve in alignment with abundance.
Allow yourself to recognize who you are and what you are capable of. Then allow yourself to BE in a state of BEing what you have learned. This is the divine combination of knowledge and experience which create true universal wisdom. It is this wisdom that offers you the true experience of evolution that will not only nourish your soul it will fill you with the most divine contentment possible. 
From the Heart,

What is December 21, 2012?

For months now we have been hearing about December 21st, 2012 with a multitude of explanations, labels and perspectives. Some of us have even found ourselves so confused by the growing explanations that we are left feeling puzzled and unsure of who we are, why we are here and where we are going…not to mention what is actually happening.   The fact is this; 12-21-12 as a pivotal date in our experience and I hope through this post to clear up any confusion you may have about what is actually occurring on a universal level. If you feel a connection to any of the following questions then this article may be of interest to you. Is December 21st the end of the world? What is a new era? What is going to happen to me? What do I need to know in order to experience this date in the most easeful way possible?
A new era is simply what occurs with the beginning of any new external experience. Traditionally we perceive an era through dates, clothing styles, technological advancements and even population patterns. However when we choose to recognize an Era on a universal level we allow our perspective to become truly boundless. 
For the entire span of our lives we have been in one very particular era of universal existence. If we narrow down our perspective within the universe and then narrower still to the solar system within this universe we are able to recognize that we are currently experiencing an era offered to us by the Earth. In fact we are residing within the fifth era of planet Earth. This is quiet a significant bit of information in that we are able to become aware that there have indeed been experiences before us and there has also been cause to shift and change those experiences to something new. 
For your record books it is important to know that this experience or era has been in existence for over 35,000 years (give or take a few). It was also determined well over 5,000 years ago that this era would require some divine intervention and assistance to carry out the experience of transformation that was intended for it. All that being said, many things have occurred over the past 5,000 years in order to begin shifting the consciousness of the current physical experience including the human race that had gotten carried off into a very destructive experience. 
What does the above information tell us?
  • That new eras or experiences work…from personal experience we are currently living in one that is 35,000 years old
  • That planet Earth as a Conscious Being has experienced this process of transformation personally 5 times already and that she most likely knows what is necessary to experience the most easeful transition.
  • That this era is indeed ending on December 12, 2012 and that another one is beginning on December 21, 2012.
  • That the transition and transformation has been planned and actively unfolding for the past 5,000 years – therefore all of the experiences that have unfolded during that time must have some type of affect on the planned changes in one way or another.
We truly are in the midst of one of the most influential and pivotal events that we will ever experience whether in physical form and also as a Soul Being.  The particular shift we are about to experience has actually never been done before; with all past eras that end the entire experience is erased and a new one begins fresh and clear on the physical plane, leaving the awareness strictly on the energetic level. This time we are in for the most incredible experience in that we are being given the opportunity to shift in physical form from one era to the next with the experience remaining intact. Of course with any new experience there are changes that need to be made along with many shifts in roles and positions but essentially we are moving together. 
The process is quite similar to a company that merges with another company and all of the changes that evolve from that merger. Everything from positions and titles that change to the processes of how tasks are managed, to layoffs and downsizing as well as how you are requested to interact and act in the new infrastructure. This universal shift is similar in that we are being asked to act and react in new ways as well as carry through on tasks and processes in a different way than before; overall the intention is a change for the better. The one thing that is fundamentally the same is that you are offered the opportunity to shift and change with the experience or you can choose to move on to a different experience for yourself.
However there is one fundamental aspect that differs from a business merger in comparison to a universal era evolution; we are being offered the ultimate opportunity to decide exactly how we would like to experience this shift in our own universal evolution. This is also why there is such significance to the event that is unfolding now and that will reach its natural ending on 12-12-12. In fact this is the final date for the current era we are in. This is why we have been experiencing all of the shifts and changes that we have throughout our lives. Everything that we have been aware of is all for this moment. Some people have called it the ascension process other have referred to it as the Awakening, but really all any of these fancy titles essentially mean is that we have reached the natural end of what is and will very soon be moving into the new.
We have experienced all of the energetic infusions and shifts in consciousness in order to prepare us for what is being offered to us. And now we are going to be able to experience it in fullness. We have all of the knowledge we need to transform, but to create true wisdom we first need to experience the transformation from a personal perspective. Since 12-01-12 we have been undergoing an intense detoxification period that will ultimately cleanse us of anything we have yet to uncover from our human conditioning that creates any limitations before we move into the new era. It is the 9 days from 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 that will give us the opportunity for ultimate transformation. 
