This is a unique Through the Heart message. Each time I am inspired to share these energetic messages, there is always an evolution whether it is based on my journey or the journey of the universe as a whole, it is the connection that allows for the words to unroll and become what they will. This message is a little more intense than the past and of course this is appropriate and I am assured that people are ready to hear it. So even if you are sceptical of the elements below, take a moment to believe in the possibility…you just might be amazed at where your perception takes you.
I have always had the conscious ability to connect with any conscious Being in this Universe. This is why I am able to offer Soul Connections and also how I am able to determine the different vibrations from one Being to the next, even if I am confronted with a billion Beings at one time. Each conscious Being has their own unique vibration, thye feel different and they communicate through the personal and individual vibration that is unique to only them. There are no two Beings in this entire universe who were created exactly alike, I know I have said this before, but it is so vitally important right now. We are unique and we are here for a reason, each being has a special aspect to offer and many of the non physical Beings are choosing this time to communicate. The veils between the worlds are lessening, which essentially means we can communicate easier. 
So as the energy continues to shift and we become more conscious as a human race and as a Universe, there are messages that are timely and useful to allow us to continue on with the knowledge and confirmation that we are on the right path and we are indeed much more than we had thought. 
There is a time approaching that is offering us the opportunity to experience eternal change. This change is already occurring; however we are now becoming more and more accustomed to being in our place of power and own true energy. This is the place from which the newest opportunity will present itself. This evening on the celebration of all hallows eve we are going to be entering into a phase in which the barriers between the worlds will become less; less solid and less intense. This means that we are going to have the ability to connect with our Self and with other Beings much more easily and if intended or desired, more intensely. 
Since the abrupt entry of a new found grace into this Universe on October 28th, we have had many opportunities to experiences grace in varying degrees. If you found yourself to be quite busy, then you “happened” to get a cold of some sort, or many also felt this as extreme headaches, causing you to slow down and experience grace in one form or another. For those who have been aware, grace has shown her energy in such an interesting and profound way over the past few days. Dreams have been vivid, bringing the past, present and future together in ways that our minds often would not allow. Grace often uses our dreams to ignite the power and inspiration within us, knowing that we do indeed “feel” the intensity of our dreams. 
Between the dreams and casual or unexpected meet-ups, synchronicity is taking the lead role in the change that grace has so lovingly offered to us. Both Synchronicity and Grace are fundamental created conscious elemental Beings of this universe experience and each would like to pass a message to you.
Grace says “when you are at a point when you feel completely isolated and alone, it is here that you will find me. For some reason the evolution of humanity has allowed for a mental belief that I am only available to those who are successful. Which of course is true, however it is most important that everyone remember that each and every Being from the physical to the non physical is and will always be successful. Actually the pure energy of successful was not created within this universe, as its main energetic source was derived from competition and comparison. Humanity is now at a divine place to know deep within your hearts that the energy of competition is not a fundamental aspect of who you are. In fact when you allow yourself to resonate with my personal energy of grace, our ability to co-create the perfect creation for you is abundant. 
Co-creation with any conscious Being who is committed to the powerful aspects of divine respect and compassion for another Being will always vibrate with divine grace. However this new found sense of grace will allow those of you who have been on your own conscious journey to consciousness to be more fully aware of who you are and what exactly you do with your energy. As with each journey there is a constant evolution that is totally and completely personal and of course it is intended to be that way. This individual aspect is what allows our courage to become what it truly is, taking us further beyond our personal fears and into our personal power. 
When we become more fully aware of what we are choosing to do with our power in each moment and experience we have, it is then that we will also be able to more fully comprehend just how much power we have within us. This power is the energy in which when we eventually fully connect with will ultimately change our lives forever. This energy will change how we perceive, how we act and how we give and receive. When we connect with our selves through this new found sense of grace, it is no longer as intensely powerful or even uncomfortable or intimidating, it is simply who we are; this is the pure energy of grace.
I am Grace, offering you the ability to once again feel and accept the fullness of who you are through the connection of your Soul energy. I am offering you the opportunity to connect to your Self and others without the ego, mind or illusion to interfere; as true connection does not resonate with these vibrations. I wish you all well as we travel together on this journey of Self remembrance, I am with you always.”
