Transformation is at our fingertips. Each and every day we are offered numerous opportunities to become aware of what is and what is not working in our lives. The more aware we become of our lives the more aware we become of who we are.  It is through this divine process of awareness that we are able to become Conscious Beings. More importantly we then begin to remember that we are Conscious Beings who are having a very physical human experience. 
Conscious existence was the original intention for this Universe, Souls were intended to come here and experience physical aspects that were of interest to us. Essentially the Earth was intended as a playground for highly evolved Beings to come and enjoy all of the gifts that were offered. Somewhere along the line however, in part of our distant past, we began to believe that we were not as evolved, as intelligent or as perfect as we actually are. We were tampered with and taught to believe that we were powerless and undeserving of a great many things. When really we are not only deserving of all of the bounty and grace this Universe has to offer, we are also encouraged to enjoy it and experience everything we choose.   
I know it may sound a little crazy and it may be too much to take in, but today I am choosing to share more of the divine information I have known for quite some time. I know there are many of you who are ready to hear this and in fact need to hear it to be able to move forward in your own experience. When humanity was created, it was intended that Souls have the ability to experience expression in another way from simply existing. This other way is the divine aspect of the physical, everything from touch, smell, taste, listening, speaking and sight. The Creator of this Universe chose to offer physical experiences that would be rewarding, fulfilling and joyful. 
There was however one aspect that was not taken into consideration and it was quite an interesting aspect indeed. Humanity was “tampered” with by Beings from another Universe in order to attempt to control the outcome of the greatest experience ever created. All it took were three Beings; they arrived here before the first man was created and they prepared. Their intention was not so much to harm people, as it was to control them. They used manipulation through fear to fulfill their desire. With all of the judgement, jealousy, anger and such reflections of the fear they created here.
The fact of the matter is that these Beings do not have the natural intensity or power of individual Souls and in turn Human Beings, therefore they needed to generate ways of convincing Souls and humans that they were powerless. Humanity has been manipulated for eons and over the last century it has gotten out of hand. There has been suffering and fear beyond anything that any Being should ever need to experience. This is the reason that everything is changing. The Creator knew we had been manipulated beyond our bearable limits and it was also known that we would need intense and divine assistance in order to regain our power and remember who we are and exactly why we are here. 
It is through Divine intent that we return to a revised version of the original intention of the physical experience; filled with joy (more on this in future postings). That is why we have been experiencing the profound changes over the last century, which have amped up considerably over the past decade or so. This process has been long, but it needed to be gradual in order for the fullness of power to be restored at the foundational level. Although we may have only become interested in a conscious lifestyle over the last year, five years or ten years, your Soul has always known. In fact that is why your Soul chose to have a human experience during the most challenging and intense “time” in evolution humanity has ever experienced. 
There have been varying levels of understanding and an even more profound diversity of how individuals are choosing to understand what exactly is occurring. The only way in which the mind can perceive is through the knowledge and wisdom that is gained through past experiences. It is the Soul energy that is within us that is awakened in a variety of ways that have essentially been predetermined by your Soul before you arrived here. Each and every day you are offered numerous opportunities to remember in more depth who you are and why you are here. You are supported by the entire Universe and you are encouraged by your Soul to remember why you are here so you can BE who you intended to be when you chose to come here.
The manipulative Beings do not want to loose the control that they have worked so determinedly to achieve. They have brought fear to this experience as it allows them to mentally control mass groups of people. They wish to keep as many people suppressed as possible; because they know just how powerful each of us are. They also know where our power is and that it comes from the heart of each individual Being. They also know that once too many people remember who they are, they will no longer be able to continue their charade. We are close to this time and getting closer every day. This divine Transformation does not come from continually complaining about what is wrong with the world at large, with organized groups or even other people. Transformation comes from each and every individual Being remembering who they are, why they are truly here and what they have to offer. When this occurs in truth, the ego becomes divinely balanced and we are then able to exist in a true Soul centered energy. It is this energy that allows us to simply BE ourselves and to experience a physical existence in ways that are miraculous and extraordinary.  
The transformational and supportive energy that we are currently experiencing is once again offering us the opportunity to see exactly how much control we are choosing to use in our lives. Control is something we have learned and believe to be a part of who we are; more importantly we have come to believe that we are the masters of everything and that we can control everything to fix anything that is not working. Whether we choose to hold onto something that no longer fits us, or if we choose to keep someone or something close to us that no longer reflects who we are, these are all examples of control we choose to maintain in our lives. When we fear anything, absolutely anything at all, we always do our best to control all aspects around the fear in order to manage the fear.
When we choose to control anything we are already out of universal alignment and we will always feel uncomfortable. When we choose to control our fears rather than facing them and doing our best to see what the fear actually is, we end up stabilizing the fear and essentially choose to give it power in our lives. Stabilizing only serves to allow the fear to maintain its presence in our lives and continue to control our actions and reactions to all of our experiences and in all of our relationships. 
The truth is that when we choose to face the fear and see what it actually is, we are often surprised at what we are truly afraid of. In fact it is rarely what we think and often a reflection of the belief system that we were encouraged to believe. We all have the power to look within ourselves and to feel the truth of all of our experiences. Truth is not something that comes from the physical aspect of our mind. Truth is a vibration all on its own, it is a divine and original creation of this Universe. It is available to each and every Soul Being to connect with and feel. It is one of our divine rights and opportunities to experience each and every time we choose.     
