Sometimes even when you least expect it, something beautiful happens. The most perfect moments are the ones we do not plan, do not expect and do not try to foresee the outcome. They are in fact chosen for us by all of the Beings in this incredible Universe, our Soul included. They are offered to us with the hopes of bringing our human self to a more conscious awareness and understanding of our Soul energy and the truth of who we really are. 
This is the divine, special and extremely personal experience that our Soul chooses for us. When we allow ourselves to ride the journey of our Soul without any attachment to the outcome, to how it is happening nor controlling anyone or anything around us, then we are in pure and total connection with the flow of the universe. 
Is this even possible in human form? The only way to connect to this energy is to completely submit to the world experiences that are happening around you. Submission is not removing yourself, nor is it a releasing of the participation in any experience, it is in actuality the exact opposite. Total and complete Trust. 
Trust; one tiny little word, but one of the most powerful energies that is available to us in our human and very physical existence. Trust is available to each and every one of us, as Soul Beings but also as physical creations in this very physical reality. We are the future of this physical experience. We are the ones who will choose to decide whether it continues or whether it will collide in upon itself. In other words, we are the masters of our own individual destiny.
A continuation of this experience is always possible; however the current intention for the future is also encouraging us to combine our continuation with transformation. The transformation energy and support that we have been receiving for the last few decades has increased in power and momentum bringing us to the current moment. The current moment is different for each of us, because it is a reflection of the energy of who we are and the journey that we are on. There are no Beings who are MORE open, MORE evolved or MORE anything than another. This is all part of the illusion that we continue to “believe”. Some of the most incredible people who are living reflections of their Soul energy are completely oblivious to it. Does this make them less conscious? No, this makes them some of the most incredibly conscious Beings because they are already completely focused on the sole aspect and reason of who they are and why they are here. 
Everyone’s journey is different; it is exactly as it was planned. We are NOT suppose to BE the same, we are unique and individual, therefore there is absolutely no way that any ONE is better or worse than any other. This is also why some of the physical aspects like time and space have no bearing on the moment. Time is a very physical attribute and on a universal level is not a factor in the evolution of consciousness. The most important factor in the evolution and journey is knowledge and wisdom in universal truth.  
The ultimate truth is available to each of us, but we must connect with the pure energy of trust to be able to assimilate the energy of truth into our consciousness. Everything is connected. We have heard this so many times, just as we have also heard we are all one. And as much as these two statements are true, they have also become shrouded in a fine layer of manipulated energy that allows us to confuse the truth of the energy and believe it to be something totally different than what it actually is. As much as we are all connected, we are not on the same journey, we are on our own individual journey that is taking us along the path that will offer us as individuals exactly what we need. Are we all one, definitely we are one created aspect that offers the opportunity for Soul Beings to have a physical experience; we are not doing the same things but rather should be choosing things that make us as individuals feel incredible in the physical world. 
Another example of misinterpretation is love. Love has often been felt in a human way of needing something or someone else to feel complete or whole in our own self. Why this occurs is quite simple; when we allow ourselves to open and trust we are then able to truly connect to another person or experience and allow the fullness of that energy to envelope us “in the moment”. This full and extremely powerful energy is often misinterpreted as love, simply because it feels so strong and so very powerful. As humans we have been trained to keep our energy awareness closed, and remain closed to almost all experiences allowing our minds to interpret our experiences through emotions rather than allow the true power of connection and our feelings to guide our journey. 
This is how and why it is time for most everyone to remember who they are and exactly how powerful they truly are. Because in the energy of your true power you will be able to facilitate changes in the physical world through the power of your intention. Intention from the mind is powerless when faced with pure Soul intention energy and this is what we are being called to not only remember, but now what we are being asked to act with. 
Soul energy is the innermost aspect of who we are, it is the pure energy within our human self that allows us to have a physical experience and allows us to experience all of the wonderful aspects of a human experience. There are no limitations on our Soul energy, each Soul is unique and each Soul has their very own special gift to offer the universe. The knowledge and wisdom of our gifts is in our Soul energy and how and when we remember ours is all dependant upon our personal trust in our Self and in the Universe.   We are not in this alone, we never have been, nor were we ever asked to be. We are surrounded by teams and forces of Spirits, Souls and Angelics whose main focus is to support us on our path, while also remaining focused on their path.
