Our lives are a collection of defining moments. Moments that not only determine what we will experience but moments that offer us the abundance that we are capable of experiencing. It is these moments that have filled the past few months that are not only offering unique and powerful opportunities to become a clearer expression of who we are; they are also offering us the opportunity to recognize where there is illusion within the paradigms that we experience and where there is opportunity and abundance. In the simplest terms we are being asked the most important question ever “What do you want”. and although at first glance the answer always seems so simple, the more we come to know about ourselves the more complicated the answer has the potential to be. However if we actually are willing to go into the depths of the soul energy within us, the answer seems to simply float up to the surface, eventually leading us wonder how we ever wanted anything else.
Essentially we have each been offered the fast track and there are those who have chosen to get on and there are those who have chosen to sit this one out and wait for the next train. No matter what track you have chosen for yourself, know that you are still being offered the opportunity to learn what is most imperative for you to learn at this moment of your journey. With the increase in energy that has been experienced over the past few months combined with the unprecedented experiences, we are not only on the right path, we are in the middle of the most extreme and profound opportunity for transformation ever. On June 21st we reached a critical mass in awareness of the evolution of this planet and of the universe as an entire sustainable creation. 
A critical mass is when there is a moment in existence in which there are a minimal number of human beings who are able to fully comprehend an aspect of universal awareness. The process unfolds in a way that is guided by the universe and all of the pivotal Beings including the Creator. The process is designed to assist humanity in the evolution of the experience of Self and the experience of universal evolution. As similar as these experiences are, we are also being shown how diverse and completely opposite they are. Yet it is in the diversity; when you are connected to your Soul and to the universal awareness within the experience that you are able to pinpoint what it is in your personal evolution that will allow you to contribute to the universal evolution in the way that you were originally intended to. 
Contribution on a Soul level is the current thread that is laced through our experiences. We are being guided to uncover our natural talents and abilities while being guided to simultaneously utilize our gifts and talents to recognize and nurture the natural gifts and talents of those around us. Reconnections with old friends have occurred while there have also been unbelievable experiences of existing relationships that deepen and thrive beyond anything we have experienced to date. Why? Because we are learning the most divine ability to experience relationships as they were intended on a soul level. While simultaneously learning how to accept and receive what offers us abundance on both soul and universal levels while in a human form.
The past eleven days have been some of the most concentrated physical experiences of integrating soul energy that I have ever lived through. Every experience seems to be steeped in the intensity of contradiction from being starving to feeling absolutely full in the exact same moment, from being exhausted to the absolute impossibility of being able to fall asleep; from sleeping soundly and having the most challenging time waking into consciousness to insomnia. This integration process for me has been a universal reply to my questions and commitment to universal consciousness that have unfolded throughout most of the past seven months.
Day two to day eight my body lost all ability to self regulate temperature causing shock after shock of extreme heat and cold. Every time I went into a space with air conditioning I was shivering to the point of not being able to speak; while when I was in any even nominally heated environment – even with a breeze and in the shade – I felt like I was suffocating, almost unable to breathe. Of course this presented an interesting integration period while in a summer of intense heat. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to talk on the telephone – even on a land line as the cell phone experience intensified three years ago – as I can feel the electrical current of the phone line shock my internal ear as it enters my body and proceeds to flow through. 
This experience like so many others is simply offering a greater awareness of the natural ability of being open and how we have truly been trained to deflect discomfort by distinguishing our openness to nil. However we are now being offered an abundance of opportunities to recognize where we have accepted an illusion of mental openness for the purity of true energetic openness. Open is open, we can no longer pretend anything; everyone is now able to see everyone else for who we really are. This is how we were originally intended to BE, and this is the process of evolution that is currently unfolding.
The process of conscious evolution is one that takes concentrated effort; meaning that all of our actions, reactions and choices are based on conscious decisions. To many this seems to be too hard and a much too challenging way of life; this in itself is an illusion of substantial proportions. The fact of the matter is that any time we experience anything that is perceived as hard, we have actually created that experience through our unwillingness to make our actions and reactions conscious reflections of what we actually want. Just like anything that we choose to focus on, conscious effort will eventually become routine and flow naturally. 
