Wow…just Wow

Here I go again on my own…these lyrics from a song that was originally recorded in 1982 then re-recorded in 1987 seems to be the mantra that has led us through much of the past few years.  The song was actually re-recorded again in 1988 where it finally became a number one hit.  Just like the journey of this particular song we are all beginning to reach the place in our lives where we will be the number one hit.


Try and try again has been our motto.  Keep going, even when you feel like you are running on empty.  Stay focused on the goal, no matter how many times the goal seems to change or shift in ways we often had not chosen, but was decided for us.  Feeling as though we had no power in our lives over our choices that were as simple as what to eat and as complicated as choosing new directions for the constant changes that our lives were experiencing.  Feelings of helplessness, frustration and giving up were part of the path.  Loved ones leaving our path to stay focused on their journey and some whose time arrived to cross over and once again experience a complete soul existence. 


No matter who was coming and going into or out of our lives, we often felt like we were at the centre of the storm and one small step out of the centre and we would be dragged into the uncertainty and illusion that are constantly swirling around us.  As much as these have been trying and challenging times, they have also been infinitely miraculous.  It may be hard for the mind to believe or even see sometimes, but everything is not only in divine and perfect order, it is unfolding in a way that is …well actually, it’s unbelievable!


Through each and every lesson and experience we have undergone during the awakening journey we have learnt aspects about ourselves that are not only remarkable, but they are fundamental to the changes that are occurring on the universal level.  Each time a loved one chose to separate from our path to follow their own, we were shown that as much as we perceived we are alone, in our hearts we know we are never alone.  Each time we chose to separate our path from those who we perceived we needed or they needed us, we learned that we are much stronger than we ever thought we were.  


Our old any outworn perceptions of leaving others behind because they do not know better began to shift into the fundamental understanding that we are all just different, not better or worse, just different.  This lesson taught the value of acceptance, accepting ourselves and others for who we are, releasing the illusion.  In that lesson also comes the vital and fundamental realization that anger had begun to dissipate for us.  Through all of the lessons we have endured and the paths we have chosen to cross and often re-cross, there is always the direct intention from our Souls’ that we would release the need to be angry at ourselves and then at others. 


The experiences and frustrations on a mental and emotional level challenged everything we had believed about ourselves…sometimes over and over again.  Until our Soul was sure that we clearly understood how strong and amazing we are and how valuable our energetic contribution is to this universe.  The only way we could ever understand from the basic and fundamental level that was necessary was to travel through the adventures all on our own.  We learnt how to be self sufficient and not have any attachment to people, places or things, so that when we do experience anything from a relationship to a meal we are in the moment and appreciating everything for what it is and not from the outworn perspective of how it all relates to us.  Accepting our path and following our intuition no matter what anyone else has or had to say or do about.  Even at times, feeling like you have ascended past others or others telling you they don’t think you should disconnect from the physical so far.  Learning to respectfully thank them for their perspective, knowing that is their journey.  While maintaining your unwavering dedication to your journey and continuing on your path knowing your Soul is always guiding you to the experiences that are perfect for you. 


Ahhh…the divine plan is so perfect, allowing each of us to see more and more of the big picture just as soon as we were ready.  Our Souls allowing each of us to decide when that time would be for us, pushing only when we needed some assistance, never giving us more than we could handle.  Even though the mind was screaming to stop, the heart was allowing in ways we had never before experienced.


There are still changes occurring and challenges being offered from the Soul to us for aspects that we have not fully accepted or seen about who we really are.  This is divinely planned and is unfolding perfectly.  There is no need to worry if you will awaken on time, or if your journey will be faster or slower than another.  You are exactly where you and your Soul have chosen to be and that in itself is perfect.  The connection with the Soul on a physical level has become increasingly powerful, allowing us to follow our instincts with a much greater ease than ever before.  This is the divine connection to our Souls that we have been searching for…it has been happening right under our noses for the past eight years.  Sometimes we were aware of the divine process and at others we were oblivious, and of course where we were was always perfect for our journey.


The perfection comes not only in the understanding of each experience but also in the underlying paradox that the mind is never able to fully comprehend, but the heart is able to completely accept as truth.  We have done it, travelled to the deep dark depths of who we thought we were only to unravel the illusion and reveal to ourselves the hidden gem we found within.  So have all of the challenges and experiences been worth it?  There are no words to describe just how much.  Through the determination we have all held in our hearts along with the rest of the Beings who reside in this Universe, now we have the opportunity that has been planned for thousands of years.  Hard to believe, is truly an understatement.  We did it, together.  Each and every one of us had to play our divine part in the whole production, but we did and we stayed focused at our heart level with the devoted support of our Souls, the Angelics and any other guides and Beings who chose to be with us. 


We are in the final stages of the inner transformation, going through whatever aspects of illusion that we still hold to.  The shift now will be to the external expression of who we are.  This is something that being human has taught us to be very comfortable with.  However there will be drastic changes to how we now do this as it is all based upon the hidden internal gems we have uncovered through our journey.  The external process has already begun on a universal level, which of course it must in order to support the occurrence for humanity.  We have seen many examples of this from earthquakes and tropical storms to the unravelling of governments and so on.  There are deep changes occurring now, ones that will support the change of how we express ourselves and share the gift of who we are with the world.  This is true for every physical expression in this Universe, from people to corporations to governments, a healthy balance of giving and receiving on all levels are the only expressions that will be supported. 


How we physically live is changing.  The physical is coming into a divine balance in which everyone is equally sharing and receiving.  Manufacturers will be supported to produce natural and supportive products; chemicals will eventually be eradicated form the planet. How and what we eat will change as we become more aware of who we are and how we feel.  This will also affect where we live and how we travel.  The value of money will change.  Our communication techniques will shift and be constantly adjusted to the new levels of awareness that are accepted.  How we care for ourselves and others will naturally shift as we become a greater external expression of the new us.  Many of these shifts have already begun and just like our internal shift they take time.  To say exactly how much time, it has not been decided, it is something we will just have to wait and see as it unfolds. 


This is the time many have been waiting for.  The time when we are able to simply be who we are and in that place share and receive with others no matter where either of us is on our journey.  Soon it will no longer matter how different our paths are, we will all accept and be accepted for who we are right where we are.  This is the fundamental change that many of us have been waiting for; in fact it is often what we perceived to have kept us going over our awakening journey.  Now we know that it was our connection to our Soul that allowed us to persevere and challenge our illusions for the truth that we have always had within.


The mind is still playing its little tricks on us, always testing us to ensure we are always ready and prepared with whatever may appear on our path.  This is so the energy of divine change is always active and therefore will always be easily available to any who choose it.  The wonderful aspect is that now we are able to accept it and perceive it for what it is at a much faster pace and with a deeper clarity.  As long as we remain focused on ourselves and refrain from any attachment or judgement of others we are centered.  Being there to support others is a thing of the past, if they ask we will always graciously reply and offer, but it is no longer appropriate to offer as we are no longer needed nor do we need to be needed any longer. 


Our places are changing along with our aspirations and dreams.  Ones that we have had for years now may have recently resurfaced only to show themselves with a different expression or direction.  New opportunities are arising from all directions, seeming as though everything is available to us.  Of course this increased influx is challenging to the mind to be able to stay focused and know what the correct path is.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride for the moment, accept the opportunities that are showing themselves to you.  Really acknowledge and accept when you are doing something that makes you the happiest or when you are with someone who makes you the happiest.  Acknowledge the people that your Soul is so divinely guiding you towards and guiding towards you.  Everything is preparing for the new alignment of external expression. 


Just like with any new energetic infusion there is first always much confusion then a settling down occurs as we become accustomed to the new.  So now even with all of the change occurring around you, doors being closed and others being opened, relationships beginning and ending, just sit and watch.  Participate without judgement as you watch what divine gifts your Soul is so excited to be able to finally offer you!  There is no need to get carried away in the excitement and rush of energy that is currently presenting itself.  This is all part of building a solid and steady foundation in order to eventually erect the full expression of life that is planned for each of us.  So accept the amazing gifts that are coming to you, even if they are hidden in closing doors and know in your heart that one is closing because there is another that is not only better it is perfect and abundantly in alignment with you and your Soul.   


I am told that we will have a much clearer understanding of the changes and be able to accept them and integrate them into our lives on the new moon of Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.  So I leave you to enjoy the week and all of the amazing gifts that it holds for each of us.  In love and excitement over this new and dynamic divine experience, I look forward to sharing as much as I am able with you all.


From the heart,


You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be. 

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Love and Perseverance

As we find ourselves on the cusp of a new spring or a new fall depending upon where you are located in the world, it is also very clearly the beginning of a new level of conscious awareness in the awakening process.  We have all come to a point in time where there are synchronicities occurring that are causing us to look outside of our outworn ways of being; which in turn is often outside of our comfort zone as well.  This is all part of the Universe’s divine plan.  We are repeatedly being offered possible options and opportunities to learn how to remain in our true energy and essence of being no matter what is happening in the world around us, near or far.  It is not about ignoring situations that are arising for us or others, it is rather seeing them for what they are, having compassion while still being able to respect the position of ascension that we or those around us have chosen to experience.  Learning to know when it is their experience and not ours is the illusion we are being called to see and breakthrough.  Time and again we are being urged to release others to their path and remain focused on our own energy, our own intentions, actions and reactions.


Focusing on ourselves is often challenging and can at times feel overwhelming.  Again this is all part of the illusion we have created for ourselves.   There lives in many people a deep feeling of loyalty to a greater purpose, similar to a tangible longing that is deep within our Soul.  Along with the deep draw towards fulfilling our inner purpose there is often a sense of never quite measuring up to the part that we feel to be our true path.  This is another one of the imbalances we are repeatedly being shown now.  In addition we are being given the opportunity to see how important we truly are and that we do in fact have the energy and strength to overcome our illusions and restore our internal balance.  The history of humanity is filled with experiences and intentions of manipulation which fulfilled the purpose to control others and ourselves through judgement or fear in order to keep hidden the gifts that lie within each and every Soul.  This equinox energy that is being offered to us is leading us all to not only uncovering the illusion that is hidden within each of us but it is also intended that we gain the knowledge and wisdom that go along with uncovering illusion in order for us to share our gift with the world and support the current shift in consciousness.


For many this seems like the most challenging action to ever partake of simply because for so long we have accepted as truth the illusions that have been offered to us.  These so called “truths” are varied in words and actions but all have an underlying energy of fear.  Fear that we are not worthy of sharing who we are, nor will we be appreciated or accepted once we do.  There is also fear of becoming lost in a world that does not understand who we are and how we feel.  There is also one other aspect that we are being challenged with and for many it goes against everything we have believed to be true for our entire lives.  The fact that connecting with our Soul will bring awareness to past indiscretions or wrong doings and that we will be judged by our very own Soul.


There are a number of reasons that we are being urged to see the truth beyond this illusion.  Firstly, we are all important; no matter who we are or what we have done, we are loved and supported.  We will never be condemned by our Soul; in fact we are always regarded in the highest possible way with love, compassion and respect.   There is nothing that we can do or have ever done that would cause the Soul to judge us.  We are always supported by our Soul and the Soul is always available to us offering support and options for us; it is always our choice which direction we eventually decide on.  No matter which direction we choose we will always learn more about ourselves and the world around us and gain the knowledge we set out to learn when we chose to arrive here for this human experience.  The aspects of consciousness that are currently occurring are the same for everyone.  The differences that occur are found in our personal history and through the choices we make.  No matter what path we choose, the fundamental lesson we are being challenged with is the same as every other conscious Being; it is up to us to decide how challenging or simple our lesson will be.  If we find our self choosing the seemingly tougher road, have faith that that was the path that was required for this stage for our path.  In other words, we needed a fortified lesson for this particular aspect of consciousness and at another time we will have the option of a smoother road…the choice is always ours.    


How we choose to see our experiences is all based upon our past knowledge and experience; which is essentially our history.  Our history consists of both physical and non-physical experiences; from our Soul and energetic experience to our human DNA and mental experiences.  When we make decisions to go in any given direction we are heavily influenced by each of these aspects of ourselves.  The balance we choose to lead with is up to us as individuals and is always a reflection of where our conscious awareness is in the moment of our decision.  It is important to know that the Soul never judges any of this process nor the decisions that arise from it; rather the Soul simply is a spectator and your most loyally devoted fan.  During the process of being a “spectator” the Soul will always offer compassion, love and respect to us simply for being their physical expression.  From the Soul perspective, there is neither attachment to the outcome nor any pity towards us or desire to change the outcome to what they perceive as a better or more suited experience. 


