As we reach the final days of a year that has brought us an abundance of opportunities to recognize who we are and where we are going, we are being offered one last energetic infusion to solidify all that we have experienced. Included in this infusion is the very particular universal aspect of purity that we are being called to connect with. In that connection we will be able to discover a new depth of possibility that is available throughout all of our connections in all of our relationships. 
Possibility is the word for 2013; it is the energy that has the power to sweep us forward into a renewed perspective of the experiences that are unfolding before us. As with everything within this universe we are always offered the choice between accepting what is offered or resisting the urge and proceeding with the patterns, habits and choices from our past; otherwise known as the experience of Universal Free Will. However choosing ways that are outgrown will now take us into experiences that are not so much uncomfortable as much as dislocated. There will be a clear feeling of disproportionate energy that will unfold in remarkable ways to continuously allow us to become aware of where there is a path that is more easeful than the one we have chosen. Likewise we will also experience a profound sense of joy, calm and utter contentment when we have chosen the path that not only nourishes our soul but also feeds our minds and hearts as well. 
2013 is the year in which we will become increasingly aware of the full potential that lies within us. The year will unfold in layers and your personal experience will be determined by the choices you make and the time line in which you choose to make them. First and foremost it is about recognizing where you are focusing your energy and realizing that this is indeed what you are choosing to “grow” in your life. In this energy there are lessons that you will then begin to be able to build upon as the layers of awareness transcend your experiences in each moment urging you to become aware of more than the moment before. 
Evolution is determined by a conscious choice to recognize who you are in the moment and then by choosing to increase your awareness through moving or acting in a way that reflects all you know to be true. The more you act from your past knowledge and awareness the more you will experience the exact same patterns with a different face. Your power of transformation is determined solely by your very own conscious decisions found in your actions and reactions. Following your heart is not about following your emotions; as these are based upon your past experiences. Following your heart is a powerful proactive way of being that allows you to consciously choose how you wish to BE in each moment. 
How you BE is a direct reflection of Who you are choosing to BE. There is no one who can change your experiences and how they unfold other than you. You are not only the one who has the power to change this; it is up to you to decide just how fast your transformation will be.  As we go through the final days of 2012, allow yourself to become aware of the moments and experiences in which you acted in a way that was other than you would have if you knew better in the moment. Then allow yourself to be Free of the discomfort of emotions that follow closely on the tail of the awareness; this is the process that ignites transformation within you. 
Recognition of the past is the first step. The second is allowing yourself to release the emotional entanglement that occurs; this step is vital for you to be able to clearly see what occurred free of emotions. Because when we are in a place of clarity we are able to recognize what we could have done better. The moment we are clear on what we would have done better, we are then able to activate that awareness in the next experience we are offered.  This process seems simple yet it is also one of the most challenging aspects to engage within the conditioning of the current human mind. Whether we feel challenged or vulnerable or even embarrassed, this process is what drives us to often feel that transformation is too much work or too challenging of an effort for us. 
The truth is that when we choose to engage what we know free of judgement, whether that judgement be directed at ourselves or others; we are able to ignite a new way of being that is a full reflection of the true soul that lies within us. If there is ever a moment you find yourself needing or wanting to justify or explain any of your actions or reactions, then this is the clearest signal possible to allow you to recognize that you are in the energy of judgement rather than purity. 
The energy of purity has been present in a much fuller expression for quite some time now, being engaged extremely easefully when we choose to focus our full self (mind, body and soul) on what truly matters. There have been numerous experiences including many seeming miracles that have unfolded from the essence of purity that is available. If you have noticed miracles in your own life, take a moment to reflect on where you chose to focus your own energy and then you will see the clear path that you personally created for that experience to come to pass. Likewise you are also able to recognize experiences that you chose for yourself that were not created in joy but rather a determination of will. 
Determination is an aspect of the mind and its ability to steer us off course should we choose to follow the doubt or judgement that may still linger in the corners. Determination comes from the place within our minds that tricks us into believing that we must struggle or that we must endure hardship in order to experience joy and bliss.   It is also the energy that removes us from our connection with our soul and the easeful knowing of which path is truly the most abundant for us. If there is a moment in which you find yourself acting from determination, take a step back and allow yourself to become aware of where you have attached yourself to the outcome of the experience. 