Effort + Conscious Action, Reaction & Choices = Ease & Flow
Experiences + Emotional Reaction = Challenge & Heartache
Why does it have to be like this? Because we are Conscious Beings who were created to consistently outshine our previous best. Therefore when we choose to become dormant or reflexive in our actions we are making a conscious choice to allow everyone else around us to make the choices and decisions that determine the outcome of our life. When this happens we become bogged down in a myriad of some very human defensive emotions that contrive together to keep us unclear of whom we are and what it is we actually want. 
This connection is a choice and as I mentioned earlier, it is one that must be made on the human level with a commitment from the mind that chooses to consistently act and react based on the entirety of universal knowledge available to them. The difference from this integration process is actually quite simple, all of the past infusions and integrations have been the Soul offering a new level of universal awareness to the human physical form. however when one chooses to integrate the fullness of what the Soul offers, then they are able to integrate energy on a universal level. 
The past eleven days have held an intense awareness that seems to permeate everything that has occurred for me. For example day five was an interesting integration period, every time I raised my head from writing; I had the distinct sensation of being on a massive ship in the middle of the rolling ocean. In fact this is the same sensation that is with me today. Day six I had to drive about 40 minutes to a meeting and when I arrived, it took me about 30 minutes to finally feel as though my physical body had arrive and finally stopped moving. Everything is about motion and becoming connected with universal flow in a much more intimate way than ever before
In fact on day six I was also acutely aware of my soul’s participation in the physical integration process; as I became aware of a series of tiny electric shocks that I not only feel but see. The most amazing aspect of this integration phase that differs from all of the previous ones is that this is the very first time I have not felt any nausea what so ever. This is especially shocking since the past eleven days have been an experience of being in constant motion, whether it is my body, my soul or both as we become connected in a much more substantial way to the energy of universal flow. Currently we are experiencing the opportunity for awareness and then the opportunity for integration of the fundamental levels of universal energy.
Human – Physical
Soul – Who you were consciously created to BE
Universal – the full awareness and understanding of existence
The levels of energy are quite basic in their compilation, yet vastly profound in their unique nature. These levels are what allow us to not only become full expressions of who we are; they are the energy that supports our evolution as an entire universal creation. On day three of my very personal integration process I had the opportunity to work with an incredible woman, whose natural ability is to reconnect a physical body with the universal flow of energy. Her nature allows the soul and physical body to become much more accustomed to the intensity of flowing universal energy. The energy that this woman works with far exceeds any energy modality that is grounded or created in the human dimension or even the soul dimension. In fact she has spent her entire life in preparation for the events that are currently unfolding. It was my openness combined with her natural abilities that allowed me to connect to the courage I needed to consciously choose to transcend the greatest illusion for me to date.
I have mentioned this before but am feeling pulled to remind you once again; make no mistake in assuming that people are gifted with special abilities to help themselves and others. These talents and abilities are natural and are a part of who we are on a Soul level. They do not make us better or worse than anyone else; they make us a part of the intricate living system of the universe. The gift is that the person has chosen to reconnect with the instinct and abilities that are within their soul to not only guide themselves, but to naturally affect all those who they connect with. These “gifts” are not free, they are the reward that comes from the concentrated effort of choosing to actively act and react in alignment with conscious awareness.
I have written about this many times before; everyone has their own natural talents and abilities to offer others, but you must be the one to choose to uncover yours just like you must also choose to nurture and cultivate them. Knowing what your gifts are is just the first step in scaling the flight of stairs that lead you to the place in which you are able to comprehend and fulfill your innermost dreams and desires. 
I am always aware when an integration process is commencing because my body’s instinct is to eat, eat, and eat. I begin to crave heavy food that I instinctively feel will ground me. The fact of the matter is that this is an emotional reaction to the profound energy that the soul is already aware of and the mind is simply wanting to protect the body for the onslaught of what’s to come. This is in no way an excuse, what it actually is, is the mental and emotional reaction of a mind that is not sure it actually wants to experience change. How do we know this as truth? Because that is what any and all integration is – change. Because when we integrate any new energy, we integrate new awareness and when we have new awareness we are fundamentally changed forever; therefore our external lives must become a reflection of the change we have integrated on an internal level. 
