Ever wonder who you are? Not simply the physical things like what to wear and how to act, but the real substance of what constitutes the fullness of who you are. This is what we are currently being offered; the intimate opportunity to become aware of who we are in a way that has never been available before. In fact we are smack in the middle of a massive collision of a diverse group of universal energies that are intended to restore this knowledge. We are experiencing the energy of Synchronicity along with the power of the Reverberation Effect, offering the pure gift of inner “sight”. The ability to recognize – if we choose – all of the wonderful talents, knowledge, skills and abilities that are hidden within the fibres of who we are. 
Everything from our experiences and thoughts to our inspiration and dreams; we are being filled with such an intense synchronicity that is offering us an abundance of opportunities to find out who we are. The awareness has been diverse with a particular focus on “you give what you get”. This particular message is filled with such incredible power and is completely supported by synchronicity in all that is occurring around us and also through the energy of the reverberation effect with whatever we are choosing to send out is coming back to us ten fold. The ten fold part is the added intensity of the Blue Full Moon energy; which loves to shine a light (the brightness of the full moon) on anything that is not working in our lives.
Anything that is challenging or uncomfortable is asking to be released so that the space it has been taking up can be filled with a much more appropriate abundance and joy. However this is the part that requires effort, courage and trust along with active participation in the fulfillment of experiencing balance and contentment. Often our minds become involved in ways that trick our heart into going in directions that take us away from the easeful path. These experiences are not meant to be burdensome; in fact they are there to remind us that we have the power to make the choices in our life. And when we choose the opportunities that feel right rather than what we “think” we should do, what we deserve or what we feel that we are justified in wanting then we are able to receive abundance. 
It’s tricky though to remain clear and committed to the path of fullness of self when we have been raised in a world that is tainted in the extreme causing us to justify not only our good intentions, but conditions on our giving and receiving as well.  Balance is the key to any and all experiences we have and navigating that line is often our greatest challenge each and every day.  
The ability to remain humble while maintaining the courage to share the fullness of who you are. Where we can manipulate ourselves into hiding and withholding our natural talents and abilities from others from fear or we can choose to decide to share in ways that remove us from the purity of the offering into a desire for self attainment – vastly different from self fulfillment. 
The ability to remain open to receive and offer the abundance that is all around; free of any desire to control or manipulate even the slightest bit. To allow yourself to become aware of any time the balance is “off” by choosing to look at any situations – you are being offered through synchronicity – that cause you to experience a quick and intense emotional reaction. This is a sure signal from your Soul that you are being gifted with the opportunity to choose a better way for yourself than you previously have. 
These are experiences that are asking us to go deeper into our internal knowledge and uncover an even fuller awareness of who we are and what we are capable of. The key to the current energy is that we are being asked to do this with an intense connection to the energy of Balance; because when we are disconnected from universal balance we are unable to navigate in an easeful way. Causing what would normally be regular occurrences into challenges that can quite possibly express in epic proportions. 
The final and most impressive experience that is currently unfolding is the key to which all of this is actually possible; the intention behind your actions. Energy is embedded within everything, from people to things to words and experiences. There is nothing within this entire universe that is free from energy and as a Universal Soul Being you have within you the natural ability to understand the language of energy.   This is the original and most ancient language or rather “means of communication” in this universe. There are no special characters, no manuals, no long lesson or extensive test necessary for you to understand it; it is embedded within the fibres of your physical body, your mind and your Soul. There are no tricks, no special pronunciations or accents required. Energy is where all of the secrets lay seemingly hidden, only because you choose to “think” that remembering this can possibly make you vulnerable or powerless. When in fact when you connect to the energy within you allow yourself to truly come into balance with the energy you are offering and receiving; creating a flow that becomes so full of abundance it is often overwhelming. 
The overwhelming part is simply the mind doing its absolute best to keep up with what your heart and soul already know. The feeling is more of a “my cup runneth over” and it is within all areas of your life. That is the other tricky part, allowing the fullness to occur everywhere, in work, family, friends and most importantly how you connect with yourself. If you are choosing to send negative energy towards yourself it is exactly what you are going to receive from others…another fine example of “you get what you give”. There are no exceptions, even if you “think” an issue or experience was ignited by another…”think” again. Or rather “feel” into it and allow yourself to remove any resistance from fear so you are able to see what you are truly attracting, creating and manifesting in your life. 
You are the master of your own life. No one knows more about you than you. The key now is to notice where you have possibly hidden an awareness that is not positively influencing who you are and where you would like to go. And that is the very specific goal of all of the intense energies that are colliding over the next four days. Allow yourself to come out of your shell into the full awareness of who you are and then choose to consciously act and react from that awareness. This effort will not only infuse the energy of all you offer and receive with abundance it will allow you to connect in the most intimate way with the Fundamental Universal Aspect of Balance. 
There are a total of 9 Fundamental Aspects that were woven into the original fibres of this universe during the creation process. These Aspects were also woven into the fibres of each Soul on the energetic and physical levels. It is the human condition which is a side effect of living in a world in which many of us have learned who we think we are while navigating and desperately searching for inner contentment. We have experienced sorrow and joy, happiness and sadness all because we have been navigating our experience with the mind. 
When we allow our heart and soul to guide us, there are no intensities other than true gratitude that wells up from within and fills us with the abundance of whatever we choose to experience within all of the opportunities we are offered each and every day. The ability to not only recognize where we can choose a more positive way of acting and reacting but also the gift of being offered to opportunity to see just how incredible we already are. 
So use it wisely, this intensity of colliding universal energy that is supporting universal change through personal transformation. The only true way to make a difference in the world is to consciously choose to make an effort within your self first and foremost. If you think you have looked at all there is within you and there is nothing more to see…look again, because this new wave and intensity is being offered for a reason. We are being asked to go deeper than before, into the complexity and fullness of our personal energy and allow the truth of what seems to be hiding to come out into the open. Allowing you to actually see if it is enhancing or hindering your path to abundance and personal fulfillment. 
Wishing you all a very magical Blue Moon Celebration!
From the Heart,