The Challenges of Transformation

The Challenge with Transformation

Today I am going to post something a little different, something that comes from my heart rather than the Unity of Souls who provide me with the energy and awareness in my usual posts to help you heal. 
We are going to talk about Transformation and what it really means.  We have been talking about it a lot lately and quite frankly it can be confusing and overwhelming and what you may not know is that there IS a very good reason for that. 
You see, transformation at its core is removing what you are comfortable with and replacing it with something that is more powerful, more aware and filled with more potential.  But it is not yet you, which means it feels very, very uncomfortable.  But this is also why it should feel uncomfortable. 
No matter what happens on your journey there is one thing that seems to repeat over and over again throughout society no matter what your circumstances, race, global location, etcetera.  Right before a massive change in your own perspective you are given the opportunity to expand or diminish. 
What this means is that, you have made it to a new phase of your journey and your soul needs to know if you have what it takes to move forward.  How does your soul do that?  By challenging you on everything you have learned up until now.  How you relate to that challenge determines if you are going to expand or diminish.
Let me give you an example; if for years you have been working on changing the dynamics of a relationship that never feels as full as you would like it.  Whether due to a power struggle, a lack of interest, someone’s limited beliefs, it really doesn’t matter what the challenge is, what matters is how you choose to ‘deal’ with the situation. 
Relationships are hard work, but mostly because you may be going about them in the wrong way...if you are using your emotions to navigate through everything rather than allowing your heart (the pure energy of truth) to lead you, the experiences become challenging and everything feels hard.  However when your heart is leading, you instantly become aware of anything that is off or out of balance and you also become aware of how to make it right.    
Going back to what we learned about emotions vs feelings, when you are leading with your emotions you become tangled up in a bunch of ideas that you ‘think’ need to happen…most often based upon how you have decided that the other person needs to change.  When in reality, true change only ever comes from within.    
Change is scary, so we tend to blame others for the way things are, our problems and why we can’t seem to help ourselves.  But the real truth is that for most everything in your life, you already know exactly what you need to do in order to have a more fulfilling experience.  Chances are pretty good that instinctively you already know what needs to happen to create the change you want to experience, but your mind and emotions have created a cheat sheet that they use to undermine what your instincts are telling you.  This cheat sheet helps you to justify to yourself why you are not going to make the changes, you know, need to happen for you. 
So when we look back to the process of how your soul challenges you to evolve towards your next stage of personal development, you never quite get beyond the challenge because you are so deeply attached to how comfortable you are with how things currently are.
For example, how much time do you spend complaining or even thinking about the way anything in your life is that you don’t like?  For example sake, just choose one, tiny thing that never ceases to set off your mood indicator into an abyss of negativity.  Then just for a moment allow your mind to become aware of one thing you could do to make that negative into a positive for you, say the way someone around you reacts when you are inspired, or how someone else does the dishes, or how someone drives.  Then ask yourself what steps you need to take to change the experience you are having.  Then you need to ask yourself one very hard question…are you willing to participate in changing your life, or are you willing to accept that challenge as it is for the rest of your life? 
The fact is, transformation is all around us, and we have simply become immune to how it works and when it is happening.  Mostly because for some reason our brains have determined that transformation and evolution are a part of life and they will always happen and that we as humans have no control over it or ourselves. 
So here is a bit more truth…we are naturally in tune with transformation and evolution.  It is only our minds – based on the things other people have told us – which have now become our beliefs that tell us transformation is hard. 
I mean, do you really think that the trees, plants, water, planets, basically everything around us is all part of a natural process that evolves and thrives except humans?  Yes, your body goes through natural changes, but have you ever thought about what it means to change the way you think or feel about someone or something?  Not just with a means to an end approach, but with the actual awareness that you as a human being were meant to evolve BEYOND where you are right now.
That maybe, just maybe you were created with the most extraordinary ability to consciously and consistently out-due your previous best with something that is a reflection of who you are NOW and what you know NOW. 
At this point I could go in so many different directions, where our competitive natures come from, why we never feel content with where we are or what we have and so many more, but the one I want to focus on the most is, why you feel the way you do when you are being faced with change. 
