An absolute tidal wave of energy has been offered to us repeatedly over the past few weeks, especially the last week in particular. It has felt like a reintroduction to all that we have become aware of in regards to our journey and it’s unfolding over the past few years. The unique aspect of this new energy wave is that we are truly seeing how much more powerful we actually are. The fullness that we are experiencing is a direct reflection of just how much we have chosen to learn over the past five years in particular.
We are new expressions of our Soul in so many ways that often times when we look to our past we have trouble remembering who we used to be and what we used to do. This is the most divine “in between” stage we have ever managed to reach. This stage is all about offering light to the perception of darkness we choose to hold within us. Darkness or as it is more commonly known – resistance; is a profound and powerful illusion that many of us are captivated by. 
These waves of energy we have been experiencing are directly related to our own personal resistance and what is holding us back from simply BE-ing. Gone now are the dramatics of becoming a purer expression of self in order to be of service to others, now it is a simple question of “are you BE-ing the purest expression of Self for yourself?” 
This process becomes tricky when we hold any fear around any aspect of illusion. This aspect alone has caused it to be an interesting few weeks. A time where we have been offered such incredible opportunities of support that allow us to recognize our fears – seeing them (much more clearly than ever before) for the illusion they are; allowing us to release them and essentially embrace a purer expression of who we actually are. This process has made us agitated and often irritated. At times we are event left with feelings of being pulled in many directions at one time with little or no result let alone fulfillment.   When in actual fact the experiences are filled to overflowing with a fulfillment that has been not only magnificent but hugely transformative as well.
The energy of Synchronicity has now exceeded its’ own past limitations offering us a more abundant experience of the divine creation that we experience on a daily basis. Take a moment to allow yourself to become aware of all of the opportunities you have personally had over the past few weeks to see where you are holding onto either illusion or fear. Any experiences that got you fired up or had you feeling agitated, annoyed, angry or possibly even alone. Then allow yourself to recognize the people who willingly participated in helping you recognize your illusion and essentially played a divine part in the synchronicity of your personal journey. Just absorb the full impact of the intricacy of this Creation that allows for each and every one of us to be able to experience whatever we choose. 
The more consciously aware we become of the people and energy in our lives that are there to offer us the opportunity for transformation, the more abundance will flow to us and from us; bringing us into divine universal balance. It is all a matter of how we consciously choose to perceive the experiences we are having. At this time, making a conscious choice to connect with the energy of Synchronicity will not only allow you to become aware of the abundance you are being offered; you also have the opportunity to become aware of those people in your life who are part of your synchronicity as you are part of theirs. This connection alone offers the ability to “catch and release” any opportunities that are fitting or that are ready to move on. No matter what the situation, when we are in connection with synchronicity the ability to move forward becomes not only easeful but truly enticing.
It is all about choice; we can choose a powerful experience by allowing ourselves to transcend our limited beliefs and BE in connection with our experiences. This conscious act alone holds power beyond any physical experience imaginable. This gift offers us the opportunity to feel what is actually occurring in the moment. Taking us out of a passive state of reactions based on emotions into a powerful state of being in the true awareness of what is actually occurring on a synchronistic and universal level.
When we allow ourselves to be in an experience we are then allowing ourselves to not only receive the abundance we are being offered, but we are consciously choosing to be in deep connection to the flow of universal energy. It is this flow that has the power and potential to take us out of our tendency towards fear and illusion and drops us right smack in the middle of the most incredible experiences we could possible dream of. It is the imagination of the Soul that allows us to not only consider possibility but to “know” that anything and everything is possible, we simply have to believe. Believe in ourselves, our dreams, our instincts and our ability to shine no matter what aspect of synchronicity we find ourselves in. Because when we are in synchronicity we are in connection with the greatest creation of all.
Synchronicity offers you the ability to tangibly experience what you are creating. And with the last surge of energy the physical expressions are not only near instant, they are fuller than we have ever experienced before. This is all because you have become a fuller expression of soul energy than ever before. As soon as you choose to experience something – really anything at all, it will show up. It does not often show up how we would like – in a neat little box tied with a bow; it often shows up in ways that set us off course. The intention is to get our attention as soon as possible so that we are in fact able to receive and experience what we truly desire. 
So the next time you find yourself irritated or agitated by someone or something in your life; sit quietly for a moment and allow yourself to remember what you asked for. Anything from; asking the dog to stop shedding, or wanting a holiday to asking for monetary abundance. Then allow yourself to see what you have created; did something happen to the dog, are you not feeling well and need to take a day off or are you creating an abundance of job opportunities. No matter what we create, they are direct reflections of who we are choosing to be.
So if your creations fall short of dreams, this is a clear indication that your beliefs may be limiting the experiences you are creating. Change is as simple as believing that you are a powerful, pure and conscious expression of soul energy that wants to experience the abundance that is available to you. Remembering that any situation that gets your attention, whether in a good way or an annoying way is there to allow you to become aware of any outgrown aspects of yourself that you are still holding onto.  These aspects are simply part of your past; but it is you – in the moment – that is choosing to hold tight to a connection that is holding you back from experiencing your own fullness.
Your beliefs are intricately structured with your illusions, so this whole stage is a universal offering of not only becoming aware of who you are and how powerful you are, it is also about seeing very clearly the illusions that restrict your growth and ability to experience fullness. Choosing to thank those people and experiences that are offering you the opportunity to see where you are out of alignment is an act that restores personal power; making this one of the most effective ways to restore your balance and connection bringing you back into universal alignment.   
The choice is always ours; it is definite and very physical. If you ever find yourself looking for tangible evidence that you are a Soul Being in physical form, just look at the abundance of opportunities that surround you each and every day. These are all tangible results of the powerful Soul Energy that flows within you and what you are using it to create. If there is anything you would like to change; go ahead and change it. You have the power and the ability to do so…in the blink of an eye. You just have to remember that the choice is yours. You are the only one who can take the action of making the first move.
From the Heart,