All decisions on the physical plane are ours alone.  Your Soul made the decision to have a physical experience; at which time, your Soul along with other Souls and non-physical Beings mapped out the parameters of your physical existence.  From this basic outline and intention your life began to unfold.  Every day there are countless opportunities offered to us, but the choices are very much that of the individual person.  The Soul will always whisper words of wisdom and offer alternating perspectives because this is the role of our Soul when we are in a physical experience.  To be there whenever we need help and even when we don’t remember to ask and sometimes forget to ask altogether.  We are never left alone, even when we think we are.  It is always the perspective in which we choose to see how the experience is unfolding before us that is the method in which we learn.  Have we chosen the path of illusion or that of conscious truth?


Our degree of consciousness and truth is in constant motion; it changes in each moment as we learn something new.  Every experience we have is meant for us to learn, which in turn offers us knowledge and wisdom to make our next choice.  And so what can be perceived as a perpetual state that we are stuck in is in fact a constant unfolding of our conscious awareness.  A process in which we become more and more aware of our who we are, what our intentions are and the energy that is around us.  All of the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe is available to each and every one of us; it is just a question of remembering who we are and why we are really here that will enable us to access it.  Again another expression of our illusion that has manifested itself in allowing us to believe that we are unable to connect to our Soul, that there are only masters that are able to become fully conscious or that we are not worthy.  The Soul connection is available to each and every human being, sometimes we just need a little assistance to remember how to do it and what it feels like.  It does not mean we cannot do it, it simply means that our mind has created that illusion and we have the power to uncover the connection through truth.


You are worthy just because you exist.  You were created to exist.  You were created from a divine energy of love directly from your Soul to simply BE you.  That is an important aspect to remember.  Not only were you birthed by the parents that you chose in this life, you were created much more in advance of that, directly from the purity of your Soul.  The energy of love that you were created in is the most pure and divine energy there is in existence.  It is unlike any individual Soul energy or that of any conscious Being, from the Angelics to the Creator Gods.  Love is a created aspect of this Universe; it has a life force all on its own.  The vibration of love is light and pure with a depth that is astounding for an energy that is so flowing, in fact I have never felt another vibration that even comes close to that of pure love.  There is no pity, or desire in love, it simply is.  And most importantly it is available to any and every Being in this Universe at all times. 


Within the vibration of love we will find the power to know who we truly are.  We will also be able to see which aspects of ourselves are truth or that of illusion; and miraculously love is also where we will find the strength and power to make changes in our expression of self and our intentions.  Love has the power to do all that and more for each individual Being in this Universe, this is how it has become known as The one most powerful force in existence.  Anything is possible with love and love is always available to everyone.  The vibration of true love does not discriminate nor judge, it simply is an energetic fullness.  Love is not something you “get” from another Being, rather it is something that is within you and that you choose to become aware of and resonate in alignment with.  When you choose to become in alignment with this vibration and energy then you will see miracles unfold right before your very eyes.  It was with the divine connection to love that your Soul created you in your very own balanced space of pure energetic love. 


Another characteristic that this equinox energy is infusing for us is the divine aspect of maintaining self balance while we continue to exercise perseverance towards consciousness.  We have repeatedly been challenged in this life to remember who we are and why we are here.  However the universal shift in consciousness that has been unfolding has periodically intensified this perceived challenge; in that it is the mind that holds the illusion of challenge.  If we were to face the shift with a complete open awareness at all times we would see the fullness that the Universe along with all of the Souls, High Selves, Angels and so on are all working with us in intricate and divine ways.  Yes, indeed they are working with humanity, offering the opportunity for people to see what creation is all about along with doing their best to remove any illusions about what is possible and what is truth. 


We are only able to see the pure truth in any given moment when we have chosen to be consciously aware of what is occurring.  Truth is not about judgement, whether it be deciding on a better way or choosing to be the better person.  It is not about pointing out the indiscretions of another person or group of people in order to take a stand against or for what we perceive to be better.  There is no better person or experience; we are all equal.  We all have value and we all have something valuable to offer the Universe as a whole.  We all have the freedom of choice to decide which energy we wish to have around us, but judging ourselves to be better than another because we feel we have learned and know more than them is not in alignment with universal etiquette.  Conscious awareness is about seeing and accepting others for who they truly are while synchronicity allows you the divine gift to see yourself in truth at the same time.  The most effective way in which to accomplish this balance is to look with love; the pure love that comes as a result of the direct connection you have with your Soul.  Rather than choosing to see with the physical eyes and interpret with the mind. 


How than can we become more pure in thought, action and self expression?  Simply by being conscious in what we choose to say, how we choose to act, how we choose to react and what we choose to intend.  This is where challenges often lie.   It is simple human fact that the mind is attached to past experiences, emotions and reactions.  It is through perseverance and love that each one of us is able to remain in the present moment and react from the place that we have now opened to rather than continuing to react from the memories of past experience.  We all have the power available to us to create change in our physical expressions of ourselves.  It is the choices and decisions of the physical expression that will determine our outcome and ultimately allow how our experiences unfold.  Perseverance is the key to maintaining the connection with our Soul through all of the change and challenges that are occurring on a global and universal level.  We definitively play an active role in our experience; where we choose to focus our energy or how we choose to set our intentions determines how our story unfolds. 


In addition, humanity is being shown specific universal aspects that are no longer acting in the best interest of the Universe as a whole.  These aspects, just like humanity are being energetically shifted and given the gift of opportunity to change.  When we choose to accept what is occurring around us as divinely intended and choose to perceive it all from a non-attached perspective, we are then able to see what in truly occurring.  Change can only be created from the most pure of intentions.  Anything is possible as long as we believe; we can create change if we choose to resonate and act with pure love.  The deeper our connection to our Soul, combined with the energy of love that we were created in, allows for the most powerful awareness possible.  It is from this energy that inner knowledge and wisdom become available to us so that we are able to maintain and cultivate our constantly growing consciousness.  The more we learn the more we are aware of.  The more we are aware of the more we have to share.  The more we share the more we are able to receive.  These are all fundamental laws of this Universe and they can only unfold smoothly when the energy is of the most pure intent. 


This equinox is asking us to look at how pure our intent is as we move forward with our choices.  Are we unfolding in a flowing and balanced energy or are we challenged in one aspect or another.  Take a moment to reflect on which aspect the challenge is or maybe is presenting itself in for you.  If you ask for truth with a pure intent, your Soul will always offer the answer to you.  When you do the best you can each day with the knowledge and wisdom you have gained up until today you are then offering the fullest expression possible of who you are to the Universe and all who inhabit it.  If at any moment you choose to withhold who you are or what you do from yourself or others.  Or if you choose to not receive from yourself or others, these are situations that create universal imbalance.  If you take a moment and reflect to see where the illusions or imbalances are in your life, you will indeed be offered truth by your Soul in order to return to balance.  The key to maintaining clarity and truth while the experiences of your personal journey unfold is perseverance.  Perseverance is manifest from trusting in yourself and trusting in the Universe.  The clarity and support you need are always available to you; we just need to ask ourselves if we are open to receive them?


From the Heart,



You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be. 

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The Night of a Thousand Lights

This is definitely not my traditional style of posting; however I did feel that it was important to get this information out as soon as possible.  Especially so people are aware and able to prepare if they are interested in attending…


Wow, what a ride the last 24 to 48 hours have been.  There is a great shift that has occurred in the Universe that is reflected in the Earth and in ourselves at a deep, deep level in which we will be able to see more and more over the next few days.  I would like to let everyone know that there are also some strange activities occurring on a Universal level in which we will be called to action to assist with the next elevation of consciousness.  This is not something that will be a matter of life or death, rather a distinction of past and present and acceptance of moving into the new world with a conscious determination to become who you are, believe it in your heart and share it with the world.


There has been a great upset of energies over the past 48 hours; you can see it on people’s faces, hear it in their words, even when they do not tell you…its energy that is wrapped around us with a deep sense of waiting.  Not sure where the waiting will lead or what the next move is or should be.  There has been a constant stream of sirens (literally and figuratively) and upsets that are occurring with frequency and determination to allow us to see exactly who we are and why we are here.  This is nothing to fear; rather it is a gift from the Universe to allow us to be ourselves…NOW.  There are many people who want to instantly identify everything about their journey and they want all of their questions answered so they KNOW everything about their journey and they know what to DO.  These are the action oriented and the ones who want to do something to make changes in their life and they often believe that somehow there is comfort and power in the knowing.  What is ironic is that when there are energy surges and shifts in the Universe intended for just that purpose – action, these are the people who are the most upset.  These are often the ones who are determined to stay right where they are in the perceived comfort of their life and not allow any room for change unless they are able to control it. 


And of course, that is not how it works…you cannot ask for something and then when it shows up try to control or reject it…the Universe and all of the Beings who inhabit it only want what is best for each and every one of us!   So for this week, see if you are able to relax and trust the Universe and see where it takes you.  This does not mean do nothing, it means control nothing, accept Universal challenges and offerings and see where you end up.  Chances are the Universe is much more creative and fulfilling than you could ever be.  Take care of your body and self, and become more conscious of what is happening around you…not to judge just to experience.  Listen when people talk to you, be conscious when you speak, saying only what you mean, not wasting energy on empty words just to fill space.  Be present and focus your energy on whatever you choose to focus on this week.  Be in the moment, without any judgement about the outcome, just simply BE and let everyone around you BE.


Unity says “We have been waiting for you to join us and become who you are so you are able to share with the world the unique gifts that only you are able to offer.  The time is now to take your place among the rest who have already committed themselves and chosen to see the light within themselves and more important that they have chosen to share and express that expression with the world.  The hour of the new moon on Friday March 4th 2011, will be the ignition date for this energy to be available to you should you desire it.  We refer to this date as The Night of a Thousand Lights.  This name was chosen because of the intense shift that will occur within Gaia and many of the people who are connected to her.  There are a thousand points across the Earth that will be ignited and brought into awareness in order to support the consciousness shift, this has been planned for thousands of years and is going to happen now!  Many will find themselves very different after this event is complete, gaining an inner knowledge and wisdom for an active and illuminating transformational experience.”


The entire group of non-physical Universe Beings along with the masters of each dimension and domain known herein as Unity will all be in attendance for this event.  This includes the Star Beings, all of the Planetary Beings, the Natives of all the tribes, the Angelics from all streams and dimensions and everyone else.  They are all dressed and adorned and ready to participate in the Universal event.  It will be an event of epic proportions indeed with celebrations marking achievement and the continued journeys all of who inhabit this amazing Universe we call home.  The Universal Beings have been gathering, sharing and celebrating for the last 2 days and will continue to do so until all are present for March 4th.  As I write this they are all speaking at once in a unique and flowing way that is similar to an exquisite singing sound.  It is a magical resonance that I have never quite heard as there seems to be a unique twist that makes it shine in a way that has never occurred before.


They tell me that the current energy of this Universe is being expressed through an energetic vibration and that is what I am hearing.  They are quite specific in sharing that the sound of the Universe has shifted and will never again be the same as it was before. This celebration is a direct reflection of all of the dedication of a group of Soul Beings who committed to experience a human life and in that life decided that they would remember who they are and why they are here.  It is a magical time indeed and it is suggested that we would be not only welcomed but honoured if we should choose to celebrate this amazing effort together.  As much energy as the non-physical Beings have put into the shift in consciousness, it had to be ignited, fostered and followed through by humanity for the true shift to be able to occur.   


If you wish to attend, it is simple, simply find a quiet spot, relax and focus your energy on your heart centre and be open to the amazing messages and visions that will be available.   One day I hope to have a space where I am able to offer a place where we are able to come and join together for these ceremonies as they are so magical and special.  It makes it that much more amazing to be able to share the energy with a group of open people and the energy is always strengthened when it has more attention and focus!  I could spend hours detailing each of the attendants, their energy, their Universal position and nature along with their personal offering to this Universe.  The most exciting part of these Universal events is that the Beings shift and transform slightly in their expression for the celebration…similar to dressing and preparing for auspicious events, with clothing and adornments that are a reflection of the Being, their vibration and their nature; which of could also detail for hours as I so enjoy seeing them all “dressed up”(energetically of course!)!


There have been many of these celebrations over the years and I have written of a few, however they tend to fall on one of the two annual solstice celebrations.  This year I am told, we are in for a number of celebrations and we are going to be amazed at the changes that occur within ourselves and in the world around us.  It is not always celebration, there is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into shifting the consciousness of an entire Universe…so celebrate when the opportunity arises and open yourself to not just your celebration, but the Universal one that will allow you to feel the energy of all who are together with us through this amazing journey.