Change is a good thing.  In fact, it is miraculous, seriously.  Change is the one constant that always brings with it a newfound joy and the demand for focus and if we are lucky an evolution along a path that is greater than the one we once experienced.   But this is all determined by how you approach change.  If it is something you have decided you do not want to do – because it has been forced upon you or because it is someone else’s job, then you will always and forever be stuck.  Stuck in a life that feels the exact same way, it just may get a new look now and then, like a new haircut or a new partner, but underneath nothing has changed.
Change is scary because we have taught ourselves to believe that change is not a part of who we are.  When the truth of the matter is we were born to change regularly…that is the process of evolution; continuously expanding your perspective and abilities to move beyond where you are.  Transformation is the manner in which you approach the change, whether you move with the flow or against it. 
For example; the person who has been guided to open their hearts and trust other people so that they can have more love and joy in their lives.  They were offered years of opportunities to transform their life experiences, but they were unwilling to participate.  Eventually their physical heart could no longer take the pain of never feeling the full potential it was always meant to, so the body succumbs to needing open heart surgery and all that comes along with that experience and the healing afterwards. 
Our bodies as well as our emotions are constantly communicating with us, letting us know that there is a far greater experience just awaiting our approval.  It is the simple act of participating in your life in the most fundamental way that unleashes the energy of transformation and allows the change to flow through you, creating someone much more aware and capable of much greater things. 
The question you need to ask yourself is, are you willing to participate in your own transformation or are you waiting for your back to be against the wall so change seems forced upon you?  The choice is yours, but it is always a choice.  I know myself I have been on both sides of the fence, sometimes easily choosing transformation and at other times feeling frustrated because I do not feel fully aware of what it is I need to change in order to get to the other side. 
Yet every time, the moment that I was willing to see the truth, to really acknowledge what it was I was being offered by my soul to expand my experience as a human being, then the opportunity to change became easy.  From conceiving my children to writing a book, finding a home or following my true path; my soul guided me along a path that, because of my mental fears, I never would have chosen for myself.  But every step of the way I chose to learn more from my soul, to expand my awareness of energy and how everything works and to fulfill my true calling and the path has filled with the most incredible experiences of my life.
Was it easy?  Absolutely not.  But it was exciting, challenging and always engaging because for me evolution is not a concept but a way of life and if you are reading this, then I would venture that you feel the pull to more as well.
So, how do you get comfortable with change?   I have a great tool and it is actually quite easy.  Every day make it your focus to learn something new about yourself as well as learning something about how people communicate with each other. 
First, when you choose to consciously recognize who you are being each day, it makes the task of change seem much less overwhelming.  The process of learning something new about yourself every single day lets your brain know that you actually do see yourself and you have a full sense of who you are – even if things are not exactly how you would like them to be.  Understanding yourself is at the core of your comfort level with transformation, so the more you are able to accept yourself for who you are the more you will be able to accept change as well.
Secondly, understanding the dynamics of human interaction is one of the most powerful tools on the planet for understanding how you relate to yourself.  When you actually see the dynamics rather than through the haze of ideals or emotions, you begin to see how; you talk to yourself, about yourself as well as where you hide from yourself. 
So, every night before you go to sleep, write down one thing you learned about yourself today (mostly this will just be something you noticed that you never noticed before…surprisingly you have probably been doing it for a very long time).  Then write down something you learned about how people relate to other people, maybe something you witnessed at the grocery store, in line at the gas station or in your own kitchen.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it is just training your brain to notice things about human behaviour that before were not even on your radar.   
I have been following this practice for over twelve years and it has been the greatest learning I have ever done.  For one, because I learn best through experience and life examples and for two, it has taught me to see what I had otherwise taken for granted. 
Life is full of opportunities to learn and expand our awareness of ourselves, it never ends.  But it is always up to us to determine if we are going to expand and evolve or stay the same. 
If you are like me and would enjoy some insight from your soul, but you are not yet able to consciously communicate together and receive messages and insights, I can help you with that  If you are also on your own journey of transforming your life into a full expression of the potential that exists within your soul, then I can help you with that as well .  And if you are simply interested in getting some insight now to assist you with a particular aspect of your transformation, I can help you with that as well
In celebration of your transformation!
Much love,

