Today is a significant day in the history of the world. In fact it is one of those days you actually wish to be conscious of what is going on.  Because if you are conscious, you just may be able to notice how things are changing for the better in our world.  A world where there is often so much suffering, hate and anger.

Last night while I was in connection with the Heart of the Universe, I was able to receive some pretty significant insights and awareness. This information is about the energy that will shift at the moment the Solstice occurs.   This energy is going to change the lives of everyone living on the planet today as well as everyday going forward.

Today or tomorrow (depending on your time zone) when the Solstice occurs there will be a significant shift in the overall intention of humanity. We are now stepping into the Era of Love.  This is the first time in this current expression of humanity that The Era of Love is being offered and more importantly it has been planned with some very significant intentions.

First and foremost we are stepping out of the last era which has lasted more than twenty years; the Era of Release. Release has gifted us with significant opportunities to uncover truths within ourselves and within our society.  But Release has also conjured anger, resentment and even guilt as a means of dealing with the universal intention of Release.

As human beings that are expressions of Souls, we are quite naturally capable of releasing what ever is not of value in our existence. However as mind led humans we are challenged each and every day to understand how to find a balance between our fears, our instincts and what is and will be accepted in our society.  These aspects often cause us to carry around things that are not of value to us, but are of value to others.

That is why this next shift in existence is so vitally important. The power of Love has the ability to not only dissolve anything other than truth, it also dissolves any energy that lingers from our past that we were not able to release.

Because the last phase of release was so significant and lasted much longer than planned – mostly because release was not fully embraced until your back was against the wall. This new phase offers the possibility of change through the action of awareness and conscious choices.

You will begin to notice change throughout your day to day experiences, beginning with an overall sense of joy and peace where before you may have felt despair or sadness. Yes, there will still be challenges and hurdles to overcome – this is part of the Soul’s quest or journey and it is the reason you have chosen to be in existence now.  However, as long as you are willing to recognize and utilize the truth rather than trying to cover it up, you will experience true freedom.

If you find yourself covering up any aspect of who you are, why you are here or what you believe about humanity and those people around you – then you will be in for a more challenging ride than necessary. The choice is yours and although Love always has the power to win, it is you that needs to choose love over anger, resentment and fear in order to reach your dreams and aspirations.

The Era of Love also means that you will begin to feel things more deeply – this is a very good thing. Because the more deeply you feel the more awareness you are able to receive.  However there is a key to managing deeper feeling and it is maintaining distance from your emotions.

Your mind may often want to drag your emotions into your experiences and allow them to take centre stage. Emotions were originally designed as indicators for the soul that something is ‘off’ in the experience that is occurring around us.  However through societal branding we have come to believe that emotions are indicators for greatness – whether great joy, heartache, sadness, accomplishment or attraction and this is sadly not the case at all.  When we believe this to be true we find ourselves creating messes that were never even there in the first place.  This is called drama and a clear demonstration of exactly how it is created.

Love is a power far greater than any other energy in existence on the planet today. However it is not the fluffy, romantic, feel good experience that many people believe it to be.  Love in fact is the power of connection and holds the secret to attracting, experiencing and releasing a connection whenever necessary during our life span.  It is free from guilt, judgement, resentment and anger and holds only love, compassion, respect, purity and the power of truth.

Love is not something you can use against someone, nor is it a commodity that can be leveraged or leaned upon to elicit a desired response – that is manipulation. Love is pure and clean beyond any negative or manipulative intention; we just have to be willing to see that.  There is also no room for restriction within love, it is expression in its purest form that stretches as far as we can exist and as wide as we can conceive of.  Love knows no limits or bounds and is free to accomplish any and all that it intends.

So for the next twelve – or so – years, Love is the foremost energy that we will utilize to experience change. This is a time of great change and most importantly it is a time of great transition into the power of Being Who You Are rather than who you think you need to be.

Transformation comes from an inner intention to exist in a different way than you have been experiencing up until now. It challenges you and it takes courage, but it always holds rewards far greater than anything you could ever fathom on a personal or physical level.  For that reason alone you can see that you are in fact part of a much greater experience than your own self.  And you play a significant role in a much greater experience than your mind has the capacity to conceive of.

Awareness only goes as far as your minds ability to receive new information and allow that information to become part of the foundation with which you create your new reality going forward. If the awareness you have utilized to create your foundation is pure and true you will experience nirvana and insights beyond anything you ever dreamed possible.  Yet if you follow the other path of ego or desire you will find that your foundation is nothing but an illusion of grandeur and your foundation will crumble and you will need to once again pick up the pieces and start again.

