Life is not hard.  Here is a definition of Life according to Universal Awareness.

Life – referring to the physical incarnation of a Soul into Human Form – is the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of physical evolution from a soul perspective within physical form.

There will be challenges along the way.  These challenges are designed to bring you opportunities to discover more of what you are capable of within the opportunities you experience.  This may seem redundant, yet there is a universal synchronicity that allows for the full abundance of this offering to succeed anything other than perfect abundance.

Recently there seems to be an influx of messages and postings everywhere you look about how ‘hard’ different aspects of life are.  This is all about a misalignment in perception and we are hoping to be able to shed a little light on this.

It seems as though people are finding it within themselves to share what they perceive as their deep dark secrets, by ‘admitting’ that whatever aspect of life they are experiencing is hard.  Whether it be experiences in parenting, relationships, career, facing their past, determining their future or discovering who they are.  These are all perceptions; and from a Soul perspective as well as a Universal perspective, they are all incorrect.

Here are a few examples to help you begin to shift your awareness so you can embrace life from a Soul perspective.

  • Parenting is a collection of opportunities to offer perspective to a Soul living within a human body.  There are challenges and experiences that require thought, effort, attention to detail and conscious choices as well as actions.  There is nothing hard about it, but it does take time, effort and an incredible commitment.
  • Relationships are the experience in which two or more Souls choose to come together to experience each other.  Relationships require thought, effort and immense respect in order to be present with another person.
  • Following your instincts is innate within each of us.  We were created to do this and are born with the ability to discern our instincts from the opinions of others.  Yet we often choose another path, creating greater challenges for ourselves.
  • Becoming free to live the life you want to be living.  This is why you are here.  To support this truth; you are offered an abundance of opportunities to experience this daily…it is a matter of choosing to see your opportunities and allow them to be what they are.  Or if you are deciding that you ‘know’ it all and need these special gifts you are offered to show up in another way.

Life is made hard by making choices that do not reflect who you are.  By choosing to ignore your instincts, by following what others are doing, by ignoring the challenges you are being offered and mostly by not be willing to participate in these challenges.

Challenges are just that; a challenge.  They are designed to be, challenging.  They are a direct message from your Soul letting you know that you are in fact ready for a greater experience in your life.  It is always up to you how you face any challenge;

Who you are going to choose to be in your challenge – the victim or the participant.

What you are willing to do to learn the precious gift your Soul is offering you.

When you want to learn this particular challenge – now or 5 years from now.

Why – being able to recognize the truth behind your challenge rather than the drama, because there is no drama on a soul level, that is all you.

How much effort you are going to put into your challenge determines your overall experience as well as the outcome. 

How many times do you find yourself feeling that life is hard?  Essentially you are telling the world at large that life is unfair.  That you are a victim of a cruel fate that is greater than you and that you had no part in creating; which is the furthest thing from the truth.

No matter what you are faced with, life, death, disease, adversity or trauma – whether physical or emotional you have a choice in how you react to the opportunities you are being offered.  Sometimes things seem so much bigger than you and you can let yourself feel powerless in any given situation; but that is just a simple form a fear – believing you have been abandoned and left out to dry, dealing with something that seems overwhelming.  And this is a simple case of incorrect perception.

It’s not just about the feel good – you can change your life – or – you can heal yourself – the fact is this; You are the Master of your life and ultimately the sole designer of your destiny.  If it doesn’t look so pretty right now…are you going to change it?  Or are you going to feel the weight of it and wear that weight like a badge of honour.  Are you going to hold onto your past challenges and wear them as badges as well?  Telling yourself you will feel better by admitting it.  Because admission of an illusion is just another way to manipulate yourself into thinking you are moving forward and dealing with your challenges.  But in fact you are actually creating an energetic space in which you are choosing to manipulate others into supporting you in your misery.

Life is not a battle, a competition or an experience in which to triumph over.  Life is a series of opportunities in which to grow.

Growth from a Soul perspective is the experience of learning from your experiences.  This is accomplished by making choices that are in alignment with who you are, not who you are trying to be.  Who you try to be is an image you have created in your mind and when you feel into it, there is no substantial or universal energy behind it.

That is why whenever you choose to be the victim you are offered pity; because there is no such thing as a victim on a soul or universal level…these are purely human emotions.  That is why when you are confronted with a victim your instincts do not tell you how to act or react – because there is no substantial or universal energy awareness to receive, you will not have an instinctive reaction; because instincts are based upon the energy within any given situation.  As a result of the lack of instinctual response, humanity has created the default reaction of pity.

Pity is one of the most destructive experiences a soul can have or offer.  It is a completely irrelevant experience to the soul experience and essentially places a person in a state of dislocation with everything connected with their soul.  Pity removes you from a conscious state of connection with your soul and creates a void that feels huge and often insurmountable.  Yet this is the exact experience we offer ourselves and others so very often.

Are you a victim of life?  Or are you a Soul who is living the most eventful life filled with the dynamic opportunities, experiences and challenges that allow you to perceive that you are not the centre of the universe but rather an integral part of it and everything you say or do towards yourself and others is a reflection of just how willing you are to perceive the truth?

If there are any experiences of pity in your life then this is a clear indication that you are out of connection with the universal energy of Truth.  The book Believe offers insight, awareness and knowledge of the universal energy of truth as well as opportunities to connect with it.  Believe also offers you insight into how to recognize Truth in your life as well as exercises on how to reconnect with Truth on both a Human and Soul level.

The truth is within each of us.  It is not something you know, but rather something you feel; truth is a state of being.  How hidden it is from you is clear in the choices you make in the life you are living, as well as in the perception of what your life is like.  Life is not something to be measured in doses, meaning that if you have a little of something then it is…ok.  If you have it, then you have it.  If you have pity, then you have it, period.  A clear example of this is feeling overwhelmed that you have a great challenge that is facing you; that is pity.  Truth says ‘even though I am nervous or fearful of what is ahead of me, I trust that this challenge is offering me exactly what I need right now.  It also means I have accomplished my last challenge…because another one has arrived!

In your heart, you know that you thrive on challenge.  That is because you are a Soul and a souls purpose here on earth is to grow to the fullest expression possible of who you are and what you are truly capable of experiencing.

Much Love,Michelle