June 2017 Solstice

Finding Your Strength in Times of Turmoil.

June has been quite a month of upheaval and change.  It has been preparing you for the change that is upon us more than ever before.  For the first time in centuries we are being faced with the opportunity to recognize our truth more than ever before.  To unearth whatever it is, within you that is holding you back from being who you truly need to be in order to thrive.

Thriving is something we rarely give thought to in this day and age where we are encouraged to constantly focus on our faults, failures and what it is we want, but have not yet achieved.  Bombarded with visual stimulation designed to create an emotional reaction within us, telling us that we are not perfect the way we are, that we need something more to be able to be who it is we want to be. 

Contentment is another very challenging aspect we are also being forced to look at; what does contentment mean to you?  How do you think your life would feel if you were to be content with everything that is happening around you? 

Many people have become immune to recognizing what will truly make them happy and content.  This occurred as a result of generation upon generation adding more and more layers of immunity through the simple act of not believing in yourself. 

I know it sounds almost too simple, that the unassuming act of not believing in yourself has gotten you to this pinnacle moment of knowing that for you, life is not working out.

The fact is, you are not living a life that is a reflection of what you want, rather you are living as a slave to what you think you need to do and who you think you need to be.  Take the rat race for example; how many hours of your day are filled with working on something that only half stimulates you and half fills you with boredom?  Why do you do it; because you have bills to pay?  My question to you is, are the bills you are paying a reflection of the life you truly want? 

Make a list of the things you spend your money on each month.  Do these things reflect the person you are or the person you think you need to be?  More importantly, how do these things make you feel?  Do they contribute to calm and contentment, allowing you to thrive or do they create a momentum for always needing to do or accumulate more?

This is actually where this gets very, very interesting.  You were never designed to be complacent, you were designed to continuously evolve.  To always be outdoing your previous best with something so much fuller and expressive of who you are based on what you learned from your previous best.  The problem is that many people have fallen into the trap of believing that by obtaining more external things, relationships and experiences you are content.  Which when pointed out seems silly, yet we often fall into this trap on a daily basis.  Whether by doubting yourself, your instincts or your ability to succeed, you are accepting that your life does not have the power to change.  That you, yourself do not have the power to influence others in a way that can aid them in a life of meaning and joy.  That you can go beyond surviving a typical life to thriving in a life that is a full reflection of who you are and what you have the capacity to accomplish. 

I am here to remind you of what you have given up on.  Not because you need to be reminded of what you have lost, but because it is time to remind you of what is more possible for you now, than ever been before.  (Not sure what you want to achieve with your life?  Figure it out with this incredible blueprint, don’t worry it’s free!)

The June 2017 Solstice is big.  It is asking you to remember who you are and what it is you want to achieve with your life.  The past month has been filled with numerous examples of what it is you need to release before you move into this incredible new life.  It is about preparing you in ways that you would never have allowed yourself to recognize; seeing how your emotions have been running the show rather than allowing the truth of who you are to shine through.

Have you been fearful of being who you are, or of stating what you want and going after it? Are you worried that people will not understand you or support you, or that you will hurt them because you want more?  Are you worried that they will dissuade you and you will once again be asked to give up your dreams?  Then you need to ask yourself; what kind of life have you built for yourself? 

You need to remind yourself; You are Meant to Thrive & so is everyone else in your life.   

So often we hold back our dreams so that others can fulfill theirs, but the fact is that when you choose to follow your dreams, it is the most powerful gift you can give to the people who mean the most to you.  Because when you follow your dreams, you are choosing to thrive.  You are choosing to tell everyone that you love, that you believe in you, the most powerful example you can give them to follow their own dreams. 

If you were standing on the sidelines of your own life, waiting to live your dreams, you have been telling everyone else around you that they should be doing the same thing.  You have created a sense of saintly abstinence that only causes friction in yourself and those you love.  This self denial has caused being successful to become scary, because somewhere along the line you decided that in order for you to thrive you would be hurting someone else. 

Although we could get into the many nuances of thriving and doing so appropriately versus manipulatively, the fact is you are being asked to reflect upon what is most important to you.  What have you been challenged with this past month?  These are the experiences and patterns that are holding you back. 

How do you look at the experiences that have unfolded in a way that will help you move forward?  By allowing yourself to see the truth like never before.  It is time to expand your knowledge of what has been and what has the potential to unfold in your life. 

You are not the person you imagine yourself to be.  You are so much more.  You are a reflection of what is possible, not only for you but for everyone when you succeed.  When you work towards your dreams you create a space that attracts others who are working towards their dreams as well and together you all thrive.  This is the law of attraction.  It’s not about accumulating more stuff or attracting relationships and experiences that will give you what you want, it is about fulfilling who you are and living a life that is thriving.  You cannot do that if you are unable to believe in yourself. 

