The story of the world is changing, it is becoming something that not only affects us but we are beginning to reclaim the power in which what we do affects the world as well. We have finally hit a universal vibration through the reverberation process that is offering to take us beyond all that we know and into all that is possible. We are a race that was initially created to experience the limitations of the physical form. However, now that intention has been shifted and quite recently has been able to be completely transformed into offering an experience that combines the fullness of Soul energy within the physical experience. 
Due to the unfolding of humanity this was never an experience that was intended nor was it experienced, but now it is being offered to each of us with the intention that we become our own full expression of Soul energy. Because, it is in our full expression and awareness that we will begin to understand the fullness of experience that is actually available to us. We are the ones for which the planetary experience will change but we are also the ones in which the potential of humanity will change. Now it is more important than ever before that we become aware of our power and aware of our intentions and actions.
With the dawning of 2012 we have not only experienced a multitude of energetic infusions and expressions we have also been presented with a larger more substantial awareness of the power within us. It is this power that will determine exactly how we become the race that we are intended. As with any offering of energy, there is always an incubation time while the physical body integrates the fullness of the energy it has been offered. This transpires as feelings of lethargy, muscle aches and pains, vision misalignment, body disorientation which often makes us clumsy or uncoordinated. This go round there has also been a number of people and animals leaving the Earth plane to be able to rest up and restore themselves for all that is coming. We have seen or possibly experienced drastic displays of temperament allowing us to see exactly what is and what is not what we are choosing to experience going forward. These are a few among the vast experiences that we have learned to navigate as we evolve on our personal journey to consciousness. 
Along with the physical ramifications of this past infusion we are also being prepared for the fullness of energy that will very shortly become available to us. As with any infusion of energy, there comes with it a substantial intention of respect, compassion and purity. What exactly does this mean? We are now more than ever before being asked to act with the greatest honour and respect to ourselves and others as we utilize the new power within us. There is always a learning curve in which we are supported and nurtured as we learn to encourage the energy within the physical confines of our lives. However this time of integration is of the utmost importance as we are now wielding such an incredible store of energy that the impact of all we do is much more powerful than ever before.
No matter which direction we choose; either the path of respect, compassion and truth or the path of illusion, fear and control, the results are so intense and now almost instantaneous. Just watch your life, in each moment, note what you have asked for and notice how it has arrived. The Universal energy is forever in connection with who you are, your dreams and your intentions. Due to the new energy we have been infused with the fulfillment of our intentions is now speeding up. This is why it is so vitally important at the stage that you set your intentions as high as you possibly can, because whatever you choose to focus on IS manifesting instantaneously!
The power of choice is at the forefront of our path, once again showing us the power that lies within how we choose to act and react. While the Universe ever patiently remains holding out to us the opportunity –if we choose- to express ourselves through actions and reactions that are true reflections of who you are. asking on a much deeper level than before that we release all of our automatic responses, even the sticky persistent ones and allowing your true self to shine through. 
It is also a time for all to become aware of the multitude of powerful energy that is vibrating within their human body. The energy that guides the intuition and allows us to instinctively know just what choices would be best for us. When we choose to connect to this powerful energy we will also become aware of our innate ability to create the life we choose and to navigate that journey by making conscious choices on how best to proceed.
The one thing about new beginnings is that there is always a mourning period, a time where we allow ourselves to evolve through the various phases of loss. Allowing our minds to catch up with what our hearts already know, has been quite often the most challenging aspect that we are faced with when it comes to the ascension process. It is our mind that is a creation of all of our past experiences including our past teachers, leaders and guides; that the mind out of habit often chooses to utilize guilt, sorrow or pain and associate those emotions with loss. When in fact if we choose to connect to the powerful energy within us, we instinctively know that loss is simply an indication that it is time for new experiences to arrive.
It is the great indicator that we have completed a phase of our lives and it is most assuredly time to accept, integrate and learn on a new level. Loss of anything from friends and family, jobs and careers, possessions and mementos; these are all simply part of the experience that make up the amazing life experience you are having. The most important aspect of 2012 is a constant and persistent reminder that your life experience is to be filled with joyful experiences that fill you with love, compassion and respect so that you in turn are able to share those exact vibrations and feelings with others. 
It is time once again for us to act, however this time there is no mistake that the action must come from a place a power. The place that is hidden deep within our hearts, the one that guides us and moulds us when we choose to connect to it. It is then that we will truly become the fullest reflection of who we are and allow ourselves to shine through the power of truth and simplicity knowing that everything that is within you is all part of the divine plan of the entire universe and you were meant to not only be a participant, but to be a leader. Allowing your self to shine and allowing others to shine, encouraging each other when it is needed, understanding that when we follow our heart rather than our mind, we will always shine.
Allowing ourselves to release the need to give anything to anyone, instead choosing to offer the best that we can to everyone, always. Knowing our best differs from day to day and moment to moment and becoming comfortable in the ever changing expression that is you.   You have the power within you, it is always available and it is time to trust that your heart is a much stronger leader than your mind. Allow the connection between your mind and your heart to become stronger each day, choosing to focus on the connection and the power that lies there. You are the one that can make a difference in this entire Universe experience and your power comes from the Soul of who you are. When you are connected, your choices are not only extremely powerful they are the most current reflection of the Soul energy within you; which means you have chosen to share the most incredible gift there is; YOU.
From the Heart,