A brief note before the message begins… 

Due to the remarkable experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of over the past year the work I offer is about to change.  In February of this year I read the book I have been working on and realized that I had the ability to do better and offer more.  So in March I chose to begin the process or rewriting the entire book.   

Now after almost four years of experiencing as much as possible in order to be able to write about it all first hand, the first book is complete.  The manuscript is in the hands of the publisher and is expected to be released later this summer or early this fall.  The book will be launched globally and we promise to let you know the minute it is available. 

Many of the offerings including events, workshops and personal sessions have also changed.  Therefore the website will also be remodelled over the next few months to reflect our new direction as well as including the newest offerings.   

First and foremost the “Through the Heart” messages that are sporadically posted on the site will have a new name that encompasses the direction we are going.  From now on they will be called “Universal Messages” and will reflect Universal Awareness – information based upon all three levels of conscious awareness; the physical, the Soul and Universal.   

With a greater shift in conscious awareness spreading throughout humanity the time has come to begin sharing messages from a perspective that is not only complete but is as full an expression as possible.  This means that the information will encompass more of the awareness of the energy rather than focusing so much on the physical experiences and limitations.   

The intention now is to receive awareness on a universal level in order to engage our natural ability to become conscious of how the current energy is affecting us, our family, friends, co-workers, environments as well as communities, countries and even globally.  It is a time of shedding the mental calculations and embracing the inner instincts and knowing that flows from our hearts.  

Thank you to everyone who has submitted requests for personal Soul Connection sessions, however we will remain committed to the current flow of universal energy and refrain from offering these sessions.  The intention at this time is for individuals to connect with their Soul in their own way, learning to cultivate the connection in order to nurture the Soul-Human relationship on a personal level.   

Over the next few months have a peek at the website and please be patient if the information is disjointed…it is all part of the transformation process!  We are looking forward to the next leg of this journey in conscious awareness with you all.   


Seasons of Change 

The June 2013 Solstice is a celebration of light and the ability one has to allow the light within to radiate out to those around them.  For over two thousand years there has been an intense shift in intention and awareness within this universe.  It has been the last decade of conscious choices that have allowed the evolution of consciousness to reach the pinnacle in which individuals are once again able to intentionally determine outcomes for themselves as well as choosing to actively participate in the experiences of others. 

As many are aware, participation in the journeys of others was a once common and often exhausting activity in which there were a few people who held the space for many to shift forward.  Other experiences consisted of individuals supporting friends, family and loved ones based upon a personal dedication to creating enough momentum to maintain the growth and development of another.  Approximately two years ago we discussed the massive shift away from the experience of supporting others.   

The universal intention of that shift was to allow individuals to once again learn how to be present within the experience of being oneself, while cultivating the ability to maintain a connection with respect and compassion towards one self and others.  This awareness is the intention behind the experiences that have unfolded for us as individuals over the past two years.  Allowing us to cultivate a conscious awareness of layer upon layer of the power we hold as individuals when we choose to be present in each moment; free of any attachment to illusions, emotions or outcomes.  

The experiences that we have had the opportunity to learn from and integrate into our lives over the past two years are what we are now being called to bring forth into our conscious awareness.  This call is to encourage every individual to participate in the universal experience in a full and conscious expression of who they are and what they are capable of. 

In order to allow this to occur within oneself there is first a requirement that calls for becoming aware of anyone or anything that asks more of you than you are willing to offer.  Secondly there has been a clearing out of experiences that are no longer appropriate or that one has outgrown in order to make room for the new experiences that are a reflection of the person you have become.  Both of these experiences have culminated in a variety of ways and allowed for a unique ability to perceive the occurrences and experiences that are going on around us with an almost third person sensation. 

There is a much greater awareness of how unattached we are to the outcomes of experiences that once consumed our thoughts and actions.  As well we have also noticed a significant shift in the activities, people, food and overall day to day actions that interest us.  The fact is we are changing and although from one perspective the changes often seem and feel drastic, there is another aspect of ourselves that is more than ready to not only accept the changes but wants to actively jump into them head first…now! 

It is this contradiction that we are facing and have been facing for the past six months and although it often feels inconsistent, be assured that the entire experience has been created and executed perfectly.  We have been repeatedly offered the opportunity to actively participate in the integration process of not only becoming more aware of who we are and what we are capable of, but also becoming aware of exactly what occurs depending upon the choices we make.  This is one of the most defining moments in the entire universal shift, it is the moment when we go from being a participant in the universal shift to taking the lead in our own existence in order to participate in both personal an universal evolution.  Everything we do matters and we have become more and more aware of this fact over the past six months. 

