I originally wrote this message on October 22nd and through a divine series of events and experiences, I was unable to read or edit it until today. The energy of yesterday’s New Moon has begun to settle into our consciousness and has allowed for a new acceptance of truth…and so the message is presented to you. It is a long one…and I did my absolute best to keep it as simple as possible.
The anticipation is very interesting as we are slowly arriving at a time that has been pre-determined by many to be the New Earth and the new way of living. As interesting as the created anticipation is the true suspense and innate curiosity that many are feeling is the always asked “what can I expect” or rather more specific “what is going to happen to me?” As with any energy shift we have experienced there is a constant revolution of feelings, beginning with the anticipation, then the awareness of the new, which is always followed by an opening either willingly or not depending upon the lesson, all of which end in an extreme sense of peace as we integrate the new found awareness into our lives and allow it to offer us awareness of our self, our surroundings and our experiences. 
It is not as though this awareness was not always available to us, it is that through the challenges we have just experienced, we are now able to open our hearts more to see the larger picture of what is occurring within us and around us. This is the divine process of the journey towards consciousness that we are now experiencing. Consciousness is; the divine ability to BE in the moment; to be aware of each aspect of the Self and all others in the moment it is occurring while simultaneously being completely aware of the experience we are having or creating. This state of consciousness is exactly where we are heading and in fact this is exactly where we have been heading through all of the awakening process. We (humanity) are essentially on a re-programming plan to allow each of us to remember who we are and why we are here. 
Often this process has been met with challenges that have affected our physical bodies or emotional bodies and for those who have chosen to become more aware of themselves, it has affected the spiritual beliefs that are deep within the core of who we are. What we term as spiritual beliefs are in essence the inner intuition and guidance that we are learning how to trust again. When we take a moment to review our journey over the past five to ten years depending on when we have chosen to awaken, we will be able to see a pattern of being challenged with the morality of issues and learning how best to navigate and express our true perception of them. Trusting our inner instincts has been a repeated process as we have been challenged repeatedly in this fundamental aspect until it has or will become balanced. As it is this total and complete trust in ourselves, in the universe and everyone we meet that is what is going to allow us to once again experience the original intention of humanity. 
The original intention for humanity was actually quite simple, yet it is unfortunate that there are so many avenues in the current society that have manipulated the masses to believe that where we are as a society now is so much better. And this illusion, misinformation and essential manipulation is exactly what we are going to be facing and overcoming through this upcoming time of great change. Yes, we have been experiencing layers of change and awareness for years now and it is about to get a little more intense.  Ok, if I am being honest, it is about to get a lot more intense.
But I will say this; intense does not mean bad. It means exactly what it is Intense. It is suppose to be intense, because it is in the intensity that we will be able to truly find ourselves. We have been taught over the past two years how to become aware of the process of change and how to accept it and most importantly how to incorporate it into our awareness. We have divinely learned that we always make a conscious choice to use that awareness or to revert back to our previous coping mechanisms. This is the part that is going to change much more rapidly over the coming year, initiated with the opening of the gateway on 11-11-11. 
Exactly what type of gateway is this; well it is a divine gateway of support for the total and powerful transformational energy that is coming. Those non-physical Beings who are leading the universal changes that we are experiencing on a physical level completely understand how far “off-track” humanity has gotten with regards to their awareness. Therefore they also understand that the intricacies of the support network required to facilitate the magnitude of scheduled changes are vital to the success of the movement. How this support happens is a bit tricky…mostly because the Beings who are the “supporters” have never been human, therefore they are not completely aware of just how intensely challenging a physical experience is…especially in the current state that it has evolved into over the past fifty thousand years or so. 
So what exactly does all of this mean? We are in for the ride of a lifetime…literally!!! With the gateway opening of 11-11-11, we are going to be offered the inclusion of intensely supportive and protective energies to enter into the physical human experience. Those Beings who are not physical, have complete conscious awareness. Which supports two basic fundamentals; firstly that consciousness is innate within each of us and available through our own individual Souls and secondly that it is the evolution of the human experience that has tainted our ability to BE consciously aware.  
