So it’s happening again…yup, a whole bunch of change, change and more change! Personally I feel like I am just coming up out of a long deep sleep and finding a great many things occurred while I was asleep. It seems that much of the past month has been spent in deep sleep, although my physical body has been on a roller coaster ride as far as physical sleep is concerned. I actually just logged onto the website to see the name of the last posting and it does not resonate with me at all at this moment, in fact I actually had the though “what was I thinking?” 

The truth of the matter is that so much time has been spent lately on preparing us for the next level of energy and conscious awareness that we are often being called to work on a variety of levels. Everything is so much more intense now from our experiences, our encounters, our dreams and even our reality. Everything has changed, this is not the same world that we once knew how to navigate, nor is it one we have any idea how to live in now…but we are learning. Every day we are offered up a variety of circumstances that the universe has so lovingly put together specifically for us; to create as many opportunities as possible for us to become the conscious beings we intended when we chose to experience this life. 
Since the 11-11-11 gateway we have been offered some of the most powerful, passionate and potent experiences to date. It often feels like situations and opportunities appear right out of thin air, while other experiences find us at the pinnacle of a range of emotions and reactions. Often times wondering “what happened”, “where was I”, “did that really just happen?” and even “did I really just say (or do) that?” This is such a magical time for us as Souls and as people; we are being shown with undoubted support and determination that we are indeed bringing the two aspects of ourselves into one very balanced conscious Being.   But to get there we have to rebalance everything within us that is out of balance, explaining all of the intensity of what we have been experiencing this past month.
The Winter (or summer, depending where you are) Solstice of December 21st this year will be an intense celebration of meshing all of the parts that make you, YOU, while releasing anything that is no longer a true physical reflection of who you really are. As with all rebirth ceremonies, the time leading up to it can feel cumbersome, challenging and like there does not seem to be anything that seems to fit directly with you. This is one of the most challenging aspects as we are currently faced with numerous opportunities that are arriving daily and doing our best to pick and choose which we like and which we do not. Feeling like our skin doesn’t fit let alone the people and experiences around us.  
This current transition is such a powerful one that many of us are finding ourselves out of sync and yet deeply in sync all in the same divine moment. It can feel like we are moving at the speed of light while we are actually crawling and vice versa. All of these experiences are confirming the drastic universal changes and the fact that time and space are created aspects of the universe; they are not creations to live by…especially if your Soul is not in alignment with them. 
The changes that we can expect on the Solstice of December 21st will also be a deepening and strengthening of our Soul power and abilities. For those who have chosen to BE in your power you will now find yourself experiencing some dramatic physical anomalies such as lacking the ability to clearly put words together, or the ability to be able to follow a train of thought from beginning to end…showing us just how much energy it takes to allow this energetic shift to take place within us. We are here for a reason, we have chosen as a Soul to have a physical life now. We have a calling to become more than the limits of the physical body and we are now in the process of aligning our hearts calling with the physical self that is us. We are on the journey of become more of who we ARE and less of who we think we are. And as our bodies are preparing for the next infusion of pure Soul energy it can feel itchy, bloated, stifling, breathless, agitating and downright frustrating at times. This is the Soul reminding you of the incredible work you are doing on deep inner levels, remember to be kind to yourself and to those around you as we prepare for this magical experience. 
There are many people who are feeling these changes and are not sure how to deal with it, they need nurturing…when you see them, nurture them. How do you nurture? Just let them be who they are and share the energy that flows from who you are to them. Never need to fix them or help them, simply connect with the divine energy of nurturing and allow that energy to flow through you and towards whomever you find around you. Don’t send love and light, choose to follow your intuition and know that nurturing is needed and then connect with nurturing yourself and allow that energy to flow. Remember to connect on your own whenever this shift becomes challenging for you, because it is in the challenges that we gain the wisdom we need.
The wonderful way in which the Universe works is to present us with divine change at a time of year when so many are consumed with the external environment. Whether it is a holiday celebration, consuming alcohol or excessive sweets, these are all very present right now, this is by universal design so you are able to see exactly what you will choose to take with you on your journey. Anything that is not a true reflection of who you ARE as a Soul will be challenging and contain an almost “in your face” energy; while the rest will seem to flow almost effortlessly.
Lives are changing and as we prepare for them in times that have already drastically changed we become more conscious and a more pure expression of who we chose to be when we chose to come here now. I am also told that we are in for some incredible experiences in 2012. As we become more pure expressions in human form our energy is and will be reflected in the experiences that surround us. As we become more accustomed to the extraordinary becoming part of every day existence we can expect more of it. Apparently there will be a great many natural phenomena occurring and one in particular that has the opportunity to attract those who still choose to not believe with their minds. It seems that there is going to be quite a large earth quake that will have the “lost” city of Atlantis re-appear. Of course it was never lost; it was simply hidden from anyone and everyone that wanted something from it. 
But just like everything, as we become more capable of being ourselves and allowing others to be who they are we become ready to experience the full truth of the universe without any illusion. It’s a slow process when there are so many individual belief systems that must be transcended…but it is happening. We know now that change is a part of who we are, it is innate within us and is what drives us to continue on our journey. As we accept change and embrace the lessons we have learned we will then be able to create some of the most incredible experiences we could only imagine up until now.    
Change does not come from proving oneself, from confrontation, or even telling another how or what to do. Change is a universal energy that each of us can choose to connect with. When we connect with change we can feel exactly what it is offering us. It is all about the connection. We connect naturally because we were created to connect. The energy to connect comes from the energy that is us being open and trusting. Once you choose to connect to another Being it is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have and one that you will want to experience all the time!!! So connect…to everyone, the energies that are around you supporting you on your journey. And to the people who are around you doing the exact same thing. It is in the connection that the Soul is able to learn and grow and evolve on its own journey guiding the human us into our own utopia!
So as we currently experience some amazing and often intense experiences, allow yourself the moment you need to release the illusion and any drama that you may have attached to it and see your experiences for what they truly are; a collection of offerings from a divine Universe that supports and nurtures you on your path…always.
Even though this is a hectic and busy time of year, I am also considering an in-person event for the Solstice on Wednesday, December 21st in the evening. It is usually when we need it most that we tend to be too busy to go. If you are interested in attending, please let me know. This Solstice awakening energy is going to be an extremely powerful experience of releasing aspects of yourself that are no longer a true reflection of who you are now and an intense understanding of experiencing the fullness of who you are as a Soul Being. You can email me at if you are interested. If there is enough interest then I trust the perfect location will present itself! I am thinking of $20 per person from 7:30 to 9pm. 
Through the Heart,