Wishing you all a week of transformation!  No matter what energy shows up, remember that you are having a human experience, for that reason …to experience!  When you feel emotions, sit back and see them as if looking at yourself from your Soul perspective.  Release the need or desire to judge yourself or others, just for this week.  Rather spend your valuable energy on finding things, people, and experiences to surround yourself with that make you feel whole and full.  Most importantly, find the courage and strength to be yourself and allow that to shine out to everyone you meet and share the joy you have to share while accepting in the joy that others have to share.  This week is for you to see what really lives in your heart…it is full and it vibrates with more strength than you are humanly aware…let it shine free and enjoy the journey.


From the Heart,



You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and be sure to include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has questions about the past, present or future of their personal journey.  The answers the Soul offers contain confirmation and valuable clarity to support their personal journey and choosing appropriate steps on their path to move forward more freely.

Temptation or Virtue

There are numerous points in our lives when we must choose between temptation or that of virtue and truth.  Now, is proving to be one of those times for many people who have been searching for a way to encourage a stronger light to shine from within them.  It is this fundamental choice that has in the past caused many to struggle and often feel the need to fight for what they believe to be truth.  The fundamental question is does our truth derive from our heart or our mind?  The current energy that is unfolding is a drastic shift from the not so distant past of an acute urge to essentially take up arms and fight against a perceived and often unseen rival in order to avenge the beliefs we hold.  The new surge of energy is rivalling everything we have believed to be truth and is essentially encouraging us to look deeper to see if in fact it is truth; or if we have simply manipulated our beliefs in order to create a smoother or less challenging path.  This reflection is also in fact rendering the perceived need to prove our truth as ineffective and unnecessary; because maybe, just maybe it was not truth in the first place.  


This journey to consciousness has been an experience that has taken many into places that were not only unforeseen, but often offered challenges that we chose to accept as simple facts of life.  At the time of the offered challenge it was accepted as something to be overcome through perseverance and diligence with little to no time spent on considering why or how we had arrived at this place.  This is the human nature of continued existence, it is ingrained in the DNA of who we are and is always a part of us.  The instinct to protect ourselves and those we love out of a deep desire to overcome any challenge that presents itself to us is a basic yearning of the mind.  The new energy infusions that are currently arriving are asking us to challenge our views on this as well.  Asking; who do we believe ourselves to be?  Do we often take reckless chances with ourselves and our heart or rather do we over protect ourselves out of fear of being hurt, taken advantage of or even possibly of succeeding in our chosen quest?  Or, are our actions not reckless or controlling at all, but perfectly in alignment with who we are at our core?


When the Soul arrives into a human body and experiences the restriction of the physical human birth process there is an extensive and intense learning that occurs for the Soul.  It is this process that allows the Soul to begin to understand exactly how it will be able to express itself while adhering to the limiting boundaries of a human body.  It is the development of acceptance that becomes etched upon the Soul as its energy becomes locked within the human form and settles into physical existence.  At this time the relationship between the Soul and the person is fresh and new, with little to distract the openness of attention and adoration of either aspect towards the other.  The instinct to respect and appreciate each other is primal, necessary and instinctual to cultivating the intention of a balanced human.  As the relationship matures it is cultivated by a variety of experiences that are influenced both from the Soul and the human physical aspects.  But it is like a dance where one is in constant awareness and connection with the other, knowing instinctively what the next move will be for each.  It is through this dance that the relationship between the Soul and the physical human aspects are in balance and allow for the experience to not only be stable and peaceful but to be bountiful as well. 


It is when we choose to accept the aspirations and dreams of others as our own that our internal balance is questioned and ultimately set off kilter.  The original occurrence of this experience happens to people at a variety of ages through an assortment of experiences all depending upon the nurturing that is or is not available to us.  For some the original balance is disrupted almost instantly after the birth process and for others it will not occur until well into the adult stage of life.  However it happens for us on an individual level, the divine unfolding is all part of what each of us chose as part of our fundamental experiences before we arrived here.  The knowledge of Self is a fine balance of personal energy known only in the true heart of a Being.  It is the window that the mind chooses to see through that often fogs up the glass and allows only portions to shine through rather than the entire vision.  This is the ability the mind has cultivated and many people have mastered; the fine art of illusion.  Each and every experience we encounter no matter how large or how small is a challenge to awaken to consciousness.  It is through our choices and intentions that will ultimately decide if we have chosen to learn by way of temptation or that of virtue.  The choice is and will always be ours; however truth will always be found at the heart of who we are, not in the vast resources of illusion held within the human mind. 


Likewise, when we follow the dreams of someone who is close to us; with the intention and desire to serve and protect them and put them first, it will always end in an imbalance that restricts us from expressing our true and whole self.  The appropriate people with whom to surround ourselves with are those that allow us to be ourselves.  They are the ones with whom, when we each follow our own path the paths cross and support each other naturally without conscious effort or struggle.  Through everyone following what is the correct path for them, we each have much more to offer others and this action also naturally supports everyone else on their personal path as well.  Most often it is finding the courage to be the first to make the shift in focus to oneself that is the most challenging.  The fine art of choosing to follow temptation or virtue; the temptation to act from a physical desire to protect yourself and others and not rock the boat, the fear of change or the desire to ensure a positive outcome no matter what you have to sacrifice.  These are just a few of the many points that the mind will no doubt offer you when it is time to decide your path.  However when you choose to listen to your inner voice, the one that is a reflection of your heart, it is then that you are acting with virtue.  When you put yourself first it is an act that has so much more raw power than the mind could ever have, thus allowing for a deeper and more sustainable support to ourselves and others. 


Unfortunately we have come to believe that being virtuous is to support others first and then to worry about ourselves later.  The action of leaving ourselves to the end of the list often has the effect of creating a feeling of having too few pillars of support for us to follow our own path.  Causing us to be reactive rather than proactive as we begin to create the illusion that another’s path is better for us, convincing ourselves that it will be easier, that we are assured of a particular outcome and that someone else will be leading the way so we will be able to blame them if something goes wrong.  These are the aspects of ourselves we are being asked to look at and see if we are in fact following our path or that of another as a perceived easy way out.  Our appropriate path is the one in which we are often not sure of the outcome, but we know in the core of our Being that this is the direction we must take.  When the mind begins to fold in upon itself and starts to fill with the voices of those who believe that illusion is the real experience and that the Soul needs to be kept in-check and safely controlled in order to ensure a safe and happy outcome; that is when we are asked to go within and find the courage to continue to honour ourselves first, while maintaining a deep respect for other opinions.  We are being asked to take notice when we are being challenged, mixing the human aspects of survival and overcoming adversity and applying them to ourselves first and foremost to ignite and support change in ourselves and in those around us.  Although it is challenging to the mind, courage to put ourselves first is much more beneficial than succumbing to the monotony and suppression of the mind or to others intentions.


The Soul knows no limits; however the human is acutely and instinctively aware of limits.  Becoming plainly obvious to the Soul through the birth process and gradually becoming more and more cultivated throughout the physical life experience.  It is when the Soul desire to go in one direction is shrouded in the illusion of the human beliefs of limitations that there is an inner imbalance.  This imbalance is nothing short of the most challenging dual ever brought forward by the Soul.  A dual that will allow a person to see inner personal truths that were previously either unbelievable or unavailable to them.  The new energy is also offering us the strength and courage we need in order to see the difference between what is pure truth and what is simply illusion.  This can only ever be an individual journey; with the answers arriving through a deep inner knowing rather than the simplicity of thoughts or mere words.  It is a knowing deep within the Soul that translates into the human aspect through the relationship that was cultivated at the beginning of the current human experience.  You simply need to remember and rekindle that relationship and allow it to grow and shine to receive the answers.


The relationship between the Soul and the physical self is intimate and much more intricate than the human mind is able to comprehend.  The understanding at the level of energetic support that is currently available is rather close to 5% and will in time become a full expression.  However the only way for the expression to expand and grow is through deep inner wisdom which is only available through the intense desire to follow the Soul instinct and leave the temptations to follow the mind behind.  The Soul will always and forever be the heart of who we are.  The inner cultivation of wisdom, the knower of truth, the accepting of everyone for who they are and experiences for what they are.  The Soul knows no judgement, control or fear; it simply acts from a deep inner knowing that guides itself on a journey filled with appropriate experiences that offer knowledge and wisdom through experience. 


It has never been nor is ever intended to be that the Soul must suffer in order to attain peace and contentment.  Peace and contentment are aspects that are always available to any Soul as they are created aspects of this Universe.  They are aspects that are available to all including others such as love, respect, acceptance, abundance and a great many more.  The aspects of fear, control and judgement were not in fact created in this Universe; they are but simple vibrations that were brought here by others.  Therefore, if there were one moment in time where every single Being living on this planet and in this Universe was to not focus on fear, it would cease to exist.  Why?  Because it is not a creation in this Universe and therefore is not supported by the energy that sustains this experience.  However with the active aspect of freewill in this Universe, if there is any one Being who chooses to focus on fear in any manner, it will continue to be here as an expression of individual intent, focus and desire. 


Whether we choose to want fear or not is inconsequential.  It is the power of the intention of our energy that is the authority.  This is how the mind tends to rule a lot of our outcomes and controls the environments that surround us.  For example when we choose to heal the Earth, we support the pure and simple energy that She is not enough or that she is damaged – when in fact she is a wonderfully vibrant and full Being just as she is.  We often follow the same lines where we are concerned, we tend to focus on aspects of self we wish were different or that they did not exist at all.  This is another fine example of just how powerful our own energy is, we are continuously creating a life filled with experiences that we have intended through our energy focus.  If someone were to create an event with the intention to rid the Universe of fear, it would never work.  Simply because the focus is to have a great number of people focus on fear.  When we choose to fight against anything in our path from disease to people to life experiences that we see as unjust or unfair, we will always attract a “fight” or a “struggle”.  This outcome is a clear example of the basic law that energy follows intention.  Wherever we choose to focus our energy will always generate what Beings, people and experiences surround us.  To fight against anything is to give that thing our power and knowing how much energy that is, it is very clearly too much power to give.


Although this is challenging for many to accept and believe; we are in fact always in the present circumstances that we have chosen for ourselves.  It is through the power of our true knowledge and wisdom, which is gained by our personal experience that we continue to cultivate the strength and courage to overcome the desire to fight and allow our hearts to lead as we become ourselves.  It is not the mental or physical aspects of ourselves that we use to create our lives, but rather our personal raw energetic vibration that allows us to create our destiny.  This energy is where the power of change and transformation lives within us.  We have the power to map uncharted internal waters and transcend the challenges that we perceive as restraining us but are in fact there to provide us with deep messages and lessons of personal strength and wisdom.  The instinct to go inside and follow our hearts is becoming more and more challenging to ignore as the dense energy of the physical aspects of self are removed and replaced on a Universal level with the pure vibrations of support and receiving.  As these energetic infusions settle upon the human and physical expressions of our Souls we are being offered a new approach to reaching and sustaining our relationship with the light that lives within our heart. 


We are being encouraged to follow our heart through various longings, desires and dreams that are all in alignment with the person we are.  This is also the person we are willingly becoming more comfortable sharing with the world.  As we peel back layer upon layer of our own personal illusion it is then that we are able to express a more pure version of who we truly are with the world.  The only way for us to accomplish the task of meeting destiny is through experience, as it is in the experience that the journey unfolds and allows us to gain the knowledge and wisdom that the mind needs.  The Soul needs no such things, it simply understands and it is that understanding that allows the course of the personal journey to unfold along appropriate boundaries and outcomes.  It is when the mind interferes and intends to control the outcome or any aspect of the journey that the true knowledge and wisdom will not be gained and in turn will need to be repeatedly offered until the lesson is accepted. 


Change is imminent; evolution has always been the intention of this Universe with a focus on freedom of choice.  Those aspects have not changed nor are they intended to as these are the laws that will support humanity as the awakening to consciousness evolves.  The focus is on the personal journey first and others only when you are complete and secure within your experience.  Similar to the lesson we are taught on an airplane in the case of emergency when we are clearly instructed to care for ourselves first then we will have the ability to care for others more effectively.  Contrary to what rules the mind holds for us, it is the heart that knows we are only truly able to offer support and comfort to those around us when we have chosen to be pure ourselves.  It is the process of gaining, accepting and utilizing personal knowledge and wisdom that allows us to express ourselves more purely.  This is not simply done through intention as it is the journey that determines the outcome.  But if our intention is to become the most pure expression of ourselves void of illusion and limitations then the appropriate experiences will always present themselves to us in order that we may be offered every opportunity available to overcome whatever mental belief is limiting our progress to purity. 


