Welcome to the new world; the place in which everything is possible and everything is accessible as long as you are willing to participate. With the arrival of the New Year we have also landed in the most incredible space of universal evolution. The energy that was infused on the winter solstice of December 21st, 2012 has been strategically layered and interspersed over the past three weeks. Creating an ability to perceive who we are and what we are capable of with a greater clarity and awareness than ever before. Everything we need to continue moving forward into our personal and universal evolution is not only available but is being offered in abundance. 
As the layering process unfolded we had a variety of experiences that were amplified wherever we chose to focus our attention on the expectations or demands of others. There were also a great many times when we were not only reminded of who we have the ability to be, but we were clearly shown where we have outgrown any beliefs that keep us bound to an outworn way of being. These beliefs and their restrictions were shown to us through moments of clarity where we were able to see how we were choosing to act based on who we “think we should be” or doing what we “think we should do”. The holiday season being one of the most bountiful times when we are offered an abundance of opportunities to recognize the moments that we are still focusing on anything that is other than where we are most effective and powerful. Giving ourselves ample opportunity to recognize the universal process of becoming true to oneself first; allowing us to truly become aware of the abundance that lies within us that is ultimately beneficial on a universal level.
Within the new era energy there are many new layers of universal aspects that we have already been aware of. Yet there is now a new found depth that now allows us to perceive with a greater ease and clarity that brings us much more swiftly to the heart of the matter of the experiences that are unfolding for us. One of the most basic and fundamental aspects of the new energy that is now surrounding us is the ability to perceive free of external conditions; yet we must consciously choose to use our awareness and allow ourselves to participate.  
Participation is only available to us when we choose to act, this is very much where we connect ourselves to the feeling of wanting to make a difference and actively “do” something to help the world around us. However it is only the energy of action; we must choose to perceive what the most appropriate action is based purely on our instincts. Of course this process often takes us back to the mind; however it is the willingness to consciously choose to allow the mind to retreat while simultaneously choosing to actively participate in the experiences that we are being offered that allows us to participate in universal evolution. This is where the effort comes in but it is also where the discovery comes in. 
When we allow ourselves to discover the abundance that lies within our instincts and hearts it is here that we are able to create an abundance of universal experiences that not only allow us to go into co-creation they are the experiences that will allow us to fully recognize who we have the ability to become in this life. Assistance and support of others is simply an illusion that has claimed many a strong heart and allowed for those who choose to participate in that illusion to believe they are actively participating in universal evolution by “taking action” yet in actual fact they are only creating the exact reflection of what they are “setting out to accomplish”…which is often a “fight” against one thing or another. This energy is quite often the clearest reflection of the fight that one is resisting to recognize within oneself.  
Accomplishment and action are aspects of the reality that we have chosen to live within. When in truth reality is simply a state of mind that an individual chooses in each moment, there is actually no substance to reality…it is a void of space that is free from universal energy.   So the next time you are consciously choosing to participate in your life, allow yourself to become aware of what energy you are choosing to create within. Are you creating within reality or within universal energy? Each are very different and each are very much a reflection of the fullness that is available to them; reality being limited and universal being abundant. 
If you are creating within reality and using this energy to choose or determine many of the paths in which your creation unfolds, then you also have the ability to allow yourself to recognize that your creations will only unfold as far as the energy in which you have chosen to create them within. There are many terms in which we have heard much of this universal energy described as; as above, so below – duality – and so many more; but the fact of the matter is this…anything you choose to create is always affected by the foundation in which you choose to create it in. If your choice is to create something that is lasting and self sustaining, then it must be created within universal energy. Creations are any aspect of existence that you would like to experience; relationships, travel, residence, career, transformation, conversations, individual experiences, visual artwork and so much more. 
The moment we choose to have an experience the universe goes into action; carrying out all of the necessary processes to bring the experience into your personal evolutionary path. This process is accomplished through the universal energy of synchronicity.   The amount of power that is available for the synchronicity to unfold is entirely dependant upon which energy you choose to create within. If you are creating within reality, then you will most often manifest experiences that will eventually unravel as reality is not a universal energy. The energy of reality requires constant focus and determination continuously infused into the creation to bring about the desired result. The moment we become disengaged or uninterested the energy will peter out and fade…this is the effect of the flat energy of reality. Chances are there are many experiences of this that have occurred within your life, whether they are relationships, jobs or family, you can see where you have chosen to connect your dreams to a reality that is simply less than what you are truly capable of.