Every conscious Being who has been created in this Universe is a master. Each of us is a master in our own right and it is through our mastery that we are able to help and support others. It is not for us to tell others what to do or how to act, rather it is our jobs to BE who we are and commit to ourselves to remain in our energy no matter what is occurring around us; each and every moment. Some days are better than others, but if your commitment is to do your best each day, then you are already existing in miraculous ways. 
Through my natural abilities of resonance I am able to directly and clearly communicate with any Conscious Being in existence. A Conscious Being is one who has complete and utter clarity of who they are and why they are here. Why they are here is essentially what essence they were created with; the essence that adds to the ENTIRE Universal creation. Yes, each Being not only counts but has something very important to offer everyone else. That is how this Universe was created, with the divine energy of connection and co-existence which is available through resonance, openness and the energy of divine and pure love, respect and compassion. 
The experiences we have been journeying through over this lifetime are all in a divine attempt by the Creator of this Universe to offer each and every Being the opportunity to remember who they are, why they are and most importantly to regain Divine intention through supporting individuals as they understand and accept how important they are to the Universe as a whole. So this is where it is going to get even more interesting…
Each and every Being has a particular energetic vibration that supports the completeness of the entire Universe. So now I have been asked to share messages from a variety of Beings who are shining in a particular moment; offering what it is that they do best. This is all in an effort to allow you to actually see the divine synchronicity that is occurring for each of us in every moment and for you to also become more curious of what it is that you have to offer the Universe. These messages are also intended for you to become aware of how energy works in alignment with the divine laws of this Universe. The Universe is a miraculous creation for all of us to enjoy and we are now all being given the opportunity to see everything much more clearly. 
Most of this information was intended to be in the book I have been writing, however for the moment it has been pushed aside. The information will come through in messages as before, when the masses are ready to hear it. This is not for everyone, but if it does resonate with you, I ask that you please forward it on to everyone that you think may be interested as well. Many people surprise me daily when they will say something that is in complete alignment with this work and it is my confirmation to continue doing what I do.
The first of the divine Beings whose story is going to be shared in this way is Mercury. Who in alignment with divine synchronicity just happens to be “the man of the moment” with his retrograde journey that began early this morning. Mercury’s nature is “divine connection through truth”. This is vitally important to understand as it plays an important role in the opportunities we are being offered over the next month. When Mercury turns retrograde he is actually holding time still for all divine Beings to be able to take the time they need to see into the truth of their own experiences. In his divine right, he offers this to us whenever we have come through a particularly transformative period and need to regain our perspective and ground into it. 
Mercury is a magical Being who shines a spotlight on anything in our lives that does not support who we truly are (there is his focus on truth again). How do we navigate the waters of this retrograde experience? Well actually it is quite simple; if we have chosen to remain committed to the path of our Soul connection. Over the next month you will be given the opportunity to notice anything that causes you to feel uncomfortable, makes you annoyed, angry, sad, hurt or even awkward. Essentially you are being offered to divine opportunity through the intensity of Mercury’s energy to become aware of what in your life is not supporting your dreams, desires and overall wellbeing. 
Your life is all about you. When you notice discomfort, it is not that someone else needs to make changes to make you more comfortable, it is you that needs to take action to make your life what you truly desire it to be. Now, the action part does not go into effect until Mercury resumes his forward motion, this time is literally held for everyone to become aware and start to think about what changes they may like to incorporate. Great change takes courage, determination and willpower; it also takes trust in yourself and the Universe. For the moment do not focus on what the change needs to be (that is another Through the Heart message all together), simply focus on seeing what is not working. When you begin to see the emotional reactions for what they are “indicators of what is in your life but is not supporting you” you will then be able to begin to create the change that is needed. 
So instead of being agitated at feeling stuck and forced to focus on things that most of the time you don’t even want to admit are there; be thankful. Be grateful that this divine Being is sharing his energy in full force with you, offering you all of the opportunities you could ever ask for; to see very clearly what it is that is holding you back from being the Being that you really are. 
The new work I have been doing with clients over the past few months is unlike anything I have offered before. It is intense and transformational; the feedback I have been receiving is amazing. People are experiencing transformation and are living different lives after their session. I love what I do and continue each and every day to stay as committed as possible to remaining focused on my path so that I am able to support others on their path. As masters and teachers, we are only able to support others through transformation of aspects that we have transformed within ourselves. This is because we are unable to hold a vibration of that particular aspect without having experienced it ourselves. This does not mean our experiences need to be the same, it means that we have been able to face the truth of the energy, accept it and allow for the truth to resonate within our personal vibration. 
This is why it is so important to have a variety of teachers and masters in our lives. Not only do they offer us their divine mastery, they also offer what they have been able to transform. Who we need and what we need will always show up in our path at exactly the right moment. The lessons we are looking to learn will always be in front of us with the most appropriate teacher for us, whether a small child, an animal or an actual teacher. It is the spark of interest in our heart that tells us it is time to connect with that person as we know within our hearts we are ready for transformation. I am grateful to each and every teacher I have had as they have all brought me to the amazing place I am currently experiencing. Teachers most often do not come in traditional packages and are amazing to be close to. You too can choose to be a divine master and teacher, just by choosing to BE who you really are. 
So until the next message when we will share the nature of another Divine Being with you all, I wish you a delightful journey of truth. Remember to laugh, love and respect yourself as you learn about the deepest parts of who you are, as they all make up the amazing you that you ARE!
From the Heart,