The 11-11-11 gateway has been open now for over a week and we have been living in a completely different reality. For many who have noticed the changes they are beginning to shift and accept more of the new into their conscious experiences each day. For others it has been challenging and often unbelievable. We have also seen a very large number of people leaving their physical experiences choosing to return to a full Soul expression at this time. Many have left in dramatic and unusual ways, doing whatever they can to get to their desired destination.
This is actually the theme that has been set and what we are going to experience for much of the rest of this year and into the beginning of 2012; do whatever you need to do to get where you want to go. Ah, yes…it sounds like the “old” way, but in fact this is the very new way of creating in this new energy that has arrived. Gone are the days of action with no energy or intention behind it. Now each desire we have can and will be fulfilled, as long as we take the action required to allow it to unfold. 
Whatever your dream, that is the intention and energy that must be within your creation. This combination is the energy that is required to allow for complete and pure fulfillment. So when we release our attachment to anything…ahh yes this is the key role, which we have been preparing for throughout most of the past year and now is the time for us to put our learning into action. Initially we were asked to become aware of our attachments. Then we were asked to honestly analyze – not judge our attachments. These were to people, places and things, anything outside of ourselves that we felt we needed to be happy or content. 
Once we were able to see that happiness, joy and contentment are found within us, we were then able to allow our relationships to the people, places and things in our lives to become balanced. For anyone who chose to ignore this aspect of the lessons over the past couple of years in the ascension process, you are definitely having a more challenging time since the gateway opened. The good news is that with the new energy, all of our attachments are being highlighted with a renewed vigour in order for us to transcend the heavy layer of “brainwashing” that you may have chosen to connect with…the “I am only as good as what I have, who I am with or how others see me”. 
The truth is you are amazing simply because you are YOU. You are at a Soul level a creation of a unique and incredible energy that was intended to not only belong here, but have something so unique and incredible to offer to the universe as a whole. Depending on who you are and what your nature is, this can be anything from becoming a prophet to a doctor to being a monk. What you choose, is YOUR choice and for that reason alone, the universe and all of the non-physical Beings here respect you. Because everything you do, in every moment of every day has an effect on the entire universe, not to mention the entire planet. 
Attachment is a sneaky little thing, often challenging our deepest dreams and desires to sabotage us into remaining the same and resisting change. Attachment shows itself in so many ways, wearing costumes and outfits adorned with every type of illusion we could possibly think to create. The biggest and brightest indicator that attachment is running the show…any time we feel we need anything, anyone, any place or any money to create what we feel in our hearts.
When we choose to release our desire to control and determine how our dreams and desires will manifest, then we allow the universe to work its magic and what unfolds for us is just that; a magical display of synchronicity filled with exactly what we need as a Soul Being. But we have to be willing to allow it to happen and release any attachment to how it unfolds, even to the outcome. 
As humans we have often been trained to believe that endings are sad and horrible and that we need to hold onto them no matter what the cost to us. Anything from; relationships that are no longer fulfilling, friendships that no longer express who the individuals are, jobs that do not fulfill us any longer. The choices for change are different for each person, because we are different at the core of who we are, there are no two Beings who are exactly alike…which means there are definitely no two humans that are exactly alike. This uniqueness is what makes us who we are and is what allows us to offer the amazing abilities that are innate within us. 
Sharing who we are does not need to be with big shiny lights and centre stage, for many the ability to make a difference comes in the form of face to face, one on one time. What you do and how you do it all depends on who you are. How you live is all dependant upon how you choose to share who you are. If you choose to share yourself through attachment, then life will always reflect your choices, creating limitations that you have set with your attachment to anything or anyone or any idea you have attached to. go ahead, share yourself, your true self the one you have hidden deep within and just watch how your world unfolds…
This may all sound harsh, but in fact it is truth and is meant with the pure intention to allow you to see just how amazing you are and that attachment is not necessary for you to share who you are with the world. The time of great change is upon us and there is definitely some concern on the non-physical side that the density of the human condition may be too deeply ingrained to transcend. There seems to be some worry that each time they infuse us with new energy in the hopes of us moving forward, there are so many masses of people who feel the shift within them, they feel the pull to change, and they feel the need to create a new experience, however the actions are still coming from a mind focused on attachment. A deep attachment that seems to want to remain connected to anything tangible or intangible that is part of an illusion. 
Attachment is not limited to tangible things it is also expressed through our beliefs of what we need from our relationships, what we need to receive from an experience or what we do not need to experience. Attachment is not only debilitating, it is also weakening from a Soul perspective; because as a divine Being we always get exactly what we need.  If there is a challenge in or lives, it is meant to teach us a very important lesson; a lesson that can be anything from understanding who we are to who we are choosing to be in the moment. Each of the people and experiences in our lives are there to support us in learning the lessons we need to learn, likewise we are there for them. 