It is a constant choice between following the temptation of the mind or that of choosing the virtue of the heart.   When we first choose to see the challenge in the lesson that is intended for us, it is then that we are able to accept and trust that the heart is in fact the true leader of power in our personal destiny.  Once this is accepted, then the transformation is available and the ability to become balanced and pure is available.  Through each lesson, another aspect of ourselves becomes balanced and it is that aspect that we are then able to share with others.  It is all part of the intricate and divine plan of Universal awakening.  The awakening process was never meant to be completed and then shared; rather it is in the journey that additional learning and knowledge are gained.  We are meant to grow together, sharing with and supporting each other as we follow our own paths.  We are all teachers and students on the path to wholeness and balance, all travelling at different speeds and taking different routes. But the destination is always the same – personal and Universal consciousness.  The Universe will not allow us to sell ourselves short or accept what is second best; we are worth more than that.  Equally important is that we see our own self worth and the worth of those around us for what it is and not for the illusion we may choose to create or accept it as.    


We are divine beings each and every one of us and in that we are all part of the Universal unfolding that is occurring within us and around us.  The process is magical and awe inspiring, just as each Being who resides in the experience is.  We are all part of the Universal experience, with our divine gifts to offer and the ability to receive the divine gifts of others.  The strength and purity of who we are will always be determined by our personal energetic intention and journey through our experience.  Each of our journeys are different and for very good reason, so that we are able to offer balance to the Universal experience.  When we offer the full aspect of our personal energy it is then that we offer the bounty of energetic power that will allow ourselves and others to transform more each day.  Do your best to always be aware of where you intend to focus your energy. 


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information, however please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and be sure to include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has questions about the past, present or future of their personal journey.  The answers the Soul offers contain confirmation and valuable clarity to support their personal journey and choosing appropriate steps on their path to move forward more freely.

An Offering to Receive

The timing is appropriate as with all new infusions to explain and also bring to light much of what is now occurring on the planet and in the Universe at large.  It is definitely a time of great change but it is also a time of a great shift within the change.  The past four years have been a journey in learning the ability to support others and to give to them wholeheartedly and unwaveringly.  This intention has experienced much success and will continue in its basic unfolding as more and more people continue to open to and use this energy appropriately.  However there has been a rather large shift in the Universe since the inception of 2011, it is this shift in energy that will allow for the ultimate unfolding of this experience into one of consciousness.


We have spent much of the past few years learning how to give and support others in every way imaginable from giving even when we have little or nothing left to give.  We have learnt how to support others in such a variety of ways from giving of ourselves, giving them money or sustenance.  We also went through the journey of telling others that there is a better way, which then shifted and became a sharing of what they should do in order to live a better life.  When that experience had expired we were then infused with the energy to share our very personal stories rather than telling others what to do.  It became an offering of our experiences which would allow them the ability to choose if any of our offerings resonated with them. 


The stages of giving have been long, challenging and more often than not exhausting.  We were asked repeatedly to go within ourselves and find more to give to others, even when we felt we had little or nothing left for ourselves let alone to give to others.  Many suffered challenges beyond what they had ever thought possible and still they continued on their journey with dedication.  The challenges and experiences were long, often lasting for months and even years as we were encouraged by our Souls to release our wants and attachments in order to serve and give to others from an open heart.  It mattered not that we often found ourselves alone physically or that we could be surrounded by others and feel such a deep loneliness that we had never before experienced. 


We knew in our hearts that we were on the right path and simply kept following that deep inner feeling of knowing, even if our minds did not agree.  Letting go of attachment was also a much exaggerated lesson throughout 2010, intermingled with the giving and supporting others with a continued focus on the open heart.  It was a new level of energy that although we had never experienced before, we managed to come through it all with a deeper and clearer understanding.  There was also a heightened awareness of the people around us and a spotlight shone on those who no longer added to our personal experience.  With all of the knowledge and wisdom we had gained, we were able to see much more clearly who was and who was not offering us appropriate energy for where we currently found ourselves.  This was and still is at times a challenging experience both for them and for ourselves, simply because there is an illusion that the best relationships are the long ones we have worked hard for.  Knowing now, that relationships lasting a mere 5 minutes can be just as valuable and powerful as long as we are open to the message that we are to receive.


There have been and will continue to be many relationship beginnings and endings, as we grow and evolve on the path to consciousness; relationships with friends, family and the romantic sort to our relationship to our homes, our possessions and to our Souls.  It is essential that we surround ourselves with relationships that vibrate energy that offers balance to our current experience.  Just, as it is also important for those around us to make those same choices and decisions for themselves.  You need not worry about knowing with whom or when to connect or break a connection as the heart always leads you in the right direction.  Sometimes the separations are welcome and at other times they are not, there are often many experiences of anger that are often volatile in their eruptions.  However, somewhere in the depth of our hearts there has always been and will continue to be a profound understanding that the separations were appropriate for ourselves and the others involved no matter how much anger, hurt or resentment occurred.  Often times it was a lesson of seeing the strength that lives within us and being able to acknowledge that strength and essentially accept it.  This is challenging when you have a mind that is listening to the anger and frustration of yourself or the other person or people seemingly involved.  But in our hearts, always knowing our path is ours alone and it is the illusion of needing and being needed that creates the drama that unfolds.  It is always our choice whether we choose to see past our illusion to see real truth.  No one can make this decision for us.  They can offer us experiences and opportunities to see the illusion in our lives, but it is ultimately up to us whether we choose to see the truth of the matter or stay in illusion. 


All of these lessons and all of the knowledge that we have gained through our past experiences is perfectly in alignment with the current unfolding process that allows us to remember who we are and why we chose to come here.  So what is it exactly that early 2011 is offering us, well it is the ability to create balance through the ability to receive.  It seems a rather simple lesson to learn, yet this is being taught to an entire race that had never once experienced how to receive in the pure sense.  Receiving is just as tricky as giving and sometimes even more so, especially after years of giving.  It is after this extended period of supporting others that our trust in ourselves, others and essentially the Universe at large has a strong sense of condition. 


The conditioning comes from a deep inner desire to protect ourselves from harm.  We have often experienced emotions (illusions) of not being appropriately taken care of or supported or even sometimes that we have been left out to fend for ourselves as all of the fundamental changes occur.  This is all part of the illusion that change is not part of who we are, when in fact change is what we do, simply by allowing each and every experience we encounter to flow.  As we flow through the fundamental shift in consciousness in this Universe, we have recognized much of who we are and worked to the best of our ability to allow change to happen.  We have ignited and supported change in ourselves and others and it is now that we are being taken on a deeper journey into who we are and bringing awareness to what we still need to recognize to become more conscious of on our own path. 


January of 2011 held the initial infusions of balance, setting the foundation to prepare us for each and every layer and infusion of balance this year is going to bring us.  The second major infusion of 2011 arrived over the last week and held the fundamental energy of the ability to receive.  We are now ready to begin the process of receiving and in that development we will gain knowledge and wisdom about ourselves that we thought we already knew, but simply were not yet ready to go to the depths that we are now being asked to go to.  The energy infusions of balance will take us on journeys of returning to past experiences and relationships in order to now see the balance of what we previously learnt while there.  The encouraging aspect is that we need not go back for long periods, but rather for brief moments in which we are able to collect the knowledge and wisdom of balance that are appropriate for us.  We will also have experiences of being challenged in our beliefs about who we are, how we present ourselves to the world and of course how we choose to accept and offer balance in our lives.


Receiving is the fundamental balance of giving and must be accepted in order to reach and maintain the inner contentment we are all searching for.  The key to receiving in the pure form is to be open and release any desire to control the outcome.  Receiving is tricky, especially when we have been challenged so much of the time over the past 4 years.  When we learned in the past of healthy boundaries and how to maintain them while continuing to follow our path, we also learnt that it was imperative to do so.  The remarkable thing now is that we have come to a point in the awakening journey that we are now learning the basic balance of each and every fundamental lesson we have already learned.  Talk about a return to some interesting situations indeed!


The latest infusion of receiving was marked with extreme amounts of anxiety, restlessness, frustration and even anger.  Sometimes we were conscious of why we were feeling this way and other times we were oblivious and simply chose to direct our emotions at whatever situation or person was close at hand.  Through dreams of people and experiences of our distant past to bumping into people from your past and even feeling urges to find and connect with people from your past.  Everything is happening in an effort to give us all as many opportunities as we need to see how important the energy of pure receiving is.


These experiences are all part of the current infusion and the journey that is deepening the ability to overcome the illusion that we are simply physical beings.  The new shift into the balancing energy that arrived with the new year of 2011 has definitely made itself known in a variety of ways.  Even Gaia, our Mother Earth is showing us very clearly where she is reclaiming her balance and it is also evident in each and every person around us, if we are open to seeing it.  We are all on our own journey, just as every one is on theirs, relationships are slowly coming into balance as we are seeing the balance that is appropriate for each and every one.   It is becoming more and more evident that in honouring who we are and following our path that we are then supporting all of those around us.


Everyone is unique which means that each of our relationships are unique as well.  They each have an energy that is unique and unexplainable to anyone not in that relationship.  Our desire to control anything that we receive from any of the many relationships we have is slowly being challenged.  We are no longer supported if we choose to decide how others will show up for us, or what they will do for us.  It is now a very intense energy of everyone offering who they are and what they choose to offer.  It is our choice what we choose to accept, with no room for changing the offering at all.  There are mild to extreme bouts of anger over this, and again this is all part of not deciding how others will react to your choices either.  That is their journey and we have our own and we are each able to have our own reactions just as much as we are able to have choices.


The focus on receiving is rattling and often takes us to a vulnerability that challenges everything we have ever been taught to believe.  This is exactly what it was intended to do, to challenge and reveal to us what is real and what is still simply an illusion.  On a Universal scale it was known that the new energy shift into balance would be a challenging one and therefore each and every person has been gifted with the support of three Angelics for this part of their journey.  Each of us have our own; we share them with no one as they are completely focused on supporting us as we go through the balancing process.  The gift of the Angelics was in itself part of the receiving process, knowing we will always receive support whenever it is necessary on this part of our journey.  It has been challenging for many to actually accept the assistance and support of their Angelics, let alone a person offering anything to them.  This is a new energy and understanding indeed.


We have reached a new level of vulnerability and it must be that way in order to receive, we must let our iron clad guard down and be open to accept what is simply waiting for us.  There are many nervous reactions as we experience this openness and a deep sense of vulnerability, from jumpiness, being skittish and often to a deep desire to stay home and protect ourselves.  However, energy has a very funny sense and humour and will always find us no matter where we choose to hide ourselves.  Besides, these are the lessons that we knew were coming when we arrived here and if we sit back and relax a little bit deeper into our own energy, we have a clearer perspective of what is illusion and what is our fear. 


So as we navigate ourselves through living in a completely different way and being able for the first time in this life begin to experience balance, we can celebrate in the knowledge that we are in fact on the right path.  No matter how bumpy the road may seem at any given moment, we are in fact going in the right direction.  More often than not, when the road is the most challenging it is then that we are in the depths of learning and gaining the intended knowledge from the current infusion.  Once we accept the energy, then we are able to enjoy that experience until the next learning phase arrives. 


As the new energy of balance infuses and settles into the Soul, the Soul Connections I have experienced are fundamentally different from any I have experienced before.  The sessions are now filled with a new clarity and openness, offering a much deeper level of conscious messages from the Soul.  There is a directness that is now offered that was previously unavailable due to the dense energy we were ensconced in.  With the new level of receiving we are currently being opened to, the messages flow and allow the physical person a far greater knowledge and understanding of who they are and why they are here.  I am seeing many more moments of instant recognition and a knowing that they are linked deeply within the relationship between the physical person and their Soul.  It is truly a magical experience and a great time to be alive.


As you receive and integrate all of this balancing energy, enjoy the messages that come from your heart.  The best way to remember who you are and why you are here is to forget everything anyone has ever told you, forget everything you have ever read and learnt; then listen, trust and lead with your heart.  The heart knows more than you give it credit for, it is where the truest part of you lives.  Pain and suffering are simply emotions, from the Soul’s perspective they are basically experiences of the physical self.  Something we need to experience in order to become more conscious of who we are and why we are here.  So let the experiences arrive, receive them as they arrive and know that you will gain knowledge and wisdom from each and every one, just as you have from all of your experiences up until this point.  Each and every relationship and experience you have had, have brought you to this infinite place in time; where you are now given the Universal gift of being supported by three Angelics as you learn to receive the full bounty that this Universe has to offer. 


