On this first day of December 2012 we are experiencing some of the most typical aspects of creating extinction and this is the process that will continue for the next 12 days. Extinction is typically thought of as something that occurs for a particular species however it is the most encompassing way to describe the energetic experience that is now occurring on this planet. It is a direct reflection of the depth of human conditioning that is being dug up and revealed in ways that we are not even fully aware of yet. 
This particular journey of the last 12 days are a direct reflection of just how embedded in the human condition we find ourselves. The more we feel weighted down with issues and dramatics around our emotions, experiences or events that are occurring around us the more we are able to recognize the depth at which we are connected to our mental perception of life than our true essence of being. Whether this process seems challenging to you or easeful there are moments of both and it is up to you whether you choose to be conscious of the evolution or simply participate on an unconscious level. 
For those who choose the unconscious level you will find yourself constantly wondering why particular things are occurring around you yet not willing to actually understand them or perceive the truth behind them. For those who are willing to become aware of what is occurring in the moment it is occurring you will experience some of the most incredible transformative energy ever experienced. 
The transformative energy is available to everyone and it is literally permeating every single experience we have whether we are alone or with others, working or on personal time, with our families or friends. Every experience has been synchronisticly choreographed to bring you the most astute awareness of any illusions that are within you. The question is; are you listening to the universe and its promptings?
The time to let go of any and all parts of you that are not appropriate to take forward into the new experience or new world, whichever you want to call it. The fact is that many people are holding onto illusions that are no longer true reflections of who they are. What happens when this occurs on a universal level; everyone misses out on the full experience possible. Yes, we all choose our experiences in each moment and yes we all have the opportunity to move into expressions and experiences that are in fact the most clear representation of ourselves as possible, but we are still unable to experience in fullness those who do not wish to be themselves. 
The new world that we are moving into is the beginning of the next cycle; it will become known as the 6th experience on planet Earth. This is a truly epic experience in that all of the universe is waiting with baited breath to see how magically this plan unfolds. After centuries of preparation and extreme dedication by the most influential Beings in this universe we are ready and they know it. It has now become a question of allow ourselves to know it. Our hearts and Souls are fully aware of what is occurring and what it is that we require in order to transcend the last human conditioning within us, it is the process of allowing our minds to catch up with our hearts that seems to be the most challenging at this time. 
These next 12 days are going to challenge our minds in ways that have been designed directly by our souls to create cracks and break down any illusions we have left. The moment you become aware of any fear you are experiencing is the exact same moment you are aware of what is possible for you. Take the path of potential and experience your own abundance and that of others.  
The era we are completing is not one we are meant to forget; it has actually been the most intense experience of learning ever experienced within this universe. In fact I am being asked to share that this era was the most incredible expression of dedication based on clear willpower and intent on record. What does that mean? Well it means that we have the energy of dedication and willpower forever stamped within our experience and it is available to us in any moment we choose…but we do have to consciously choose. 
Conscious choice has absolutely nothing to do with the mind; in fact this is the exact aspect of transformation that seems to be challenging most people at this time. Conscious choice or rather conscious intent is an energy and this energy is available to anyone and everyone at any time. However the only way to connect to this energy is with our own energy; if we “try” to connect with our minds we will be in a perpetual state of trying. When you connect with the energy from your energy the connection is not only instant but complete; it is this connection that allows you to also receive full Universal awareness of anything and everything you choose. 
This is also where we must allow our minds to resist needing to figure out what aspects of our conditioning we still need to shed, because chances are you are figuring it out with your mind…that same mind that is where the conditioning is coming from. This little bit was for all you thinkers out there who tend to lead with your mind and allow your heart to catch up when you feel comfortable with the possible outcomes. When in fact we are all heart centered beings and for years now we have been hearing this term and acting form a mental place of love for transformation rather than an energetic space. This mental space is also the exact same space that we are working from when we are clearing energy from around us and it resurfaces. 
When you consciously choose to connect with the essence of the energy within you and work from that place then you only need experience any given transformation once. Do not let this remark fool you into “thinking” there is only one aspect of grief, one aspect of jealousy, anger, resentment and so on. Because there are many, but when you work with truth you only need to it once. This is just one of the other aspects that we are being asked to face this week, the question of “have we really been experiencing transformation on an energetic level, or have we just been talking about it?” The answer is very simple and quite straight forward, it is a question of; are we willing to hear what it is?
The most incredible aspect about these next 12 days is that the intensity of the transformation process is much more tangibly present than ever before, the moment we choose to release an old aspect of ourselves from our true essence is the exact moment the experience will occur. It is not an experience that needs any thought…in fact that will actually hinder your progress. Simply allow yourself to become aware of what you have outgrown, what no longer feels good and what you have decided you are no longer willing to carry on your journey; because you know it is slowing you down on the path to abundance. And instead of taking lots of time to feel into how heavy it is and how ready you are to let it go; simply choose to shift your attention to how you do want to feel and then allow yourself to become aware of what experiences are the most appropriate to get you to that feeling in record time. 
There are no lists involved here, it is pure and true connection to your energy and Soul that will allow this transformation to occur and it is also this transformation that is offering you the potential of pure bliss that is abundantly available beginning on December 21st, 2012. in order to experience the full expression of abundance and bliss available you have to first be willing to part with everything other than that which is taking up your very precious energy and focus. 
You are that powerful and your energy has the ability to move mountains…literally, you simply have to believe in yourself and be willing to follow your heart over your mind. 
As we journey through the next 12 days whenever I feel messages that are being requested to be shared with me, I will share them with you all. I will refrain from emailing out every single time and rather allow you to land on the Through the Heart page and discover for yourself; it is actually amazing to me how many of you email me to say that you knew there would be a post on a particular day! 
Much love to all of you as you navigate one of the most incredible experiences of transformation ever experienced in this universe; that goes back to over 3 trillion years…so don’t be too hard on yourself if you are feeling defeated…just know that when you reach your true intent you will also be able to find your true gifts; it all lies within your heart and it is up to you to decide how deep you are going to have to dig to find it. 
Think of this stage of your evolution like a flu or cold; your body’s natural way of detoxing anything that does not belong within you. this time you are simply detoxing your mind to allow for your soul to shine!!!
From the Heart,