I have shared before of the fundamental experience of transformation and the universal number for transformation being 9. It is only now that I am able to more fully comprehend the true significance and impact of the experience that is unfolding for us. We are moving in the most divine and graceful way from an existence that has expired; essentially due to its lack of evolution and entering into a new era that provides us with the support necessary to evolve in way that is truly boundless. This is also the fundamental reason this shift is occurring; we were always meant to experience boundlessness and through the diverse experiences that have unfolded in this universe we have become stagnant, stunting our evolution and also causing us to be in a mind focused existence.
From the moment of your first breath to this very moment right now you have been learning. It has been a unique path that has allowed you to become aware of the mind as a tool, in fact many have gone so far in their experience to determine what path to take from the perspective of their mind. This was all planned; yup it really is and has been part of the divine plan. Why? Because we needed to learn from experience what the mind is capable of in order to be able to become aware of the full capacity it has the ability of expressing when we enter the new era. Without this learning process we would not have been so easefully able to create experiences of abundance going forward.
What does this really mean? That you have been on a journey of becoming aware of what your mind is capable of perceiving and also of what illusions your mind is capable of creating; and more importantly that the entire experience was designed specifically for that purpose. Now you may wonder…why would heart centered and energetic Beings be given the opportunity to navigate through a life with their mind; especially when it seems to create such challenges and hardship? Well the answer is quite simple, when one existence shifts into a new existence there is an opportunity to create an experience of whatever can be conceived. So we needed to have first hand experience of what is actually possible and what we are actually capable of overcoming.
What that means is that we have experienced hardship, mental confusion and challenge that was based on belief systems that were created for that specific reason; so we would be able to fully experience the extremes possible. It is through the experience of everything that is possible that we are able to ignite the mind and utilize it as it was meant to be utilized; to create an experience that far exceeds any other experience in existence. In order to actually ‘create” anything rather than “manifest” (which is simply the ability to attract an experience to ourselves for experiential purposes) we must first have first hand knowledge and experience; which creates the energy of wisdom. That is exactly what the past 5,000 years of human existence has been about, understanding and experiencing the full capacity of the human mind within the human condition. 
It is this condition that has caused us to remain static in our evolution as it was designed to do, but what is even more significant at this time is the awareness that everything has indeed happened for a very specific and synchronistic reason. We are moving into a new era and for the first time ever the inhabitants of the previous era are being offered the opportunity to transcend the past and experience for the first time ever in existence; transformation in the physical form simultaneously with transformation on the universal level. This was not only designed to be a monumental event and experience it was designed quite specifically; as it is this experience that is intended to shock the mind into remembering what it is truly capable of.  
We are moving into a period of uncertainty in that it truly has never been experienced before in all of the three trillion years of existence in this universe; it is also the first universe to be bold enough to plan a transformation of this level and magnitude. And what you should really know about your part of the universal transformation this; your Soul – the essence of who you ARE – consciously chose to BE in this experience in the fullest way imaginable. Everyone in the universe is experiencing the unfolding of the events as they occur, it is only the souls that have chosen to be in physical form at this time that are going to be able to fully recognize the fullness of this experience and create the wisdom necessary as a result of the experience in the full capacity of a mental understanding and of the energetic experience. 
This is a time of divine and physical celebration, for a time of change but also for a job well done. Most importantly a time to recognize more of who you are and why you chose to be here in this physical existence now when it has such challenges and illusions. So continue to allow yourself to proceed along through the next 6 days of universal detoxification of this existence; recognizing all that you have outgrown while allowing yourself to become aware of the vast expanse of possibility that is in store for you. This process is about recognition of what beliefs you have that are no longer a true reflection of who you are; it is the ability to perceive what you have outgrown and also what you are willing to release with love and compassion knowing that these experiences were part of the journey that allowed you to arrive in this exact moment. They are experiences, people, places and things that you know in your heart you no longer need to carry with you in physical form as they are part of your past; but they will always remain with you in your heart.  
The 9 days of transformation that are going to follow the detoxification process are most particular and extremely specific in their design as you are going to be offered an incredible space of energy that enhances your courage and perception of what is true and what is illusion. Perception is key; it is a part of your soul essence offering you clarity of what is simply a part of any illusion or image you have created for yourself to be. 
This transformational period is also the most intense experience of creating and maintaining the opportunity for complete connection with the 9 Fundamental Aspects (Love, Joy, Compassion, Respect, Purity, Movement, Balance, Truth and Illumination) of this universe ever offered on the human and physical levels of awareness. It is a divine nurturing space that the universe has created for us as humans to experience everything we can or want to experience in regards to transformation on a universal and physical level.   It is the space of existence between the end of the current experience and before the new begins; knowing in your heart that life and existence will forever be changed yet not being able to fully comprehend the impact until you are in the experience. 
