It is only a few short weeks away and although I often share messages in the moment they are occurring I have been urged to share this message now so that you may become aware of what is occurring, what is about to occur and what potential is awakening within you. Especially for anyone who may still be resisting change or resisting embracing all of who they are; now is the time. Twelve is the number of completion and for the past month since the energy infusion on 11-11-12 we have been offered numerous opportunities each day to recognize where we are ready to experience completion. And as always it is up to us to choose completion and move on to abundance or to remain attached to a person, place, experience or thing that we have outgrown.  
Over the past couple of weeks our experience of clearing away anything and everything in our lives that are not supportive or reflective of who we truly are have been everything from liberating to challenging and sometimes even seemingly heartbreaking. It is when we allow ourselves to perceive everything through feeling rather than our emotions we are able to recognize the truth in everything. No longer are we drawn to people who make us feel anything other than our true selves, likewise with our experiences. This clearing out energy is causing a lot of upheaval in many ways on a universal level, everything from natural occurrences to seemingly extreme political events. The fact is that we are being prepared to enter the new era on 12-21-12 fresh and clean in order to experience the abundance that is waiting for us.
With this preparation energy we are clearing out so much of what we have outgrown and use to attach ourselves to. This is happening on individual levels, group, and corporate, financial, government and planetary. There are no exceptions and there is not intended to be any. Everything must move as one united front into the new space that is waiting for us; it does not mean everyone is conscious, nor does it mean everyone is moving into the same experience, what it means is that we are indeed all moving and it is for us as individuals to decide what our lives will look like when we arrive in the new space. 
Everything is a choice and everything we do, say and feel impacts our daily experience as well as impacting the future we are creating for ourselves. The energy of 11-11-12 was quite unique in that it has engaged many with a desire to understand more of who they are and why they are here; but it also offered an ability to acknowledge discomfort in our experiences even more than before. It is an interesting experience to watch as those who are aware and others who are unconsciously aware as they are all in the most impactful transition of their entire life. This is the end of an era that has lasted over 35,000 years; it is a change of evolutionary existence for any and all Beings who exist within this universe. Because of this there has been an increase in agitation and frustration as well as an intense focus on our reactions to the actions of those around us. Why does everything seem more intense these past few weeks? Because it is more intense and it was meant to be exactly that way.
The intensity is a direct reverberation of the energy that was infused on 11-11-12. To clarify what that actually means I am going to explain how an energy infusion works. On a universal level there is a massive group of Angelics and other Beings who are facilitating the transition from one era and existence of being into a new era and existence of being. Neither is better than the other as there is no judgement form an energetic perspective, it is simply a different experience. For years now I have been writing about infusions and what that actually means to us as we experience our lives. When this transition team as I like to refer to them as decide that the entire universe is ready for the next level of awareness, they infuse a particular energy that offers the opportunity for awareness to be integrated. 
Because this universe is based on free will there are many who choose to accept the infusion and embrace the lesson through experience yet there are even more people who feel intimidated and unsure and choose to wait and see how others experience the infusion before they accept it themselves. This is very important as it allows you to become clear that sometimes you have embraced the shift and sometimes you have let it pass you by and waited for a later time to integrate the awareness. 
However once an energy is available to the universe it is always available and as more people choose to receive it they integrate it and once it is integrated into them and they begin to exist from a new state of awareness and this existence becomes an experience. It is this experience that becomes a new energy that is now being emanated through that person out into the world to others so they are able to become aware of the energy in a way that may make it more comfortable to be open to. This process is called the Reverberation Effect and it has been an integral part of our evolution over the past hundred years of conscious evolution.   We are only able to pass on wisdom through personal experience and we are only able to have an experience once we choose to willingly accept what is being offered to us. 