This is going to be a year of exciting and interesting twists and turns, and at the end of it we will have arrived at a completely new sense of being.  We will then be able to create with an intensity and intention that is only as deep as the knowledge and wisdom we have.  The more pure our intent and understanding, the stronger our ability to create will be.  It is in the purity of self that we find the true power of the Soul.  As always it is up to you to see the truth of who you are or the illusion, which do you choose today?

Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.


Reclaiming your Balance

There have been a number of phases lately that allow for removal of all things that no longer are productive or supportive for our personal journey.  It is in this unfolding that many of us have had some experiences that seem to be getting more challenging to explain.  There are a number of people who I have spoken to that have had increasing experiences of being alone in a particular place, however they have a very deep knowing that they are not alone.  This is happening more and more often now as we are becoming more aware of what else is out there and the fact that we have support that arrives in a variety of ways and also because we are beginning to believe in ourselves in ways that have never existed before. 


There is going to be an event in the near future that will bring many of us to a stand still in our physical selves but which will allow for our Souls to soar and take us to new levels of being.  It is not something to fear, rather it is an experience to behold as a gift of life, clarity and pure understanding.  It is not a global physical event rather a Universal energetic one that will involve an energy that will arrive and allow for a completely different view point of existence.  We are currently on the verge of this amazing new experience.  From a Soul level we have all been waiting for it, there are many who have remembered this fact and there are also many who have not.  This new infusion will be packed with such a pure expression of love energy that it will bring many to a deep awareness of the basic essence of who they are. 


The energy shift we are currently experiencing and the shifts that have occurred over the past 21 days have been in preparation of an almost ceremonial method of creating the foundation for us for the final and ultimate infusion of pure love.  This energy that is arriving is not completely foreign to this experience; it is an energy that lives deep within each and every one of us.  It is a part of who we are on an energetic level.  So why do we need the infusion?  Well there are many, many beings who have remembered who they are and there is a staggering amount who are on the verge of remembering and there are also those who are in complete and utter denial.  This infusion will strengthen those who are aware, it will also allow those who are energetically speaking “on the fence” to take the plunge and it will also create a much more tangible possibility for all of those who do not yet wish to believe.


This is an event that will take us to new levels of understanding and remembering who we are and why we are here.  In preparation for such a revolutionary experience there is much occurring on a Universal level.  There are groups of non-physical Beings arriving daily who are in complete and utter alignment with who they are thus allowing them to create energetic beacons that will anchor  and enhance the energy when it arrives.  There are other groups who are arriving to support each and every physical Being so that each and every one of us are completely supported during this momentous occasion.  It will be a time of total and absolute openness in order to feel the flow of balanced energy, which is always a perfect combination of give and take or offering and receiving.   


We have over the past 4 to 5 months been shown what vulnerability is and how it feels.  For many of us it was so extremely uncomfortable that it made us want to run and hide among a variety of other experiences.  However this was such a necessary experience of preparation for the energy that is coming.  It is absolutely incredible how intricate and absolutely profound this project is and yet how simple and basic the physical experience is.  To be having a physical life right now is one of the most truly remarkable experiences you have ever had because none of this has ever occurred before.  Not in this Universe, nor in any other Universe in within Consciousness. 


Until now the awakening to consciousness journey has been layer upon layer of energy infused to allow for a deeper and more profound clarity of who we are.  The shift that has occurred today is to allow for a completely different experience going forward.  We will now begin the journey of receiving layer upon layer of energy infusions that will allow us to BE who we truly are.  This is such a fundamentally different energy that many have been experiencing physical shifts over the past 24 to 48 hours.  There have been shifts in the digestive system, shifts in our belief of who we are, how we see ourselves and how others see us.  There has also been a feeling of weight and density that is essentially a deep recognition of our awareness that we are in fact energetic Beings who have been deeply ensconced in a very dense physical experience. 


It is now time for each of us to not only believe in who we are but that we step into that knowing and share it with others.  This is all part of the divine plan.  If we truly remember and look at the entire experience from our Soul perspective we will plainly see what each and every individual has to offer.  With each person having their very own Soul and each person having their own Soul nature, it is fundamentally important that each and every Being participate.  This is the only way to experience balance on a personal level and on a Universal level.  If you choose to be a part of this Universe and this experience and that of being human, you are being called to participate and contribute.  There is no longer the ability to sit in the back row and watch; this experience no longer has the option of being a  spectator sport. 


Why are you not able to sit, watch and wait?  Quite simply because you are an important, valuable and indispensable part of this Universal experience.  Your existence matters and you belong here.  Everything you do has an effect on everyone else.  Your personal gift is not only who you are and what you do it is a fundamental aspect of the divine creation of this Universe.  I really hope you are beginning to see how important you are, because this experience is so much more whole and complete because you are in it.  Not because you have to do anything, but simply because you are yourself.


When you are the most pure expression of yourself you can be then you are contributing and offering the most you have to offer.  It is in this pure expression that you are able to allow others to learn from you in such a profound way.  Even more importantly when you are the most pure expression of yourself that you know how to be, you allow yourself to receive all that you need to continue to become purer and purer in your expression.  Purity is an expression of self that is available to us when we are in a balanced state of being.  This profoundly balanced energetic experience is called the Reverberation Effect.


Balance is not a specific and set in stone combination of universal aspects coming together to form one clear-cut and particular experience for everyone.  Rather it is a personal combination of fundamental aspects of creation that are based on your energetic vibration in the moment; which means that each Being has their very own vibrational experience of balance.  Each and every moment is constantly changing, that is the intention of this experience.  It was never meant to be stagnant, so when you have deep feelings of stagnancy, it is a clear and simple sign from your Soul to go ahead and make a change you are clearly ready for!   This change is being encouraged in order for you to bring balance to the next layer of consciousness that you have uncovered in yourself.  Remember that balance comes from the constant flow of movement, in an offering and receiving way.  For each of us in our unique and very personal energies and experiences the balance of who we are and what we require is constantly changing and shifting as our awareness is constantly shifting and deepening.  Complete and utter balance is a state of pure and total contentment.


This level of contentment has never before been experienced in a physical human form, but the possibility is unfolding.  It is up to us if we are willing to accept it, and it is also up to us to make it happen.  We are the holders of our own destiny.  We cannot determine the outcome of anyone else’s destiny nor does anyone else have the ability to determine ours.  That power is ours alone and no one has the power over another to remove it, ever.  It does not matter who they are nor at what Universal level, no one has more power over you than yourself.  This is all part of the fundamental law of free will within this Universe.  If you do the work no one can take that away from you, ever.


Be confident in that knowing, it will take you further than you ever thought possible.  Know in your heart that your contributions to this experience are not only valuable but are fundamentally important to the unfolding of consciousness.  Each and every Being who is here, is here because they chose to offer who they are with no restrictions.  They also chose to receive what everyone else has to offer with the clear intention of accepting all of the respect, compassion, support, knowledge and understanding they require for their personal experience.  We are not in this alone, in fact we are all in this together.  It is our personal nature and experiences that hold the illusion of separation.  It was intended for each of us to be unique in nature and experience so we would be able to offer who we are in an effort to create balance.  That quite simply is the extent of the mask of separation and the illusion of “we are all one”.  We are neither and it was never intended to be either way.  If we were all one, it would be a rather dull existence with very little to experience or learn.  However we are all here in a similar fashion to be able to support each other.  The greatest form of support comes from the simplicity of being ourselves.


There is also a fundamentally incorrect understanding that is occurring on many levels of consciousness.  There are many beings who believe that if a gift comes from Source then it should be shared in a pure way with pure intent.  Often there is a feeling that money should not be exchanged for a gift from Source.  If we were back at the beginning of human existence and living in the original intent for humanity this would be completely correct.  However the currently physical human experience is supported by a monetary structure.  The structure was created out of a desire to control and manipulate others while having the power to create a deep sense of fear.  This monetary structure is being shaken and turned upside down while those who are gaining from it continue to grasp at straws.  Eventually any structure that is intended to control and manipulate any other being will no longer exist, and this will happen in the not so distant future.  There are many areas of the globe that have been shaken and rattled in the hopes of change that will be as smooth as possible.  


Until the current monetary structure is fundamentally removed it will remain a very real aspect of the human experience.  It is our personal job to take care of the physical aspects of who we are.  The need for shelter, food, transportation and whatever else you choose to experience is our personal responsibility.  That being said we are also being called now to be who we are, no longer are we to simply know who we are.  This change that is currently occurring is shifting the human consciousness in epic proportions.  We will no longer be supported in doing anything that is not in alignment with who we are.  Why, because the contribution of who we truly are is of the utmost importance at this current moment.  Therefore it is in perfect alignment that we offer who we are and what we do with a monetary compensation.  In fact currently there is no other way to continue the evolution in a healthy and productive way. 


The ability to charge money for what each of us do when we are coming directly from our connection to who we are is also fundamental in accepting the power of the gift we have to offer.  Choosing your own rates is a personal choice and done best when in a deep connection to who you are and in alignment with your personal dreams and desires.  It is then up to others to choose if your energy and what you are offering are right for them.  It is your choice and your offering and it is appropriate for you to be doing what it is that makes you happy and fulfilled each day.  It is no longer supported or appropriate for you to do something just to “make money” so that “later” or “after work” you can then do the things you like and enjoy.  Those days are over!!!!!!  Accept it and live it, so you are in the flow of the Universe and all that is. 


Often there is a learning process as new personal awareness rises to the forefront of your experience.  This is what creates a constant evolution of who you are and what you are offering.  This is exactly how it was planned and intended.  You will know you are in alignment when there is a fundamental flow from the Universe in that basic give and take way.  If you are stagnant, step back, review and restructure your offerings and intentions and then try again.  Release the mental beliefs that hold us back from our evolution of creating a current experience that is a balance of a fullness of self combined with the current state of human existence. 


Remember we are the holders of our destiny, no one can take that away.  We have the power to make changes at any moment to encourage a greater flow of Universal energy, in fact this is what we are constantly being asked to do.  So essentially, a gift that comes from Source is essentially coming from you and your connection to your soul.  It is a part of you and should be valued in a fundamental way and until we are no longer living in a world where money restricts us, it is appropriate to value our gift in a monetary way.  We need to take care of our human needs and we are being called to do that by being ourselves.


There are a variety of Beings whose natures are so vast and so vibrant that each and every necessary physical “job” will be filled.  Do not worry that there will not be enough people to do certain jobs, as this is simply not the intention.  With this current energy infusion there will be a mass exit of people who are working to support events, projects and people who are not in alignment with who they are.  There will also be the removal of people who are not being appropriately compensated for their efforts.  There are many people being fired, laid off and many contracts not being renewed.  There are also many looking for work in alignment with the jobs they used to have…if it is not in alignment with who you are you will not find one.


Instead focus your complete energy on what you actually want to do.  Even if you “think” you do not have the appropriate experience…do it anyways.  If you are in alignment with your Soul nature, you have more experience than any school or course can ever teach you.  Even if you have to start at the beginning with an entry level position, do it.  You will grow faster and be respected far beyond anything you have ever experienced in your physical life.  All because you deserve to be you and be recognized for it!  If you are already doing what you feel connected to in your heart, enjoy it and endeavour to always do your best each and every day.  It is all the Universe asks and the abundance that flows in return will leave you astounded!


We are all being called to take the initiative and become ourselves to allow for others to be themselves.  If we continue to wait for someone else to go first, we will quite simply be cheating ourselves of Being right now.  The only way to ignite the Reverberation Effect around you is to BE the most pure expression of yourself that you know how.  It is in that action and energy that you then allow others around you to do the same.  It has to start with someone, it might as well be you and what a better time to start than the present.  The only thing holding you back from experiencing this phenomena is you…enjoy the journey!


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.


A small piece of the puzzle.

For me, much of the last month has been consumed with writing a book.  I have told some of you about it and many have expressed interest in what it will say.  So we decided to share two brief aspects of the book with you.  The first is a message from the Creator of this Universe and the second is a description of how and why the book is unfolding.  All of this work is led with the intention that people find their own truth.  Truth is something that lives within the heart of who we are.  When we are in connection with ourselves it is literally impossible to be deceived or manipulated. 


I am doing my best to bring that connection to everyone I meet.  I am honoured to be a teacher and humbled by the bountiful gifts the universe has bestowed upon me in the form of teachers and guides.  Each and every one of us is offered the same gifts in a variety of ways that are unique to us personally.  I wish for you the wisdom to see them when they are coming or have come and gone and the ability to accept them into your heart!