It is the essence of reality and your choice to connect with it that allows you to believe the illusion that you are in fact unable to accomplish more nor should you ever ask for more. It is within reality that you will find the energies of fear and an overwhelming sense of lack and not enough. Any time we create within these energies this is exactly what the outcome will hold as well. Our creations are only able to evolve with the fullness of energy that we offer them; this is the act of participation. Therefore if you are willing to offer your dreams and creations a foundation that is grounded in universal energy then you are able to experience all that is available to you. 
Universal energy is where you are able to discover not only abundance within your creations and experiences it is where you will be able to discover the abundance of you. We are Universal Beings that exist within a universal Creation. Humanity was specifically created within universal energy with a very clear intention that we evolve as individuals which ultimately contributes to the evolution of the universe as a whole. Duality and separation are all part of the ultimate illusion that we are doing this alone and that we are the masters of our own destiny. When in truth we are masters of universal perception that have an abundance of choices that fill each moment of our existence. It is up to us to willingly participate in choosing the experiences that reflect what we know in our heart is right for us. This is the true key to evolution on a universal level as it is here that we are truly able to recognize not only who we are and what we are capable of but also what is right for us. it is our connection with universal awareness that allows us to fully recognize that when it is right for us then we are simultaneously and actively contributing to the evolution of the universe.
Knowing what is right for us free from the influence of anyone or anything other than our true selves is what will allow us to become not only full in our own experience but an active participant in the unfolding of universal evolution. This is the energy in which we are consciously choosing to make a difference; when we become willing to participate in the universal evolution and resist any need to make a difference and simply know that we are making a difference simply by being who we are. 
Who we are is a vitally important aspect of universal evolution. Each person that is here is specific and unique and therefore fundamental in the evolutionary unfolding of the universe. If there is a moment is which one chooses to withhold the fullness of oneself; due to any of the energies that are based within reality – pride, fear, humility, support, jealousy, competition, comparison or lack – then we are simply manifesting experiences that are reflections of these realities. Participation on a universal level occurs when we choose to connect with the fundamental energy of purity that exists within us and then allow it to be expressed in its fullness rather than choosing to hold back in any way. 
Purity is not only the energy that is essential for evolution it is also the energy that is the basis for creation to become possible. The second energy for creation is joy. If you like you can choose to connect with each of these universal energies in their fullness now; they are both infused within the energy and wording of this posting. If you are curious as to the differences between the fundamental energies and the energies that exist within reality, you can explore and play with them a bit. Choose to connect with purity and enjoy the connection for a moment; then shift your attention and allow yourself to connect with jealousy or which ever energy you feel has been your greatest challenge – you will know which one it is because your instinct will lead you to it. 
Play within the realm of discovery and allow yourself to become aware of the fundamental differences that are within the energies that you choose to surround yourself with. Allow yourself to release any beliefs you have around these energies so you are able to experience them in their fullness free of any influence. This process of discovery over the past five years is what has led me to my current place of awareness; a connection with universal awareness that is free from the many layers if the human condition that are based in the illusions of reality. This process does take effort, yet it is more a question of simply having a willingness to be open and free from the influence of others along with the ability to easily release any attachment to anything you believe to be true; allowing for a full connection with the purity of universal truth. 
It actually takes very little effort other than that. There is no need to “figure anything out” in your mind, it is actually a vacation for your mind. When you are connected to universal truth and awareness you are essentially creating a space in which true self discovery is not possible it is inevitable. You truly are a master of creation; however you must be willing to actively participate. And as you read this message and became aware of the actual energies that you have been choosing to connect with you have also become aware of where you have been focusing your power and energy as well. 
This is the key to participation; focusing your energy on what is actively taking you in the direction that you wish to go. Free yourself from the demands, desires and expectations of others as well as the ones you hold for yourself. Choosing instead to focus on actively participating in the abundance of universal experiences that are being offered to you; the exact experiences that are being brought to you through the synchronicity that began the moment you chose to participate in a universal experience. Evolution is really that simple, it is the process of escaping the limits of the mind and embracing the abundance that is already surrounding you. The phenomenal energy that arrived with the new era not only supports abundant evolution in a much more substantial way, it also offers you the opportunity to perceive truth from denial and clarity from confusion. The question is; are you wiling to participate in a universal evolution or are you going to continue to remain in reality for a little while longer?
From the Heart,