Now you may be wondering; How do I believe in myself after years of protecting yourself from getting hurt or creating dreams based on what you think is the right thing to do.  Learning to Believe in yourself is actually quite simple, it only takes three things. 

  1. You must be willing to change. Which basically means you want a different life more than you want the life you are currently living.
  2. You must be willing to participate. Change takes effort.  You will be challenged so you can see if you really want what you feel you deserve.  Not because you need to prove yourself, but because you are being given as many opportunities as possible to learn how to believe in yourself. 
  3. You must be willing to learn. Many people fall into the trap of thinking they know who they are or what they want or even what they like.  The fact is, if you are not thriving, then you need to learn about everything; what is holding you back, what you like, what you are capable of and what makes you unique. 

Basically, it is time to forget everything you know in order to discover your truth.  It is a tricky and challenging journey, but only because your mind wants you to think you are less than you are.  Don’t worry, it is just filled with other people’s ideas and notions of who you are and what you are capable of.  When you listen to your heart your journey will unfold in the most dynamic way possible, with you thriving each and every day.

The time for change is now and the entire universe is supporting you.  Enjoy the magic of The Solstice!

If you feel that you would benefit from some guidance along the way I have two very exciting offers for you. 

First, my Solstice Special for private Soul Connections Sessions, which I will be offering for the last time.  Working one on one with your soul brings powerful change within a very short period of time.  It is also very specific to your needs and challenges.  Claim the special rate here.

Second, I am offering my Inner Circle Membership at a greatly reduced rate.  The Inner Circle is a group mentoring program that supports the exact journey of change mentioned above by rebuilding your self worth.  It is filled with universal insight and awareness, soul perspectives on healing as well as practical exercises that walk you through the journey discovering your inner power by removing your mental blocks and limits.  Join the Inner Circle here.

No matter which journey you choose for yourself, working with me or someone else or working through things on your own; stay vigilant in your belief that you matter, you are meant to be successful and that the entire universe is on your side.  And if you want some extra help getting on track this amazing blueprint can help you, don’t worry it’s free!

Much love, Michelle

Discover 3 of the Most Toxic foods on the planet

I often get asked about health issues related to food and digestion based upon what is uncovered during sessions.  For years now I have seen a trend on how the body deals with specific foods when they enter the body.  Unfortunately, it is not just the digestive system that suffers, but the entire system as a whole.  affecting how you feel, how you are able to deal with stress, shock and anxiety.  So, I decided to do a bit more research into the top 3 things we should never ingest into our bodies.  

Number 1 was a little bit surprising, but mostly because of what makes it toxic along with the magnitude of controversial information out there.  Processed Sugar.  This includes any product that has been taken from its natural source and processed.  Our bodies were designed to process plant based materials naturally, however when a foreign method is used for processing, the body is no longer sure how to efficiently and effectively break down the nutrients and carcinogens.  

Essentially the body does not send the correct digestive enzymes to the gut and the body goes into shock.  Yes, you read that correctly, every time you ingest sugar your body goes into shock.  This is why you feel lethargic and spent after a sugar binge…not because you are coming down from a sugar high but because your body is coming out of shock.  It is also why when your body needs to deal with real shock situations, it no longer has the capacity because it has been spent.



The second item on this list was not surprising at all - Pesticides.  This one is actually quite simple to explain.  Pesticides are designed to kill pests.  The one thing you may not have realized is that ‘pests’ are organic organisms and so are humans.  The only difference is the size of the organism.  

Essentially pesticides are designed to kill very tiny, even minute organic organisms.  What you may not have known is that your body is made up of trillions of very tiny and minute organisms.  Every time you ingest something with pesticides you are killing some of the cells in your body.  For years now scientists have been researching the effects of pesticides, the only issue with their research is that they only account for what they can see, which of course is determined with what they are looking for.  And for some reason it was decided that because we are born with so many healthy cells, it won’t cause much harm if we lose a few.  

The problem with this is that our bodies were created very specifically and there is no part of you that is unimportant or disposable.  When parts of you are missing, you are unable to handle different aspects of life and your body begins to break down.  What’s more is that when the body is under attack (disease, drugs, chemicals etc.) it has no way to fight back and the infection will fester.  This is why as a race we are no longer able to easily fight off cancer, Lyme disease and so much more. 