How do they do that? Simple, they always remain fixed in the energy of who they are. When they are asked to help or offer support in any way, they reflect on the fullness of the situation and allow themselves to connect and determine if they are able to remain focused on their journey and offer support simultaneously. If it is possible, they will offer in abundance, if it is not possible, then they will pass on offering and simply wait until the next offering becomes available. With over three trillion Beings in this universe, opportunities to offer support are abundant and always arriving, likewise support and aid are always available and lavishly abundant. 
As Soul energy centered beings we are all able to discern if our support is 1. needed 2. appropriate for the situation and 3. appropriate for us to personally give AND remain balanced in our own existence.  Souls, Angelics and every other conscious Being in this universe do this naturally in each and every moment of their existence. There is NO guilt, NO remorse, NO frustration for choosing to pass on offering support, likewise there is NO resentment, NO anger and NO retaliation when support is not received from a specific source. Why? Because as a Soul Being, we know that support is always available and the way it shows up for us is better than anything we could choose or decide for ourselves. Demanding assistance, or offering support when it takes you off of your personal path is out of alignment with Universal law; and therefore causes us more challenges until we are able to see clearly.
How can we decide what help we need when we are in a situation that needs help? We are obviously not balanced in that situation and not “thinking” clearly nor are we acting clearly. So what exactly is it that makes us as humans “think” we know what is best and how we should rebalance ourselves. In actuality in the human condition we often “think” we need to remove ourselves or save ourselves from a “situation”. When if we take a moment and step back, connect with the pure energy of ourselves in the moment and see the experience that we are in for what it is, we will see that the Universe indeed has offered us an opportunity so grand and so incredible that we will often become overwhelmed with gratitude. 
This is the divine balance of trust in our Self, in our Soul and in the Universe that allows us to grow our knowledge and wisdom to become conscious of who we are and why we are here. This is the divine part of the journey that we are experiencing “in this moment”. We are being asked to allow ourselves to connect with the true power of trust; connect with our Souls and take that extra moment to feel the fullness of our experiences and know that even though it only takes a moment, it is the most powerful tool we have. Taking the time and connecting with our personal Soul energy is what is going to change this world.
This is where the illusion of change through anger, frustration and force will simply fall away…without any need for anger, frustration or force to remove it. Because true Soul energy does not choose to connect with these negative emotions, it will always choose to connect with true power. So the next time you are doing anything that “doesn’t feel right”, chances are that is exactly the case. Take that moment and allow yourself to connect to what is actually happening. Then you will be able to determine if you do actually need assistance or if it is something that you already know how to navigate, but you just forgot in the moment…out of a desire to be of service to another, even if you are no longer on your path or out of a desire to not want to face the lesson you are currently being faced with.
It’s okay to forget and it is also ok to not know how or what is happening or why it is happening, it is in the not knowing that we are being offered the most amazing gift or gaining wisdom and knowledge as we continue on our path. No matter how many times we say “I don’t have time”, there is always time for what is important. It is a very strong matter of choosing just how important YOU are. And then trusting that you have made the right choice and remaining confident in that choice as you choose to resist the connection to guilt, frustration and anger that you or others may tempt you with. It is only temptation, and when you choose to connect with the true power of who you really are the temptation will become nothing but the illusion that it really is.
There is a Light Being that I call Twinkle, she is a master of knowing the truth from illusion in the human physical form, and she is here as I write this article and she is assuring me that she has, will and is making herself and her pure energy available to all of those who wish to call upon her for support with this aspect of their journey. This is her domain and her abilities with the aspect far outweigh any other Being in this Universe. This is her nature and her gift to share with the universe at large. She says “Remember when we ask for support, it will always show up, we have to also be willing to allow the support into our journey. It is not our job to decide how another Being needs to help us, because they do not need to, it is their choice.” 
Soul energy has clarity beyond anything a human mind could possibly fathom, so you must connect with your Soul energy and feel the faith and trust that vibrates there. This connection will allow you to know that you are indeed receiving the support you requested and that you are indeed progressing along your own personal journey to whole and complete conscious awareness.
Be in the moment of your journey while simultaneously allowing others to be in the moment of their journey. This is the secret to true global and universal transformation and what will ultimately allow the new world to become a reality. 
From the Heart,