You know that feeling of being propelled in a direction with a momentum that feels greater than anything you yourself are capable of and yet there is absolutely no fear what so ever.  Well, this is the energy that is in store for us for 2014.  Days, nights, hours and weeks filled with experiences that bring us to the profound awareness that we are, in fact, capable, of anything.

It’s no surprise that we have indeed been working towards this experience for years.  Finding ourselves in multiple experiences of personal discovery; what we want more of in our lives, what we are finished with and what we secretly believe we have the ability to create.  2014 is the year in which we are being asked to share with others who we really are, what we are capable of and what we have to offer.  All of this is part of a much bigger picture; the global awareness of anything and everything that is available to us as soul beings.

The time is now to take everything you have learned, lived and loved and share it in a way that is most compelling and free of fear.  The fact is that we are being asked to share our wisdom.  The same wisdom we have been working for years to discover.  The same wisdom that we will continue to discover should we choose to remain connected to our path.  

Wisdom is tricky though…as so often we believe wisdom is knowledge, but it is not.  Knowledge is just a bunch of stuff you know.  Wisdom is as an energy that flows through you.  Wisdom is an acute understanding of something you have personally experienced.  Equally important is the fact that wisdom is connected directly to the universal energy of truth.  

Sharing wisdom is a completely different experience than sharing what you know.  True wisdom flows effortlessly out of you, whereas knowledge must be defined, edited and tweaked until it sounds or looks perfect.  

This year we are being called to discover the truth and wisdom within us.  2014 holds an incredible opportunity that is awaiting all of us; the ability to inspire people to look within themselves, so they too will discover the wisdom hiding there.  We all carry wisdom within us, whether it unfolds in the form of our love, our work, our passions or our family.  

Wisdom on a universal level is most significantly defined as the process in which a soul undergoes in order to form a mental understanding of what is possible on the physical plane when one chooses to engage the power of the soul energy that is who they are. 

For years we have talked about who we are, whether in closed circles, behind closed doors and most often even when we say we are being completely open, we are in fact holding a part of ourselves back.  Often times we are even ashamed of sharing with others what makes us the happiest or what inspires us the most.  Why?  Because we are terrified that if we do actually share it with someone else and they are not as touched or inspired by it as well, then the experience will loose credibility within our own hearts.  

Which is the clearest indication that not only are we striving to be our happiest while in the shadow of what others think about us, it is also telling us that even when we think we have overcome our fear of judgement, it is still there.  2014 is going to be one of our greatest challenges.  The energy is offering us the opportunity to go deeper into our self discovery and allow ourselves to recognize a new depth of fear that we thought we had already disintegrated. It is time to go beyond what we were capable of up until this moment and begin to discover what we are now capable of in this moment.  

Anytime we experience fear, it is a direct result of the mind, body and soul being out of balance with a connection to truth.  This truth is not the awareness that it is books, nor is it the stuff we know, this truth is the essence with which we as souls were created and this universe itself is based upon.  The level of truth we are willing to discover within ourselves is a reflection of the depth of awareness we have begun to discover is possible. 

There are no right or wrong answers within truth; it is a simple fact of the pure energy of the essence of any given aspect of creation.  More simply, it is the ability to “feel” rather than “know” anything.  Once you cultivate your ability to discern between these two aspects effortlessly, you are well on your way into the depths of self discovery.  

The amazing thing about discovery on a soul level is that it is never ending; you have the ability within you to discover wisdom in each and every moment.  This is the incredible journey that is in store for each and every one of us over the next twelve months.  There will be a never ending barrage of opportunities that will be continuously offered to us; all in effort by the universe itself, our souls and the souls of the people who surround us to discover more of what we are capable of and then to have the courage to share it; knowing that we have in fact discovered wisdom rather than knowledge.

Essentially the connection to truth is the most advanced navigational device available to us for the journey ahead.  It is this connection that will keep us grounded when we feel lost, fill us up when we feel empty and lift us up when we need to remember than any challenges that we are facing are simply a reflection of how far we have come and what we are in fact capable of dealing with.

It is time to see the truth of who we are as individuals, as families and groups and as an entire race.  We were designed to dream, succeed and thrive…but it is up to us to take the initiative to remember who we are, because then we will be able to discover exactly what we are capable of.

Cheers to a new year, waves of fresh momentum energy and the ability within each of us to not only discover who we are, but to be able to share that gift in the purest expression possible with the rest of the world.  

From the Heart, Michelle