I know it has been a while since my last posting…but I have been very busy. I have been working diligently to create a deeper experience for people who are looking to take the next step in their personal journey. With the help of many of my non-physical friends, we have co-created an event that provides answers to those people who are looking for a fuller understanding of how to integrate their knowledge and awareness into the life they are living; transforming their knowledge into wisdom. 
The Soul Awakening Intensive, my newest co-creation is currently being offered in a variety of formats from an evening version that unfolds over 9 weeks and a weekend version that unfolds over 5 full days. Also in creation, is a destination version that allows the 5 days to unfold consecutively in an intensive retreat. It is a very exciting time to be able to offer this course as it is in alignment with all that is happening within this magical Universe we call home.
The Soul Awakening Intensive covers a variety of topics that allow our minds to become more aware of the creation and intention of this Universe. We cover interests such as; What is energy and how does it work?; the fundamental laws of the Universe; healing our physical self from the power of our Soul; Crystals – where they came from and why they are here; the power of Synchronicity – the omens & signs that we receive; deepening our personal awareness and intensifying our personal power. All of these topics and more are also covered in the workbook element that is also included with the course; along with a variety of interactive experiences and challenges that offer us new and dynamic perspectives into the life we are living. 
There is one aspect of this course that is unfolding and in the beginning took me by surprise, but now I am so excited to be able to share this offering with those who are searching for a deep, meaningful and permanent connection with their Soul. 
A couple of weeks ago I was gifted with the ability to remember more of who I am and why I am here on this particular journey. I travelled far and wide to reach the place of my Soul origin and found a wonderful aspect of who I am waiting for me. I was told that not only is it time for me to remember an ability I have, but that there are many people who are searching for the gift I have to offer. I was able to experience a divine ceremony like none I had ever experienced before; I was led to a place where masses of people were lining up to receive from me, a Soul Anointment.  The Anointment is an offering in which they are able to connect the human physical body they inhabit in an intricate way with their Soul energy. 
I experienced the Soul Anointment Ceremony in the ancient language of where I am from, however I was able to understand every thing that was being communicated while I as Michelle watched my Soul participate in a ceremony as old as time and as sacred as the energy that runs through each of us. The message during the Anointment loosely translates to “Body and Mind, Heart and Soul, Connected now and always, from this day forward.”
This gift is one that once I became aware of, I initially feared as I was not sure how it would be accepted by others and to be honest I doubted myself. One week after my awareness of this gift surfaced I was able to experience the Anointment Ceremony for myself. I experienced a deepening of my awareness and an increase in my ability to perceive and I was also able to actually feel the atoms of my physical body shifting and becoming “different”. It has almost been a week since I have experienced this very special ceremony and each day I become aware of a new aspect and ability it has offered me. The person that was with me during my Anointment, saw and felt all of this as it occurred within me, and it was great to have the loving support and external confirmation of the entire event. 
This experience and sacred ceremony will be recreated in each of the Soul Awakening Intensives that unfold going forward. The Soul Anointment will allow those who have been actively searching for a greater understanding of who they are and what their personal abilities are, to be revealed in a much more profound and powerful way. This is all in an effort to allow as many people as possible to experience who they are and begin sharing the unique and special gifts that are within them. I am so very excited to be able to watch as this truly remarkable experience unfolds in the lives of those who are and have been searching; as I am patiently waiting to receive the abundance of the wondrous gifts that you as a Soul Being have to offer.
I was also expressly fore warned by those non physical Beings who were active in the co-creation, that there would be those who would be looking for the ceremony without being willing to do the personal work that is required. Essentially meaning that this ceremony is intended to only be available to those who are experiencing the entire course and are committed to a conscious journey going forward. The reason is quite simple; there is much awareness and information that you must first receive. Specifically because the Anointment holds such deep and profound power, you must first learn how to use it; in order to create the life you have always wanted to experience.  
I am also working on a new posting that addresses the powerful and profound energies that have been arriving for us over the past couple of weeks. They are asking us many things and challenging us to see the truth in all of our experiences no matter how resistant we choose to be. Change is here and the only way to move through it is to trust the Universe and all that it is offering us. Take comfort in knowing that we will never be offered anything that is more than we can handle and that we will always be offered an abundance of opportunities to see just how amazing we are.
The question is; are you willing to accept and receive the energy of abundance that you are being offered? Or are you willing to pass it by, waiting for the next offering? Abundance is yours to experience, but you must choose it for yourself.
From the heart,