We are natural creators and in that we have the power to create any experience we can possibly come up with. The question you are being asked by your Soul and the Universe at this time is actually quite simple; What are you choosing to experience for yourself in this very moment?  What actions and reactions are you consciously taking to allow yourself to experience your creation?  Because wherever you are focusing your energy is exactly what you are creating for your future. So if you find yourself to be in any space of negativity or any experience that is undesirable, then it is your job to choose what you are going to do to change that…because only you have true power in your life. If you find yourself hurt by the actions of another, allow yourself to see the actions and reactions that you took that landed you in that space. Then instead of choosing to be the victim in your life, choose instead to create the life and experiences you want based on the experiences you have had up until now.  This is the true and pure process of engaging the wisdom within you. 
Every moment matters, every thought counts, every action is actively creating the experiences that will unfold for you in the coming moments, days, weeks and years. It is up to you to decide where you are focusing your energy, remember how powerful you are. Allow yourself to recognize that when you set an intention it is up to you to allow that experience to come to pass. If you are waiting for your dreams to come true, trusting that somehow everything will work out; you are part way there. But you still need to step out of your comfort zone and go beyond what you think you can do and dive into what you feel you are capable of in your heart. 
For thousands of years now we have been taught to believe that we must rely on others and set strong expectations in order to experience abundance. The fact of the matter is that we create our own possibility and there is absolutely no one more powerful in our lives than ourselves. And when we choose to step into that energy with fullness we are then able to give, receive and experience with an abundance that far exceeds anything that could ever exist within the conditioning of the mind. 
Our hearts know no bounds except the ones we tell it. So as we embark upon a new year and an energetic time of possibility I ask you this…are you willing to release any and all limitations that you may believe to be true? If so; you may choose to accept the energy of freedom that is clearly, synergistically and intricately woven into this paragraph. The intention is that you will allow yourself to release any limiting beliefs that hold you in a static place within your life, in order to uncover what is possible through the sheer power of Soul energy that lies within you.   
The energy surrounding us as we venture into 2013 is a very specific vibration of possibility; in this space we are being led through opportunities to first recognize and then embrace all we have to offer. In order to actually experience this process we must be willing to BE ourselves free of the mind and the sneaky tricks it plays on us. We must also be willing to discover what lies within us that drives us into some of our most intense emotional reactions…because this recognition is where the power of transformation lies. Even if there is a seemingly negative reaction, allow yourself to recognize where the reaction came from and then you will recognize what it is that you are choosing to focus your energy on…which ultimately is limiting your own experience. 
It’s time to come out from under any stone we have tried to nestle ourselves under, its time to release ourselves from the expectations of others and also from the expectations that we have set for ourselves. On a universal level there is no such thing as expectations, there is only abundance and possibility through the exploration of pure discovery. True discovery is only possible when we allow ourselves to fully see who we are, where we have been and where we wish to go; and then allowing ourselves to recognize the clear path that will lead us there. 
For those who have read my posts for some time, you will know that in October of this year I had the magical experience of reconnecting with my twin flame; the one person in this universe who is able to offer me the opportunity to experience aspects of existence that would be impossible if we were not together. However, abundance in these types of relationships – just like all relationships – is only available if we are willing to BE all of who we are in each moment.  I am filled with joy to share with you that ten short weeks after we met, my Beloved and I were joined in an ancient sacred union ceremony. 
The ceremony lasted approximately six hours and was filled with an absolute abundance of energetic experiences that my mind would never have been able to create for myself. In the days that have followed I have often found myself in awe of what is possible between two people, especially a husband and wife. I remember the time I spent wondering whether I would ever find someone who accepted all of me and who I was able to fully and completely BE all of myself with all of the time. For anyone who is finding themselves in this space, know that when you believe…anything is truly possible.   Each and every day that I spend with my beloved husband I am awed by the awareness of conditioning and beliefs that are simply dissolved by the sheer strength of our connection and intention. 
I am honoured to be able to share this experience with you all.  The ceremony was filled with experiences of energetic love, joy and abundance that have stretched my mind and allowed me to believe in a much more abundant life. My Beloved and our sacred union have allowed me to dive deeper into myself and my exploration of the universe and the ancient knowledge that is available. During our honeymoon over the past week I have been learning to read the synchronistic web of energy that is woven through each and every universal creation. This energy is the way of Being, it is the energy that determines how to experience abundance as we exist in physical form and it is also the energy that determines our relationships and how they unfold. 
I have been referring to this energy web as the book of the universe and it is not only intricate in its creation it is the dynamic way in which energy interacts. I hope to be able to share this new knowledge and awareness with you all as my knowledge and experience grows into wisdom that can be shared. Wishing you all a bountiful and joy filled 2013 that is filled with your very own experiences of growing possibility that magically unfolds into an abundant life.
From the Heart,