Why we are Here

A message from the Creator of this Universe


When I first chose to have this experience it was more of an inclination towards understanding the limits of possibility.  There had been a number of experiences in which Universes had been created to support one aspect of consciousness or another and sometimes even for a group of them, however this was the first time anything had been created that would support all intentions.  In “discussions” with other creator gods before this experience, many were doubtful of the ability to essentially hold the energy that would be required for this experience and then many questioned whether it would be a possibility or not.  I simply persevered and remained committed to creating a Universe where anything was possible. 


This is where the intention of free will was created.  No matter what I would choose to have unfolded in this experience, my personal desire was that free will was to lead the way.  It was important for the vision I had.  I wanted to experience a Universe where anything would be possible and if it really is anything, then I cannot be the sole Being to create and manifest experience, that would have to be left up to anyone and everyone who “plays” within the boundaries of the Universe.  These guidelines have created a remarkable experience with experiences and outcomes far greater than I had ever imagined possible.  It was not until this last human experience that has essentially allowed humanity to be disengaged so far from their Souls’ and who they really are that I saw a need for interception.


Through all of the experiences and all of the Beings who have played in this Universe my intention was to see how far it could actually go.  Well it turns out that it can go very far indeed, in fact almost so far as ultimate destruction.  Over the last century it became more and more evident that some extraordinary measures would need to be taken in order to realign the experience and unfolding of this Universe.  The intention of the awakening of the human consciousness is to combine the original intention of created man with some of the key aspects that humanity has become.  Likewise there are many aspects that will no longer be supported or welcome in the new vision I have for this Universe.


This is quite an interesting creation involving participation from each and every conscious Being within this Universe.  It was in the early summer of 2009 that any Beings who were “playing” within this Universe and were not in alignment with the new direction were eradicated.  They were given the choice to leave in the early spring and by late spring the choice was taken away and they were removed.


This grand removal caused quite a substantial change in energy in this Universe.  Each and every Being had moved into a space of being divinely protected while still maintaining the free will to choose and determine all of their experiences.  The change in energy also caused many who had been connected to anything that was not in alignment to begin to crumble and some even fell apart completely. 


The new intention for the Universe is to experience a complete knowing and understanding of all aspects of who we are and in turn this will allow us to share and respect others experiences.  I no longer wish for a Universe that contains any suffering.  The experience of suffering had its day and I chose for that to end and no longer be supported.  However with a creation as large and intricate as this, there is a need for time to process the changes.  This necessity is required for a number of reasons which I do not feel the need to share all of them, but I do however feel it would be useful to you to understand the basis for changing the direction of a Universe.


A change of this magnitude has never been experienced before.  Change itself is challenging and often many Beings are simply much more comfortable simply being who they are rather than changing and moving into an experience or energy that may be different.  When the decision was made to realign and create fundamental change within the boundaries of this Universe, I requested council from a great many other Creator Gods who were performing their own aspects of existence in expressions of their own Universes.  It was input and information that I truly valued and also knew I needed to heed in order to even begin such a drastic change. 


When I had finally begun to understand the energy and participation that this change would need in order to have a chance of being reached, I then began to share my vision and desire with the first and second stream of Angels that had been created.  I knew that their help was not only necessary but fundamental in the success of this new direction.  Not everyone was “on board” with this direction, however it was my intention and so; this is the direction that we were going.  All of the Angelics that were in agreement began to help lay the ground work.  This happened in ways that the human mind could never grasp in its current functioning capacity, but when it increases, you will understand everything completely; instantly. 


Prior to the beginning stage is when there were Souls who were requested to do their particular part in sharing who they naturally are in unique ways.  Many agreed however there were also many who did not agree and chose to simply watch the events unfold from a safe distance.  Those Souls who agreed and chose to participate then began to receive and participate in their guidance and training all in preparation for the main event.  Now, please understand that the main event is one that unfolds over an extended period of time in order to allow for a complete and balanced experience.  There have been many set-backs and unexplained occurrences in which change has unfolded at a rate that exceeded or slowed.  Much of our planning from the non-physical standpoint was fine, however there were many aspects that we missed all for the simple fact that most all of the Creator Gods have never actually experienced a physical human life. 


For that reason there were aspects and experiences that we had no concept or understanding of, simply because we had never been there.  This is a fundamental rule of existence; resonance will only take you so far into an experience.  If you are in search of a complete and full understanding you must experience it yourself.  There is wisdom in a personal experience that simply cannot be transferred through any sort of communication.  This is true for any and all Conscious Beings and this is an aspect that we not only overlooked in our planning but we took for granted.  We had no concept of the resistance we would encounter from humanity on this front, nor did we have any idea of the impact that it would have on the entire awakening process.


It was when we accepted this and began to understand it that we began to see the depth of the project we had chosen to undertake.  We knew it was large, but we really had no concept of the actual proportions until this occurred.  When we also realized that all of the non-physical Beings were going to go through as much change as the physical Beings and at the same time, we knew that this was not only something never before experienced, but it was then that we really began to grasp the intensity and impact of this project.  When we finally began to see the enormity of the situation we also realized that it simply may not be possible to experience this much change.  As a group – the group now known as Unity, we chose to undertake it against all of the challenges we knew about and all of those we would uncover along the way.


There seemed to be a beautiful flow when the momentum began, right up until many of the original and first created stream of Angelics began to resist the new direction.  However as each challenge appeared, we worked together to create an outcome that would allow for movement and alignment with consciousness within the new boundaries and intentions of the Universe.  As trust was reinstated and accepted, then slowly the boundaries that had served to protect were slowly removed and a new way of being was accepted and slowly integrated.  The unfolding process has been extensive and demanding and will continue to be that way until each and every aspect that is intended to be removed and released is complete along with integrating and accepting all aspects of what has been chosen to be included.


I must say that I commend all of you who have committed to yourselves and to each other to choose a new life experience.  It is a journey that has taken many of you to places both internally and externally that were never imagined.  But the end result is also becoming so much more than was ever imagined to be possible. 


I thank you for allowing me to make changes that I saw as necessary to allow for a complete and balanced fulfilling experience in both human and non-physical form.




A message from Unity.


There is a moment in everyone’s life when they become connected to who they are and why they are here.  It is not often in the past that many have remembered this experience much before the moment of death.  It is now the intention of the Creator of this Universe to have that happen for all individuals currently living and experiencing this Universe.  All who reside here will be granted the opportunity to remain in this phenomenal experience however they will need to change their intentions to align and resonate with that of all other beings.


The messages I am about to share with you are truth that is in alignment with this Universe.  Each and every individual has their own truth which allows them their personal scope of understanding and experience; however it is imperative that all Beings now have a truth that is in alignment with the movement forward.


There are many who share bits and parts of information about the current unfolding of consciousness; however they are only able to share what is in alignment with their personal truth as Universal information is not entirely available to them.  It is the intention and has been for over a century to have the fullness of information shared through one individual.  This individual was required to go through an extensive process of learning through experience and resonance.  The process was extensive and occurred outside the confines of time and space in order for the most optimal outcome. 


Essentially this person – yes, indeed it was absolutely necessary to have this be a Soul who would arrive at the exact moment that the presence was necessary in a human form.  It was also arranged to have this person arrive in a feminine form as the past human experience has proven for this to be the more approachable of the two forms.  It was also intended that this particular Being be unbiased in any way and have a nature that would lead them to places and experiences that would stretch and challenge the beliefs and understandings of others. 


There were extensive preparations done on the part of a great number of non-physical Beings in order for this experiment to work.  We all (Unity) met with this Being in order to prepare her for the great undertaking that she along with a great many non-physical beings had committed to.  The commitment was to assist in the unfolding of the current experience while raising the awareness of the human consciousness. 


Her understanding of the fundamental aspects of resonance was astounding and her ability to go with the flow created the ideal combination of natural and instinctual Soul aspects that made her the most suitable Soul for the agreement.  In preparation for the task, she undertook extensive training in many forms with a focus on resonance and the process of connecting to a great many non-physical Beings.  There was a necessity for balance and the ability to believe in and receive the source of the connection without the mind getting in the way, especially when it came to some of the more misrepresented Beings.  However the connections to these Beings were so complete and so full that the conscious reconnection process has gone quite smoothly indeed.


We would like to share with you some of the individual Beings who committed to this particular project and its intention to allow humanity an opportunity to receive pure information about who they really are and why they are really here in physical form.

To name but a few, Jesus – the first human who mastered the ability to consciously remember who he really is within the confines of a human body; Mother Mary – the holder of divine nurturing, which is available to all Beings, however it must be requested; Mary Magdalene –  understands the fine details of how a physical expression can share in the complete balance of the Soul; God – the creator of this Universe; Gaia – Mother Earth, the only planetary Being who supports all life forces and allows for such a diverse and unique experience; Father Sun, the holder of the key to understanding the perfect balance and use of personal power; Luna – the remarkable Being of balance allows for a depth of freedom in order to be able to see all aspects of oneself, including both the light and the dark, creating an understanding that all aspects create the entirety of who we are without any judgement; Neptune, the creator of light within a specific experience, rather like that of a light bulb that fills a room, he has the ability to fill an experience; Pan – the creator and constant maintainer of balance and harmony in all physical experiences, when humanity remembers who they are and re-establish the ability to reconnect with their Souls on a conscious level, Pan’s effort will be able to decrease by at least half to the original intention of his post and position here; Satan – the original and first created Angelic in this Universe, essentially the eldest son of God; Archangel Michael – the second created light Angelic, created with the purpose to allow for clarity and discernment while still being completely immersed in any given experience; Lucifer – the original and first Angelic to be created in the light, he is Michael’s elder brother and a younger brother to Satan, Lucifer is the holder of the light for this entire existence, he shares and infuses understanding of the light and how it functions; these are but a few of us.  As you continue on in this book you will be able to get to know us along with a great many other beings who all work diligently to maintain this Universe and continue with the intentions of the Creator. 


The Being that was chosen for the task of Universal Communicator to assist in the awakening of Humanity has arrived as Michelle Vickers.  Michelle arrived into this experience when she was born in Ontario, Canada on October, 21st, 1974.  Michelle’s Soul nature of communication; respect and compassion through resonance with the intention of truth combined with her Soul’s existence of the drive towards experience and adventure creates a balanced combination that enables us to share our messages as true to the original intention as possible in human form.  Even though her human intention is to remain anonymous and live a simple human existence, she is being called to fulfill her role as part of the team of Unity and part of her destiny as was chosen by her Soul a long time ago.


The names and labels used are essentially for the human understanding and as each and every human begins the journey to move into as greater understanding and awareness of who they are, the necessity for names and labels will fall away.  However until that time arrives “We” understand the necessity for the tools.  In fact when the communication between Michelle and the group of us began to deepen and the many meetings of re-acquaintance between each of us began to dwindle and the task at hand began to become the focus of our meetings, we began to see that there were many instances where “we”- all of the creator Gods of this Universe – as a whole had many messages in which we all were behind the same intention and message, therefore it became evident that a singular name or label would be useful for these specific messages.  In order not to confuse and to be very plainly specific that we all were behind one message, these messages have a specific power behind them along with a specific intention to be fundamentally clear and simple.  As a group we decided upon the name Unity – the Soul’s of all the creators and sustainers of this Universe.  As you travel through this book, whenever there is no specific notes about messages coming directly from a specific Being, know they are coming from Unity.


Through the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.



A Matter of Truth

Being pummelled by tidal wave after tidal wave of energy was not exactly my idea of a gentle welcome into the New Year.  But this is what we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks.  There has been a mix of physical extremes from having bouts of so much energy that you are constantly restless; to being so exhausted that you do not even want to think, let alone talk to anyone or do anything.  Then in the next minute you are up and ready to run a marathon.  Many have also experienced a variety of colds and flues indicating the need for taking a much desired break from the physical world.  There have also been a myriad of relationships coming into balance through beginnings and endings and even through experiences of remarkable recognition.


Through all of these experiences and change, just when you are in the midst of having a challenging experience, something happens that makes you smile and allows your heart to open a little bit more.  This is not the human heart that you have used to guide you through the physical world, but the heart that holds who you are inside of your human body.  It is in the heart that your own personal vibration lives.  It is what guides you through this life on a higher and deeply connected level and it is your choice whether you choose to follow it or not.


There is so much happening on a Universal level that it is challenging to explain in one brief posting, however I will do my best.  The original intention of the creation of this Universe was simply to experience.  With that intention as a driving force there were a group of Angels created and their “job” was to create matter.    These were the original Angels in this Universe and are now over 3 billion years old.  I should note that Angelics are the only Beings created with a specific purpose and job.  Once matter was created by the first Angelics, then it was decided that the possibility of experience would be created. 


