For thousands of years now we have been trained to live in a way that creates limitations and beliefs that are designed to suppress our instincts; creating the illusion that we are unable to experience our desires or attain our dreams. For the past few years we have spent much of our energy going back into our history and clearing out anything and everything that is part of the illusion. All with the intention of setting ourselves free from the layers of conditioning and habits that have created the experiences our lives have become. However now as we move through the most incredible energy of transformation there are so many aspects about ourselves, our lives and our experiences that are changing.   This is the time for change, these 9 days between December 12, 2012 and December 21, 2012 in which we have the ability to experience transformation in the most easeful way. 
This is the “easy” place everyone has been searching for; it is the window of time that was specifically created to allow the physical expressions of ourselves to evolve into the greatest expressions of soul energy possible. This aspect of the evolutionary path is one of the most incredibly synchronistic events ever to be experienced; in that the entire universe is experience this transformation simultaneously. However, how we experience this transformation is determined by the full expression of energy that we allow to flow from within us. Essentially this experience of transformation has been designed to allow humanity to unleash the powerful energy that flows from within the physical form and share it in a way that contributes to the evolution of the entire universe. 
If you have even once found yourself wondering what it is you have within you that is valuable or what it is that you can do to contribute in a way that is not only meaningful but will make a difference, then this current energy is the most incredible opportunity to be able to recognize that. For the next 5 days including the pinnacle date of December 21st, 2012 we are being offered the opportunity to recognize the fullest expression of ourselves in the simplest way possible. The dramatic revelations have been left in the past, along with the desire and need to prove anything to anyone; the entire universal focus at this time is to awaken within each and every person an awareness of what the spark and pull within the heart are actually pulling us towards. 
Gone are the days of spending your energy on releasing and uncovering what challenges are within you and what is in need of being released. The time we are in right now is for the very specific intention of the creation of the new; within this energy there is an intensification of…whatever you choose to focus on you will create. You are being given the opportunity to experience just how powerful you are; whatever you focus on is exactly what you are going to experience…instantaneously. This time is meant for you to recognize your power and allow yourself to become comfortable within the being of it. 
In this space there is no room for releasing the old nor is there an allowance for spending time or energy focused on what you do not want to create. Choose instead to BE powerful and focus on who you choose to be NOW and on what you choose to experience now and in your future. Also there is a very intense energy that is infusing everything that we put our focus on to allow this focus to become our experience; whether it is in the moment, for next month or for next year. We are creating our most powerful lives, the expressions of which will unfold over generations, becoming the guiding light of the evolution of our beliefs and what we are capable of creating for ourselves, our families and our loved ones. You are creating NOW, that is exactly what this transformation space is all about; the question is…what are you creating? 
The days since 12-12-12 have all been securely ensconced in the depths of supporting individual transformation; which is the only true and pure way to transform the entire universal experience. On December 11th, 2012 we experienced the final release of focusing on our past and what is no longer a part of our journey. It was the experience of the 12 days of the beginning of December 2012 that intensified the final aspects for release in preparation for the beginning of a new experience. When the new Era begins on December 21st 2012 the intention is that we will simply focus on who we choose to BE in the moment along with focusing on what experiences we are choosing to have. 
There is a feeling of liberation, an opportunity to release ourselves from the density of illusions or rather the weight of restricting ourselves in the hopes of being accepted by others or fitting into our past comfort zones or the comfort zones of what others perceptions are. It is no longer about being asked to choose between transformation or remaining static, it is knowing that we are in a very intense energetic state of transformation. and in that state choosing to consciously focus on what you are creating in the now and for your future. That “easy” way that many have been waiting for, especially those who have been nervous or uncomfortable releasing what is comfortable is actively occurring now. 
We are officially energetically free from the past; it is simply a question of allowing your mind to release the hold it may have upon you so that you are able to experience the full bounty of what you are actually capable of. The experiences, actions, thoughts and perceptions of the past 5 days have been filled with opportunities to recognize where you are focusing your energy. Allowing you to become aware if your focus and energy are being spent on something powerful and worthy or if you are not. The same goes for the people in or around our lives; are they worthy of being included in our creations for the future? Do they allow us to BE ourselves or do they create a space in which we feel unable to fully express all of who we are. 
