It has been a while since I have last posted a message. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly there has been such an increase in the surges of energy over the past month, that every time I would sit down to write about what was currently happening…by the time I was half way through we were already on to something new. Alternately there have also been many, many experiences over the past month that I am still doing my best to understand as they truly are like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have had the pleasure of many out of body experiences that allow me to “see” all of my experiences in a Universal fullness that I have never before been able to achieve.
These experiences allow me to “see” not only with my physical eyes and ears, but I am now able to connect completely with the energy of each experience. I am able to connect to each and every experience I choose with a universal depth and clarity that is without a doubt the most exciting thing I have ever had the opportunity to experience. It is the very intense process of discovering another piece of yourself that you had always known was missing, but had never truly understood how unfulfilled you are without it. The most amazing aspect of this experience is the divine knowing that this awareness is available to anyone who wishes to experience it.
The secrets of the universe and the specifics of who we are, why we are here, how we are connected and what is unique about our personal energy are not hidden from us. The truth is that we have chosen to hide them from ourselves. We have chosen quite often to act against our instincts in order to follow what we believe to be society’s rules and regulations. We often feel secure letting others make major decisions or sometimes it is also that we feel comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong we have someone else to blame. There is also one other very tricky little aspect of the human ego that is usually the instigator in the whole line of not following our instincts…
What happens if we can do it? 
What happens if we actually have that much power within us? 
Whether the power is compassion, healing, love, creativity or any of the other divine energies of creation, the power of our intention through our perspective is powerful indeed. We have such a strong desire to be ourselves and it is getting stronger each and every day through the Reverberation Effect. Each time one more person remembers a little bit more of who they are and why they are here; they then emit a higher vibrational energy that allows others to have the opportunity to remember more of who they are and why they are here. Since I first wrote about the Reverberation Effect on October 29th, 2010, it has been speeding up every day. The momentum it is gaining by everyone who, if just for a moment becomes even slightly more consciously aware of themselves and their actions, they then allow the energy for others to do the same. 
Energy Follows Intention is the fundamental law of the Universe, second only to Free Will. The only person you have the power to change is yourself. Change is not challenging as much as it is daunting.  The truth is that change is only fearful to a Soul who has forgotten who they are. The more we remember who we are, the more confidence and trust we gain in ourselves and in the Universe as a whole entire living creation designed for us to enjoy. The Universe is so intricate in its design and intention yet it is so completely simplistic in its divine unfolding and experience. We need not do anything to fix it or change it; we simply can choose to accept it. Where upon, we are then able to connect deeply to the intrinsic Universal knowledge and wisdom that is always available to us. 
The summer solstice was a definite celebration this year as we have reached a remarkable stage in the evolution towards consciousness. The solstice this year marked the day when we had fully received all of the energy infusions that we need to move forward. All of the infusions are complete and ready for us to choose to connect with them and live from this very new energy. All of the energy is always available to us always, it is up to us to choose to accept it and integrate it into our current physical lives. 
So does this mean we are done? Well, yes and no. We are done receiving new infusions of energy, so this also means that messages regarding the new energy infusions are also no longer necessary. However we have now entered into an increasingly intense period of Transformation. The question is no longer “what are we getting now?”, but rather, “what are we being shown that will allow us to make clearer choices to reflect a more pure expression of ourselves?” 
The last month has definitely been an intense energy of the death of the old and the birth of the new. We are all now being encouraged to form the creation of the new that we know in our hearts is perfect for us. Really getting into it and allowing our dreams to form and take on a life of their own; essentially this is the process of creation which is inherent in each and every human being. Creation is the method in which you use your power of intention and how you allow it to grow. However it is vitally important that you are a full and pure expression of who you really are in order for the creation process to work on a fundamental level rather than the illusory level.
I will be discussing the creation process in much greater detail in my book, but for now just focus on what your heart wants. Accepting and allowing the release of anything and anyone in your life that no longer reflects the person you are today. It does not mean saying goodbye forever, it simply means that you are choosing to focus your attention and intention on everything that is a true reflection of the person you are, today. Be true to you today. Everything you say and do; the people you associate with or pay attention to, are all reflections of who you are today. 
If you have chosen to be angry or upset about what another person has said or done; and choose to spend your time discussing this with others, then you are a reflection of that which you are angry about. Energy follows intention and if your intention it to hold on to past angers or injustice, you are choosing to reverberate that negative energy out to the world and essentially right back to you. This is where many of us fail to succeed; releasing the need to have others know just how good our intentions are, or just how much we do not agree with another’s perspective. The current messages that the divine Universal energy is sending out to all of the inhabitants of Earth are in effect quite simple, focus on who you are and who you choose to express to the world. Release any energy that is spent on disagreements, judgement, and even the “I am simply stating what I see”. Let it all go and focus on all of the beauty and divine synchronicity that surrounds you each day.