This holding period is very similar to the period of time before a mother gives birth. The experience can go any way you choose; it has the potential to be a period of discomfort, agitation and anticipation, or it can be a nurturing of your Soul, your body, your mind and everything you hold near and dear to your heart. 
The choice is yours and an experience of abundance is yours for the taking; simply choose to embrace the still space within you that knows exactly what is about to occur. It is in that embrace that you will find everything you need, everything you are looking for and all of the opportunities necessary for you to create the new life you are moving into. It is here that you will recognize; Who it is that you are; What it is that you want to take with you; What it is that you have to offer others; and most importantly; What it is that you want to create in the experiences that unfold for you going forward. You have the opportunity to release any and all limitations and transform those limitations into the pure potential of the essence of soul energy that flows through the physical form that is you. Choose with intent, choose with an open heart and choose with a mind that is truly capable of understanding the limitations that are no longer who you are willing to be. Choose to be the fullest expression of life that you are capable of; choose to BE you and choose to believe in possibility.
If by some miraculous chance there is a phenomenon that occurs on 12-12-12 and the entire world is held in a divine place of pure love for these nine days…allow yourself to embrace the experience. Choosing to connect in with your heart and feel the universe and the intention of love, respect and compassion that is being wrapped around you. 
In our next Through the Heart message we will discuss the ever present question; What is going to happen in the new era that will affect me directly? For now just know that the new era is one of conscious intent. It is a divine combination or original intent with the magical and profound wisdom gained through the past 35,000 years of existence and also the first 5 evolutionary experiences on Earth…
Until the next time, enjoy your journey and embrace the changes you are experiencing and allow yourself to discover everything you are truly capable of.
From the Heart,

Day 3 – Integration & Self Expression

The physical expressions of this detoxification are being experienced in a multitude of ways that are beginning to create a pattern that is clear to the mind as well as to the soul. There are moments of calm and moments of discontent, there are also moments of extreme anticipation as we embrace the new experiences and challenges that are being offered to us. It is this anticipation that the mind may want to cling to and believe that we are being offered something to fear; but in reality anticipation is a state of being in which we are balanced on the precipice between the physical reality and the essence of our being. 
This space is where many of us are spending great amounts of time as we travel through these 12 days of the most spectacular transformation ever experienced. Notice what has occurred for you and what has transpired to allow you to be in the moment you are in right now. Each and every experience is all part of the divine plan that was designed specifically for you. Nothing happens by chance; everything and everyone around you is there for a reason. Each of us is experiencing a synchronistic series of events that have been designed to show you that you are in fact ready to experience transformation and liberation into an abundant experience of BE-ing.
Resist the urge to understand what is occurring around you and choose to focus on enjoying it all; the seeming challenges as well. Because it is all one very large gift with your name on it…it is simply a matter of you choosing to recognize the wonder and awe and then allowing yourself to receive the fullness being offered. 
Over the past few days our physical bodies are also experiencing and integrating the transformative energy being processed. One of the most common experiences is an expression of physical expansion, a growing of the heart, a growing of the body in particular places all in order to carry within us the more expansive expression that is now you. There have also been many symptoms that involve the expression of movement or the holding back from movement; very similar to growing pains, a strengthening or lengthening of the legs…a reflection of stepping into the new and allowing one’s body to integrate the evolved energy now available. 
There are also many expressions of tension throughout the head, neck and shoulders; a clear expression of being unwilling to fully accept the fullness of the gifts that are being offered to you… Allow yourself to shift your perception to this; nothing that is being offered to you is too big, in fact it is a pure reflection of the soul energy that is you. The moment you allow yourself to embrace this energy is the moment you are not only contributing to the evolution of the entire universe, but you are then also gaining the wisdom that goes along with the energy that is you. Wisdom comes from experience and it is the resistance of self acceptance that is exhausting and causes us to be so very tired.
When we integrate on such deep levels there is definitely a calmness that surrounds us and although it may seem like tiredness it is in fact a clearer and purer reflection of Soul energy. Tiredness comes from the conscious choice to resist your true self and all that you are and what you are capable of. Resistance is an action that takes tremendous effort and causes extreme exhaustion.  Likewise anytime we act through the ego or mind we are also encouraging exhaustion and tiredness that seeps from us and it is also what we are offering to those around us. When we accept who we are and allow ourselves to be a full expression even through the integration process we are not so much tired as simply softened and relaxed, as though we could sleep almost anywhere and be in complete comfort. This is the incredible experience that occurs when we accept ourselves for the person we are, no matter what others think. This energy is free of indifference and defiance and is based solely upon our relationship with our self. 
