For some time now there has been a perception of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and when it needs to be done. However this has all changed within the past few days, as we have now stepped into an entirely new phase of the evolutionary process that will enable us to not only move into who we are but to also experience what we have been perceiving for quite some time now. Perception is shifting from an external experience into a more tangible experience that is in alignment with the vibrational energy that flows within us. It is this shift that is going to allow many people to shift from a mind centered experience into a heart guided life.
For many years now we have been shifting and moving through states of awareness that allow us to recognize who we have the potential to become through shedding old belief systems that we have outgrown. For many the process has been challenging causing breakdowns in relationships, physical ailments and many people crossing over. Additionally we have also been witness to mass shifts and changes on an energetic and physical plane as Mother Earth finds her own truth and shifts into that space simultaneously. Additionally we now found ourselves in a place that not only reflects the truth in so many tangible ways, it is also showing us the most appropriate path to take as though the trail is lit with spotlights of the highest intensity. 
Each time we choose to go in directions that we “think” may be appropriate, we are very easily and affectionately being shown a much more beneficial route. Even though our minds may have a challenge keeping up with the speed at which everything is occurring our hearts are not only in time but wanting to act now with the intensity that they are so easily able to recognize. This recognition is now much more instantaneous and powerful, showing us that no matter which direction we choose there will always be lessons, answers and the uncovering of truth…it is simply a question of whether we are going to choose to see it and act on it or if we are going to let another opportunity pass us by.
The past four months have been very strategically laying a foundation for the time that we are currently experiencing. Everything from the way we act to the way in which we embrace movement and change and allow them to occur. So if you find yourself out of step and seemingly not moving forward…take a moment and reflect. Are you being shown that the way you are choosing to move forward is not appropriate for you? Or are you being offered an opportunity to move into an experience that gives you the potential to express a fuller expression of who you are and you are resisting this opportunity?
Either way the messages are quite clear, it is simply a question of choosing to go with the flow of where the energy around you is offering you abundance or not. There has been much speculation around December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar and what this means for humanity. The answer is actually quite simple and is now ready to be revealed in a way that is not only pure and clear for humanity to absorb, but also full and abundant for people to recognize the true essence of potential.  This is truly an example of being offered abundance while simultaneously being offered the knowledge of how to step into the ability to receive it. 
For years we have witnessed the laying of foundations for each of us to be able to step out of situations and experiences that were no longer in alignment with the person that we were recognizing ourselves to be. Then we processed through being offered the ability to recognize who we are, who others are and where we are going free of any connection to the outcome. And even though many of us are still consciously working towards mastering this last offering we have in fact reached a critical mass that now enables us as a race to be able to experience the fullness of abundance through pure intent.
What this means is actually quite simple, if you find anything…absolutely anything in your life is not easily flowing. Then your intent is not pure. Even if you think it is…stop, and instead of reviewing the situation from your mind; choose instead to discontinue moving in the direction you are going and allow yourself to become aware of the more abundant and appropriate path that is being offered to you. I am assured by the entire universal energy field that this experience is in fact being offered to each and every person on the planet in this moment. In fact it will continue right up until the exact moment of the end of the Mayan Calendar; in which that exact moment a space will be held specifically for all individual souls offering every one the ability to step into the full experience of existence that is waiting for you to behold. 
Essentially the entire universe is being re-instated with the ability to once again experience the innate flow of evolution. This shift will enable the universe to return to a state of BE-ing; reverberating the energetic experience out to all who reside within the universe, offering every conscious Being the exact same opportunity of evolution. This energy will change much of how we experience our physical existence. We will no longer be able to lie, manipulate or control anyone other than ourselves as we will gain a perception that allows us to see truth no matter what we are being offered. Although this will be challenging for many people, it is in this challenge that transformation will indeed occur. 
The experience of being in a physical body will no longer be supported in an external way; meaning that it will become a journey of connection. The ability to connect with oneself and recognize all that we are as an individual combined with the ability to then connect with others is the way is was always meant to occur. Connection is the key to moving forward into the new way of being. Resisting this urge to connect that your soul is leading you towards will cause unnecessary challenges. There is one reason and one reason only for this; it is time for you to recognize all of who you are…there are incredible gifts and talents that are hidden within you and there are others who are searching for your talents and gifts. If you continue to withhold them, you are simply choosing to withhold yourself from the fullness of the entire universal experience.
We have often spoken in the past of the individual gifts that each of us has within us, yet the full magnitude of this message has not been fully understood. As of December 21st, 2012 the shift entails the entire human experience moving the focus from an external and mental experience to that of connection and the heart. There is nothing you need to do to ensure you make the shift; that is lovingly being done for you by your soul and the multitude of Angelic Beings who have been created to facilitate this occurrence. However what you can do to make the experience as easeful as possible for yourself is to allow your mind to follow your heart rather than “trying” to get your mind to figure your heart out. 
Have you noticed your heart speaking much more loudly than your mind recently? This is because the entire universe has already begun its vibrational shift into the new intention. It has been going on for years, but it is just recently that this shift has felt almost tangible…like you could reach out and touch the heart energy that surrounds so many of the experiences we are having. However as always it is up to you to choose to notice, to choose to be aware and to choose to act from a personal energy that is in alignment with the new energy you are being offered and surrounded by. 
Free Will is and will always be the overall intent for this universal experience; making the freedom to choose the most powerful experience in existence. However there is and has always been the energy of Love woven through Free Will and it is this very special and extremely powerful aspect that humanity is being reminded of. Because it is the energy of Love that allows for connection and the ability to respect yourself as well as those around you as well as having compassion for yourself and everyone around you. This combination is imperative to evolution; without it the experience simply goes in circles recycling old ideas and creating the illusion that much has or is changing.
The only time true change has the ability to occur is when we consciously choose to embrace the fullness of an experience as well as embracing the individuals who are having that experience without any attachment to the outcome. A very challenging experience when we come from a physical and mind perspective, however if we choose the follow our hearts the energy is there in abundance. 2013 is a year to fulfill our destiny; A year to experience life and existence in the way that was intended. A year to experience days that are filled with balanced relationships, bountiful opportunities and abundant experiences. 
It is our decision alone to choose to walk the most appropriate path; the one with the spotlights; even when everything we know or believe to be true is challenged. Because when you allow yourself to see clearly you are able to recognize that you are indeed part of a grander experience; an experience that has been created for you to experience your personal potential. An experience that not only supports everything you choose to focus your energy on, but that loves and respects you more than you have allowed yourself to recognize. It’s time. December 21st 2012 is the date for you to recognize your full potential; while 2013 is the year in which you will be offered multiple opportunities to cultivate your potential and learn how to share your personal gifts with all those you meet. 
True recognition of self does not come from the mind; it is a state of being in connection with your soul and allowing yourself to feel the energy that exists there. This is the exact same process to recognize others; Connect and then Feel. Many people often refer to this process as “Awakening” or “Waking Up”, but what it actually is, is the process of releasing the mental activity we are addicted to for the chance to experience the fullness that we were originally created with. Do not worry, you will not have to look far…everything you need is right there within you. 
There are many exciting experiences to come for humanity over the next 12 months. Some of which I am personally already experiencing and others I have only glimpsed; but I assure you that there is nothing more exciting, engaging or joyful than experiencing what you are capable of and watching those around you experience what they are capable of. I am looking forward to the incredible shifts that are in store for us and hope to inspire everyone to look within your heart and see what you have hidden there…I am sure you will find a treasure that is sure to inspire and delight you!
From the Heart,