That is one of the greatest parts of the human experience; your Soul will always offer you as many experiences that are necessary so that you are able to get over your own mental ideals in order to become the pure reflection of who we actually are on a soul level. Your soul will never; let you down, leave you stranded, conceal the truth or mislead you…that is the work of your mind fuelled by a desire to become something other than who you truly are.

So as we dip into this new Era and allow ourselves to embrace not only the energy of love but the concepts and full conscious awareness of what this energy provides for us;   you will begin to learn about the abilities you have when you are in connection with Love and exactly why you have landed in the life you are currently living.  You will also begin to understand why you have experienced the hardships and challenges you have endured up until now; bringing you a far greater insight into what you are capable of.

What does all of this mean?… You are going to finally be able to discover what it is that has been holding you back from achieving greatness in ALL areas of your life. You are going to have to put the effort into participating in uncovering your greatest fear, but the energy to support this part of your journey is going to be stronger and more powerful than ever before.

You are your life. Everything is connected and linked far beyond the surface of conscious thought and mental adaptability.  Your touch, your thoughts and your presence have a far greater impact on everything around you and now you are going to begin to see the affects of that impact.  The Era of Love will create upheaval for anything and everything you are doing that is not in alignment with who you were always meant to be.

This change and upheaval isn’t going to happen over night, it is going to be a long and drawn out process that will allow your mind to catch up to what your heart is already perceiving and aware of. Love knows no bounds and you are going to begin to learn exactly what that means and how it can and will affect your ability to live your life.

Get ready, because this is about to be one of the most exciting, effervescent, energizing and enthusiastic experiences that you have ever had. Just be honest with yourself and allow truth to lead the way and you will ride high on wave after wave of joy, peace, contentment and love.

Much Love, Michelle

p.s. For those of you who would like to know a bit more about the energy of Love itself, here is a chapter from my book Believe;


Probably the best way to describe this is to say the power of Love; as this is really the most powerful and profound energy within the entire universe. As discussed in the beginning of the book, the energy of LOVE is what allows us to recognize the potential of another Being.  More importantly embedded within the energy of Love is the ability to connect.  Whether we are connecting on a superficial level or on an energetic level the process is similar, it just deepens depending upon our intention and willingness to “let go” of control.

Connection is not only the most powerful and profound aspect it is actually what enables us to have a full experience in existence. On a fundamental level as Soul Beings, it is our ability to connect that allows us to exchange experiences and awareness with other Beings.  It is this process of connection that allows us to become inspired to create our own experiences that surpass those that have been previously experienced.  It is not a race, a competition or an event in which we will be judged, it is rather the opportunity to create something within this universe that has not been experienced before.

This is the entire intention behind this universal creation; free will the ability to experience anything and everything we can possibly dream of. And of course the only way in which to do that on a universal level is to consistently go beyond the borders and limits of previous experiences.  This is also why it is vitally important for connection, in that it would be a colossal waste of time to spend an entire lifetime creating something that has already been experienced by another.  So whenever we choose to have an experience we energetically set out intention to connect with any and all Beings who have been interested in similar experiences.  Then through the energy of Love we are able to connect to them and learn all that they have experienced, likewise we are sharing with them all that we have experienced.

In this connection there is also room for everyone we connect to, to offer us wisdom and knowledge for their experiences, how they would change anything, what they found to be true and what they found to be lacking in their past experiences. There is a fullness of exchange free of judgement, fear or concealment.  Love transcends all of these superficial aspects allowing us to clearly see our connection to truth and redundancy in the moment.  This is what allows us the ability to be Great, to be able to create great experiences that are fresh and new filled with inspiration.  This energy of movement is what allows the entire creation to evolve as a universe in fullness and abundance.

Love is not only a driving force in this universe it is the force with which true connection is possible. It is through the energy of love that we are able to experience the energy of another Bieng.  How does this work?  The energy of love is a fine balance of respect and compassion and when we intend to truly connect to these energies when connecting to another person or Being we are then able to experience them for who they are; rather than we we perceive them to be.  This process is divine connection and can only be facilitated through the energy of Love.

Whether we like it or not many of us have layer upon layer of illusions when it comes to the energy of Love. How do we separate ourselves form our illusions and allow the full expression of Love to flow through us?  well it is quite simple actually, yet it takes concentrated effort.  Essentially to connect to the fullness of Love one must have a clear  intent to receive and experience the fullness of Love free of any control.  This allows for the energy to flow to us in fullness and the connection with receiveing allows it to flow through us.

