For months now we have been hearing about December 21st, 2012 with a multitude of explanations, labels and perspectives. Some of us have even found ourselves so confused by the growing explanations that we are left feeling puzzled and unsure of who we are, why we are here and where we are going…not to mention what is actually happening.   The fact is this; 12-21-12 as a pivotal date in our experience and I hope through this post to clear up any confusion you may have about what is actually occurring on a universal level. If you feel a connection to any of the following questions then this article may be of interest to you. Is December 21st the end of the world? What is a new era? What is going to happen to me? What do I need to know in order to experience this date in the most easeful way possible?
A new era is simply what occurs with the beginning of any new external experience. Traditionally we perceive an era through dates, clothing styles, technological advancements and even population patterns. However when we choose to recognize an Era on a universal level we allow our perspective to become truly boundless. 
For the entire span of our lives we have been in one very particular era of universal existence. If we narrow down our perspective within the universe and then narrower still to the solar system within this universe we are able to recognize that we are currently experiencing an era offered to us by the Earth. In fact we are residing within the fifth era of planet Earth. This is quiet a significant bit of information in that we are able to become aware that there have indeed been experiences before us and there has also been cause to shift and change those experiences to something new. 
For your record books it is important to know that this experience or era has been in existence for over 35,000 years (give or take a few). It was also determined well over 5,000 years ago that this era would require some divine intervention and assistance to carry out the experience of transformation that was intended for it. All that being said, many things have occurred over the past 5,000 years in order to begin shifting the consciousness of the current physical experience including the human race that had gotten carried off into a very destructive experience. 
What does the above information tell us?
  • That new eras or experiences work…from personal experience we are currently living in one that is 35,000 years old
  • That planet Earth as a Conscious Being has experienced this process of transformation personally 5 times already and that she most likely knows what is necessary to experience the most easeful transition.
  • That this era is indeed ending on December 12, 2012 and that another one is beginning on December 21, 2012.
  • That the transition and transformation has been planned and actively unfolding for the past 5,000 years – therefore all of the experiences that have unfolded during that time must have some type of affect on the planned changes in one way or another.
We truly are in the midst of one of the most influential and pivotal events that we will ever experience whether in physical form and also as a Soul Being.  The particular shift we are about to experience has actually never been done before; with all past eras that end the entire experience is erased and a new one begins fresh and clear on the physical plane, leaving the awareness strictly on the energetic level. This time we are in for the most incredible experience in that we are being given the opportunity to shift in physical form from one era to the next with the experience remaining intact. Of course with any new experience there are changes that need to be made along with many shifts in roles and positions but essentially we are moving together. 
The process is quite similar to a company that merges with another company and all of the changes that evolve from that merger. Everything from positions and titles that change to the processes of how tasks are managed, to layoffs and downsizing as well as how you are requested to interact and act in the new infrastructure. This universal shift is similar in that we are being asked to act and react in new ways as well as carry through on tasks and processes in a different way than before; overall the intention is a change for the better. The one thing that is fundamentally the same is that you are offered the opportunity to shift and change with the experience or you can choose to move on to a different experience for yourself.
However there is one fundamental aspect that differs from a business merger in comparison to a universal era evolution; we are being offered the ultimate opportunity to decide exactly how we would like to experience this shift in our own universal evolution. This is also why there is such significance to the event that is unfolding now and that will reach its natural ending on 12-12-12. In fact this is the final date for the current era we are in. This is why we have been experiencing all of the shifts and changes that we have throughout our lives. Everything that we have been aware of is all for this moment. Some people have called it the ascension process other have referred to it as the Awakening, but really all any of these fancy titles essentially mean is that we have reached the natural end of what is and will very soon be moving into the new.
We have experienced all of the energetic infusions and shifts in consciousness in order to prepare us for what is being offered to us. And now we are going to be able to experience it in fullness. We have all of the knowledge we need to transform, but to create true wisdom we first need to experience the transformation from a personal perspective. Since 12-01-12 we have been undergoing an intense detoxification period that will ultimately cleanse us of anything we have yet to uncover from our human conditioning that creates any limitations before we move into the new era. It is the 9 days from 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 that will give us the opportunity for ultimate transformation. 
I have shared before of the fundamental experience of transformation and the universal number for transformation being 9. It is only now that I am able to more fully comprehend the true significance and impact of the experience that is unfolding for us. We are moving in the most divine and graceful way from an existence that has expired; essentially due to its lack of evolution and entering into a new era that provides us with the support necessary to evolve in way that is truly boundless. This is also the fundamental reason this shift is occurring; we were always meant to experience boundlessness and through the diverse experiences that have unfolded in this universe we have become stagnant, stunting our evolution and also causing us to be in a mind focused existence.
From the moment of your first breath to this very moment right now you have been learning. It has been a unique path that has allowed you to become aware of the mind as a tool, in fact many have gone so far in their experience to determine what path to take from the perspective of their mind. This was all planned; yup it really is and has been part of the divine plan. Why? Because we needed to learn from experience what the mind is capable of in order to be able to become aware of the full capacity it has the ability of expressing when we enter the new era. Without this learning process we would not have been so easefully able to create experiences of abundance going forward.
