These past few weeks of 2012 have been not only profound but also filled with challenges far beyond many we have been presented with before. Although at first the experiences seem to be reflective of past shifts and lessons, there is now a new intensity that is filling all of the experiences we are so lovingly being offered. We are being taken into the deep layers of illusion that is reflected by the person we have believed ourselves to be. With experiences of varying degrees of discomfort showing us repeatedly how much we have changed. This has taken many of us by surprise, causing us to not only see ourselves as who we once were, but also allowing us to recognize who we have become and who we are currently choosing to be. 
Any old or unnecessary aspects of ourselves that we have been holding onto (even though we know they are no longer an appropriate expression of the person and Being we have become) have been highlighted repeatedly for us; offering us countless opportunities for release. The letting go process can feel overwhelming at times, especially when we choose to focus and attach so deeply on mental levels with aspects that we feel uncomfortable releasing; parts of us that we feel we will be lost without. These aspects have shown up as relationships and friendships that no longer nurture or support us in where we are in this moment or lessons through experience that allow us the ability to see how our old reactions no longer work for the person we are now. All of these aspects and more, that we know in our hearts are no longer expressions of who we have become; but by holding on to them we believe we are doing the best we can for ourselves and the others involved. This is the method many of us utilize as we figure out how to fully connect to our new self awareness and then incorporate it into how we express ourselves in this current life experience. 
And of course the best way to understand the new is to experience it in the old; this makes the experience bold and bright so that we are able to sense it from a mile away. This is the universe simply offering us an abundance of opportunities for clarity. The “new” us is an interesting experience, one that at times is filled with uncertainty, trepidation and wariness. Of course these are but fleeting until we actually find the courage within our hearts to take the step out of our comfort zone and into the divine realm of possibility; where the experience then becomes filled profound joy, clarity and abundance. It still amazes me after so many years of travelling along our paths in search of who are, that when we are gifted with opportunity for change, we choose to remain in the old for the one simple desire of comfort; and of course it is the one thing that makes us the most uncomfortable in the moment. 
Comfort is the one thing we as Human Beings desire, the comfort to be able to express who we are, the comfort to be able to be accepted for who we are, the comfort to be able to create a life filled with a living reality of experiencing our dreams and desires. Yet whenever we are offered the opportunity to accept and integrate new awareness of these aspects into our lives, we hide, we make excuses to ourselves and others and we defend why we are hiding with, what at the time, feel like completely realistic reasons to remain stagnant.
The contradictory component to this is such a strong aspect that we are going to be faced with going forward, particularly over the next three months. Yet again we are being asked to take inventory of who we are and then look as honestly as possible at who we are choosing to be. Once again recognizing any imbalances that we are presenting not only to ourselves but to others as well. This is it, the shift into not only being aware of who we are, but living a full and complete conscious life that reflects the abundance of who we are and what we have to offer. The opportunity to experience a life that is filled with choices and experiences that nurture who we are as a Soul and as a Human Being. A life that not only recognizes that we are nurturing ourselves but that offers the opportunity to nurture those around us deeply and respectfully. An experience that is filled with opportunity for instant awareness – in the moment of an occurrence – offering us the opportunity to not only make effective decisions, but to make profound choices.   
We have become advocates for freedom of self expression through the divine ability to share the love and respect that flows through us. Releasing any need to prove anything we say or do while simultaneously focusing on maintaining the deep connection we have cultivated with our Soul energy within our physical body. Refining our ability to actively act and react to all of our experiences from a deep connection and complete awareness that comes directly from the heart of who we are, our Soul. 
Although at times it feels tedious, know in your heart that these are opportunities created from the desires and dreams you hold for yourself in your heart. This is the Universe answering your call; coming to action to aid you in the ability to experience all that you know to be possible for yourself, your friends, your family and the world at large. 
The divine energy of opportunity is abundant right now, filling our days and nights with countless experiences that are so incredibly supportive and respectful that it can take us off guard; filling our minds with second guessing our instincts which creates inner turmoil. Until that magical moment when we choose to realign and once again return our focus to following our hearts and the experiences that fill our lives with joy. The universe is our playground, the space in which our Souls are able to experience anything we choose…we just have to believe. 
So for a moment, reflect on your beliefs, are they limiting you and causing you to express false or outworn ways of Being in your life. Or have you chosen to accept the fullness of who you are, incorporating all that you have learned and know to be true into your day to day experiences. Our beliefs are our own, whether we got them from someone else matters not, it is the beliefs that we choose to accept and connect to that matter most. If you believe in possibility then it is true, if you believe you can reach your goals then it is true. If you believe that you have the ability to become a full expression of Soul energy within the physical body that is you, then it is not only possible, the Universe is working to bring this to fruition in this exact moment. The entire universe is coming together to makes your beliefs the reality you are currently living in.
Take a good clear look at your life and the aspects that fill each of your days. Look into all the corners and leave no stone unturned…because the ones you leave unturned are the ones that hold you back from not only full expression but free universal flow. It is a trick of the mind to believe we can access fullness with only choosing to look at and acknowledge aspects. This is the time for fullness. Fullness in everything we say, do and experience. Our hearts have been searching for fullness for most if not all of our lives, now is the time to experience it, but we must first choose to acknowledge our beliefs and the current life we have created. 
This awareness then allows us to go into this next stage with confidence, respect and awareness not only for ourselves but for all those who happen to cross our paths in each and every moment. The fullness of expression that is in store for this Universe is divine and to experience it we must choose to focus first on ourselves as we are the one and only Being we have the power to change. When we make the powerful and life changing choice to acknowledge who we are choosing to be, then we have the ability to move into the most pure and clear expression of the incredible Beings we are. 
As our awareness grows we are able to see the differences between the physical world and the non-physical world and when we allow the knowledge to become wisdom we recognize that there is no difference, essentially it is all one full experience that we are having in this exact moment. This awareness is the fullness of self that everyone is searching for. Whether we are searching through the physical expression, the Soul essence or a combination of both, it is all the part of the same experience that we are living in the moment. 
The differences between us are simply the way that we are choosing for our path to unfold, but we are all experiencing the same energy in the same moment. It is the ability to perceive the full experience as it is rather than allowing our past experiences and the opinions of others to interfere with the clear perspective that lives within us. Perspective is alive; it is an energy that is available to each of us in any given moment. Everything is energy and we have the choice to connect to the fullness of the energy or allow our mind or body to simply have the experience. When we choose to experience through fullness, we are then able to recognize our connection to everything and everyone; knowing that every experience we have is a direct response from the Universe – as the entirety of creation works to fulfill the dreams and desires we have placed our intention and awareness on.
This fullness is available to each of us, especially since the divine shift in energy that was introduced on February 9th, 2012. We are now being called to step beyond the awareness of self and into becoming a full expression of our Soul energy and intentions. Rather than simply choosing to be honest in each moment we are being asked to go deeper into expressing the pure state of being in the divine energy of truth. There is depth to everyone and everything, we are being asked to recognize new depths within ourselves and within the experiences we are having. Although they often seem challenging it is remembering that we are being offered these experiences for a reason and that we would never be offered anything that is too big or too much to handle. 
So the next time you feel like you are in a whirlwind that seems too big or profound for you to handle…step back and connect to the full energy of your Soul that lives within you. It is in that connection that you will remember who you are, you will be reminded of how incredible you are and you will also feel the immense love and support that is always available to you. This is your time to shine, both in your ability to become more aware of the fullness of who you are and in the way you choose to share that awareness with those around you. Go ahead and jump in…the experience is always the perfect next step on your journey to You!
From the Heart,