The true power of synchronicity is hidden within the greatness of what you believe to be true.  Your beliefs are not only a reflection of what you think is possible for yourself, they are the manifestation of the life you are living and all you have accomplished.

Frequently we are challenged to go beyond what we know and are comfortable with in order to obtain the clarity, wisdom and ultimate experience of what we have been striving towards.  Now is one of those times, not only personally but globally as a massive shift has begun to take shape and form.  It is the power of transformation at its most powerful; it is the ability to transform oneself from one state of being into another.

It is one of the most significant transitions and transformations ever experienced within this universe and it is going to change the way life exists as well as they way that individuals interact with each other.  This shift is groundbreaking in its ability to bring similar vibrations together effortlessly as well as seamlessly releasing differing vibrations in a way that is profound and joyful.

This shift has not only changed the way people interact with each other it has opened the doors to a life free of secrets or hidden demands, ultimately breaking down any beliefs that information, wisdom or experience can be withheld from any person.

For the past few thousand years there have been those in seemingly power positions that have used the illusion of secrecy to create their power.  They have allowed others to believe that they are not only superior to others, but that they have a right to know information that is not appropriate for everyone else.  This intention along with the undeniable belief of this illusion by the majority of the population of the Earth has created anarchy and it is time to stop.

Anarchy is simply an illusion created when one or more parties wish to have control over others.  They utilize fear and beliefs – such a religion – to ensure that their intention becomes part of the general processes of life.  This is also where they are unaware that it can be changed.  However they are also unwilling to participate in the collapse of their power, therefore creating the greatest challenge ever known for man and the current way of life.

The fact is, this is not a surprise, nor is it anything that you, personally do not already know within your heart.  The truth of existence already lives within you and it is here that you are being called to act from.  No longer willing to participate with any person, organization or structure who wish to hold you responsible for their unkind or inappropriate actions.  No longer willing to accept limitations and guidelines that protect only one half of a relationship or association.  And most especially a complete release of all of those who are either willingly or unknowingly withholding any right, experience or validation that is yours to experience.

What all of this means, is that there is a new energy that has recently been infused into this universe.  It is dynamic and it has the power to drastically change how you are living your life.  In fact during most of April we were preparing for the infusion and it was an intense process filled with extreme mood shifts, exhaustion and a sense of helplessness in many areas of everyday life.  Which allowed the infusion to arrive near the end of April, making May a month with more curves than straight lines.

Change is not always welcome, as we often tend to cling to the past and current experiences out of a sense of comfort even when we know it is not what we want.  For those who have already let go of the many aspects of life that you have outgrown, you will find a sense of everything coming together, almost effortlessly.  For everyone who has yet to let go and embrace change, the exhaustion is a sign that you are working in the wrong direction and need to embrace the truth of who you are and the life that is meant for you.

Frequently we are challenged with the loved ones we keep close to us, they are the ones we go to when we need to talk and they are the ones we listen to when they need to talk.  However these are also the ones whom we have come to rely upon in ways that keep us addicted to past behaviours, no matter how much we think we are acting of our own accord.  Life is meant to be experienced in the most complete and fulfilling way for You and the only way that can happen is if you are following your navigation system free of the opinions and guidance of anyone and everyone.  This alone is one of the most challenging aspects of this new energy; doing things on your own, for yourself, to follow your own destiny.

We have been taught to be anything but adventurous and self reliant.  Even when we think we are being self sufficient, we are most often comparing our journey with that of another, choosing an experience because it is something that someone else desires and fulfilling our adventurous and thrill seeking self by simply following yet another main stream designation of what that is.

Change is built by courage and courage comes from the willingness to participate in the life that is and has always been meant for us.  The willingness to participate is a choice.  A choice that is based upon the awareness that we have about who we are and what is best for us.  Are we following what is true for us or are we making choices to live our life based upon a collection of ideals that are based upon the whims and whimsy of a society that is actually fearful of change.

In order to change all of that; you must first choose to become aware of who you are.  Knowing who you are, will allow you to discover what it is that will make you happy.  But it will also allow you to find the courage within you to find and apply the effort necessary to make that life your reality.  This is the recipe for freedom.

Joy does not come in a package, it is not something you can buy and it certainly does not come from another.  Joy is the culmination of your efforts to bring about a life of true soul purpose.  And now more than ever before, the experience of Joy is at your fingertips.  This new energy is allowing your heart to wake up more than ever before, it is allowing you to more easily release the people and experiences from your life that are not the best for you.  This time of transformation is supportive of an entire shift in consciousness which will bring about profound change in the way human beings interact with each other.  It will change the way that business is done, it will change the way that people are ‘managed’ in everything from your family to countries.  Nothing is going to be the same.  By this time next year, you will not even recognize this old way of being, because the new way will fit you like a glove.

This current mercury retrograde experience is also divinely supporting these new changes by giving us even more opportunities to review our lives more carefully and allow our experiences to be seen much more clearly.  It is also offering us the opportunity to reflect upon the truth of who we are what our dreams are in the moment that we are required to make decisions.  You may find that as you go throughout your day, your mind seems to be working overtime…giving you insight into differing possibilities and also allowing you to have a greater and more flexible perspective.

These experiences are actually your soul communicating with you.  However it is a very fine line, that once crossed means you are thinking too much and allowing your mind to ‘try’ and either make things happen or cause fear and discourage movement altogether.  This is part of your calling right now, learning to navigate the very sensitive line between your mind and your soul.  Once you are able to cross over to the ‘soul side’ you find life will unfold – even during a mercury retrograde journey – in the most easeful, abundant and fulfilling way possible…and it just keeps coming.  Day after day, hour after hour, life shows you the magic that is available to you.  It is here and it is ready for you, the question is…are you ready for the magic?

Traditionally during the month of the Solstice I offer a Soul Connection Solstice Special.  However with the intensity of the current energies as well and the many questions and challenges that are arising, I am choosing to offer this Special to you a week early.  If you have questions about your journey or specific aspects regarding your life, it just may be time to have a conversation and connection with your soul.  For some of you it may be feelings of a lethargic body and mind that would benefit from a deep connection and healing from your soul.  Either way you will always receive exactly what it is that will benefit you most in the very moment you receive it.

Wishing you joy as you embark upon the new and profound life that is awaiting you.

Much love, Michelle

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