Poverty consciousness…what is it and do I suffer from it?  This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions and why many people end up searching for more in their life.  The reality is quite simple, yet the mind wants to continue our total and complete addiction to the dramatic vision of why we are not experiencing the abundance that others are.

Abundance is a universal energy that is available to everyone; it is not so much a birth right…but more of an aspect of who we are.  We simply have to allow ourselves to become aware of the fact that abundance is everywhere; it is ours to discover and experience and most important we must allow ourselves to receive the experience.This is where the tricky part lies, in the ability to receive the experience we actually want.  As many people have been mentally programmed to think of all the things they want while in their hearts never fully believing they can actually have that experience.  Essentially it is an imbalance in the fundamental belief system of ones self worth.

Your beliefs shape the life you are living; whether you received your beliefs from parents, care givers, teachers or friends…once you act as though they are the truth for you…then they are your beliefs.  Therefore, in order to change your circumstances you must be willing to change your beliefs.

Truth is a different experience for many people; mostly because people navigate truth from a collection of ‘things they know’.  However Truth is an actual universal energy.  It is the energy that when we are in connection with it, will lead us into the greatness of who we are; allowing us to experience the full abundance that is a part of the actual creation that is us.

Take a moment to experiment with energy;
~ First take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to connect with your Soul energy.  Once connected take a few breaths and notice how you experience the energy of your Soul in your physical body.  How does your body feel?  How does your heart feel?
~ Next set your intention to connect with the energy of honesty, take a few breaths here and allow yourself to become aware of how the energy of honesty feels and how your physical body experiences this energy.
~ Then set your intention to connect with the energy of Truth.  Take a few breaths and allow yourself to become aware of the changes in the energy around you.  Notice how your body feels and notice any sensations that are different from your normal energy that you experience day to day.  Also notice if you have any emotional reactions to this energy.

Truth is a universal experience and one that is inherent within each of us.  This fundamental Aspect was programmed into the creation of who we are with the specific intention of allowing us to easefully navigate the most abundant path for ourselves.

When we become disconnected from the energy of truth, most often because of ideals and beliefs that are not in alignment with who we actually are, but rather are focused on who we have been taught to be; we become lost in an existence of `trying` to be who we know we are, while navigating this from the `things we know`.

Changing this is actually quite simple, yet it takes a determination to want to acknowledge where our beliefs are `stuff we know` rather than actual truth.  This is often where the greatest challenge lies, in the fear of looking foolish for changing something that we have believed our whole lives.  Or out of the fear that we will hurt others by making changes that benefit us.  Of course this is one of the greatest illusions we face, because when we are truly connected with the energy of truth we are able to clearly experience that anything that benefits us, naturally benefits anyone our energy touches.

We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and this is all part of the great illusion and burden that humanity has chosen to carry.  But the good news is that the moment you choose to release the burden and focus on truth; allowing yourself to change and shift your beliefs to be in alignment with truth rather than fear, you will instantly recognize the power you have to experience abundance, wealth and true prosperity on a personal level as well as a universal level.

If you would like to experience more samples of the nuances of universal energy, or if you would like to discover where your beliefs may be misaligned, you will find these experiences and many more in the pages of the book Believe.

It is important to remember; the mind is a powerful tool when used appropriately, but it is the heart that has the power to lead you to greatness.