The physical expressions of this detoxification are being experienced in a multitude of ways that are beginning to create a pattern that is clear to the mind as well as to the soul. There are moments of calm and moments of discontent, there are also moments of extreme anticipation as we embrace the new experiences and challenges that are being offered to us. It is this anticipation that the mind may want to cling to and believe that we are being offered something to fear; but in reality anticipation is a state of being in which we are balanced on the precipice between the physical reality and the essence of our being. 
This space is where many of us are spending great amounts of time as we travel through these 12 days of the most spectacular transformation ever experienced. Notice what has occurred for you and what has transpired to allow you to be in the moment you are in right now. Each and every experience is all part of the divine plan that was designed specifically for you. Nothing happens by chance; everything and everyone around you is there for a reason. Each of us is experiencing a synchronistic series of events that have been designed to show you that you are in fact ready to experience transformation and liberation into an abundant experience of BE-ing.
Resist the urge to understand what is occurring around you and choose to focus on enjoying it all; the seeming challenges as well. Because it is all one very large gift with your name on it…it is simply a matter of you choosing to recognize the wonder and awe and then allowing yourself to receive the fullness being offered. 
Over the past few days our physical bodies are also experiencing and integrating the transformative energy being processed. One of the most common experiences is an expression of physical expansion, a growing of the heart, a growing of the body in particular places all in order to carry within us the more expansive expression that is now you. There have also been many symptoms that involve the expression of movement or the holding back from movement; very similar to growing pains, a strengthening or lengthening of the legs…a reflection of stepping into the new and allowing one’s body to integrate the evolved energy now available. 
There are also many expressions of tension throughout the head, neck and shoulders; a clear expression of being unwilling to fully accept the fullness of the gifts that are being offered to you… Allow yourself to shift your perception to this; nothing that is being offered to you is too big, in fact it is a pure reflection of the soul energy that is you. The moment you allow yourself to embrace this energy is the moment you are not only contributing to the evolution of the entire universe, but you are then also gaining the wisdom that goes along with the energy that is you. Wisdom comes from experience and it is the resistance of self acceptance that is exhausting and causes us to be so very tired.
When we integrate on such deep levels there is definitely a calmness that surrounds us and although it may seem like tiredness it is in fact a clearer and purer reflection of Soul energy. Tiredness comes from the conscious choice to resist your true self and all that you are and what you are capable of. Resistance is an action that takes tremendous effort and causes extreme exhaustion.  Likewise anytime we act through the ego or mind we are also encouraging exhaustion and tiredness that seeps from us and it is also what we are offering to those around us. When we accept who we are and allow ourselves to be a full expression even through the integration process we are not so much tired as simply softened and relaxed, as though we could sleep almost anywhere and be in complete comfort. This is the incredible experience that occurs when we accept ourselves for the person we are, no matter what others think. This energy is free of indifference and defiance and is based solely upon our relationship with our self. 
We are also being offered a deepening awareness of our physical body; today there have been infusions which offer us the ability to become aware of each cell of our skin and how it feels and fits on our body. Over the next couple of days we will experience a deeper connection to the internal workings, but first we are going through a releasing of anything within that is causing us to remain in a state of holding. This is causing an upheaval of digestive issues; anything and everything from vomiting and indigestion, to issues with the bowels. If you have already released many of the issues you have held onto in the past then this will not be as intense of an experience for you. Digestive upsets are simply a symptom as we recognize and accept ourselves; this is our universal relationship to ourselves; who we are and how we express ourselves with others and within the universe as a whole.
On December 1st we experienced the first infusion of many; it was an intense offering of the universal aspects of love and compassion. Initially they felt quite intense when they arrived; I experienced them at approximately 11am EST. My body went through waves of shaking and extreme temperature shifts from excessive heat to teeth chattering cold.   This was the foundation for all of the infusions that will arrive in a much more concrete way over the 12 day transformational period; they are setting the foundation in which you will be able to incorporate the rest of the infusions. Allowing yourself to integrate them is the first step in allowing yourself to proceed on the journey. There is a specific pattern and this is designed on a universal level to prepare us not only for the fullest expression of self but it will also lay the foundation necessary for us to receive the fullest awareness possible in each moment as we move into the new era and create the physical life that is a reflection of who we are and what we know to be possible for us as individuals. 
Today we have been recalibrating the physical body to integrate and incorporate the massive infusion that is connected to the acceptance of the expression of our physical bodies as they pertain to who we are in this moment. This is in direct alignment with the necessity of becoming who we are in fullness through the simplicity of self expression; free of judgement, condemnation or control. If you feel any of these negative energies toward yourself then you are offering those energies to anyone and everyone you come into connection with no mater how brief. Even if your intention is to be free of them, you are carrying the energy within you and once again we are shown that energy speaks much louder than words. Allow yourself to embrace the fullness of who you are; see the beauty that lies in everything you are and everything you choose to do with your energy. It is in this acceptance that you will become more aware of who you are and what you are capable of.
The physical body is going through such a dynamic variety of changes as we integrate a purer expression of self. Our Souls are facilitating an intense heating up of the physical body, causing us to feel like we are in and out of having a fever. This is simply your physical body burning off anything within you that is no longer necessary on your journey forward into the new era; allowing you to become more easily connected to the full energy that matters rather than remaining focused on aspects of yourself that you have outgrown.
This entire experience is definitely challenging for many people who are choosing to navigate this part of the journey with the mind. The key to determining if you are a mind centered person or a heart centered person is actually quite simple…in fact many of us are a combination of both; some parts we lead with one and other parts we lead with the other. There are very few people who have the dedication to be able to remain fully incorporated in a life that consistently follows the heart.
Mind Centered: Understand first, Experience later.
Heart Centered: Experience first, Understand later.
It is not about becoming frustrated or judging oneself, it is simply about becoming aware of how you are choosing to experience your life and in that understanding you are gaining the power and wisdom to make any changes necessary.  
Within each and every day of this 12 day journey we will be experiencing an incredible expansion of the heart centre. There are so many experiences and opportunities to become aware of just how much love we are capable of experiencing and also of how much love we are capable of expressing. This is one of the most profound aspects of this detoxification process in that we are truly becoming aware of what we are capable of. This will also be the aspect that will carry us into the 9 day holding period between the end of the current era on 12-12-12 to the beginning of the new on 12-21-12. 
Love in its purest form is the most powerful energy within this universe. When you are able to experience love free of any of the human conditioning that labels or segments it; you are then able to express yourself in ways that are full, complete and truly powerful on a soul level. This is the path of the soul and the path that will lead you to the possibility of actually experiencing your greatest destiny as defined by the universe as a whole experience. This is only going to get better over the next 9 days, just allow yourself to expand into all of who you are and watch with amazement at what you are capable of!
All of the experiences we are being offered on this intense journey of transformation are allowing our minds to grasp and fully interpret our ability to move into a “State of Being” as opposed to a mental understanding of a universal aspect. This is the place in which we are in connection with energy and where we have the ability to receive all that is available to us.  we will learn more about this as the days pass and as we follow our hearts and allow ourselves to step into the life that was always meant for us. 
From the Heart,