There have been experiences of finding ourselves in relationships and experiences that are filled with confrontation, doubt, dramatic climaxes and even a few total and complete separations.  No matter what has occurred for you, it is the exact experience to create an opportunity for yourself to not only become even more aware of who you are and what you are capable of but exactly how the actions and reactions you have been choosing affect the entire world around you.    

Whether you perceive your world to encompass you as an individual, your family, your work, your community or even the country in which you live; everything you do is an active contribution to the global and universal experience as a whole.  And for the past six months every experience you have been offered is a reflection of this newfound awareness; strategically designed to prepare you and every other person for the shift that will take place on the June 2013 Solstice.  

Essentially each and every person is being asked to participate in a way that is not only a reflection of the full potential of being that is within them; the Solstice brings an infusion of remarkable strength and beauty to allow humanity to become instantly aware of the power we have in each and every moment to ensure our actions and reactions are significant.  There are no more chances to try something and see how it will unfold; that has been the experience of the past ten or so years.  Now is the time for conscious action from a place of awareness; the awareness that we have been cultivating for the past ten years. 

The trick is to allow ourselves to navigate between the illusions we still hold and the true awareness we have gained.  This is also the experience that causes us the most significant challenges, in that we are being asked to forget anything and everything we know in our minds to be true in order to connect and learn from the abundance of universal energy and awareness that surrounds us in the moment. 

We are the masters of our own destiny and the time has come for every individual to actively participate in fulfilling the dreams and objectives they have within their hearts.  The key is to first uncover what the actual dreams, ambitions and objectives are.  The energetic infusion that will be occurring on the Solstice has been designed to enhance the process of the individual ability to connect and retrieve universal awareness from the Soul within.  This means that we are beginning the process of loosing our hold on the mind, or rather allowing ourselves to loosen our attachment to controlling or manipulating the outcome of many of our experiences based upon fear.   

Fear has become redundant, yet as long as it remains in the conscious awareness of individuals, it will remain a very prominent part of day to day life.  It is this experience of the connection with fear that is causing the intense discomfort around moving into a state of being present and allowing for the experience of being open to receive.  Whenever we feel we know anything we are actually stating to the universe that the information we hold in our minds is far beyond anything that universal awareness has to offer.  This is also the definitive experience of manifesting an inability to move forward into a greater ability to actively learn or participate in the universal experience.   

At one time we were asked to share our stories of what we learned through experience in order to inspire others to become aware of what was possible for them.  Then we moved into a stage of removing ourselves from the experiences of others in order to learn how to navigate our own existence free from the intentions of others.  Next we spent time getting to know what inspired us, what challenged us and what we have outgrown.  Now we are being asked to become aware of what occurs around us based upon our choices, actions and reactions in each moment.       

This is a challenge and we are definitely up for it, otherwise we would not be offered this opportunity.  We must allow ourselves to remember that it is in the challenge that we will not only learn what we are capable of, but we will be learning how to consciously participate in a universe that was designed to thrive when all conscious beings within are participating.  This is where we begin to learn exactly how much of an impact we are capable of on an individual level but also on a global one.   

Every time you do anything going forward out of fear the experience will be intensely uncomfortable and often emotionally exhausting.  The reason is simple, you are greater than any fear and you are more than ready to release the experiences that fear offers.  It is time to break free of anything restraining you from true freedom in order to uncover and embrace the universal truth of all that you are and all that you are capable of.   

Uncovering truth is a very tricky business, especially within the limitations of the current human condition.  So allow yourself to become aware of the challenges you are presented with, with great care and compassion towards not only yourself but everyone around you.  You are not the only one experiencing these challenges, so be kind in your actions and reactions to others and you will find the kindness returned to you when you most need it.

These challenges and changes are occurring on a global level, all you have to do is switch on the television, radio or internet to see that everyone everywhere is being faced with the exact same challenge; to release any connection with control and manipulation, choosing instead to focus solely on universal truth – not the truth within the mind.  Although the words are simple they can bring about the most radical and dynamic experiences in all aspects of our lives.  Allow your self to enjoy the challenge by remembering that you are ready to not only cultivate your natural abilities and instincts but it is time for you to fully restore your sense of self respect. 

It is a healthy and universally balanced sense of self respect that allows you to actively and consciously participate in the experience of evolution; embracing universal truth rather than needing to know or prove anything.  Your self respect is what allows you to offer respect to others; this is essentially the light within; how you share yourself is a clear reflection of how respectful you are to yourself and your journey. 

From the Heart,