The world is changing are you changing with it, or are you choosing to hold on to outworn ways of Being? Change is possible through multiple avenues, however one of the most important and fundamental steps is the ability to understand the true power that is innate within you. 
How do you find this power? Well the most common way that people have chosen to be aware of their power is by comparing themselves to others. Although this has been the tried and true method for many, many people over the past 2,000 or so years, it is becoming glaringly obvious that this is no longer is, nor has never truly been effective. What we once believed to be power, we are now beginning to understand was simply illusion that was derived from the image of ourselves that was created by the people and experiences in our lives. 
Recognizing true greatness within oneself is one of the greatest challenges we will ever face. This is for the pure and simple fact that the society we live in has trained us to believe that who we are combined with our natural abilities are simply not enough. 
Yes, I strongly believe in aiming to improve along with setting and reaching for goals. But this is vastly different from the fundamental knowing that who you are is more than enough. This is the fullness of self that is not only available to each and every one of us, but it is the vital ingredient in our successful and joy filled life. Creating competition was one of the most lucrative and effective ways that humanity has allowed themselves to be controlled. Take a moment and reflect on how many times a day you allow the lure of competition to enter your life; whether you offer someone a gift if they complete a request from you (this is especially true in our relationship with children), desire a relationship for someone else as you perceive they are less happy or content without what you have and so many more. 
This basic awareness when cultivated allows for a deeper and clearer fundamental understanding of who you are. Which we are then able to evolve into knowing what it is that WE wish to accomplish, experience or be a part of.
Our true power comes from knowing who we are and what we can do. Each of us has a gift, some of us have many, yet when you dig deep enough they are all combined and connected into the one specific energy that is you. This is the unique energetic footprint that is YOU; the Soul that lives within your physical body. How you nurture, care for and treat your body determines just how balanced your Soul energy is. This is also true of how you treat any other Being with a Soul (of course that is every conscious Being on this planet). Everything is energy; everything from your intentions, your actions, every physical sense, every physical thing and every physical experience. Energy is the be all and end all of existence. So during these times of opportunity for great change what are you choosing to focus your energy on?
The past couple of months have been interesting indeed, there has been an intense and often dramatic (of course only when we resist) focus placed on releasing fear. We have been shown time and time again exactly where we are allowing fear to control our minds and our lives. Yes indeed, we choose to allow it…repeatedly. Why? Mostly because we are afraid of change. I know that many people feel like they are open to receive change…however if you look really closely and be completely honest with yourself; does your idea of change have you managing all aspects of that change? Even intending to control one tiny aspect of change is in actuality fear.
Truthfully, the first part of change is becoming aware that change is not only necessary, but a choice. We can choose to grow, allowing our metaphorical (and sometimes not!) wings to spread and simply being able to “lift off” and go with the flow. As much as this idea often creates a happy bubbly feeling, when we are actually faced with clear and very physical opportunities for change, we often allow the fear to take control of our hearts in one way or another. And of course the first thing fear does, shuts us down…everything and all opportunities. Yup, essentially we are the biggest challenge in our own way!!!
So the last couple of months have essentially been an experiencing of peeling back the many, many, many ( I could go on, but I am sure you get the point!) layers of fear we have been doing our best to live through for our entire lives. Each time we are confronted with an opportunity to transcend fear and follow our heart, we are faced with the very physical experiences of grounding the new “lesson” into our physical selves. Grounding manifests in a number of different ways and most recently has caused extreme amounts of tension and discomfort in the legs. Everything from restless legs to extremely tired legs as the energy flows and settles in. 
Alternatively we have also been experiencing bouts of back and should tension as a result of the metaphorical wings spreading and taking off…of course we also have to learn how to balance their weight as we navigate through the flow of the many opportunities we are offered on a daily basis. The combination of challenges on the physical body has been demanding and strenuous, causing experiences of severe shifts in moods; with experiences of anxiety to euphoria and everything in between. Please know you are not alone in this, we are all going through these experiences. Some have circles of support and others do not, and to be honest, many of these circles have been changing members as often as we change our underwear!!! 
Why? Again, the Universe is changing and we are being offered any and every opportunity to create and live the best life that we so dearly deserve. So if you find yourself longing for a particular thing in your life, be it money, a relationship, friendship, a child or anything else. Know that it is often the perception that we are holding and the power we are allowing ourselves to focus on our desire with. Instead of focusing on what the desired aspect will do to improve your life…realign your intention and energy and focus on what you can do when this experience arrives in your life. How you intend to nurture it, respect it, love and allow it all the support and room it needs to grow into what ever expression that is best for it. Because every creation from a person to a relationship to a physical thing, each has its’ own energy and when we choose to nurture that energy then we are able to receive the dream we have been waiting for. 
Over the next couple of months, I am offering a series of events designed to create awareness of the power of Energy, what energy is, the creation of the Universe, all the Beings and the original intention. This is far beyond anything on a human and physical level. We are going to go beyond to the original conception of energy in this Universe and explain it in basic terms allowing for you to become aware of just how powerful you truly are. We are also going to explain one of the questions I am most frequently asked; what is the difference between light and dark energy & what to do if you feel “dark” energy around you. These events will allow you to see the power of intention; a truly remarkable aspect of creation that allows for us to experience anything we choose…as long as our intention is pure.
Our very lovely Luna – the moon, has been an ever increasing energy that is focused on supporting us as we allow change to enter our consciousness to experience personal transformation. Luna would like everyone to know that the greatest shifts come from the moments when we are crippled with fear and choose to trust the Universe and take the leap of faith necessary to go where we have never gone before. Believe in yourself, believe in your Soul and the plan you had for coming here NOW. Believe that you alone can make a difference that can not only change your life by leaps and bounds but that you alone can change the physical experience that is occurring on my beloved friend Mother Earth. She is blessed with a miraculous bounty of support and opportunity for any conscious Being who choose to connect with her. Likewise there are many others as well, but for the moment all you need to know is that you are loved, you are protected and you are nurtured and respected by the vast amount of Beings who are facilitating change in the non-physical realms. 
Until the next time…which of course will have to do with the very humanly controversial date of 11-11-11.
From the Heart,