The Reverberation Effect is much deeper than I originally described in October of 2010, it is essentially how energy works. Firstly there are the two types of energy; one is described as masculine – solid – stable, yet it still yields to the universal flow to allow for balance. The second type of is often referred to a feminine – flowing – smooth, yet it is still strong and wilful to allow for balance. Both energies are equally powerful and fundamental. Essentially it is our personalities that we choose to express that determine how we use our personal energy to connect to the universal flow of energy. 
The divine key is that whatever we choose to express out is exactly what we are open to receiving in. This is quite often the greatest challenge that many of us are facing right now. The last month has been a waterfall of circumstances, experiences and situations that have all been intended to offer us the opportunity to see just who we are choosing to project into the world. Who have we chosen to BE? Because whomever it is that we have chosen to be is an exact replica of the energy that we are going to receive back to us. 
Let me try to explain this a little more. If you choose to see how some people are amazing and others need help or are hopeless, then you would be essentially saying to the universe that you are only willing to be amazing some of the time and the rest of the time you are either hopeless or in need of help. I hope this makes sense, it seems challenging to write something that is so energetically intricate, but this message is so vitally important right now. We are being asked to do our best each and every day to have our perspective of each and every experience and encounter come from the heart of who we are, rather than the mind of who we “think” we are or should be. Energetically there is no “should”, there is only what IS. Allow yourself and everyone around you to explore who we are and have fun while you do it. Your perspective is the most powerful tool that determines just what you are willing to give and receive. 
This is the divine and perfect time to release any old hurts that you may still be holding in your mind. Things that may have been done to you or that you still feel guilty for doing to someone else. Your Soul is doing its best to reassure you that these are simply physical experiences that you had and each one was vitally important to make you the person you are today. The amazing person who has the perspective to know that who you are is not an expression of one or two experiences that you had, but rather a fullness of energy that far outreaches anything so simple as one or two experiences. 
You are an Infinite Being living in a physical body so you can experience the limitations and joys of it. You can touch and feel, drink and eat, sing, laugh and cry, cuddle and hug, swim and run and so much more. Think of all of the physical experiences you are able to have in your body and how you are choosing to express and experience them.
When you are able to have a complete contentment and confidence in who you are, then you have the ability to offer the same to everyone else. You offer not by telling anyone, but by simply being it. How do you know when you get there? If you can make it through an entire day without having a single judgement, or negative thought about yourself or another Being, you are well on your way. In theory it may seem simple, but it is definitely a challenge. No thoughts of “what was he thinking?” or “why would they do that?” or laughing at someone else’s life with any malicious (even for fun) intent. Because each time you do you are sending out a message to the universe that you are not quite willing to be confident or content in who you are. 
The value that you as a universal Being have to offer to everyone around you is far greater than any money or tangible items. You are priceless and your most precious offering is to share who you are by just being you. For this reason, your Soul is endeavouring right now to offer you as many opportunities as possible for you to allow yoru perspective to shift towards truth rather than the illusion you have been taught to lead with. Each and every person has something to offer and is of vital importance, remember that next time you think someone has said or done something you do not agree with. Maybe they just have not been offered the ability to change their perspective yet. When you are yourself you have the power to change the world, even with strangers. If you choose to always be yourself, you then allow those around you to do the same, strangers or loved ones, it matters not…because energy always follows intention. When you choose the powerful action of Being you then you offer that energy out to the world and state that you are also willing to receive it in return.
This complex universal creation was created with the intention to please and offer a joyful experience for each human being. So release your need to prove a point to yourself or others and in turn focus on each and every gift you choose to give and receive. Last week, I was driving down my street and at the stop sign there was a lady walking her dog and I encouraged her and the dog to walk across the street while I waited for them. I watched them and smiled as the dog got excited as he reached the park. It took only a moment but I got to witness another Beings’ joy. Just as I was about to drive away another dog came barrelling across the street, a young puppy that had gotten away from its young owner and was determined to play with the other dog in the park. It took seconds for me to realize the divine double gift I had received in stopping. In the seconds that I had stopped to watch the first dog, I was divinely stopped from hitting the second dog with my car. When the knowing hit, it was swift and cut to the heart. These moments are happening daily for everyone and many people don’t even notice them. 
So now I ask you, how many opportunities and moments have you noticed in the past week, or month. How many moments can you remember where you were offered the opportunity to change your perspective? It is your instinct that will tell you the divine opportunities that are being offered to you daily to remind you of what you are choosing to express out to the universe. Each day you have the opportunity to be better than the day before and express more fully who you are choosing to be in this moment. Your perspective and intention are very powerful tools, it is your choice how you use them and who you are choosing to BE