Once the gateway opens on 11-11-11 the journey will begin in earnest to break down all illusion that has been created so that we will be able to be restored to the ultimate ability of experiencing the wonders and limitations of a physical experience for the pure joy of it. The limitations of course being the five senses that were part of the human creation, yet these are also the wonders. We will be learning how to work towards an experience in which we will no longer be suffocated by the structure that was created through an intention to manipulate and destroy the connection between the Soul and the physical expression – the Human Being. Of course, just as we have been repeatedly shown, how we choose to express our beliefs is just as important as the belief itself. In both we make choices and in both we have the power to create the life we desire. 
What is all of this change going to look like? Well, any creation that was built with the intention to control or manipulate anyone will be removed. For instance, the current monetary system will be challenged more than it already has been. In fact it will be going through a complete restructure to allow it to become a service to all of humanity rather than a source of desire. Which of course we now know that desire is a reflection of control and judgement. About three years ago through one of the channelling sessions I was facilitating, it was stated that in ten years the economic structure would no longer exist and that money would be completely unnecessary. Well I am still not sure I am able to completely accept this message, but I will say that if the past three years are any indication of what is actually going to occur, then anything is possible. 
Any creation including businesses that are focused on profits first, will have an extremely challenging time over the next thirteen months. The shift is going to be the divine offering of many opportunities for all organizations and businesses to focus first and foremost on the people; both the services to its clients and the treatment of its employees. It is all so deeply interrelated that it will be incredible when the outcome is experienced. It is amazing how many companies that I consult with or mentor that are all needing to refocus their goals and remember that it is all about people first. For the companies who resist this change, challenges will be burdensome and will often cause many of them to need to close their doors.   
This message is not to cause fear, but to cause excitement and awareness; quite specifically in areas that are of importance to individuals and the masses. You have within you the ability to soar through these changes, but you must be willing to see the truth and live with that truth as your focus…always. Because now more than ever before you will be supported in truth. Not a truth that is used to get an outcome we desire or a truth that is used to control a situation, but truth that is pure and has the intention of everyone benefitting and succeeding. The truth that supports all Beings rather than a select few, there are no select few who are better than any other Being. We are all important, valuable and divine in the uniqueness of who we are and connected within the intricacies of the original creation, we all belong and we all have the ability to experience abundance of giving and receiving anything we wish.
Relationships that have any intention of control will be challenged now on a deeper level. If there is any suggestion of competition, this is always a clear indication that control and judgement are leading the relationship. Relationships of all magnitudes will be challenged, from those in the workplace and immediate family relations to those of global proportions. The way countries communicate with each other will be changed forever, the foundation of releasing the intense desire for boundaries and the “upper hand” must be obliterated if we are to in fact become the true reflection of the Soul energy which is inherent within each of us. Relationship energy was originally intended to be a balanced connection between separate Beings with the intention to share the unique experience and perspective of each other. The most important aspects of relationship is that there was never intended to be any judgement or control; these aspects have been evolving through the false sense of self that has become prevalent to the human conditioning.  
Of course we will also be given the divine opportunity to once again review our relationship with our self; ensuring that we too are free from judgement and control in all aspects of our lives. Although this may seem challenging for many, especially when we compare (in competition) ourselves to others and wonder why they may have it easier than us. Of course this is an illusion we have created for ourselves to essentially allow ourselves to sit back on our heels and wait for someone else to take the first move; fearing the role of being a leader for change when so many are embracing the resistance through a variety of methods. Restoring a balanced sense of self is of the utmost importance at this stage of the shift in consciousness, without it we are simply physical Beings having a physical experience. The gateway is opening up so we will be amply supported as we learn to regain our complete sense of self and once again fully embody our total awareness of Self at a Soul level and enjoy the physical experience from this state of knowing. This is the true origin of wisdom.  
One of the most lucrative relationships that will also be transforming simultaneously with our process is that of Mother Earth. This wondrous Being of strength combined with her natural ability to support will be enhancing the experience for all of those present. She will be facilitating movement through experiences that will demand trust and inner faith that we will only find within the depths of who we are. Gaia (Mother Earth) does not make demands; she simply makes choices and decisions that are best for her and gives humanity the opportunity to come along. This is not to say we are always aware, but when we are connected to our Soul energy we cannot help but be aware of what she needs and offers in abundance. It is within our relationship with Gaia that the power of true relationships will be restored within us. We will once again be able to experience the ability to resonate with another Being and maintain our compassion, love and respect for them without any trace of judgement, pity, jealousy or anything else. This is the pure energy of relationship; the complete openness necessary to connect with another Being without judgement or the intent to control the experience or the outcome. The ability to allow another Being to BE themselves; offering you all of them and in turn offering all of yourself. Reinstating this ability into the current experience takes an immense amount of trust from every participant and Gaia will be facilitating this change with the support of a great many other Beings. 