What does this really mean? That you have been on a journey of becoming aware of what your mind is capable of perceiving and also of what illusions your mind is capable of creating; and more importantly that the entire experience was designed specifically for that purpose. Now you may wonder…why would heart centered and energetic Beings be given the opportunity to navigate through a life with their mind; especially when it seems to create such challenges and hardship? Well the answer is quite simple, when one existence shifts into a new existence there is an opportunity to create an experience of whatever can be conceived. So we needed to have first hand experience of what is actually possible and what we are actually capable of overcoming.
What that means is that we have experienced hardship, mental confusion and challenge that was based on belief systems that were created for that specific reason; so we would be able to fully experience the extremes possible. It is through the experience of everything that is possible that we are able to ignite the mind and utilize it as it was meant to be utilized; to create an experience that far exceeds any other experience in existence. In order to actually ‘create” anything rather than “manifest” (which is simply the ability to attract an experience to ourselves for experiential purposes) we must first have first hand knowledge and experience; which creates the energy of wisdom. That is exactly what the past 5,000 years of human existence has been about, understanding and experiencing the full capacity of the human mind within the human condition. 
It is this condition that has caused us to remain static in our evolution as it was designed to do, but what is even more significant at this time is the awareness that everything has indeed happened for a very specific and synchronistic reason. We are moving into a new era and for the first time ever the inhabitants of the previous era are being offered the opportunity to transcend the past and experience for the first time ever in existence; transformation in the physical form simultaneously with transformation on the universal level. This was not only designed to be a monumental event and experience it was designed quite specifically; as it is this experience that is intended to shock the mind into remembering what it is truly capable of.  
We are moving into a period of uncertainty in that it truly has never been experienced before in all of the three trillion years of existence in this universe; it is also the first universe to be bold enough to plan a transformation of this level and magnitude. And what you should really know about your part of the universal transformation this; your Soul – the essence of who you ARE – consciously chose to BE in this experience in the fullest way imaginable. Everyone in the universe is experiencing the unfolding of the events as they occur, it is only the souls that have chosen to be in physical form at this time that are going to be able to fully recognize the fullness of this experience and create the wisdom necessary as a result of the experience in the full capacity of a mental understanding and of the energetic experience. 
This is a time of divine and physical celebration, for a time of change but also for a job well done. Most importantly a time to recognize more of who you are and why you chose to be here in this physical existence now when it has such challenges and illusions. So continue to allow yourself to proceed along through the next 6 days of universal detoxification of this existence; recognizing all that you have outgrown while allowing yourself to become aware of the vast expanse of possibility that is in store for you. This process is about recognition of what beliefs you have that are no longer a true reflection of who you are; it is the ability to perceive what you have outgrown and also what you are willing to release with love and compassion knowing that these experiences were part of the journey that allowed you to arrive in this exact moment. They are experiences, people, places and things that you know in your heart you no longer need to carry with you in physical form as they are part of your past; but they will always remain with you in your heart.  
The 9 days of transformation that are going to follow the detoxification process are most particular and extremely specific in their design as you are going to be offered an incredible space of energy that enhances your courage and perception of what is true and what is illusion. Perception is key; it is a part of your soul essence offering you clarity of what is simply a part of any illusion or image you have created for yourself to be. 
This transformational period is also the most intense experience of creating and maintaining the opportunity for complete connection with the 9 Fundamental Aspects (Love, Joy, Compassion, Respect, Purity, Movement, Balance, Truth and Illumination) of this universe ever offered on the human and physical levels of awareness. It is a divine nurturing space that the universe has created for us as humans to experience everything we can or want to experience in regards to transformation on a universal and physical level.   It is the space of existence between the end of the current experience and before the new begins; knowing in your heart that life and existence will forever be changed yet not being able to fully comprehend the impact until you are in the experience. 
This holding period is very similar to the period of time before a mother gives birth. The experience can go any way you choose; it has the potential to be a period of discomfort, agitation and anticipation, or it can be a nurturing of your Soul, your body, your mind and everything you hold near and dear to your heart. 
The choice is yours and an experience of abundance is yours for the taking; simply choose to embrace the still space within you that knows exactly what is about to occur. It is in that embrace that you will find everything you need, everything you are looking for and all of the opportunities necessary for you to create the new life you are moving into. It is here that you will recognize; Who it is that you are; What it is that you want to take with you; What it is that you have to offer others; and most importantly; What it is that you want to create in the experiences that unfold for you going forward. You have the opportunity to release any and all limitations and transform those limitations into the pure potential of the essence of soul energy that flows through the physical form that is you. Choose with intent, choose with an open heart and choose with a mind that is truly capable of understanding the limitations that are no longer who you are willing to be. Choose to be the fullest expression of life that you are capable of; choose to BE you and choose to believe in possibility.
If by some miraculous chance there is a phenomenon that occurs on 12-12-12 and the entire world is held in a divine place of pure love for these nine days…allow yourself to embrace the experience. Choosing to connect in with your heart and feel the universe and the intention of love, respect and compassion that is being wrapped around you. 
In our next Through the Heart message we will discuss the ever present question; What is going to happen in the new era that will affect me directly? For now just know that the new era is one of conscious intent. It is a divine combination or original intent with the magical and profound wisdom gained through the past 35,000 years of existence and also the first 5 evolutionary experiences on Earth…
Until the next time, enjoy your journey and embrace the changes you are experiencing and allow yourself to discover everything you are truly capable of.
From the Heart,