For thousands of years now we have been moving towards an evolutionary experience that will take us into a new existence. Simultaneously over the past century there have been a greater number of people becoming aware of what is possible and what is necessary to actually bring this existence into awareness. The energy of the past week has been showing us not only a greater expression of what is possible it is calling us to move into that energetic space and begin living in a completely new way…now.
The past few weeks have been an intense integration in preparation for the abundance we are now able to receive and experience should we be willing to do so. The preparation phase was intense and often had periods of extreme fatigue as well as body aches and tenderness. Many people have been experiencing intense and instant changes in moods and ultimately in the comfort level surrounding the situations we are in. There were also a very high degree of people who were experiencing a resurfacing of bodily aches and pains that had not been present since childhood. Each of these experiences were planned in the most divine way with the intensity of pure synchronicity to allow you to become aware in one moment of something you remain committed to holding onto either mentally or energetically, while simultaneously allowing you to recognize the more abundant experience that is possible for you.
While everything is a choice and Free Will is the leading law of this universe there is also a very high concentration of Beings – that are often unseen – who are working together with some very specific Angelics and our Souls. The intention is for us to more clearly and simply recognize the abundance we are most in alignment with, while assisting us with our personal ability to receive it in the most easeful way. Abundance is not something we need to recognize that we are worthy of, nor is it something that we need to be told we are deserving of. Abundance is a part of us; it is an integral layer of universal awareness that is woven through each and every layer within the creation of our Soul. Equally as important is the fact that abundance is a part of us no matter which expression we choose to experience in each moment, especially the fullness that is possible within the human physical expression of ourselves. 
For this reason alone, we know in our hearts that the poverty consciousness way of life – that so many have been living within for years now – is simply not in alignment with who we are as universal beings.  We are more than we have been allowing ourselves to be; we are designed and created to be living in alignment with the fullest expression of abundance possible. This expression was an extremely vital and essential part of the original intention and creation of the human experience, because without it we are not able to fully experience or express what we are truly capable of. The past century has been a meticulous process by a host of universal Beings, all working together to offer us the opportunity to remember not only who we are but the full expression of who we are and what we are capable of; of course the epitome of abundance. 
We are finally through the phase of releasing who we “thought” we were in order to experience a fuller expression of what is possible. Currently we have arrived totally and completely within the realm of possibility and abundance. We are here, we have arrived and abundance is all around us. For many it is extremely uncomfortable; taking up vast amounts of time choosing whether you will receive or not, justifying why you feel worthy, wondering if there is a hidden agenda attached to what you are wondering if you should receive and even wondering if you have an attachment to the outcome.   But the fact is this, if you are doing any of these things…then you are receiving with your mind and not your heart. 
The tricky part of any new experience is for us to be able to fully trust that what is occurring has actually been planned for us on a universal level and that we are indeed ready for this experience. Often we need to proceed through the strategic methods and rules our minds have created in order to allow ourselves to be comfortable within anything new or different. With all of this in mind we are able to allow ourselves to recognize just how strategically we have been resisting the urge to receive abundance while allowing ourselves to “think” we are actually receiving and doing a great job of it. Abundance is here to stay and like always it is up to us whether we are choosing to connect with the fullness that is available or if we are going to continue to proceed on the path of excessive dramatics in relation to the acceptance of it. 
Recognizing the drama is actually quite simple; it is a matter of being honest with ourselves. If you find yourself at any time justifying any desire to experience something greater or fuller than your current experience or likewise expressing the fullness of your ability to receive; then the chances are pretty good that you are not yet fully comfortable with receiving the abundance that is in store for you. if you choose to resist with determination you may even find yourself surrounded with experiences that are filled with justification and of course judgment as these energies were created in a very specific interconnection. The fact is this; you were always intended to experience absolutely anything you want. It is the intricacy of the human condition that leads us to believe anything other than that and it is up to you what exactly it is you are willing to choose to experience in your own life. 
In our hearts we know there is more and we also know there is a more appropriate way to live and BE and even a more fulfilling way of expressing ourselves. Take a moment to look back over the past few years of your life and notice if you have ever, even once actively searched for a “better” way to accomplish any one particular task. Notice whether it was at home, at work, with family or with friends; anything from doing the laundry or dishes to washing your hair or finding the most “efficient” route to or from a particular destination. The energy in all of these situations is that improvement is ingrained within us and if we choose to go even deeper we are able to recognize that it is not so much improvement as it is the capacity within us to actively participate in personal and universal evolution. 