There is no right or wrong time to choose to receive; it is up to us to choose when it is right for us. some of us choose the path of least resistance and receive as soon as it is offered and others choose to wait until they feel like their back is against the wall and they have no choice but to move into a new experience. This is essentially called a Critical Mass and it is reached in the moment when more souls and people than not have chosen to embrace the energy and move forward. Each of the infusions we have experienced over the past hundred years have worked in this way and very soon it will be changing. In fact on 12-12-12 we will experience our last infusion in what will become known as the old way and then we will undergo a 9 day preparation period of the new way which will be introduced on 12-21-12 (we will discuss more of this in the next posting).
The energy that was infused on 11-11-12 is an energy that is allowing us to recognize in the moment when we feel uncomfortable with whatever experience we are in. Whether we find ourselves in a state of action or reaction when we are experiencing discomfort is inconsequential; it is simply always a signal that we are ready to release an aspect of our belief system that we have outgrown. The most incredible part is that we get to decide for ourselves how challenging this process is going to be. 
If you have been feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely or discontent then this is your very own signal that you have chosen the more challenging path for yourself. If life is flowing freely and wonderfully in every way than you have chosen the most easeful path for yourself. The choice is always yours, but you have to be willing to take action and also to recognize that the situations you are currently in are direct reflections of the choices you have making. 
The second most incredible thing to note is that you can change anything and everything in each moment…even your beliefs. This means that the moment you become aware of something you are ready to release; then go for it! The moment you make the change is the exact same moment you will experience easeful contented bliss. Essentially the time we are in right up until 12-12-12 is all about recognizing what we have outgrown but remain attached to so that we are able to release it form our experience. Guilt is another aspect that has also been highlighted to allow us to recognize what it really is; a human conditioning tool to create a space of control through manipulation…and it is time to free ourselves from that as well. 
One of the other aspects that has become highlighted with the 11-11-12 infusion is that everything we say or do along with our actions and reactions all impact our life and the lives of those we touch. No longer are we able to make excuses or justify incorrect actions, words or reactions…because anything that is not a true reflection of us is no longer meant to be supported. We are being shown how to act with respect and compassion towards ourselves and others in each moment. The moment we are not offering or receiving compassion or respect we will begin to feel uncomfortable and that is our signal to change our experience. We are the only one who can make the decisions that will impact our lives, so it is up to us to decide what life we are willing to experience. The time for action is now and if you have been thinking about change and what you need to do for days, weeks, months or even years…now is the time. 
We are all being asked to step into the driver’s seat in our own life and to take charge of our experiences and make the changes necessary to create the happiness, joy and contentment that we are searching for. No one else can make these changes for us. There are many people out there who can support you as you make them, but ultimately you are the only one who can act. If someone else makes your decisions for you then you will never have the true experience of action for yourself, nor will you be able to sustain the changes made, because you never needed to engage the energy that action comes from. 
For those of us who have made changes; whether they are drastic or minimal is no matter, change is change. Congratulate yourself and then allow yourself to become aware of the next step, then get used to the movement and the speed, because we are now stepping into a time of evolution that will challenge everything you know to be true in your mind. Your heart already knows how to do this…so there is no need to worry or plan a thing; simply allow your heart to lead the way and let your mind follow. This is the way it was intended and this is the way to experience the most incredible joy, love and illumination available. 
Everything counts; there is no longer any room for justifying why we allow our self to make a choice that is no longer a reflection of who we are. Now is the time to act. To allow ourselves to become aware of the multitude of gifts we are being offered and then choosing to receive them with grace and also with respect for ourselves and those who are offering them. Another interesting condition of the human mind is to perceive ourselves as unworthy of receiving. Whether it is a belief that we are not worthy, deserving or that it just feels too big for us, then we are choosing to remain fixed in a life that we have outgrown. For years now people have been choosing to struggle with this aspect. Believing that if they choose to receive they are doing so from the ego; when in actual fact they are remaining committed to being a smaller version of what they know in their hearts they are capable of. First and foremost, struggle is not a universal creation; it is an aspect of the human condition. Secondly in order to offer abundance one must first vibrate and resonate with it themselves. This is the universally created experience of offering and receiving and it really is one of the greatest human conditions ever believed; in fact it is the foremost aspect that allowed this universe to go so far beyond into the challenges we are now experiencing.
