The spring equinox of 2012 (autumn equinox for those in the southern hemisphere) is marking a spectacular event that has and is occurring on a global and universal level. The energy that we have all been introduced to over the past 48 hours is with the divine intention to allow for the purity of connection and compassion to become not only part of the physical experience, but there is a fell aspect of abundance that is now available to us all. This fullness is one that is unique in nature; especially as it has been in the creation process for quite some time. The creator of this magnificent universe has deemed that all who reside here become not only aware of themselves in a more full expression but that they also are able to become aware of others in the same manner.
On a universal level all Beings of consciousness have gathered and are celebrating the possibility that this energy infusion will bring forth into this experience. There are no longer restrictions on how we communicate with our hearts and how we receive communication from others; as long as they are connected to their hearts and hold the highest intention and respect. This energy is not only marking a new beginning, it is the fundamental energy that will allow us to create and experience our dreams in this very physical reality! We are here; we have done the work and have arrived at the gates to the garden that holds all of our deepest desires and dreams. 
With the fullness of the entire universe supporting us and offering any assistance we need to reach our best life experience, we truly are walking into our very own garden of eden on Earth. This energy is vastly different from anything experienced in this universe before; integrating the knowledge and wisdom of an entire universe with possibility. The awareness of who we are is within each of us and this new energy infusion is offering us the opportunity to connect in ways we have not been able to reach before now. This is the divine time to remember our fullness on a deeper level and then choose to share that self awareness with everyone we meet. 
Connection will occur in new ways, deeper, more intense and much clearer than ever before. We are being offered the opportunity to become more aware of all of the non-physical beings who surround us so we are able to receive their messages more easefully and completely. Likewise our communication with other people now has a very similar intention; to be easeful and complete. As always, it is up to us to choose become consciously aware of the new infusion, which then allows us to be able to utilize the energy in the best way for our own unique self. 
Know that the integration process is unique within each of us and how we learn is also unique, so allow yourself the room you need to become comfortable with the new awareness you have been offered. This energy will allow you to create in new and unique ways that bring your full awareness into all aspects of your creation. This alone is a gift like no other, allowing you to see into the corners of what you think you want for yourself…enabling you to go to depths that you have never before even been aware you desire.  
The creation process is very similar for each of us; we must first reach a place of deep connection within to be able to become aware of what we actually desire. When this connection occurs we are then able to move forward to create this most divine creation for ourselves. On this remarkable day of change, allow yourself to go deep into the depths of your Soul and connect to the fullness that is you. It is here that you will be able to reveal to yourself a fuller awareness of who you are and what divine gifts you have to offer. Along with gaining a greater awareness of what it is that makes your heart sing, what it is that makes you feel full and what it is that fills you with joy. Once you are aware, then you can create it.  
This new energy allows for a great shift out of experiencing the glimpses of our Eden and into the ability to see how to create it. You will learn in ways that will ignite inspiration within you and may very well challenge everything you know to be true. It is this aspect that we will be experiencing moving forward; trusting ourselves in ways we have not yet experienced. Trust is a mush more easeful experience when we are connected. Connected to the Universe and to our Soul…but we will talk about this in a future posting!
For today, take a moment to celebrate with all of the divine Beings of this Universe as together we all celebrate a greater sense of awareness that will move us all into a fuller expression of what is possible for us as individuals and as an entire Universe! I am so very excited to be able to share this sacred ceremony this evening with those who have chosen to gather at Moonflower’s Magical Touch, in Stouffville, On.  
From the Heart,