What you ask? Well, on the horizon, in a tiny package tied up with the most intricately and lovingly tied bow, is a most precious gift indeed; the gift of inner contentment and peace. We are not talking about the past kind that you experience in moments of great clarity or profound awareness. What we are talking about now is the ability to live our entire lives in deep connection with the fundamental energies of peace and contentment. 
Experiencing each moment, in the exact moment it is occurring; rather than spending your time reminiscing about old times, or thinking about the great experience that you have planned for the next hour, the next week, month or year. Being in the moment not only allows you to have a full experience, it is also where your true power to create what you would like to experience next comes from. Creating experiences for ourselves takes focus, clarity and intention. Take a moment to reflect on the life you have created up until this very moment; you have actively participated in each and every creation that is your life up until this exact moment. Yup, you did it all.
Now are you beginning to see how powerful you truly are? Knowing now that you have already created, look at what you have created. Are there things in your life you would like to change; possibly through enhancement, or through refocusing your energy? Creation has been a tricky process up until now, it has been heavily weighted down in the vibrations of judgement and control, with a good dose of fear for good measure. But as we have been on this journey of self awareness we have come to not only understand but also believe that there is so much more to life than what we have experienced. 
So now with that belief and understanding we are being asked to go above and beyond anything we have ever created before. On 11-11-11 we are being gifted with a most incredible ability to become a purer expression of who we truly are…the real us, the one that lives within our hearts and we only share when we feel completely protected. That One is the one that the Universe is requesting and patiently waiting to see if we will respond to. Taking the knowledge and wisdom we have all gained from our trials and tribulations through this ascension and energy shifting process and using it all as we move into our very new creation phase. 
Everything we have learned about who we are, why we are here and what makes us joyful is what is going to make this a very new world. Realizing that our experiences are just that, experiences we had or are having, they are not who we are. Allowing ourselves to respect others for their opinions which are based on their beliefs, knowing that in turn we are also respecting ourselves. Having compassion for others, knowing it is not our job to change anyone, rather spending our precious time and energy on simply accepting them in the moment. Expressing compassion towards ourselves, knowing that each day we do the best we can and that some days are better than others. Nurturing those around us by releasing the need to change anything about them and choosing instead to focus on believing in them, even when they find it challenging to believe in themselves.
These are but a few of the many experiences that we have been learning to incorporate into our conscious awareness. This is the massive project that the entire universe has been working on for the last few thousand years in the hopes that we would one day reach the place we are about to arrive at.  The gateway we are going to be experiencing on 11-11-11 is a new level of support which will only be available through truth and purity; which is what we have all been so diligently working on. Clearing out so much from our lives that is no longer a reflection of the person we have become. And sometimes, this was tricky as we were moving so quickly, our physical lives had to run to keep up. Often leaving us feeling like we were riding an ever evolving rollercoaster that when you least expected it would shift into a tornado or hurricane, not knowing where we would land. All of these experiences found us wondering if we would ever experience a sense of grounding again.
Through all of our travels, trials and tribulations, now we know exactly where grounding comes from and also that it is always available to us. Grounding, peace and contentment are within us, they are essential aspects that were infused into the unique vibration that is us. When we connect with these energies and allow them to guide us as we create the new experiences that we are choosing for ourselves, the results will be truly miraculous. 
The creation process itself is very intricate and can be quite tricky. If we create from any of the lower vibrating energies such as anger, frustration, jealousy or judgement then the final expression of the creation will also hold the vibration of the lower vibrating energy we used. A wonderful example of this are all of the “occupy” events that are occurring globally, many of these events are focused on what people no longer wan to experience. Influential people are sending out all of their precious and very powerful energy to focus on exactly what they say they do not want to experience any longer.   
Remember how powerful YOU ARE. Remember all that you have created in your life. So now look at what you are choosing to create today.  There have been some incredible masters who have passed through this life and left profound messages; leaving it up to us how we choose to understand them either through the eyes of illusion or that of truth. Take for example the well known quote by Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  How you choose to express this is part of what you are creating in your life and of course what you are contributing to the universe as a whole. 
