This is the most perfect image (unfortunately my dashboard will not currently let me upload an image – you can see the image on my Facebook page) to describe to you how I have experienced 2014. It has been an intense and continuous opportunity to look inward; seeing into the deepest and darkest corners of my mind, my heart and my soul.

Feeling as though I spent months underwater – a time when I am immersed in the depths of my Soul, learning about consciousness, evolution, existence and anything and everything that pertains to that.  Having brief moments where I am able to ‘come up for air’ and shortly thereafter being re-submerged and once again being deeply connected with my Soul.

I have never before experienced anything quite like it and I have learned more about who I am and what I am capable of than ever before.  I have also learned more about consciousness, energy and evolution than ever before.  I have a broader understanding of existence and a greater capacity to read, comprehend and assimilate energy.

As you know I have been working towards the new website and new offerings for quite sometime now, changing dates and deadlines doing my best to control the unfolding and meeting expectations that I myself have set.

The reality is my time of inner learning is not complete, I am currently preparing for my own rebirth and that process is quite powerful and unique in its own right.  I know when my re-birth will be as the date has been chosen by my soul in conjunction with the entire universe – the exact method that is utilized by souls in the conception, gestation and birth processes.

So, instead of writing and editing website copy over this very important time, I am going to allow myself to go as deeply as possible into myself.  Offering myself the opportunity to remain in complete connection with my Soul and the Universe around me; creating a space of awareness and love that will bring insight and wisdom to all aspects of my journey.

I am choosing to participate in this sacred part of my journey so that when I emerge I will not only be honouring myself I will be honouring all of you and what I have to offer you.

I wish you all a very special and sacred holiday season where you are able to honour yourself and all of those around you with purity of heart and clarity of what is truly important.

From the heart, Michelle