Timing seems to be everything these days and although I have a moments that are challenging because of that, in my heart I know that divine synchronicity works far beyond anything I could ever begin to dream of for myself. These past few weeks have been filled with a whole new set of experiences that have offered us opportunities that at one time we would never have imagined possible. Everything from the planetary evolution to the complete surrender of the human body to the Soul’s will and intention. 
Of course these have all been opportunities that have been offered to us and as always it is our choice whether we accept the new opportunities or simply let them pass us by. Sometimes, choosing instead to wait and see what the next variety of divine possibility will be offered to us. For those who have made a conscious choice to do their best each day to live a conscious life, that human life becomes filled with miracles that increase in abundance and capacity each and every day. 
The concept of time and space often seems to be limiting and limitless all in the same breath and moment. Feelings of weightlessness and extreme density seeming to compete within our bodies for the superior position…often in the same moment. Feeling drained and full at the same time, yet never being quite able to find the most appropriate word to describe any moment or experience as we remember it. These and so many more are clear examples of the divine relationship between the human physical body and the current energetic level of our personal divine Soul. 
The vibration of Soul energy that is currently available to our physical bodies is astounding. It has arrived of course with the ultimate intention that we become Conscious Beings; however this energy has also had some unsettling and truly stunning moments indeed. The original intention of humanity was for a Soul Being to experience a physical existence while remaining in a divinely Conscious awareness. Since that original plan was drastically changed, we have had some experiences that may not have been originally intended, but have been incredible none the less. 
Essentially the original “plan” (for lack of a better word) for the Universe shifted and became something very different indeed; a place where we are able to experience so much more that just the limits and restrictions of a human body. The range of emotions that are available to the physical experience were never planned or dreamed of. The actions and reactions of our emotions are what have guided humanities’ existence these past five thousand years or so. 
Will, determination, drive, desire, anger, retaliation, passion, freedom, power, recognition and pride.   
These were not original creations of this experience; they simply evolved out of the original intention and creation. Evolution is able to occur because there is a complete trust and openness along with a divine belief that anything is possible from the One who created it. Allow yourself to think for a moment and begin to let your perspective take in the fullness of this particular aspect of creation. Then allow the complete energy of the aspect of the entire creation of this Universe begin to resonate with your personal Soul energy. It is in this divine connection (which is available to each and every Soul Being) that we are able to become consciously aware; it also allows us to maintain our divine trust and knowing as we travel through these times of intense and dramatic physical changes. 
The Universe was created for Souls to “Be” in a variety of experiences. However it all changed and we became densely immersed in the human aspects rather than the Being. However we did manage to maintain a longing and deep inner knowing that there was so much more to life. And now that we know there is and we have become aware of the consciousness of the Universe and the consciousness that is available to each and every one of us, we have experienced such an extreme variety of actions and reactions to what we once held as truth. These experiences being the reaction of our now shifted perspective along with the conscious choices we make in the experiences we encounter.
The fact is, we are remembering more and more of who we are each and every day. Coinciding with more and more people remembering who they are each and every day. The Divine Reverberation Effect that aids in a global and universal increase in knowledge and wisdom through each of our experiences and moments; allowing our awareness and the awareness of others to simply grow.  There is awareness that is hidden deep within each of us, in the Soul energy that is safely protected within the confines of our human body. In this energy we find the courage needed to sustain us through moments of adversity, the discernment to remind us what is real and what is simply illusion, the grace to remain committed to remembering who we are and what exactly it is that We have to uniquely offer to this seemingly fathomless creation. 
Where do we fit into the grand and supreme creation that we are now aware of? This Universe is so much more of everything we had ever imagined. So much larger and so much more intricate and intense than we had ever expected or believed possible. So as this realization washes over the new found consciousness that has settled into our human mind and is currently moving into the divine awareness that is our Soul energy, we are now experiencing the world from a completely different perspective. 
Rather than finding this new perspective overwhelming, look with your heart…the divine energy of your Soul and who you are. Because when you look and perceive from within the divine vibration of this energy, then you will have a clear and solid understanding of who you are, why you are here and what it is that You as a Soul and as a Human Being have to offer to the Universe. You belong here, not just because you were created to have a place here, but because you were created with a divine intention to add a unique energy that is fundamentally essential to this entire Universe. 
What energy is unique to me? What is it called? What can I do for other people to help them? These are the most frequent and heartfelt questions I receive from my clients.  The answer is simple and yet contains such an immense aspect of complexity that it is often challenging to explain. Similar to the explanation of the creation of the Universe, the explanation of you is also profoundly unique and extraordinary. As a Soul Being you are a divine creation that contributes to the entire creation with the simple existence of your personal energy. 
For those who are driven by an impulse to change the world through aid and support as we experience these shifts and changes that are accruing as the entire human race moves into a conscious existence, you must begin with the most important part. You must begin with You. You are the most important part of your journey. Being your true self is the only way to aid and support on the fundamental level that has any ability to facilitate true change. Finding your true self is the exact reason for the shifts and changes that we are experiencing and why we are experiencing them. You can not change another Being, you can only change yourself. Changing your actions and reactions are simply ways of experiencing your perspective and what you choose to experience in any particular moment. 
Divine change, is a shift in consciousness which occurs when one is open to possibility and accepts a new awareness of existence. So as far as change goes, it can seem humanly insurmountable, yet from a Soul perspective it “Just Is”. Just like the divine and intricate creation of the Universe, as a Soul Being you have just as much intensity and energy that when you allow it to grow and become what it is truly capable of, you will be amazed. The Creator of this Universe is amazed each and every moment that He is able to experience Being far beyond the realm of possibility that this creation began with, but that by His divine openness and acceptance He has allowed it to become. 
You have the option to allow a similar experience to unfold within your conscious existence;  you simply need to choose to believe anything is possible and allow your divine energy to guide you to the exact moments and experiences that are perfect for you. Releasing control, releasing the need to fix anything for yourself or for others, releasing the need to explain yourself or others, releasing the need to tell others how or what, releasing the need to be anything other than you are. How do you release? By focusing on what you are now choosing. The Universe and your Soul together will always offer you everything you could ever want or need as a physical Being and as a Soul Being. However you must choose to trust both and allow them to nurture who you are into who you ARE.
As the very physical body your Soul is so lovingly protected by, continues through the divine journey filled with experiences and passages that have been created specifically for you. They each connect to create the intricate physical expression of who you are as a Soul Being that is part of the divine creation of this Universe. The only clear place to begin to see who you truly are, why you are here and what it is that you uniquely offer is to simply Be You. Become aware of each moment and experience for what it is; releasing any perspective that you have that desires anything to be other than it is. 
Choosing to first and foremost be aware of your actions and reactions to others; Knowing that each time you are truly conscious of your choices that you are indeed changing the world; Choosing to allow your physical body to become a pure expression of the Soul energy that is so lovingly protected within; Choosing to consciously feel your Soul energy flow through your physical body each day; Choosing to allow your divine energy to nurture your mind and body so that you are able to maintain serenity throughout the challenging Soul experiences as they become passages into consciousness. You have within you the divine grace, love and passion to not only become who you are but share it with everyone you choose.
From the Heart,