That is a particularly important aspect that should be noted here. The fundamental difference between being aware of the fullness of an energy and experiencing the fullness of an energy.  being aware of an energy is the process of connecting to receive information and knowledge.  This is particularly effective when there is an aspect or experience that we wish to be aware of, yet do not wish to experience for ourselves.

Connection for awareness can also be utilized when connecting with other people or Beings. For example if one wishes to become aware of a person’s intention or motive, they can simply connect to the energy of that without connecting to the fullness of the actual Soul within the person or Being.  This process is fundamentally valuable when we are in creation mode and becoming aware of what we would like to avoid in our creatsion and also what we wodull iketo avaiod in our connections because the person is carrying an extreme amount of dense or negative energy that does nto benefit our personal journey.

In fatc the energy of connection without the fullness is what almost the entire planet engage in. this is the energy that people are using to make commitments to themselves and ot others.  That is the ultimate reason that many relationships do not last or simply fall apart after awhile.  Mostly because it was never created in the fullness that is always available and subconsciously it was created because we have chosen to resist all connections or fullness in the creation process.

In order to create anything based on full expression, we have to actually be willing to connect in fullness. This fundamental aspect is so intricately incorporated into all other aspects that we begin to see how much abundance is actually available to us, should we simply choose to connect to it.  connection is quite simple, it is the intent that requires clarity so specific that we often need to tweak it numerous times until out mental illusions are removed so that it is clear.

Love is not only part of the connection process but a fundamental part of the entire experience as the actual energy is within each and every creation. From a blade of grass to a bird flying overhead to the home you live in.  everything has the potential to have love within it, the question is; is the full expression or simply an aspect?

Love has the potential to offer us the ability to see through our own illusions, however we must consciously choose to see them for what they are. love offers us the ability to maintain our connection to our Soul no matter what is occurring on the physical plane.  This uniqe ability is what allows us to maintain our power when faced with challenges and adversity.  Love does not have any aspect of control, manipulation, pity, or resentment, letting us know when we are connected that if these feelings come up, they are our illusions.  Illusions we have created thourhg a mental process of trying to understand what happened to us and how best to protect ourselves in the future.  When in fatc protection is not necessary when we are connected with Love as we are acutely aware of intention and motive from its purest sense to whomever we choose to fully connect with.

It is the full connection which is also called Resonance that our true fulfillment lies. Hidden deep within the curtains of illusion that we have created as a means to believe Love exists, however to keep ourselves distanced formt he fullness of it as a means of protecting ourselves.  And this is the trap that many people find themselves in.  there are over 1123 illusions within the energy of love.  Each has been created by humans in an effort ot accomplish a connection without allowing someone to completely connect to them.

It is the intention to control the outcome of any and all experiences hthrough the connection, whether they are conscuious or unconscious. Anytime we want something for another person or decide how they should act or react is a manipulation.  Whether we are willing to admit it or not, is always a decision we have to make in the moment and one that we have the opportunity to change in any moment.  As long as we are willing to release the hold we have on expectations of ourselves and others.  Weakness is not found in one who chanmges one’s mind to express true instinct, weakness is found in one who is willing to recognize an aspect of oneself that is powerless and remain in that state.

Whatevere energy we choose to connect to is the energy we are embodying and essentially sharing with the world. This is called a State of Being.  So if oyou are choosing to resist change, manipulate another or remain attached to fear, you are fooling no one but yourself.  This is the actual energy behind the casual experience of being able to see the experiences of others for what they are much easier than your own.  Mostly because we are always willing to see truth when it is someone else’s.  but you can now see that everyone around you is experiencing tangible evidence of yoru deception.  This is why it is often best to remain in a solitary environemtn when one is experiencing this energy as it effects those around you and their journey, most often this is the synchronicity of allowing a person to clearly see how another person is no in alignment with their journey or supportive of their dream.  Causeing quiet often a rift or a break in the relationship.

Obviously this is only possible when we consciously choose to connect to the energy, however even when we are not completely connected there is opportunity to be aware of intent and energy of another.

The fundamental aspect of LOVE is actually quite simple. When using words to describe the creation of an energy, they would have to be respect and compassion.  These aspects are not only the closest description they allow you to see that there really is no room for pity, manipulation or control in the energy of love.  Pure love is something very few people have actually felt in abundance in this lifetime.  Many have had experiences of it and some have melted into it for periods of time; only to be pulled out as soon as they have an impure thought.

Love is the ultimate ability with which to connect to each other, but also this is the energy that when we choose we can connect to The Creator who created this physical experience for us.