It is no one’s job to determine what any other Being is in need of or requires, it is now the time for each and every one of us to stand up and state what we desire or need; also learning the most appropriate way of stating these needs and desires. It is no one else’s job to supply that need but our own. What does that mean? We are going to be asked with the greatest of intensity to remain focused on our self, removing any desire or decisions we make for others. Teaching us the fundamental differences in the vibrational energy between nurturing and control; compassion and pity; awareness and judgement. The expressions of our Soul that we will be choosing to share with the world through our choices and actions will speak volumes with regards to who we are deciding to BE. We have already seen part of this change with all of the unrest in society with regards to political agendas, now it is also time for the balance to occur of how we express our truth through our actions.
As with any drastic shift in energy there will be a great number of people leaving the physical experience. Some because it is timely to do so as they have completed the lessons they chose to experience; others because they are finding the shift too demanding and too challenging to “wrap their head around”. There is a massive group of non-physical Beings who have just made their presence known to me and they wish to share this message with you all. 
“We are not giving up on you, in fact we are preparing you for the beauty in which you are all so lovingly deserving. You have forgotten the true nature of being and that must be restored in order to restore divine balance to the Universe, which in turn will facilitate the restoration of essential balance to your physical expression. We are holding you all in the palms of our hands supporting you and carrying you when it is necessary. We feel that you are much in need of a reminder that the more you focus on that which is not readily available, the more you are moving away form the true essence of who you are. Everything you need is always available in abundance, every possible amount of support be it relationship, monetary, nurturing, compassion and healing; these are ALWAYS available to you in abundance. You just have to shift your perspective to allow these fundamental aspects into your awareness how they wish to enter, rather than how you demand or see fit; opening to trust and releasing control.
This next phase of evolution will allow you to not only become aware of the true essence of being, but you will also be gaining awareness of the divine intricacies of the original creation of universal connection. The connection is there, it has always been there; in fact it is impossible to “turn it off”. You as a Soul and as a human are a part of the connection of the Universe. When you choose to suffer or not believe that you are worthy, when you choose to be judgemental over yourself, over others or even over processes (such as the government), you are signalling to the entire Universe through the zillions of connections that you have that you are connecting with the energy of judgement. Likewise, when you choose to nurture, support and express truth, you are messaging the entire Universe that you are aware of the divine connection and relationship you have with everyone and everything you experience. 
You are the experience and in that you are divinely where you are suppose to be. In connection with your Soul, you have chosen the path that will most assuredly allow you to see the truth of who you are; consistently allowing you the opportunity to progress through the metamorphosis of the journey to consciousness. We will never desert you as it is fundamentally impossible given our awareness and knowledge of the interconnectedness of Beings. We are part of the new world; which is essentially an evolution of the current expression, except with a whole lot more grace. We are patiently waiting for you to join us.”
So what does all of this mean exactly? Well, there is no map…that we know for sure. The exciting part is that each of us is creating our very own map in the exact moment we are experiencing it. Contrary to many beliefs, time is not speeding up; it is staying in the exact intent that it was created. However we are experiencing more in that time, which can often make it feel as though time is speeding up. The laws of time and space vary universally, but for the human aspect they will always remain the same. Likewise the dimensions will remain the same as there is experience in each dimension and Souls are created in each dimension. Therefore the ability to dissolve one dimension into another is quite simply impossible without dissolving all of the Souls whose existence is connected within that dimension. 
The Universe as a fundamental creation and intention is not changing. The energy that has come as a result of the human conditioning that has occurred over the past century or so has affected the entire universe; how this energy exists is the actual changes that are occurring. 
The ability to completely understand this lies within the heart of who we are and is the reason that we are experiencing this journey. We are all on the path together, experiencing exactly what we need to become aware of ourselves. Remember that everyone else is doing the exact same thing. And though our experiences range from minor to unbelievable, it really doesn’t matter, because the only one we can change is our very own Self. 
Through the Heart,