We are also being offered a deepening awareness of our physical body; today there have been infusions which offer us the ability to become aware of each cell of our skin and how it feels and fits on our body. Over the next couple of days we will experience a deeper connection to the internal workings, but first we are going through a releasing of anything within that is causing us to remain in a state of holding. This is causing an upheaval of digestive issues; anything and everything from vomiting and indigestion, to issues with the bowels. If you have already released many of the issues you have held onto in the past then this will not be as intense of an experience for you. Digestive upsets are simply a symptom as we recognize and accept ourselves; this is our universal relationship to ourselves; who we are and how we express ourselves with others and within the universe as a whole.
On December 1st we experienced the first infusion of many; it was an intense offering of the universal aspects of love and compassion. Initially they felt quite intense when they arrived; I experienced them at approximately 11am EST. My body went through waves of shaking and extreme temperature shifts from excessive heat to teeth chattering cold.   This was the foundation for all of the infusions that will arrive in a much more concrete way over the 12 day transformational period; they are setting the foundation in which you will be able to incorporate the rest of the infusions. Allowing yourself to integrate them is the first step in allowing yourself to proceed on the journey. There is a specific pattern and this is designed on a universal level to prepare us not only for the fullest expression of self but it will also lay the foundation necessary for us to receive the fullest awareness possible in each moment as we move into the new era and create the physical life that is a reflection of who we are and what we know to be possible for us as individuals. 
Today we have been recalibrating the physical body to integrate and incorporate the massive infusion that is connected to the acceptance of the expression of our physical bodies as they pertain to who we are in this moment. This is in direct alignment with the necessity of becoming who we are in fullness through the simplicity of self expression; free of judgement, condemnation or control. If you feel any of these negative energies toward yourself then you are offering those energies to anyone and everyone you come into connection with no mater how brief. Even if your intention is to be free of them, you are carrying the energy within you and once again we are shown that energy speaks much louder than words. Allow yourself to embrace the fullness of who you are; see the beauty that lies in everything you are and everything you choose to do with your energy. It is in this acceptance that you will become more aware of who you are and what you are capable of.
The physical body is going through such a dynamic variety of changes as we integrate a purer expression of self. Our Souls are facilitating an intense heating up of the physical body, causing us to feel like we are in and out of having a fever. This is simply your physical body burning off anything within you that is no longer necessary on your journey forward into the new era; allowing you to become more easily connected to the full energy that matters rather than remaining focused on aspects of yourself that you have outgrown.
This entire experience is definitely challenging for many people who are choosing to navigate this part of the journey with the mind. The key to determining if you are a mind centered person or a heart centered person is actually quite simple…in fact many of us are a combination of both; some parts we lead with one and other parts we lead with the other. There are very few people who have the dedication to be able to remain fully incorporated in a life that consistently follows the heart.
Mind Centered: Understand first, Experience later.
Heart Centered: Experience first, Understand later.
It is not about becoming frustrated or judging oneself, it is simply about becoming aware of how you are choosing to experience your life and in that understanding you are gaining the power and wisdom to make any changes necessary.  
Within each and every day of this 12 day journey we will be experiencing an incredible expansion of the heart centre. There are so many experiences and opportunities to become aware of just how much love we are capable of experiencing and also of how much love we are capable of expressing. This is one of the most profound aspects of this detoxification process in that we are truly becoming aware of what we are capable of. This will also be the aspect that will carry us into the 9 day holding period between the end of the current era on 12-12-12 to the beginning of the new on 12-21-12. 
Love in its purest form is the most powerful energy within this universe. When you are able to experience love free of any of the human conditioning that labels or segments it; you are then able to express yourself in ways that are full, complete and truly powerful on a soul level. This is the path of the soul and the path that will lead you to the possibility of actually experiencing your greatest destiny as defined by the universe as a whole experience. This is only going to get better over the next 9 days, just allow yourself to expand into all of who you are and watch with amazement at what you are capable of!
All of the experiences we are being offered on this intense journey of transformation are allowing our minds to grasp and fully interpret our ability to move into a “State of Being” as opposed to a mental understanding of a universal aspect. This is the place in which we are in connection with energy and where we have the ability to receive all that is available to us.  we will learn more about this as the days pass and as we follow our hearts and allow ourselves to step into the life that was always meant for us. 
From the Heart,