This does not mean we need to set up lessons for each other and plan it all out; it means that the universe has already done all of that while we were busy choosing who we were going to have our experiences with. We do not need to have all the answers all of the time. However, what is most beneficial for our experience is that we allow everything that is offered to us BE considered and allow it to be what it is. Releasing our tendency to label anything or pre-determine what any outcome will be. Simply because that is not our job, our job is to experience…yup, just experience. 
Such a simply thing, yet we have managed to get all tied up in knots trying to make it all into something so much more complicated and intense than it really is. Each and very moment is perfection and what we learn is all in how we choose to act and react in every moment. From the heart of who we are or the mind of who we have been trained to be? The decision is always ours and in each moment we have the most incredible power available to us to choose how our experiences will unfold. When we release our attachment to the mind, we allow the true nature of who we are to soar and reach levels of experience that we have never even dreamed of…but we must be willing to release the mind and see the possibility beyond. 
Be who you are, not who you have been trained to be. React to experiences with the knowledge and wisdom you have gained rather than from any anger, resentment or frustration that is lingering from the past. Everything is changing and each of us has the divine opportunity to move forward into this divine change and experience a new and profound way of living. But it is always up to us how and when we will choose to have the new world and the new experiences that it is offering us. We are the masters of our own destiny, no one else can take our place, nor can they create our life for us. We are being offered such an incredible new world and although we are being asked to give up so much of what we know in our minds, we are being offered so much more in the knowing of our hearts.
This new world is a place in which each and every person is filled with love, compassion and respect for every other Being, simply for who they are…whether they choose to give or not, share or not…is of no consequence, rather it is just because they exist. It is in that energy that everyone is content in the being of being rather then living in the need to be anything or do anything. What you choose to do and be is a reflection of who you are and that is perfect. Remember even now that all of your actions and reactions are a clear picture of who you have chosen to BE in the moment. Are these true reflections of the person and Soul Being you are or are they residuals of who you were taught to be and think you are?
Are you choosing to over protect yourself because you think that “certain” experiences will cause you pain. Are you basing the new on the old? Not allowing anything new to grow and more importantly infusing your future with experiences from the past. Yes, it is true that we understand our current experiences through the cultivation and culmination of the accumulation of all our past experiences.  However it is our choice in the moment if we choose to allow room for growth and change or if we choose to remain attached to outworn or outgrown ways of being. 
Fear is crippling and we often cling to outworn ways out of fear that we need to protect ourselves from possible harm, when in fact we are actually remaining attached to the harm we are trying to protect ourselves from. Attachment to fear is definitely an illusion that many people are facing as this gateway has been opened. Fear of any kind that sneaks in and causes us to doubt, need or control any situation as best we can. These are lessons, rather than challenges; opportunities that offer us the ability to become more conscious of the choices we are making in our lives. 
BE YOU. The amazing you – that has so much to offer this entire experience, inside and out. Be willing to release all of your attachments and beliefs about who you are and be willing to embrace the divine plan the Universe has created for you based on who you are as a divinely created Soul Being in this universe. I am assured that this is much more incredible than anything that you could ever create for yourself from the density of a human mind!!!
This new gateway opening and the energy it has infused us with is a magical and exceptional flowing experience. If you happen to find yourself experiencing many challenges or physical ailments such as colds or flu’s, sprains or aches, this is not something to worry about. Rather, acknowledge that you know you are connected and that you are indeed being offered the amazing opportunities to become aware of exactly what attachments you are choosing to connect with. It is through this clarity that you will be able to realize these are the same attachments in which you are choosing to utilize to hold yourself back from the amazing life you are very much deserving of. 
So, rather than allowing yourself to get frustrated, simply be in the moment and allow it to unfold and ask what lesson it is that you are being offered. Rather than letting the mind perceive the lesson and decide what it is; allow your heart to lead you, knowing you are receiving experiences and opportunities that are perfect for your journey. Allow yourself to be in the moment and the experiences to be exactly what they are, lessons in inner wisdom to allow you to BE who you actually already are. For those who are enjoying this new found flow and divine connection, keep going…by continuing to Be yourself, you allow anyone you come into contact with to become more consciously aware of who they are and why they are here.
The divine synchronicity has amped up along with the ability for each individual to connect with their Soul energy. This is exactly how it was intended to be, because as Soul Beings having a human experience it was always intended that we would be able to connect and communicate directly with our Soul. It is the dense and extremely intense conditioning of the human mind that has led us to believe otherwise. One fine day my current role of communication will be redundant and I am looking forward to it…knowing that this world will be a very different place where people are connected first and experience the physical second. Until then I continue to embrace my work and am astounded by each of the incredible Soul Connections I am able to experience. 
Knowing that many if not all of you are experiencing your own transition as you become more of your Soul expression in the human form you have chosen. When you embrace who and where you are, you create the opportunity and possibility to continue forward on your own personal journey as you simultaneously allow each and every other person around you to do the exact same in their experience. Allow yourself to be in the not-knowing, because it is here that the power of learning is the most profound and powerful; it is also where the ability for true transformation is most readily available for each and every one of us. 
Go ahead; Believe in You, the Universe already does!
From the Heart,