This is concrete and very physical evidence that we are in fact all synchronisticly woven into one beautiful expression of universal evolution. And it is the current energetic infusions that have been systematically layering themselves into our awareness over the past decade. The infusions were designed to remind us of the natural phenomena we are able to connect to within physical selves to the soul that exists there to realize that abundance is in fact a part of who we are rather than just one more thing that we must strive to experience. As mentioned in the last posting on January 11th, 2013 A Willingness to Participate, we became aware of the fact that we are actively challenged with the abundant opportunity to choose to willingly participate in our own personal evolution. Now we are being given the specific affects and effects of what has the potential to unfold from within our active participation. 
The title of the posting is quite specific – Calling all Angels – as it is a very specific nature that Angelic Souls have. Angels are the only Souls within this universe that have an actual specific purpose woven into the creation of their soul. Human Souls have natures which allow them to choose experiences based upon their personal evolution, yet there is no specific purpose, meaning we have the freedom to follow our hearts wherever they take us. Angels are and have always been created for a specific purpose with a very specific intent; an example of this was when each human soul was gifted with the direct assistance of three Angelic Souls who were created to allow us to easefully navigate the unfolding of the end of one era and the beginning of the new.  With the passing of the experiences of the past two weeks we are now able to recognize just how beneficial our ability to connect with others actually is. 
The past two weeks have been about recognizing our ability to experience abundance and allowing ourselves to connect directly to the masters of this universe who have within them the power of purpose so that we will be able to actively feel and experience the full energy necessary for us to believe just what is possible for us. Not only are Angelics designed for purpose they also exist solely within universal energy; meaning at this time they are not in physical expression as it relates to being human. Therefore because of these specifics we have the opportunity to recognize the true synchronicity that is actually unfolding right before our eyes. As it is through our innate ability to connect with our soul as well as the souls of Angels that allows us to experience what it feels like to be in true connection with universal evolution. This connection is natural and innate to all Beings created within this universe and if we choose to connect to the Angels that surround us we are able to glimpse, feel, connect to and even resonate with the full energy and expression of abundance. Of course this would also mean that we would have to believe that each and every person really does have the ability to connect to their soul as well as to Angels. 
More and more often we are being faced with countless opportunities to allow our beliefs to grow…and become a greater expression of what we are capable of and what is in alignment with universal abundance. 
What is abundance? You know your dreams…the ones that are huge and you believe will fill your heart with joy and contentment? Well, abundance is being able to experience those dreams multiplied by a thousand! The thing is you must be willing to believe it is possible. This is the key first step and without allowing yourself to experience this step…then experiencing the full expression isn’t possible either. Just like everything, you must be willing to build a foundation and then build the dream on top. The second part which is the challenge that many are being faced with right now is; you must also be willing to receive and ultimately experience true abundance…free of conditions or rules that you decide upon.
How many of us are actually choosing to do so? Actually more than you think. There are an abundance of people all over the world who are not so much waking up, but actually choosing to recognize that they are in fact capable of experiencing much more than they currently are. Daily I receive emails from people all over the world who are interested in becoming aware of universal truth and how it pertains to them, as this is the search in which we are all deeply enmeshed at this time; The exploration of divine truth and divine self expression and experience. We want it all and the fact is becoming glaringly obvious that we are destined to experience it all, but we must be willing to participate. 
The most common aspect of the human condition that people are actively searching for a way to understand and overcome their addiction to is the poverty consciousness. This desire to overcome a challenge within ourselves that we have already found the courage to choose to become aware of it, is just another tangible example of our how powerful our instincts are when we allow them to lead us to our most abundant experience. It is our instincts that allow us to know that we are no longer willing to remain in a space of stasis and we are looking for information that will propel us forward and allow us to transcend any belief that cuts off our evolution. This is that same energy with which we are being asked to recognize just how abundant our lives have the ability to BE. Rather than being required to release anything more we are simply being asked to shift our awareness and connect with the inner longings of our hearts and express them in ways that allow us to continue to evolve; creating an abundance of experiences that fill our hearts with joy and contentment.
The last time in which we were challenged with the opportunity to receive is described in this posting An Offering to Receive in reading it you will also be able to see for yourself how much you personally have evolved as well as how the entire universe is continuing to evolve. 
From the Heart,