Anytime we receive massive infusions and energy shifts we become “new”. Essentially we receive the ability to become more aware of who we are, how best for us to act and react and we also experience a new connection to universal awareness. However, before these experiences can occur we first need to integrate the universal energy we have been offered into our physical selves. It is this integration period that frequently causes physical discomfort of all levels from aching legs and tension filled necks to insatiable appetites and exaggerated sleep patterns.  
With the intensity of the energy that was infused during the beginning if September 2012 we had many people experiencing a full spectrum of physical discomfort and distress.  Many people were experiencing headaches, which is most always a reflection of connecting to new perspectives and allow one self to become more aware of personal intention as well as the intentions of the people around you. The intensity of the most recent infusion was quite concentrated as far as mental perspectives are concerned. Specifically because we are being asked to recognize the true value and worth within our natural talents and abilities; which of course is in direct contradiction with the society in which we live. 
We are being asked to uncover the courage within us and choose to transcend all of the limiting beliefs that we are still holding onto that cause us to remain in any feelings that we are inferior to anyone else. Self worth is something that many think they have an awareness of, yet they really have not allowed themselves to feel the full connection with the energy of self worth through the energies of the Fundamental Aspects of Respect and Truth. 
The other common occurrence with the infusions during the beginning of September has been a disgruntled opinion of anyone that is condemning or judging anyone or anything. This is a very interesting and dynamic experience as it offers us concrete evidence of the shift in human consciousness; the desire to no longer remain attached to any dramatic or enhanced superficial actions or reactions. Instead offering us the opportunity to clearly see the drama as it is unfolding in front of us. 
For many this has been an enlightening experience, often feeling like you are living separate from yourself and watching your life as a spectator. There is also an increase in arguments which is a direct result of those who are simply unsure how to act from a place of personal power, instead choosing to react in their old pattern even knowing that it is not what they actually want to do. If this sounds familiar, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing to recognize the inner conflict within you. This is an experience of gaining awareness that is a direct result of you choosing to accept the newest infusion of universal energy; you are simply experiencing the integration process…the path that brings you to the place of knowledge and wisdom. It sounds a whole lot more complicated than the actual process is; yet even in its simplicity it is intricate and powerful.
Transformation is only possible when we have experienced the full knowledge first hand.   Wisdom comes from a clear intent to experience what is occurring free of expectations, control and limits. As souls we are limitless and thus the energy infusions we are offered reflect the limitlessness of our natures. It is the mind that tricks us into believing that we are less than we actually are, or that we are capable of less than we truly are. There are a vast amount of people on the planet who are currently becoming increasingly aware that they have natural talents and abilities that far surpass what they believe to be possible. 
The intention is that each and every person on the planet becomes aware of this; because it is this illusion of others being more powerful, more connected and more aware that is totally and completely untrue. It is an illusion that is so great and has been the basis for so many people to build their beliefs of what is possible for them and everyone around them. This is the strongest and most intense energy infusion to date; because it is the most important illusion for everyone to overcome. This infusion holds within it the energy to challenge any and all structures or foundations whose original intent was in any way to control or manipulate; including any intention within us that would have us deceive ourselves into believing the illusion.
This new infusion is the energy that will offer us the courage necessary to look for the truth within every experience we are offered on a daily basis. It is the energy that transcends anything that was created with any energy other than the Fundamental Aspect of Purity. This includes religious, political, financial and social structures that have at any point been implemented to cast the illusion that individuals are powerless against any other individual or any system. 
The intense restlessness and agitation that began a few days ago for many is the integration process of the energy infusion from this new energy. The integration process is essentially allowing us to gain a mental understanding of what is occurring on a physical level in connection with the energy of the Fundamental Aspect of Truth. The more we know and the more we feel powerless, the more agitated we become as individuals and as a society. However there was also another aspect of energy that was infused during the beginning of September and is continuing to be cultivated as we proceed through the integration process; the energy of the Fundamental Aspect of Purity.
The inclusion of an infusion of Purity is extremely important as it is this energy that allows for an individual to not only perceive the truth of one’s own actions but also the actions of others. Likewise it is the energy of Purity that allows us the ability to react with pure intent rather than through the lower vibrational energies of retaliation, disbelief, hurt, anger or confusion. This entire energetic infusion is essentially a breaking down of all systems that are built on foundations that were not created in connection with the 9 Fundamental Aspects in which this universe was essentially based upon. 
In order to uncover anything that is not in alignment it must first be seen for what it is. Secondly it then must be stripped of anything that is not empowering to each and every person that would be involved. So if you have found yourself having any challenges within your families, businesses, friendships and anywhere else where there has been a fracture in the flow. It is a simple reflection of the cracks in the foundation, due to an intent that is not in alignment with the fullness that you are capable of.  The intention is for each person to experience abundance and full expression in all aspects of life and this breakdown of illusion is the support that is necessary to accomplish the massive shift in perception.
The increase in emotional reactions to what is occurring around us, are clear indications of where our souls are dedicated to offering us tangible examples of where our perceptions, expectations and actions need to shift. We are no longer able to manipulate anyone, even ourselves. Whenever we try it becomes increasingly uncomfortable, causing us to become agitated beyond belief. These experiences of agitation allow us to recognize the most effective way forward and when we resist that way, we experience an increase in friction, petty quarrels, or clashing of personalities. Know that you will continue to experience intense discomfort whenever you try to manipulate yourself or others; be aware of any time you try to justify what is happening around you, because that in itself is manipulation. 
True universal energy requires no justification; it transcends anything mental, human or physical. It simply IS a state of being oneself. And as soon as you are able to find that place of contentment within your experiences, you will know you are in a state of being that is connected to your soul and simultaneously with the universe around you. Each and every human being is being called to come into connection with their personal mental awareness, their soul energy and with that of universal knowledge and wisdom. This fullness is available to each of us, as it is constantly surrounding us and filling each of our experiences. Yet we must consciously choose to accept it into our physical experience. 
Now is the time in which to do so; time to recognize all of the incredible abilities and talents that are not only natural to you, but that are innate within the essence of who you are. As the next few weeks there will be more messages that will offer the opportunity for clarity during a time of intense change and transformation. This phase of the transformation of the human condition is only challenging when we resist our natural instinct to become who you are. For the first time in many, many years of the physical experience we are being offered the opportunity to experience the freedom to BE. And it is the intention of all universal Beings that we receive the messages necessary for us to make the changes to experience the full essence of who we are. 
Knowledge is power; the power to BE who you are through the actions and reactions that come from the essence of the soul energy within you. This stage is all about collecting knowledge through everyday experiences in order to find yourself at a point of knowing the perfect steps to take to fulfill your personal path. Allow yourself to see the wisdom in your experiences for what they are; a divine offering of clarity through the Fundamental Aspects of Truth, Respect and Purity. Then allow yourself to relax into the unfolding knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be.
From the Heart,