When we allow the true beauty that is within us to shine forth, we are then in the flow of infinite and divine abundance. This process is often challenged by our addiction to the many illusions that we have chosen to believe are our reality. The good news is that if we have chosen them as our reality, we can also choose to make the shift to a truthful and abundant reality. However this is the part that often challenges us the most because it takes a very large amount of courage to consciously choose to change even when those around us are choosing to remain the same. 
Free Will is the ultimate law of this universe. However with the mass amounts of illusion that have been cultivated for generations that are now being expressed in the current reality along with the distorted expression of self, believing Free Will exists is one of our greatest  challenges. Truth versus illusion; wisdom versus deception are the “in your face” questions that we are experiencing on a global and personal level. There are aspects of ourselves that we have believed to be truth for so long, simply because others “told us” that is who we are on repetitive occasions that we have actually chosen to believe their perception as our truth. This often happens in the relationships found within our families; parents to children, children to parents, sibling to sibling and spouse to spouse. Even our careers are filled with relationships that are unbalanced and filled with illusion.
This dynamic has also been profoundly anchored in the school system; from teacher to student and student to teacher. No one is exempt from the illusion of judgement and the ability to judge others unless there is truly a non-judgement within oneself. Since this aspect is not actually experienced in any one person living on this planet at this current time; it is a goal and dream for each of us to strive for. As we continue on our path choosing to become more aware of ourselves, learning how to become a full expression of who we are and why we chose to be here in this life; we much first choose to transform within ourselves that which challenges us. It is only when we have chosen to recognize within ourselves the depth of the illusion that we have chosen as our truth along with our desire to then transform it or continue “trying” to work within these limits, that we will or will not experience transformation. 
Transformation is a divine State of Being; a conscious choice to transcend the belief system that has allowed us to become the person we are in this very moment; to becoming the person we are actually capable of Being. This choice takes courage yes, but it also takes a vast amount of commitment and the ability to move in any direction that we must in order to experience the fullness of the shift. Often times when we choose to experience a divine shift we plan out exactly how far we are willing to go, we plan how it will unfold and what we are going to experience in the end. For this reason, many of us never actually experience true transformation, because we are “trying” to create it from our outgrown way of Being. 
In order for us to see the illusions that we have chosen as our truths, we must first choose to listen. Listen to what others around us say and hear them with the clearest of intentions. Refusing to become enmeshed in our emotional reactions, instead choosing to allow what others say as an offer us insight into how we have shaped our belief system. Whether we are in agreement with another’s perception or not is inconsequential, it is the fact that we are choosing to be open to the message. This openness based in the energy of truth is what will allow us the opportunity for change. Change is only possible if we are truly willing to see and then accept the reality of what we have chosen as our truth. 
We often believe we know more about another person than they know about themselves; this is shown repeatedly in our actions of offering guidance and support through our personal and very mental past experiences. The fact is that each individual person has their own history and no matter how much of that experience you have shared with another person; it is yours and theirs alone; respectively. On a fundamental level we are not only individuals but we are uniquely created Beings with specific vibrations, interests and abilities that are personal to us alone. For this reason it is impossible to be able to fully understand let alone explain the experiences of another person. 
And this is the essence of the energy that we are currently being offered for transformation. Allow others their own experience; while simultaneously offering yourself the same respect and luxury. This is not to say that we are not to be there, to listen and to offer varying perspectives; what it is asking is that we maintain our focus of being able to remain separate from our emotional attachment and reactions, allowing experiences to unfold in a full expression for everyone involved. Essentially…have some fun; allow yourself to Be in the moment, rather than planning out all of the future moments or reviewing all of the past moments – in each of the present moments. It is only through Being in the moment and experiencing those moments for what they are that we become aware of who we actually are. 
When we are able to release the illusion and get to know who we really are; then we are able to create the experiences that will allow our dreams to unfold in the most miraculous ways. If we remain fixed in the illusion, our dreams remain fixed there as well. For example if one of your illusions that you have chosen to accept as your personal belief is “that you must do everything on your own in order for it to be perfect” then the following is a list of some possible beliefs you hold as your truth;
  • You believe that you are better than those around you (energy of judgement)
  • You believe that others will never live up to your abilities (energy of judgement)
  • You are unwilling to receive assistance from anyone else (you are unable to then give to anyone else with fullness; it becomes an energy of fatigue and exhaustion)
  • You have within you the need to prove yourself (energy of wanting approval for a job well done)
  • You are unwilling to allow the flow of Universal possibility through connection with others (energy of fear and feeling a need to protect oneself)
These are just a few minor examples of illusion that you may or may not be addicted to with regards to the example. There are many more, but it is the big picture that is important here; your life experiences, past and present along with your beliefs about who you are, are the aspects that allow your mind to determine your actions and reactions. Your heart, instinct and nature allow you the opportunity to transcend and transform any of these illusions as long as you are willing to become aware of what your illusions are and what is truth.
We often speak about illusion and how it challenges us in our lives. This is for good reason because within the conscious experience of our Universe, in particular the human physical experience; there are more than 1000 varieties of illusion. Some we personally believe and others we are very clear about not believing. This is the ultimate experience of being in the moment; which then allows us to be able to detect any energetic imperfections to the actual experience. These imperfections are what allow us to detect illusion and allow us to choose what we believe as truth within our experiences. When we restore our ability to remain focused on our path alone while offering others the same respect, then we are able to connect to our truth and allow others to connect to theirs. 
When we choose to become a full expression of who we actually are it is then that we become empowered. Likewise it is then that we empower those around us to do the same. Life was meant to be lived with joy, abundance, excitement, compassion and passion. It is up to us to choose whether we believe we can connect and experience these creations.   Changing our beliefs takes courage; courage is not an experience void of fear, it is seeing our fears that we hold as our beliefs and willingly choosing to go for our dreams anyways. This is true courage, it is a tangible energy that lives and connects with each of us and it is our choice whether we choose the connection or whether we choose to remain fixed on what we believe we cannot do. 
Empower yourself; all you have to do is believe that you can do anything and believe that anything is possible. The Universe and your Soul always offer you challenges to allow you to recognize the strength and abilities that are innate within you. Know that whenever you have been faced with a challenge, you are being gifted with the next opportunity that will offer you abundance, joy and peace. Challenge is the Universal way of saying “you are ready to experience and recognize a greater aspect of yourself; we believe in you”. The question to ask yourself is; do you believe in you?
From the Heart,