This last wave of shifts in universal energy has been not only intense but also really unique. There have been moments of divine clarity followed closely by complete uncertainty as if a fog has settled over your mind. Of course everything happens for a reason and with that in mind everything that we have been experiencing of late is all in divine and perfect order. 
There has been a new awareness of an introduction of powerful intention to this universe. An intention that not only supports the changes and experiences we are experiencing but one that has the potential to change the way the universe is shifting.    For years now we have spent so much time and energy focused on releasing the old and integrating the new. Whether we have chosen to participate in this process consciously or not is of no consequence, it was going to happen either way as this is what was intended by your Soul before you arrived here.
Keeping these past experiences in mind, we have had a very definitive shift in the way we release. The releasing process has quite literally been forever changed. The old process – which many are still using – was a cycle of experiences that were all designed to allow us to become aware of what no longer supported us and then release it back out to the universe. Well the divine shift and change that has been recently occurring for all of those who are aware and able to withstand within their physical body a higher voltage flow of energy are now actually participating in the process of removing negative energy from the universe. 
It has been determined on a universal level that once we choose to remove or release anything from our experience that is no longer supportive or of interest to us; rather than release that stagnant energy back out into the universe to float around until someone else picks it up…we have the power to actually “burn” it up inside of us. 
As we have been travelling along on our journey there has been a new level of consciousness in the reverberation effect that has allowed for this burning up process to become much more natural and common. This process is why there have been many people experiencing such intense bouts of tiredness along with unexplained and very strong fevers. When you are able to reach a state of being in deep connection with your Soul energy and you have awareness of what you are creating with your energy; you are then able to facilitate the universe in energetically removing anything that is not supportive to the universe as whole from the entire existence. Which means that we no longer need to leave our garbage around for someone else to clean up; we can do it pretty much instantly and release ourselves and everyone else from the entire weight of stagnant energy. Of course this is also in alignment with the Reverberation Effect, when we release and burn up the stagnant energy, we alone are taking valuable steps toward the raising of consciousness on the planet.
Gaia, our beautiful Mother Earth is one of the most perfect examples of the energy that has been integrated into the new intention. Ponder this – Does global warming exist? I ask you to decide;
If you were a universal Being in this Universe who’s existence is to solely support and nurture all of those Beings who call you home- would you choose to support them?
If when a new energy is incorporated into the conscious awareness of the universal creation that allows for a greater expression of love and support – do you think that she would want to accept it and share it with all of the Beings she so lovingly adores? 
Do you think that her physical expression – the beautiful planet Earth could possibly experience the exact same experiences as Soul Beings who burn with fever and cool with chills. As each time there is a new awareness that She recognizes, she allows for that shift to occur within herself so that she is then able to share it through experience with all of those who exist within her energy field. 
Is this a case of global warming or is it a universal Being experiencing the exact same energy shifts as everyone else in the universe?
I leave it up to you to decide. The answers and the truth are always within your heart. Each Being in this Universe was created equally. Each of us has our own nature and our own abilities, but we are all equal. So the next time you feel lost or like you cannot make a difference, know that just being you is the most incredible and divine difference you can make. Each of us are important in this process, but each of us are vital to the success and fulfillment of this vision of the Creator of this universe. Each time you become aware of something in your life that is not supportive or nurturing to you, then allow yourself to free this energy from being. The awareness of how to do it and what exactly to do have been infused within your consciousness. The most important thing to focus on is following your heart and continuing to actively choose people, activities and experiences that fill your life with joy, compassion and respect. 
From personal experience I can say that after experiencing the intense heat and fever that flushes the body, it is followed by – just as intense – cold chills that rush in as the body works very quickly to assimilate and reconstitute the new State of Being you have chosen. Although uncomfortable at first for the body…especially the intense chills combined with the erratic sleep schedule – which of course seemed to show up as insomnia for days at a time. And just when you thought you could not go another minute without sleep, you were magically granted 6 undisturbed hours of bliss. Yet, through all of this there was a deep inner awareness that this IS part of the process and yes you are exactly where you need to be. Your body is working hard along with your mind to connect to the dreams that are emerging from your heart.
The intensity is all part of the process, becoming aware that intensity of self is just the beginning to becoming aware of who you are and what you as a person are capable of. Then allowing for the full recognition that when you consciously choose to connect with your Soul you are then allowing yourself to become aware of what you are capable of as a Soul Being in this universe. It is intense and yet it is exactly who you are and when you allow the intensity to fade from your mind you will uncover the truth that has been happily hidden there. The truth of the true beauty you hold within you that not only has been calling to you, it is now choosing to be revealed. 
You are the only one who can uncover your secrets, there may be many who assist or support you; but the actual intention and action must come from you. Unveiling truth is an intricate process and one that requires purity of thought, action and intent. If any of these are impure, then the outcome will not be an expression of the fullness you are capable of. Purity and truth go hand in hand. They are energies that when we are shifting and transforming they work simultaneously together to ensure we create what we are capable of. It is up to us in each moment to engage both of these energies. Knowing that each time one of our creations or intentions falls short; we did not have an adequate amount of purity or truth within our original intention.  
The transformation process is simple, it is just a matter of choosing to release our thought patterns and addictions to outgrown ways of being and doing. Embracing the power within us and choosing to connect to the universal awareness that is always available to us. Are you embracing or resisting? Look at the current expression in your life…are there any creations that fall short of your dreams? Are you willing to accept the truth of what you have created? Are you willing to have the courage to make the changes necessary to fulfill your dreams?
Through the Heart,