The third item on the list is food dye.  Often indicated by numbers and letters, these chemicals are designed to change the chemical structure of an item and therefor affect the structure they are being ingested into.  Chemicals are non-organic materials.  The human body is an organic organism…therefore the human body will never be able to break down what it is ingesting. 

What you may not know is that chemicals are not simply eliminated (which is often exaggerated by sugar consumption) they float around attaching to living organisms and changing their structure.  This process is called mutation and it attacks the Thyroid which is like the thermostat for the entire body.  Simply put the Thyroid determines how to deal with external influences and when it is compromised everything goes awry.    

Quite often it is not the result of an under active or overactive Thyroid issue it is that the actually thyroid itself is breaking down and no longer able to perform the functions it was designed for. 

Now you may be wondering what is the number one most important thing we can digest on the planet to help keep our body healthy and functioning in the most effective way.  The answer is Water.  If you are the type of person who does not like the taste of water, that is the result of years of adding processed foods and chemicals to your diet.  Fresh water is essential to any one who wants to be healthy.  

Your body is over seventy percent water, this is not a coincidence.  You were designed with the capacity to naturally flush toxins from your system.  Meaning the amount of water you consume, combined with the quality of the water is a reflection of your body’s ability to thrive.  The ideal consumption amount for most adults (unless there is a kidney issue) is approximately 3 to 4 liters per day.  For children, they should be drinking water exclusively in accordance with a healthy balanced diet rich in water dense fruit and vegetables. 

There you have it, a very simple explanation of what to avoid and what to include in your day to day diet, if you are looking to improve your overall health as well as your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and fight disease.   

Letting go of Anger and Resentment

What happens when you protect yourself rather than allowing yourself to heal.


Anger and resentment are the most common ways we protect ourselves from the pain and trauma of the past.  However if you want to move forward and go beyond what you have experienced in your past, you must first allow yourself to see where the fear and anger came from.  It takes a strong person to have the courage to go within to see the pain of your past and this video shows you exactly how easeful it can be when you walk through this journey with your soul.

Cheers to your success!


Turning your hurt into Potential

Living in a world with so much fear, hate and anger can take a toll on how you live.


This video talks about how it feels when your instincts tell you how things should be and yet you feel completely powerless to make that a reality you need to find the strength within you to thrive in spite of what is happening around you.

Cheers to your success!


Letting go of Control

Control is based on fear.  In order to let it go, you must first discover what it is you are scared of.


Most often the fear that everything will fall apart if we don't hold it all together makes you put so much energy into too many things.  

In order to release control, you must expand your perspective of what is really going on.  Most often allowing yourself to see who you really are and what value you have to offer in all areas of your life.  Control is often a side effect of not feeling like who you are and what you have to offer has value.  

This video talks about taking some time to sit back and gain perspective of what is really going on and what it is you really have to offer the world.  This practice alone has the ability to expand your potential and allow you to move into the life that is and has always been meant for you.

Cheers to your success!


Learning to Love Yourself

Has anyone ever let you down or have you ever worried about letting someone else down?


This video walks you through releasing the fears created when others let us down, which ultimately causes you to be in a state of protecting yourself.  This state holds you back from moving forward and when it gets very intense it holds you back from connecting with other people and allowing success and abundance into your life.   

The other side of the same energy is the fear of letting others down which holds you in a state of energy that is intense and makes you feel like you are moving forward because there is so much happening, however there is actually no movement at all.  

When you release the energy of these fears you are able to make room for the abundant energy of who you are rather than your fears.  You can release the potential of who you are and what you were created to do!

Cheers to your success!


The Essence of Change

Ever wonder why making changes in your life feels more challenging than it should?  Especially when you are working towards creating the things you want. 


This video talks about why it is so important for us to clear out the energy of our past.  It is something we do at every Live Event because it is so important.  Especially if you are trying to change a part of you that has been the same way for a long period of time.

The fact is, as humans we naturally thrive on change, it is just our mental beliefs and attitudes that make us think otherwise.  By clearing out the energy of your past during these events, you are not only helping yourself to create the change itself, you are also supporting the sustainability of that change within your life!

Cheers to your success!