Relationships are often our greatest challenges; yet they are also our greatest opportunities to recognize exactly where we are choosing to focus our energy. Over the past 4 days there have been numerous occasions for us to become aware of how this unfolds. For many there have been experiences of resurfacing relationships or experiences within those relationships that clearly show us what we have outgrown while highlighting that there is indeed a more easeful path for the creation of our future. Are we choosing to follow the more easeful path, even though it may take an extreme amount of courage or are we choosing the more challenging path that is based the illusion that we have personally created from our mental perception of obligation? 
There are many experiences of remaining attached to outgrown ways of Being in action or reaction; especially as we experience the traditions and gatherings that often come with the holiday season. The feeling of who you are within is greater than ever before, it is almost tangible in its intensity. We are being offered moments of divine calm as if being held in a state of calm, peace and purity as the world travels at light speed around us. Now is the time of learning how to BE in the place of Being the purest expression of yourself within the entire existence that surrounds you – free of any distractions. If you are finding this challenging for your mind to grasp then you may choose to experience the following offering. The words are designed to offer soul level experience while being infused with the opportunity to connect more fully and easefully to the powerful soul energy that flows through you. This opportunity will never expire; you may return over and over again to this paragraph on this webpage (as this is where the energy is intended to be held for you) to receive assistance with your experience of connection. 
“Allow yourself to become aware of your physical body and how it feels in this exact moment. Take a deep breath, fill your chest, fill your lungs and fill your stomach…slowly exhale. Slowly inhale and feel your body come to life with the breath you are choosing to receive from the universe. Allow yourself to recognize that this air and the experience of breathing has been created specifically for you. Breathing is not only a part of living it is a part of BEing in the physical body that is you. You were created very specifically to breathe and receive all of the abundance that breathing has to offer you. Allow yourself to become aware of how different your body feels when you receive the fullness of the opportunity that breathing has to offer you. 
Then allow yourself to focus your awareness on the centre of your chest…the place in which your energy exists within your human form. This focus is simply to allow your mind to experience what it is like to be able to lead with feelings and experiences and release the desire to figure it all out with the mind. The energy that is within your heart is YOU. It is the purest reflection of your soul energy; it is the power that will allow you to experience whatever you choose in the most abundant way. This is the energy that allows you to BE free.” 
Experiencing freedom is not a mental experience; it is an experience of filling oneself with universal energy and Being in connection. This is the energy that will enable you to recognize when you are on the most opportune path or when there may be a more easeful or abundant way. This is also the energy in which you will be able to determine what actions and reactions are the most pure and powerful to create the experiences that you choose going forward. If you are interested in experiencing the full universal energy of purity; which will take your experience of connection to a greater depth, then you can also connect with the following offering.
“Allow yourself to bring your attention and focus to your mind; breathe deeply filling your mind with air and the breath of life. Allow yourself to recognize what your mind is capable of; to do this, simply connect to your heart while softly resting your focus on your mind. While you are splitting your attention between the mind and the heart continue to breathe deeply. After a few more breaths, set your intention to recognize the strength the heart holds that is simply not available within the limits of the mind. In this vastness of the heart energy allow your soul to expand and surround your physical body. Breathe.
While in connection with your Soul energy and the space within your chest, allow yourself to become connected with the universal energy of Purity. Breathe the energy into your physical body and into your mental awareness. Allow yourself to BE present in this energy for as long as it feels right.”
It is the energy of universal Purity that will allow you to ultimately release any attachment to any outgrown ways of doing things; whether it is traditions, habits or beliefs. Purity is the energy that enables you to experience universal abundance through expressing the fullest expression of your personal energy. This process is a definitive part of the transformation process that we are now experiencing and it is also the basis on which the experience of Alchemy is possible. 
Allow yourself to discover what is possible in everything you do and most importantly in every way that you express yourself and in every way that you choose to focus your energy. The opportunities for your future are abundant, it is up to you whether you choose to create through abundance or within the limited experience of your mind that only knows the past. It is the heart that knows what you are capable of and it is the heart that holds the courage and trust that is necessary for you to evolve in alignment with abundance.
Allow yourself to recognize who you are and what you are capable of. Then allow yourself to BE in a state of BEing what you have learned. This is the divine combination of knowledge and experience which create true universal wisdom. It is this wisdom that offers you the true experience of evolution that will not only nourish your soul it will fill you with the most divine contentment possible. 
From the Heart,