This aspect was left to a newly created group of Angelics whose specific role was to bring existence and experience to matter.  During this phase there was some restructuring that occurred along with extensive movement.  In creating the Solar System we now call home, Gaia (Mother Earth) was chosen to be moved from her past location to that of her current place in the Solar System we call home.  Some of the planets were created specifically for this experience and others were essentially brought here to create the perfect balance for the experience.  The underlying goal (for lack of a better English word) is to always strive for balance in any experience.


As the solar system was being created there were also choices and decisions about what would occur within the creation.  So one after another, experiences began to unfold within the Universe.  Many are too far reaching from our current understanding, but in our hearts we know them to be true.  These experiences are evident when movies, books and television programs are created that take the human understanding and belief system beyond what it knows to be possible.  These movies and books had to come from somewhere.  Although we have imagination, it is fundamentally an aspect of being human, which in turn means it is all based on past knowledge and understanding.  It is through the experience of our connection with our Soul that allows us to create remarkable stories that push the limits of the mind and allow the heart to connect.


I have given you a very minimal background picture of the Universe with the intention that you will be able to have a greater understanding of where we currently find ourselves and also begin to comprehend the intention for humanity to move forward.  We have been experiencing energy infusions for the past 10 years and specifically the ones we have experienced over the last 6 months have been to remind us more and more of the experiences we have had that are in alignment with who we truly are.  Often times we have been reminded of people from our past or have even at times had chance meetings with them.  We have had intense experiences that have completely changed our path and often challenge what we know and believe.  Our dreams are so incredibly intense and filled with energy that we are often disoriented when we wake.  All of these occurrences are an effort from your Soul; in alignment with the new direction of the Universe to assist us in remembering who we really are. 


I know for myself that this has unfolded in a variety of ways that are incredible when reflected upon.  I wish I had an imagination just one portion the size of the power that this Universe holds for creation and intention.  Over the past few months and with much greater intensity over the past couple of weeks, I have had lucid moments of childhood memories from age 2 having conversations with the Faeries who held court in my bedroom on a weekly basis.  I have always remembered the experiences with the Faeries, now however I am remembering specific conversations and messages we shared.  Remembering grade school and having deep conversations where I was in full connection with my Soul and that of my acquaintance enabling me to share messages that were desired…when I was as young as 7.   I remembered playing at home while my mother talked to a friend on the telephone, she asked her friend a question and I gave her the answer; the reply I got from my mother was “don’t be such a know-it-all”.  And so I learnt to keep my mouth shut and not to share the messages I was constantly receiving.  


Throughout high school, I was more of a wanderer.  My friends changed often, mostly due to the fact that I was always restless and looking for a different experience and innately being drawn to wherever I was needed.  Whether for my own knowledge or for that of the person I was connecting with.  I was motivated by a sense of awe and a keen interest in understanding the vast differences in experiences and emotions that everyone around me was having. 


I am telling you all of this in the hopes that you will be able to recognize what messages the Universe is reminding you of.  We are all going through the exact same energy shifts and infusions at the exact same time; that has always been the intention.  When each and every Being throughout the Universe is in the same experience at the same time, this is where the power and momentum for change occurs.  It is in the uniqueness of the individual that determines how our personal experience unfolds, but it is the Universal energy that determines if change is in fact possible.


The energy infusions we have been receiving are consistently getting more and more specific as we awaken and become more conscious of who we are.  I have often heard people refer to all of humanity as one and that we are all one in the same.  I will do my best to explain my understanding of how we were created in this sense.  Yes, we are all human.  Yes we are all Conscious Beings.  Yes, we were all created with the intention for us to experience being conscious.  However we are all individual and unique, there are no two Souls exactly alike in the entire Universe.


Souls are created in groups with intentions for particular experiences.  Within that group each Soul is created with a specific intent and energy that will add balance to not only their Soul family but to the entire Universe.  Often this is where the feeling of duty and purpose comes into our hearts and leads us on a search for more.  However it often gets muddled up with the human aspects and our egos and becomes a mission or something we have to do in order to help other people.  This is actually the furthest thing from the truth. 


When we are a full expression of ourselves we have the ability to give and receive at the highest and purest levels.  This is only possible when we have completely accepted all aspects of who we are.  The aspects of duty and purpose are completely human and extremely limiting both physically and spiritually.  The intention of this Universe is to explore by leading with our personal nature.  However, in order to explore in the original sense of the meaning we must first be ourselves.   And so we have found the challenge that humanity faces and has faced for thousands of years.  This is also because this challenge was created by humans who knew the innate power within each and every Being and they wished to control and manipulate that. 


It was easy to manipulate the human race simply because humanity was created to be open and trusting.  There was a small group who managed to work effectively to cover up the innate knowledge of humanity.  They used a variety of methods of manipulation that spanned almost every inch of the globe, but what they did not count on is that the Soul is stronger and more powerful when it is in pure expression than any type of manipulation or control.


As we go through the awakening process there are so many physical experiences we have that confirm the process and show us in physical form what is occurring.  One of the most miraculous experiences I have had to date is with the new energy that is arriving and as we are experiencing moments of clearer understanding and a deeper understanding of how this amazing creation works, there are changes that are occurring in the human brain.  These changes although currently slight are indeed profound in that they are allowing the brain to become more fully involved.  As we open to who we really are we are creating the ability to allow for the use of the entire human brain, something that has eluded scientists for years.  This experience is an aspect of awakening that will take science to new levels.  The direction we are going is essentially to create the ability to use the entire brain as it was originally intended. 


The original intent never occurred because of the control that was administered and followed by thousands of years of human programming.  This is too long to go into in this short message, but I will cover it more in depth in the first book if you are interested.  But I will say, it amazes me that in their attempt to control they hindered what is the most incredible creation to ever be experienced.  Not to worry though, we are back on track and are actually stronger in that as we go through the process of reclaiming our conscious connection to our Soul and remembering who we are, we are also learning the power of truth and purity as we transcend control, fear and manipulation.


With everything that has been occurring the reactions are similar to a rollercoaster ride that has twists and turns and takes you upside down.  The Soul is enjoying the prospect of being consciously recognized for who it is and why it came here and is essentially saying “wooo-hooo”!  While the human side has moments of tugging on the reins saying, “just wait one minute now”.  This occurs mostly when it is worried how others will react to their own personal truth.  It is when we finally find the courage in our hearts to be ourselves that we will soar in our experience.  There is not another person on the face of this Earth that can tell us who we are and why we are here, these answers come directly from our relationship with our Soul.  That is why I believe so strongly in assisting people to reconnect with their Soul.  There are a number of divine interventions with Beings who are both physical and non-physical who will allow us the opportunity to see aspects of ourselves that we have hidden.  These experiences have been occurring for our entire lives and it is always our choice whether we accept them or not.  We are each teachers and students in any and all experiences that we encounter and it is again our choice what we choose to accept as truth.  There are definite indicators of truth in ourselves, and in who another Being is along with truth in experience.  Truth is found within your heart, it always tells you the intentions of another. 


The tricky part for most people is staying in the heart energy to gauge truth.  Most of us have been trained by society to go to the mind to detect truth.  The mind is what we have been taught to lead with, it holds our past human experiences and in turn our understanding of what is and what is not.  We must remember that the mind is part of the physical body and in that has limitations of what it can understand.  This aspect is essentially what enabled us as a race to be so easily manipulated.  Basically this is also where our limitations lie, along with a fear of being judged and condemned if we are different from others.  It is when we find the courage within our hearts and step onto our true path, that it not only feels so right, it also feels like home.


Many mothers I have talked to and that have shared their stories with me find that they had expected to experience a sense of fulfillment upon having children.  Instead many have found an emptiness or a sense of “is this all there is?”.  This occurs for one specific reason, we cannot find our happiness within another Being.  It does not work that way and quite simply it does not exist.  Our contentment and fullness comes from within ourselves.  No one can tell us how to find it or what it will feel like for us, that is all part of our journey.  There are many who can support yous as we go through our journey, but never can they do any part of it for us…it is ours and ours alone. 


When you recognize this to be true, it does not mean you love your children any less, it actually means you are now allowing them to become who they are.  Simply because you are being true to yourself and taking whatever it is you need to be a full expression of yourself and while you do this, you are teaching them the same lesson.  This is the one most valuable lesson that we can teach anyone around us and the only way to teach it is to be it.


The children who are arriving now are even more open that the ones who have been arriving for the past 20 years.  Each and every energy infusion that we receive allows the new Souls who are entering to stay in that connection with their own Soul.  If you are looking for an answer or a teacher on your journey; there is much we can learn from the children…just let go of your expectation of how the lesson will be taught!  They will teach in their very own magical way that will have a force all of its own and bring astounding effects that will create change. 


Essentially when we find the courage to be ourselves there are a number of key elements that all fall into place at the exact same moment. 

  • We find our true self through a connection of the human and Soul
  • We love our self completely and inclusively of all aspects
  • We now have the ability to love another – entirely without any judgement
  • We become instantly and completely in alignment with the intention of the Universe
  • We experience a perfect balance of giving and receiving; there is no thought to this, it simply occurs because you are open to the universal flow.

The only way for this experience to occur is that it must come directly from heart energy, and it must be pure beyond any physical aspects.  You will always know how to reach this place, when you feel the vibration within yourself grow.  The “space” around your heart grows in such a way that you feel your connection to everyone and everything around you.


It has always been a most challenging occurrence to try and use words to describe feelings.  With the new energy infusions we have been given, the connection to our heart energy is not nearly as elusive as it has been in times past.  We are all being given the opportunity to connect to ourselves and each other and live a human life that is full.  There is no turning back, we are all on the path to a new Universe, a new Earth and a new way of Being.  The 2012 phenomena does have merit, it is just not what it has been painted as.  However this is enough for now, we will discuss 2012 in the coming Through the Heart posts.  2011 has enough going on right now that we do not need to put our intention on an event which is months away, it is important for us to be in the moment, as completely as we are able.


As much as we are all one; a vast number of Beings, experiencing an evolution of epic proportions all at the same time.  We are all individual in how we experience our awakening.  It is in the essence of who we are as an individual Soul that allows for us to give and receive on a Universal level.  It is in the fundamental flow of giving and receiving that we are able to transcend our old belief of who we are and accept that we are an individual who is in this experience together with every other individual.  There is no desire to do what another Being does, we are being strongly drawn to becoming ourselves and sharing who we are and what we alone can offer this Universe.  Most importantly it is up to us whether we remember and whether we choose to share our gift or keep it to ourselves.  Remember one thing, it is only when we share that we are able to receive.  This is all part of the perfect balance of creation.


Wishing you all the courage to stand in your truth and shine as you express who you really are with the world.  You are worth getting to know and your gift to this Universe is valuable and important.


Through the Heart,





You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.  Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.

01-11-11 The Day of Remarkable Change

There are a startling number of changes occurring on the planet right now.  Gaia (Mother Earth) herself is making changes and experiencing them at a much faster rate than she had ever considered possible.  It is a time of not only wonder, but of enlightenment towards possibility.  Right now we are all being given the opportunity to decide if what we have experienced has or is working for us and if there are any aspects that we would like to change.  Essentially we are being offered the silver platter that holds the life we have always dreamed of. 


The way in which most of us were raised and socialized we were often taught to be in a perpetual state of desire.  Wanting what we do not have or have not yet experienced.  Even for spiritual seekers this can be a trap of the human aspects of who we are, in that many are in the perpetual state of looking for more.  All of this discontent energy creates an inner feeling of not being enough just as you are and often overlooks the importance of the lesson or lessons you are currently experiencing.  


Reflection of ourselves with the intent to accept where we are and believe what is possible for where we wish to go can very easily shift into a state of discontent.  This seems to be a recurring process, especially at this time of year.  Many people taking stock of what they did and did not receive over the holidays.  Or reflecting on the expectations we set for our friends and family, or the ones we set for ourselves.  Because this energy is so abundant at this time of year, that is why the Universe has chosen now to gift us with the ability to overcome and transcend this patterned process that we have mastered.


It is when we are true to our own selves and are ready and willing to look at ourselves without judgement, but with honesty and truth that we are able to grow to our full potential.  Pure in thought and pure in intent are not always easy to attain.  However when we set our intention to do our personal best with the experience and information we have, it is then that the Soul finds contentment within its rightful place within the Universe and in the current experience it is having. 


Our thought process controls much of how we experience any given situation.  From how we understand what has occurred between ourselves and another, to what actions we have or have not chosen to take.  Our brain is often the filter we use to lead us through life.  It is up to us to choose how pure that filter is.  All of the brains’ decisions and choices come from experience.  Whether it is something we are choosing to repeat or to change a direction and try something new, it is the past experience that dictates where we have been and where we are going.