When we go back far enough into human existence; back beyond ancient civilization into the place of original existence we are able to uncover the truth of who we are. It is the place where the native nations were one clan, where all people connected to all others; a place were separation was simply an experience rather than a way of life. A place and time where we had full awareness of ourselves; we knew what we are capable of and where we came from. A time where we allowed our wisdom to guide us and lead us into explorations that filled our lives with abundance and pure joy; a time and place where creation was simply an act that followed our intention. This experience is where we are going and the path to get there is calling everyone. The path is as challenging as you choose; deciding how long you are willing to remain attached to anyone or anything that is no longer a reflection of who you know yourself to BE; well that is entirely up to you.
Your soul predates any religion or created method of external recognition; knowing that our ability to connect with universal awareness and knowledge is within each of us. This is where we are being called to return to; the inner most knowing and connection that is available to all of us…in fact it has always been, many of us have simply forgotten. In order to strengthen our ability to return to ourselves many souls have been working diligently with their human expression and reigniting the pineal gland. It is a miraculous experience as when the pineal gland is re-ignited it allows us to feel more fully connected to the energetic awareness in each experience. It is not for everyone and it is not happening to everyone, it is simply a choice that is now available on a soul level for us if we should choose to experience it. However once you engage it, you will become more aware and you will also no longer be able to hide even from yourself.
The original pineal glad was about the size of a walnut and exists most accurately in alignment with what many refer to as the third eye. However with the state of the human condition and all of the experiences that have limited our belief system our pineal glands have shrunk down to the size of a pea and for those who resist using their instinct and intuition it has also become hard and calcified. The current process that we are being offered is the opportunity to change this experience; essentially re-igniting the full power and potential of the pineal gland which exists within each of us. However it is only able to be ignited to its full potential through the energy of pure intent. Anything other than purity will leave it exactly as it is.   Pure intent is also another of the opportunities we are being offered to recognize how powerful our energy is and that we are not and never really were able to hide our intentions. Reigniting the pineal gland in so many people is changing the way we interact with each other and of course through the Reverberation Effect it is offering this experience to more and more people each and every day.
Actions speak louder than words, allow yourself to realize that everyone can feel your intentions in everything you do. Likewise you are able to feel the true intention of everyone around you as well. Are the intentions and actions a reflection of the words you are choosing to use? Are the intentions and actions of others what you are choosing to accept as your experience? These are great examples of allowing yourself to become the most pure and clear expression of the energy that lives within your heart. 
You do not need to think or plan any part of how this unfolds for you; BE-ing your true self in each moment is what will impact your life the most. It is also in the very moment that you allow yourself to BE this way; it is the precise same moment that you allow those around you to do the exact same thing.
There is no such thing as do what I say rather than what I do; we have known this for years and justified it in one way or another…well the time for justification and essentially fooling ourselves is over. Justification is not pure and we are in essence pure beings who know in our hearts what is right for us and for the ones we love and we are being asked repeatedly to live our lives from that place. 
Beginning December 1st, 2012 we will experience an even greater releasing period; an experience that will cause our minds to release our attachment to anything and everyone that is not appropriate for our new life. Most importantly it is this clearing phase that is setting the stage for the receiving phase of bringing you exactly what is most appropriate for you. If you have previously been clearing aspects of your life then you are already experiencing divine connections and offerings that are making your heart grow each day as you experience the true essence of abundance. If you are not quite there yet…take comfort in the fact that abundance is just around the corner, all you have to do is release the old to embrace the new. 
In the next post we will discuss the massive completion that is set for 12-12-12; what is means for us and what we will be offered.
Through the Heart,