Often a question we believe we know the answer to…but do we really?
What many are feeling right now is the intense pull from the universal energy of evolution to become not only a purer expression of self but to hold within a fuller feeling of self. For many people the ability to look within is in and of itself tainted from an external belief system that leads one to experiences and expressions of self that are not actually true. Have you ever found yourself answering someone else simply because you believe it’s what they want to hear rather than what you really want to say? Likewise have you ever found yourself changing your dreams and goals to fit someone else’s ideas of who you are and what would be best for you? 
Right now, each of us as individuals are being asked to become aware of who we are. In order to do that we are now realizing that we also need to become aware of the illusions that are blocking us from the truth. There are mass amounts of experiences that are bringing experiences of discomfort across the globe right now; because we are being asked to become aware of what we believe about ourselves. For many this is an extremely uncomfortable position to be in…of course that discomfort is just another part of their illusions. But it can be really uncomfortable in the moment. 
For many people the journey of self discovery is challenging for the simple fact that their perception is askew. As we are becoming increasingly aware of these past few weeks, everything and anything that happens is giving us the opportunity to reflect on any expression of self that is impure. 
For years now the entire universe has been moving at a speed in which evolution is having the opportunity to reignite and become the lead energy once again. This is the intention and yet it is also the way this universe always functioned right up until this last expression. Evolution is not only a part of who we are it is ingrained within our soul as well as within the physical footprint of our human bodies.  Evolution is the energy which leads us to want more out of life, to always be learning and creating new and exciting experiences that will continue to engage not only our interest but our passion.    
However in order to engage in evolution we also must be aware of our own natural abilities, talents, dreams and inspirations. This is the energy with which the universe has been calling the past few weeks. This is also why there are many more arguments and challenges within relationships; because everyone is going through the same thing and many are not sure what to do with the energy that is calling. There are feelings of sadness and loneliness along with experiences of cutting others out or being cut out of experiences with others. All of this is happening for one reason and it is the most important experience in the universal transformation process to date.
All of these experiences, whether they feel good, uncomfortable or down right icky are supporting us as we begin to recognize ourselves. Every relationship in our lives is being challenged by the universal force of evolution to determine which ones are appropriate to continue on our journey with us. However the most important relationship we are being asked to review is our relationship with ourselves.   For the first time in universal history we are being asked to merge the three expressions of ourselves into one full and pure expression of who we actually are. In order to do so we must first be willing to recognize each of those parts individually and realize where it is that the balance of purity and truth is off. 
The three aspects we are currently reviewing are;
  • Who we think we are.
  • Who we express ourselves to be.
  • Who we actually are at a Soul level.
They may seem similar and many may even think they have already reviewed these areas of their life and come to the appropriate conclusions. But the reality is that right now there is a new more powerful energy to allow us to reflect on these questions and allow the truth to come to the surface with a much clearer awareness than ever before. We are on the path to becoming pure Beings with expressions that are exact replicas of what lies within us, but we must be willing to put the effort into recognizing what is occurring in order for the process to be conscious. 
We are no longer able to feel comfortable in not knowing and even less comfortable in allowing inappropriate experiences and people into our lives. But it is up to us to make the choices to move on. We are being shown now through all of our day to day experiences exactly who we are and who we have chosen to be. The most uncomfortable experience of this awareness is often brought through those people whom we “thought” were very close to us; yet through their continued actions and reactions they are very clearly demonstrating to us who they believe we are.
These experiences are meant to unfold this way as it is those who are closest to us that have the ability to allow us to really look at the full expression of self that we have created. These uncomfortable experiences are showing us that we have chosen to be someone other than we are…the question we are being asked by the universe now is; are we willing to make the necessary changes in order to allow ourselves to become who we actually are?
These changes can be anything from ending relationships to going through the uncomfortable journey of looking within, going deeper than you ever have into your true self. 
Who do you really think you are? 
Look at your actions to everything you experience; notice your emotional reactions and become aware of the opportunities you have created for yourself. 
Who do you express yourself to be?
Are you honest and truthful in your reactions to others? Are you honest with yourself? Notice how others treat you; this is always the clearest example of how you have taught them to treat you.
Who are you really?
What does your instinct tell you? Are you able to follow your instinct in each moment of every day? Allow yourself to become aware of where, when and with whom you make exceptions. Are you aware of your dreams; free of what others feel or what you feel others need or want from you? Are you willing to discover what it is that makes your heart soar; your inspiration flow and your passions explode in bright and vibrant expressions of You?
There is not one other person on this planet who knows the fullness of who you are as a soul. You are the only one who knows everything about you and it is now that universe is asking you to discover all of you. Everything that makes you who you are is the most incredible expression of life that can be consciously contributed to the evolution of this universe. But you need to be willing to participate. 
Participation is simple; choose to follow your heart and your instinct no matter what opportunities are offered to you. Even when they are challenging and go against everything you “know” to be true. Allow your heart to lead your actions and reactions over your mind and you will step off the path of “needing to know” and onto the path of true wisdom. It is this wisdom that allows you to contribute to personal and universal evolution and participate in the unfolding of one of the most incredible experiences ever. 
The entire universe is moving into full expression of self…are you choosing to participate in this experience or are you resisting following your heart? Do you allow yourself to follow your emotions over your true feelings? Emotions are simply experiences that are being offered to you in order for you to clearly recognize what to release from your life and what to embrace. If it feels good – keep going; if it does not feel good – release it. Emotions are the most powerful tool in the physical repertoire to sustain us as we navigate the journey of becoming full expression of who we are free of anything we have believed up until this very moment. 
Are you willing to release everything you “think” you know for the opportunity to become a full expression of who you are; creating experiences that allow you to continue to evolve as the most incredible soul and person that you are already are?