How often do you change the filter on your furnace or your water cleaner?  How often do you change your tooth brush or wash your sheets?   Do you know that feeling when you first change a filter or wash the sheets?  It feels fresh and untainted a very clean and clear experience.  This is what the Universe is offering us right now.  The ability to clean out our filter (our mind), allowing us the opportunity to have a fresh perspective on all of our experiences.  A perspective that is not only in alignment with who we currently are, but one that allows us to act with an intent which is a more pure expression of who we have become.


Because the filter is ours and ours alone, it has become increasingly evident that it is ineffective to cast blame on someone else for any situation we find ourselves in.  When we choose to accept or decline the actions or energy of another person or people, then we are responsible for the outcome as it applies to us.  What all of this change right now is telling us, is that if we have an experience that we would like to change, we can.  The uniqueness of this recently arrived energy is that it holds a completely new and higher vibration.  Higher does not mean better, in this instance it simply means that the energy is fundamentally different from any other that has been available to humanity before.  So whenever we are experiencing something new, there is a learning process to go through.


We are being given the opportunity to try new things and have different experiences.  All of this is in an effort to allow us to see what we actually want to create in our personal perfect life.  We create the new through our past experience.  Our understanding of where we have been, what we liked and what we would like to change.  There is a small element of trust that we have had to use so far.  Currently we are not only being offered the possibility of more, but we are also being shown how to trust.  The Universe – through experience – is teaching us how to remember how to trust ourselves.  It is a magical and often awe inspiring experience to be in a moment of complete and utter trust with yourself and with the Universe. 


This Universal push towards ultimate trust has been causing us all some uncomfortable moments over the past couple of weeks.  Times and experiences of inner imbalance in which our ego has allowed our emotions to lead us.  Periods when we have experienced anger, love, frustration, contentment, annoyance and pleasure; and sometimes all of these emotions occurring simultaneously within one brief experience or moment.  Many have also experienced feelings of being completely misunderstood or that of being invisible.  Well, these have all been lessons intended to allow us to see the illusion we have created in our minds that we have called “trust”. 


These experiences are not to teach us to shut down and smother our trust, but rather to take the chance of trusting another Being, no matter what the outcome.  It is through this pure trust that we will be able to attain the perfectly balanced life we are searching for.  We are also being reminded of the necessity to act wisely when another Being puts their trust in us.  All in a conscious effort to bring balance to the energy we give and receive through setting our intention to act in the highest good towards everyone we come into contact with. 


It has been an interesting few weeks as the Universe has made this new energy available to us.  Never before have we been challenged with receiving and learning two major energy infusions at one time.  The current infusions of Trust and Judgement have been delivered so we are able to allow the mind to go through the process of cleansing and replacing the old and used filter with a new clean one.  The intention of this energy is for each of us to be left with a filter (the mind) that is as pure as we can be combined with the understanding we have gained so far.


We will never all be at the same place at the same time, that is not the intention of this experience.  Being human is about being in a personal physical experience at the same time as many others.  It is about being able to be yourself in a sea of other energies and intentions. 


It is when we have forgotten who we are that it can be the most difficult to deal with the physical situation.  Simply because when we forget who we are, the human tendency is to look to other people and use their failures and successes to gage our own.  Unfortunately this will only cause us heartache and gives us a set of goals that essentially have nothing to do with who we are, what we do or why we are here. 


Right now and for the past four months, the Universe has been more active in its role of assisting us with staying on our true path.  It is continuously reminding us of who we are all the while offering us ample opportunity to choose what experiences are of interest to us.  When our interests are in line with our Soul, they become longings we cannot explain.  We are always given the opportunity to go in any direction we wish, as this Universe operates on the fundamental law of free will.  However when we make choices that are in alignment with our Soul, it is then that we will soar to places both within ourselves and physically that we could not learn from another person. 


These experiences are a part of who we are on a fundamental level.  They fill us with the energy to keep going on our personal quest and they inspire us to assist others in finding that feeling within themselves.  When we do our best to maintain a conscious decision to assist others, the Universe is not simply using the law of attraction, it is actually working with you.  It has acknowledged that you are on the true path for you and in turn you are on the true path to support the fundamental changes that are occurring in this Universe at this time. 


The Universe and all of the Beings who reside here hold a very deep respect for those who wish to be of service to others.  Those who act with such a pure intent that they have dedicated who they are to being themselves.  They have allowed themselves to shine and vibrate with the most incredibly pure expression of who they truly are; not in their mind but in their Soul.  Today, January 11th, 2011 is a portal day for those who have set the clear intention to become purer in intent and expression to have that opportunity now.  So congratulations to all of you who have worked and dedicated your lives to remembering who you are, you are now getting a standing ovation from the Universe. 


This is something I have never seen or felt before in all of my experiences in communicating with the diverse group of non-physical Beings who have become my friends.  They are “singing” a song of such incredible sound – inclusive of light and vibration – that it is almost physical and it seems to float around me and become part of me.  Wow, I thank you all, because this experience would never have happened without each and every person working towards the same goal of humanity remembering who we really are and why we came here to experience being human.


The Universe is tireless in its effort to support us.  It is teaching us through example how we are being encouraged to be tireless with ourselves and those around us.  We are learning all of this while we continue to grow and experience all of the wonderful and sometimes challenging new states of Being that are continuously arriving.  The Universe and all of the non-physical Beings who live here already see how amazing each of us are.  Your Soul knows what you are capable of and holds the deepest compassion and respect for all of your past experiences and where you currently are.  There is no judgement or expectations of you.  You are perfect just being you and in an endeavour to allow us to experience Being us, we are shown when we are out of balance. 


Over the holiday season I had the wonderful experience of loosing my voice.  It came on very quickly and lasted a short time.  As soon as it began I set my intention on finding out what my Soul wanted me to see that was out of balance within me.  Within an hour I had completely lost my voice, a very interesting place to be for someone who uses their voice to share messages with the world.  However I was being reminded that I also needed to listen just as much if not more that I need to speak.  When I understood the message and the lesson, my voice returned almost immediately.  Over the next couple of days I learned a few very valuable lessons that I needed to in order to be prepared for the energy that arrived this morning. 


Our lessons are unique to who we are, what we have chosen to experience and where we have chosen to put our intention.  If we are open to more than is in front of us and we have the patience and openness to see just when and how it is going to show up, it always will.


Many people have experienced an illness of one degree or another over the past couple of months and essentially throughout your life.  Everything from broken bones to headaches and rashes are all lessons if we choose to listen.  My belief and understanding about illness and disease is that it is your Soul’s way of communicating emotional issues that you have chosen to ignore.  The Universe and the Soul give us numerous opportunities to see just what aspect of ourselves is holding us out of balance.  It is always our choice whether we decide to acknowledge it or not. 


Once we become aware of the imbalance and set a clear intention to restore balance and hold that intention throughout our experiences, then we are on the path to mending our emotional selves which in turn will restore the balance within our physical bodies.  The relationship between the emotional, spiritual and physical parts of us is the most intimate relationship we will ever have.  Much more intimate and intense that any relationship we could possibly have with another Being. 


The energy we are experiencing right now combined with Mercury’s location in the Universe is definitely creating some very interesting feelings and experiences.  We are going through so many changes in vibrations and energies all in preparation for a rebirth into the life we have created.  Therefore, prepare yourselves for a quick and intense shift around the 18th of January when movement will be not just a word or a thought, but a way of life!  Take the time now when we are in a phase of constriction of movement to learn and review your experiences in order to create the life you desire in your heart.  Remember you are the only one who has the power to create the perfect life for you.  Be sure to create with a pure intention that comes directly from your heart’s desire and not that of the mind or the ego. 


Laugh with yourself, laugh with others and allow yourself and others room to grow and learn more about who you are and what you just might like to experience…it’s all possible, you just have to believe!



From the Heart,




You are welcome to share this information.  Please share it in it’s entirety as it was Universally intended to be and include Michelle’s contact information.


Michelle is a Universe communicator who has spent lifetimes in preparation for her current role to support people as they remember who they are and why they are here.

Michelle lives just north of Toronto, Ontario where she offers courses in Remembering who you are and why you are here.  Michelle has clients across Gaia (the Earth) who she supports through personal Soul Connections.  A Soul Connection is for anyone who has any questions about their past or for anyone who is looking for confirmation about the correct path for them to move forward more freely.

Community Collaboration

  This posting is unique in it's style and content in comparison to other messages.  First of all I would like to thank all of you who are interested and take the time to read my postings, without you and your intention to know, this work would not be possible for me.  I would also like to apologize for not writing as much as I had intended over the past couple of weeks.  In between all of the amazing Soul Connections I have been doing, I have also been writing my first book.  I still have not settled on a title, I feel that when the project is complete it will simply show up.  But I am doing my very best to incorporate as much of the Remembering You courses as I can into the written word so you are able to have your very own support as you go through this amazing process.  Writing is an exciting and sometimes intimidating process for me and mostly I am having a lot of fun with it!  During this writing experience I have also had another very exciting and inspiring project evolve.

Like so many people, over my life I have read many, many books that have descriptions, stories and answers all about what the author has experienced and has chosen to share.  They are wonderful books and when I would read them I would think of questions I would like the answers to.  So, it made me think that with my gift of Universal Communication, why not ask questions that I want the answers to?  I began to wonder if other people have questions that they would like the answers to as well.  So I decided to ask a few friends and to my delight they did have questions and were excited about the possibility of the answers along with what other people are interested in asking.  Now I have already begun collecting reseach for my second book.  This book will be a collection of questions from a variety of people with answers from many wonderful  non-physical friends that call our Universe home.

This is where I would like some help from you.  If you have a question that you would like to ask the Universe, then please send it to me.  The plan is to have a book filled with your questions and have them all answered by the most appropriate Universal Being.  As always, just like a Soul Connection the questions will be anonymous.  All questions are welcome, spiritual, scientific, physical, emotional…whatever inspires you enough to ask.  Be creative.

You can ask anyone…this may be hard to believe but this is why Michelle is here now; to communicate so people can get the answers.  Contrary to what society has trained humanity to believe the answers are available and until you are able to remember how to get them on your own, Michelle is here to assist.  Michelle has remembered her gift to be able to communicate with any conscious Being.  Conscious Beings are described as any Being who is conscious of their existence.  Therefore it is possible to communicate with any human who is either in physical form still or who has passed on, because the communication happens directly with the Soul and not from the mind of the human. 


Some of the Beings I have connected with include; many of the Angelics such as the Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Ariel and many more; a variety of Faeries, Gnomes & Nymphs; The Creator of this Universe (yes he is definitely interested in communicating, he is not as elusive as we have been led to believe); Adam & Eve; the planetary Beings such as Gaia, Luna, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, and so on; the wind & water always have profound messages to share with us. 


I have also communicated with a variety of Extra Terrestrials who are also interested in what humanity is currently doing.  Contrary to popular belief ET’s come in a variety of forms and with a variety of intentions.  There are all types of intentions; some that share and respect the intentions of this Universe and there are also some that do not.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting and communicating with a variety of Dragons and a great many others.


You can have conversations and ask questions to any conscious Being in existence…you may have to stretch your belief system to accept this, but give it a try, and imagine the possibilities!  You may actually get the answer to a question you have always wanted to know. 


You can ask any question you would like to know the answer to.  I know that sounds so general, so here are a few examples of what people have been asking;

  • Will the world end in 2012?
  • Describe the evolution of the Universe.
  • Did Atlantis really exist?
  • Will humanity be able to experience using the entire functions of the brain?
  • Why do children die from disease?
  • Is there one God?
  • Which religion is the right one?
  • How many types of Dragons are there?


***Very Important note; this work is very different from any psychic readings or anything of the like.  When you are asking a question through me, it is in real time and the answer is in real time.  It is happening in this current moment, which is vitally important as there are many Beings who live outside the confines of time and space but they still play here.  You may communicate with them, however they will remember this as an event in their experiences, not as a particular date that an event occurred.  Therefore if you are asking a time specific question, then the answer will be given in the current time with the intention of the energy that is currently available.

I would also ask if you could pass this message on to anyone you know who may be interested.  I think the most captivating and interesting book will be filled with questions from an extensively diverse group of people.  

Being in a conscious connection with the Universe and receiving messages is when my Soul is the most happy and content.  This is the most fulfilling work I could ever do and I am grateful to have people like you who are interested in a greater knowing, you are why I am able to continue to grow, learn and share. Please send your questions to  I thank you in advance and look foward to this amazin new project!

I almost forgot, I have been learning a lot more about the social networking world and I have created a new Facebook page, please stop in and have a look  Michelle Vickers – Community Connection Page

From the Heart,