The last 34 days have been, well…challenging.  They have been insightful, enlightening, eventful, inspiring and poignant; ultimately creating the perfect opportunity for transformation.  The past month or so has been an intense lesson in our relationship with the energy of trust.  Trust being a universal energy, it speaks to every one of us in unique and powerful ways; however it is our relationship with the energy that ultimately decides how the experience will unfold for us.

Trust is one of the most unique energies of this universe as it was not an original aspect of the creation, but rather created much later as a tool to facilitate the transformation from one state of being to another.  Without trust we are unable to experience transformation and without trust in ourselves we are unable to trust anyone else.  This includes the ability to trust our own soul and the guidance that is most beneficial and abundant for us.

I am actually shaking with the amount of energy I am feeling as I write this, it is an extremely powerful message and one that is meant to not only inspire our intentions going forward; but we are being asked now to share the fullness of who we are, knowing that it is time to embark upon the journey that we have been created to experience.

For many this is not something we ‘think’ about, but rather a calling within us to participate in something that is indeed much larger than we ourselves are.  However there is also the aspect that our souls have determined that this exact moment is when our personal energy would be most beneficial to the planet, the universe and to our own personal development.  That is the most pure and simple explanation of why we have come into physical form at the date and time that we arrived.

You are indeed here for a specific reason.  Yes, you were created as an active and full participant within this universe.  Yes, you have an incredible gift to offer when you choose to recognize the full impact of who you are on a soul level.  And yes, you do have what is necessary – within you – to experience a life that is a true reflection of who you are, as well as maintaining a connection to the fullness of possibility available to humanity and the universe as a whole.

What all of this means is that the time has arrived for full disclosure on a human level of the aspects of oneself within the physical form of the soul expression.  Gone are the days of a lackadaisical approach to life, in which we allow ourselves to maintain a relationship to justifying actions that are less than ultimate for us.  Gone are the days of experiencing the doubt and fear of ourselves and others with open camaraderie.

We are no longer here to support ourselves or anyone else who is choosing to be less than the full and complete expression of who we are on a soul level.   We, as human reflections of the powerful soul energy are being called to heed the inner voice and act with a newfound compassion that allows others to be who they are and where they are choosing to be, free of the need to support them in their less than full expression.

This is the only way that transformation on a global level can occur with the current evolution of the human condition.  It is not a lack of compassion we have been feeling, but rather an unwillingness to participate in any way, with anyone who is choosing to be less than who they truly are.

It is also why we have been offered, challenge upon challenge over the past 34 days in which to gain clear insight into any aspect of ourselves in which we have been justifying any actions of being less than the full expression that we are capable of.  The universal energetic doorway opened yesterday, July 1st, 2014 and it is calling to the souls within each and every human being to step up and embrace the fullness of who you are as well as the fullness of each and every human being on this planet.

It is no longer just about the personal transformation journey, but about how you as an individual fit into the universal transformation opportunity and how you are capable of participating in the transformative journey that is occurring.

From here on out, we have more energy that flows through us, more energy that flows within us and ultimately more energy that flows from us.  What that means is that everything we do has an intense and immediate outcome, whether we are willing to perceive it or not.  Our future is in our own hands and we have the ability to decide how it will unfold by the choices we make in each moment and how we react to the choices we are offered not only in each day, but in each moment.

Power is something that has been misunderstood and misused for centuries.  False power has been deemed the true power while true power has been deemed an illusion.  Well, we are now being called to ‘see’ what we have been ignoring for the full span of our lives and all of the ancestral lines that came before us.  No matter where we are on our ‘spiritual’ path, no matter how far we have come and no matter how much we have learned there is always more to uncover until the entire planet experiences the full transformation that is in store for it and all of its inhabitants.  This is why the energy of competition is quickly becoming more and more uncomfortable…we are becoming increasingly conscious of how far competition is from a universal and soul experience.

Power is the ability to utilize the insight and awareness of the soul within us in order to actively participate in the evolution of consciousness.  Any power that is ultimately less fulfilling or has a different intended outcome than that, is in fact an aspect of control or manipulation; competition being the most common expression of these energies.  Over the past 34 days any days, moments, weeks or hours that have been spent around anything of this persuasion has caused us to feel deflated, ungrounded (mentally foggy) and ultimately unconnected from what is happening right in front of us.

These physical experiences happen for a very specific reason, they happen so that we will be able to recognize when anyone or any experience we are being faced with is less than a full reflection of true possibility.  Because the fact of the matter is that if anything is less than, it is a manipulation of the true power that resides within the fullness of who we are as individuals.

It’s time for you to become a full reflection of who you are; one that is wiling to stand in the full brilliance of all that makes you, You.  The fullness that allows you to not only participate in your own experience of full expression, but allows you to actively participate in the expressions of everyone you meet; connecting and experiencing on a soul level, creating experiences of true joy.

This is the ultimate intention of the human experience and is the exact experience of the current transformational energies that this planet and universe intend to create.

The most incredible aspect of this new experience is that, we reached it because we have done the internal work.  For those who are still choosing to remain sleeping on a conscious level, they will now be offered, more often than ever before the opportunity to awaken.  Not because anyone tells them what to do, but rather because no one will support them as they choose to be less than who they truly are.

It is time to choose to be a warrior of trust.  A warrior that; knows deep within their heart that the journey they are on may not make sense in the moment, nor may they understand particular steps they have been guided to take.  A warrior that may not know exactly where they are going, because the true expression of soul possibility does not yet reside within the limitations of their mind; but a warrior who is ready, willing and able to surrender to the energy of trust and follow their heart to what their soul has awaiting them.

To learn more about the universal energy of Trust and the Transformation process, you can pick up a copy of the book Believe.

For now, follow your Heart Sweet Warrior into the full expression that is You.

Much love, Michelle