Venus and the Sun meet today in an ancient planetary dance that occurs very rarely; in fact Venus is actually going to cross over in front of the Sun. Whenever there is a shift in the Planetary Beings we feel them; through our emotions, our bodies and the environment we live in. We experience them for ourselves and also are able to witness how others experience them through their actions and reactions. Likewise we can recognize how we have experienced a transition through our own personal actions and reactions to daily occurrences. 
This particular transition is a tremendous opportunity to become aware of the just how connected everything and everyone is. On a mental level it can be challenging to comprehend the full awareness of the connection, however this transition offers us the ability to experience divine connection through profound simplicity. This reason is why the energetic transition between the Sun and Venus today is so incredibly important. 
Many people have written and shared messages that this transition is an opening and reawakening of the Divine Feminine Energies. And essentially it is, but the question we are often left asking is;
What exactly are the Divine Feminine Energies? & Why are they important to me? 
The Divine Feminine is another way of saying ‘Experiencing the Flow of Universal Abundance in Full Expression’. Whereas the Divine Masculine Universal Energies ‘Allow us the uncanny ability to simply BE’. The Divine Feminine holds the ability to not only be aware of where our instincts and intuition are leading us, but offers us the courage to step out of the box and reach for them!  Where the Divine Masculine is the knowing of what we are capable of and the trust that all we desire will flow to us. This is another opportunity to see how balance between each and every universal energy is fundamentally important to our personal evolution in this life. 
Courage and fullness are often experienced in small spurts and moments throughout our lives. However the transition today is offering us the ability to connect fully and completely with this energy and anchor it into our every day physical lives. 
Individually these two Universal Beings – The Sun & Venus – present such distinct personal energies, offering us opportunity after opportunity to become aware of what is possible. Together they offer us the opening that many people desire to experience a new depth in relationships and awareness that we otherwise would often not have the courage to experience. Venus is a Being who embodies the pure expression of Love, She offers us the ability to recognize our connection to our Selves, our Souls and to every other Conscious Being in existence. Venus is the guide of connection and holds the power and grace of Love. When these energies are combined we have the opportunity to experience clarity in all of our relationships, including the one we have with our self. 
The Sun is the Universal Master of Divine Power of Self, assisting us to recognize the true power that lies within each of us. The Sun offers us the opportunity to see past illusion, fear, ego and a need to be anything other than we are; reminding us that true power lies within the energy that we were originally created with. This energy is the Soul Being within each of us; our guide, our mentor, our instinct and inspiration that allows us to have experiences that are full and joyful. 
The magical transition that is occurring today is the coming together of two of the most influential Beings who support Transformation. This powerful combination will allow us the opportunity to experience transformation first and foremost on a personal level; giving us the opportunity to connect to our own energy to receive clarity and inspiration that allow us to make powerful choices for our life. 
Through the choices and changes we make we are supporting the opportunity to experience transformation on a global and then universal level. The intention is that the Universe as a whole move forward into evolution with full expression and clarity which allows for an abundant experience; moving us out of the stagnation that has been occurring for many, many years. However for universal transformation to occur, it must first occur within each and every individual Being within the universe. Some will make this shift consciously while others will do this unconsciously…sometimes by having their back to the wall and experiencing extreme discomfort. The choice is ours, but this beautiful and incredible experience of reawakening the Divine Feminine Energies is tangible evidence of just how supported each of us are on a universal level.
Even the Planets are supporting this shift in humanity, each and every day offering us transition after transition to shift effortlessly into the fullness of who we truly are. So the question that remains is; are you choosing to connect to the courage within you and make choices according to your instinct and desire? Or are you choosing to struggle and wait until your back is against the wall? Either way you are being supported as you evolve into experiencing what you are actually capable of. It is just a question of how long it will take…
Venus has a message she wishes to share with you;
“Let the past be the past, look toward the brightness of the future with anticipation and excitement; for it is in the future that your gifts and dreams are waiting for you. You have the ability to step forth; all you need is within you. Take a deep breath and go for it…we are waiting to watch you soar!”
The Sun wishes to share the following message with you;
“Fear not what you cannot see, feel or hear. As Fear itself is a masterful illusion. Choose instead to focus on what you know and what you can and will discover about yourself and your abilities. You have within you an abundance of opportunity waiting to be unleashed. Share of yourself with others and share in the gifts of others with an openhearted courage. Ease, grace and abundance are all yours to experience, however you must first be willing to have the courage to share who you really are with the world.
‘Do not be surprised when you begin sharing of yourself and realize that who you thought you were, is in fact, not who you are at all. Allow these changes to occur as you evolve and become more aware of who you actually are and what gifts you actually have to share with others. Chances are excellent that you have a profoundly more abundant offering than you can even imagine in this moment.”
Greatness is available to each of us; it is the energy of allowing yourself to BE who you are while simultaneously allowing everyone around you to BE who they are. Magic occurs when we choose to allow it. So connect into the miraculous energy of today’s planetary transition and allow yourself to be amazed by what you feel, who you already are and who you have the potential of becoming!
From the Heart,