The current energy is best described as effervescent; a collage of occurrences that are bringing to the surface of our consciousness great waves of realization. We are recognizing more and more that we are indeed part of a divine creation. Allowing us to more fully comprehend our inner determination to continue this experience in ways that are constantly offering us the opportunity to not only remember who we are and why we are here; but allow us to once again recall the entirety of how we are connected to the universe at large and the unfolding of consciousness.
We are transcending. Transcending the world we have known and the guidelines we have lived in for most of our lives, often feeling uncomfortable, frustrated and exasperated. With each and every moment we choose to be aware of our actions and reactions, we become not only more of who we are, but allow the rest of the world around us to become more of who they each are; creating a divine space of transcendence. Each of us is a part of the grand picture, an integral part that without what we have to offer, the entire creation is just simply less of what was intended. Each and every Being is important not only because of who they are but because of what they personally have to offer. It is through the divine offering of self that we allow for the reverberation effect to take hold and continue growing at a rate that is nothing less than instantaneous. 
This growth is viral and it is occurring in every minute of every day to each and every person our lives come in contact with. Whether we know it or not, we have the ability and power to change the world in each breath we take in this physical experience. Remembering this power is not something that will come through our minds. Rather it will come directly from our hearts, into our conscious awareness and be so powerful just in its Being that we will know truth from non truth. We will know just how powerful we are and we will be able to facilitate change by the choices we make. 
True power comes not from the thinking we are better than another, that we have suffered more than others to get to where we are, or that we have tried harder and know more. We all know who we are. There is not another Being who knows more about you than you, but we must always remember that truth is felt by everyone. There may never be the correct or exact word to completely describe who we are or what we feel, but there is always a vibration. That vibration can never lie. It is a tangible energy that anyone can connect with. The vibration is us, at the heart of who we are; and it is here that we are able to find not only connection, but contentment and fulfillment. When we are ready to accept it fully and expand our intention for this life, our personal intention and our personal Soul vibration meet and become a divine offering of self.
A divine offering of self is so pure and simple that it feels illusive to so many. The Soul energy deep within each of us is rising to the surface of our conscious physical lives more and more each day. When we are able to release our desire to control our own outcomes then we are able to allow the true Soul nature of who we are to shine through. This is the process of the divine offering of self. Once we are able to successfully accomplish this for ourselves, then we are able to offer this to those around us.
It is being present in the moment, listening with our hearts to what others are saying to us and around us…this is how you cultivate the ability to hear the non-physical conversations that surround us; how the wind speaks to the trees and how the trees reply, the divine orchestra that is created when you listen to all of the birds, insects, trees and animals rather than just one, the ability to know when it is going to rain and when it will be sunny…all depending on what the divine energy of Mother Earth is currently in need of; because what we need is always offered to us.
The divine offering of self also offers profound opportunity to all of the relationships in your life. You allow your true vibration of love, compassion and respect to flow, asking for nothing in return; however this facilitates profound change within the dynamics of how you interact. You release the need to tell anything; from your experiences and perspective to your thoughts and suggestions. And when you release the focus on these supremely human physical attributes, you allow for your Soul to be completely engaged in your physical life. 
It is in this engagement that you will experience profound and rather miraculous occurrences that will not only confirm that the effort you have been committed to has all been worth it, but it will ignite in you a desire to expand this connection from those people you know to those who are strangers. Giving you the opportunity to receive and give to a wider variety of people, constantly ensuring you receive exactly what you need, when you need it. These experiences unfold as deep intuitive feelings of what another is in need of, it is never words, it is always just energy. Whether it is the energy of understanding, compassion, respect or love, it is sent with a purity that can only come from a divine offering of self. When it is received by another, they instantly feel able to open up and speak about what they are experiencing, or what is challenging them, or about the love they are experiencing. 
Just as important is the aspect of receiving in the energy of a divine offering of self. Energetically it is impossible to give and not receive or to receive and not give; there must always be balance when it is divine. So at any point if you find yourself putting restrictions on an aspect of your receiving, know that it is reflected in your giving and vice versa. Being truly open is a vibration that can take years and often decades to master, and often it is experienced in brief glimpses, rather than becoming a constant state of being. However it is available to each of us, it is simple and profound…and it is found through the vast inner belief system that we have created for ourselves throughout this lifetime. So remember to believe…in yourself, in others, in the divine existence of the Universe.
This is why we have been writing these messages for the past couple of years and why we will continue to do so. Take a moment, close your eyes and listen…right now. What do you hear? Even more important, what do you feel around you? Now that you have tuned in, it is in your power how you are going to act and react to the situations and surroundings you have created for yourself. Be powerful, be willing to Be yourself, releasing the desire to focus on anything that is not part of the divine Being you truly are.
From the Heart,