Synchronicity would like to share her personal message as it pertains to the current state of energetic vibration being experienced on this planet and throughout the universe. “I am always waiting patiently for each and every one of you to knock on my door and request my assistance. Existing in a universe that is based on free will I am only available to those who wish to ask for assistance. However I will admit that often I feel redundant as many ask for assistance and then choose to circle around each and every opportunity that has been created for them in their personal request for help. 
There is a feeling that a brief explanation of how support and synchronicity work on a universal level would be most beneficial. Firstly when a plea for support, aid or assistance is sent out into the universe, it is fundamentally felt by each and every Being in the Universe. Pretty huge eh? Yes, every Being is aware of your request. Why? Simple, so that everyone can support you on the path that YOU have chosen. This is why you often feel what others want or feel, without knowing why. This is the fundamental ability to resonate that is within each of us, we were all created with the essential ability to communicate through resonance, so that we would all be sharing and supporting in the experiences of each other. The way in which this works is so that each and every Being is there to offer you support; not how you determine they need to or should, it is their personal choice. Likewise it is your personal choice how you choose to offer support or aid to others who are requesting help. Evolution is a constant and intricate series of events that are all interrelated so that each Being is always giving and receiving in their journey but is also always in connection with the journey’s of every other Being. 
So when you ask for assistance from the Universe, you must also be open the grand creation that is being offered to you. You always have the choice to decide if you want to experience what is being offered to you, however when you consistently decline the invitation of support because you are connected to the energy of control you miss many incredible opportunities. Of course there will always be more opportunities and there will always be available to you a connection with any conscious Being; we are asking that you allow the divine energy of synchronicity to become abundant in your life. Many people believe that synchronicity is simply chance or that it is happening for a reason, but they continue on with the same focus, choosing to ignore the opportunities that have been created for them.   
So we are asking that the next time you consciously choose to become aware of how synchronicity has revealed itself in your life…take a leap of faith and see where it takes you. Choose change and see the wondrous places it takes you. Slow down and take a moment to actually let the change in, most often in the end it does not take more time or effort, in actual fact, it will take less of both. Everything you ask for will always arrive at your door step through the divine energy of synchronicity, are you willing to answer the door or are you going to let it keep knocking?”
So you can now see, change and challenge are only as intimidating as we tell ourselves they are. In fact it is the deep human condition that has been heavily ingrained within our ego that has trained us to believe that change is anything but exciting and a fundamental part of our basic essence. We are addicted to suffering ad challenge and often feel naked without it. The next time you find yourself saying “it’s so hard”, actually feel into it. Is it really hard or are you just telling yourself that. Are you simply experiencing a circumstance that is going to make your life more amazing in the long run and you actually have to do or face something that you would rather not. This is actually not hard; it is actually fear and resentment. Remember that each word we use is energetically powerful, so make sure you are matching the right words with the power you are using to create your life. We were created to change and evolve as we became more aware and had the desire to experience different experiences. It was always intended that we create new opportunities and experiences based on the knowledge we acquired from our past experiences. This is exactly how it is suppose to happen. 
However it did get a little mixed up, because now the human mind has been trained to focus on the negative aspect, choosing to not want it again or go without it the next time. Which of course we are now familiar with the law of attraction; what you focus on grows. So when we choose to focus on what we do want, connecting with the feelings rather than the physical expressions; then they will always appear, we just have to answer the door and let them in. Abundance is ours for the taking; we just have to remember to take it with the divine energy of grace. Just for a moment think of the many squirrels that are going about their days taking exactly what they need in preparation for the coming months. They are committed to their needs and necessities’, knowing it is their job to supply whatever they may need for themselves. They are open to all of the opportunities that are available to them, willing to go in any direction that offers them opportunity, always willing to take a chance. The squirrel is a great totem animal for what is occurring at this moment. 
So for today and the next ten days, allow grace and synchronicity to enter your life through conscious intention. This resonance will allow for immense transformation to occur with the gateway of 11-11-11. Expect miracles and then allow them to unfold in your life, asking how grace would feel in any and all situations we find ourselves in. Choosing to connect with the divine energy of grace is always our choice; the more often we choose this the more awareness of consciousness we have the opportunity to experience. With grace we allow for synchronicity to occur with a greater frequency and with greater speed, creating the life expression that is perfect for each of us. 
From the Heart,