If you choose to express change through anger, jealousy or resentment then you will receive those energies right back; essentially cultivating them in the creation that is you life. However if you choose to facilitate change by Being change, as Mahatma Gandhi proposed, then you are acting, expressing and choosing to focus on already Being the change you are choosing to experience. Acting with respect to everyone you come into contact with, showing compassion to all others, even if you do not agree with them. Respecting yourself, knowing you are doing everything you can to change the world by being the best YOU that you can be. Action and intention from the heart are so much more powerful than any other thing in this universe. The true vibration of love is pure and to explain it in words; it is a balance of the energies of respect and compassion with an intense profoundness that cannot be explained through simple words, it is something you can only feel. 
This energy is one of the most fundamental and basic elements of this universe, it is what allows us to connect to each other in such a profound way, it is what allows us to create the experiences we choose and it is what allows us to perceive our experiences. We determine how we receive and express love in every moment of every day of our lives. The consciousness that is Love would like to offer a message “Love is not what it seems, for some reason humanity has morphed love into something that needs to be competed for or attained through drastic measures. Love is available to each and every Being within this Universe, simply because you deserve it. Love is for everyone and a part of everyone. Love is the powerful energy that allows us to express truth simply because it is truth.  There is no harshness within the vibration of love, but rather a deep sense of calm. There is a profound sense of self that resides within the vibration of love, it is an energy that offers us the opportunity to trust our instincts and know we are exactly where we have chosen to be. Love allows us to see the lessons in all of our experiences, knowing that challenges are always a way for us to learn to become more consciously aware of the intricateness of the universe and our contribution to it. 
“I as Love was created to be a fundamental aspect of this universe in which every Being would know within them that respect, compassion and understanding are always available through connection. The current experience is changing quite quickly right now and on this new opening of 11-11-11, there will be an infusion of clarity that will allow people to not only see but feel the love that is available to them. “We (the leaders of change from the non-physical realm) believe that a greater understanding of love through experience is what is needed to take this shift to the next level. For any change to be complete and anchored in, it must have a very large dose of love in the intention and action to produce anything that can be sustained.” 
This new support that is arriving on 11-11-11 is bringing with it a new energetic vibration; the physical body will experience new sensations as we first accept the energy; than as we integrate it and allow the newly available vibration to become part of who we are. For many this process has already begun, November 1st, brought with it the first small inclusions of the new energy as a sort of trial period. All of the non physical Beings who are facilitating this change are extremely excited to see just how much we are going to choose to accept this new sense of support through contentment, peace and pure love. We are not alone, we are always supported, however it is always up to us, whether we choose to accept the support or allow it to pass us by. This new energy will allow us to see much more clearly how connected we actually are, how powerful we actually are and how we can create change through our awareness in the moment. 
When we make a conscious choice to include the vibrations of love, respect, compassion and so on into the creations we are choosing for ourselves; we are cultivating our personal inner peace and contentment. We are the ones who must create this for ourselves; there is no other Being in this universe who can offer you the fullness of peace and contentment. You may experience moments of these vibrations with other people, possibly even years, however the true vibration of contentment can only be experienced within through the creations we have chosen for our life. 
And when you are experiencing this within you, this is when the true miracles begin. The energy of contentment is so profound and intense that it shines very, very brightly. When you resonate with this energy and allow it to become a part of who you choose to express to the world; then the light of it has the ability to shine out of you through all of your expressions. Everything from what you wear and how you walk to what you say and how you act. Inner peace and contentment has no fire to it, the true essence of it knows that there is no need for either fire or confrontation to create change. All you need to do is BE who you are, BE peace and contentment and allow the energy to flow through you and settle within all of your dreams and desires for experiences in this life. 
Everything is possible when you understand how it works and when you remember how powerful you truly are.
From the Heart,