It has been an intense and extremely magical two years of universal study and exploration and I am almost ready to share it all with you…

I have been working on many new projects and offerings and I am very excited because the release is getting very close.  I originally ‘thought’ the release would be the end of July, however that was me following my excitement rather than actually feeling into what is best for me, my family, the offering itself and most importantly being able to offer these new gifts to you in a way that nurtures, nourishes and enhances who you are as a person and a Soul.

There are new courses coming that will offer you the opportunity to reawaken your natural ability to access Universal Awareness.

What is Universal Awareness?  It is the epicenter of the universe, the place in which there is a record of every single aspect of creation that has ever been in existence.  This goes for any Being, any experience and any intent.  It is all there and you have access to it, because you are a Soul Being who was created within this universe.

If you have not yet had a chance you can purchase my book Believe at most online book retailers’ world wide.  Within the pages you will find a clear, simple and concise explanation of many aspects of creation.  It includes a more detailed explanation of Universal Awareness as well as a greater understanding of the evolution of consciousness.

There will also be a new one on one offering; a complete immersion into self discovery with Your Soul.  You will learn what it is you have come to offer others in this lifetime and you will be guided one on one to the place of being able to offer this gift in your life.  This is a complete integration of your physical life with your Soul as well as Universal Awareness.

We will also have a new weekly offering that will be FREE of charge!  It is going to be fun and interactive while offering abundance and joy!

I am also currently writing 2 new books!  One will be a fully published book and the other will be an electronic book.  Both of which are expected to be ready for you early 2015.

So when is all of this happening?  Well, the release date is scheduled for October 2nd, 2014.  In between now and then I will be sharing my progress as well as hints about what’s coming on my Facebook page. 

I will also be offering all of the incredible souls on the mailing list the first opportunity to participate in all upcoming events.  Each event that is being created has a unique number of participants to ensure that event offers the fullest experience possible to both you and your soul.   Sign up for the mailing list here to Stay Connected and receive advanced notice of all events before they are released. 

What I can offer you at the moment; One-on-One Soul Connection Sessions.  I began offering these again about a month ago, it is always such an incredible experience connecting with people and their Souls from all over the world.  This month alone I have been blessed to connect with Souls and people from Asia, North America, Europe and New Zealand.  I am so very lucky to love what I do so deeply.  For more information you can visit the Soul Connections page. 

You may have also noticed that I am posting the Universal Messages again and that they have resumed a frequency that is a reflection of the universal evolution that we are participating in.  I hope you find them insightful and nurturing to you on your journey of self discovery.  I know that each message allows my perception to grow, bringing me greater opportunities to become a fuller expression of the Soul I am.  I wish the same for you.

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These little guys were back in my garden this week!  I was so excited to see them again, the last time they arrived in August of 2011, during significant changes in my life.  It felt so very perfect that they showed up this week with all of the changes that are occurring once again.


Much Love, Michelle