It is when we resist change on any level of this process that we experience feelings of anger, fear and resentment.   The past six months for me have been filled with experience after experience of releasing everything that is no longer a reflection of the person that I am consciously choosing to be. As I maintain my commitment to consciously express my thoughts and feelings from a conscious place rather than my emotional reaction I am offered the universal opportunity to challenge my illusions. The past eleven days have increased my capacity to transcend and transform my illusions into powerful beliefs based on universal truth. As I have mentioned before we all have an incredible number of levels when it comes to the challenging energies we are faced with. For example when I began my journey in earnest of becoming consciously aware in 2007 I had at that time 48 layers of fear that I would need to confront in order to transcend fear in fullness. 
As of yesterday morning I had 12 layers of fear that remained embedded in my belief system based on the illusions that I held as my truth. During the past 48 hours the universe stepped up in response to my unwavering commitment to confront the fears that were holding me back. I received numerous messages and messengers – both physical and non-physical – who all arrived to support this transformation I consciously chose. I connected to each of the remaining 12 levels and layers of fear; free of any and all emotional attachment. Allowing myself to simply connect with and feel each aspect as it presented itself. 
This process continued late into the night and permeated my dreams in a way that allowed me to be conscious of the work I was continuing to do during “sleep”. When I woke this morning I had a new energetic sensation that filled me; the energy has a different flow, a different sound and a different vibration. As I pondered what had occurred I suddenly became aware that the energy of fear is no longer present in my vibration. I then allowed myself to become consciously aware of what my connection to fear consisted of and instantly there was a face that showed up right in front of mine. “He” was definitely an ET (a Being who is created outside of this Universe), short body, longish face, but a rather large head with skin the colour of moss and mud. When I asked him who he was, his response was “I am you and you are me”. Then I connected to him directly and began to resonate with the energy that he was projecting. In that moment I became fully aware of who he was and simultaneously what I was now free of. He is fear. 
The aspect of “I am you and you are me” was the illusion that I had believed he was a part of who I am and “needed” to be present whenever I made choices and decisions for myself; I had become dependant upon the energetic connection choosing to believe that it was simply a part of my experience when in fact it is actually quite foreign to me as a Soul Being. It is only with my determination to become a clearer and pure expression of my soul energy that has allowed me to transform this illusion into the awareness of universal truth. I was stunned yet curious, I did not know there were Beings who were fear, I “thought” – of course always the problem – that fear was simply an energy. It turns out it is a Being and that each of us who choose to connect to any level of fear actually participate in manifesting our own Being of fear who travels with us. I have contacted and connected with the “Master” of fear, the Being who masterminds the actions of all of the fear Beings in this universe. I was also amazed to learn that there are Beings that also exist with regards to anger, retaliation and resentment among others. 
During the connection I learned that these Beings are reactive and they are only able to substantiate an energy that we consciously choose to connect with. It is the nature of the energy of fear, because it was not created within this universe, it is unable to sustain itself here free of a universal host. Which means that if everyone were to disconnect from fear, it would cease to exist within this universe and all of the Beings created by it would instantly be eradicated. This, as we have previously discussed is true for all non-universal creations. However the key to freeing oneself from fear is to recognize it for what it is. 
This is not a reason to go into a metaphysical practice of “cutting cords” or “releasing” as these acts keep us locked in weakness, specifically because they are non-powerful in that we are unwilling to look at the true nature of the fear, we simply wish it is dissolve. Yet in a universe that is so intricate and vastly expansive and with Beings as powerful as humans are we are truly being offered the ability to recognize that. Courage is not as illusive as we think; it is just a matter of applying the effort necessary to commit to your own self. As soon as you are prepared to do that you will be able to recognize your fears and all of the levels and layers as they apply to you. It is an independent journey with our Soul to become the fullest most pure expression of the natural talents and abilities that lay dormant within us. 
As each layer unfolds we uncover new abilities and talents that as a Soul Being allow us to soar to new heights in this physical experience. While the last few years have been experiences of finding out who we are as a person and as a Soul Being. This new energy is offering us all the opportunity to begin to recognize what we actually want; from both the human perspective combined with the Soul intention. This combination of energy when integrated into the fullness of who we are has the power and potential to take us into a new level of being. In June we reached the critical mass that allowed us the opportunity to begin this new journey and it is up to you whether you are going to continue evolving in a way that is powerful and poignant for you, or whether you are going to dig your heels in for one last physical experience. As always…the choice is yours and yours alone.
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Looking forward to the future and all of the opportunities it has in store for us.
From the Heart,